Phantasy Star

You've played
their games. Now live their worlds.

An Explanation Of Phantasy Star Ultimate
The Linchpin Of The PSU Universe
Timeline Companion
An Addendum Featuring Character Profiles And Dating Systems
Brief Adventures
Short Tales Of Personal Exploration In PSU
Primary Fiction
The Epic
Follow Alis' Quest To Rid Palma Of An Unholy Tyrant
The Great War
Algo Is Devastated By An Unforseen Evil
Agent's Destiny
Rolf, Already A Hero, Becomes A Legend
The Great Collapse
A Tyrant Returns From The Past To Shatter Algo
The Fall of Esper Mansion
It Was The End For Noah, And The Beginning For Lutz
The Adventures of Rhys
Galaxies Away, The Trials Of Rhys, Prince Of Landen, Begin
...For The Moon Never Beams
In the Algo Star System, Some Things Do Last Forever

Award - 2000


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