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You Know You're A PS Junkie When...

...You name your cat Myau

...You run around telling people stupid 'Raja' jokes-- "Ah, why do people worship Swiss Cheese? BECAUSE IT'S HOLEY!!!!!"

...You keep seeing Tinkerbell's dog in odd places

...You think a dungeon is a perfectly legitimate place to sell shortcake

...When someone asks you, "How are you doing?" you say, "There seems to be nothing unusual here"

...You dye your hair green and become a thief

...You feed nuts to your cat in hopes that he'll grow wings

...You develop a sudden attraction to guys/girls with odd colored hair

...You sell everything you own and give it to the NASA program so they can find Algo for you

...You know the exchange rate between dollars and meseta

...You have little personal debates about whether the first Esper's name is Noah or Lutz

...You wonder why people don't have cat ears

...Everyone you meet seems to be named Lyle!

...You go totally wacko when you haven't beaten every game in the series at least 8 or 9 times

...You're deathly afraid of becoming a door-to-door salesman because you fear you'll meet a serpent

...You explain to people that it doesn't matter that Palm, Palma, and Parma are the same because it blew up anyway

...You become a mechanic and purposely always break whatever you try to fix just so you can be like Kain

...You dress up like a Motavian and start eating garbage

...You don't go anywhere in groups of less than four people

...You become convinced that you can save your life, quit, and come back to it whenever you want

...You can't remember when your birthday is; you CAN recite the entire exchange between Alis and Damor, the Soothsayer

...You become an Agent

...You decide to forgive short, blue-furred outcasts

...You ask your parents to buy you a sword

...You go to church to hear a sermon on how much longer it'll be until you get to the next level

...You think killing ant, bees, and spiders will get you money, power, and experience

...You sit in your genetics class and all you can think about is how to apply this knowledge to the Biosystems Lab

...You swear your ears are not horns (though you also swear they are pointed)

...You take your broken computer for a walk because AIs always regenerate after taking a few steps

...You walk around outside with a prism held up to the sky, thinking you'll see the Air Castle

...You think our leaders studied their policies under King Lashiec

...You wonder such things like is E.T a sick Dezolian or what?

...You don't like people with names over four letters

...Whenever someone asks you to take them somewhere, you yell '500 Meseta!

...You wonder if you have an evil twin named (insert name here)First

...You wonder why the girl at the gunshop doesn't call you Ace

...Your old jacket is affectionatly dubbed by fellow PSFanatics as "The Frade Mantle"

...All your children's names begin with the letter 'R'

...You destroy all your dishes to make Ceramic Armor

...You solemnly believe that you can carry your vehicles with you, to be used when needed

...You and your friends walk around all over the place, only turning at 90 degree angles

...You think you can use a backyard torch to cast Foi

...You tape laser pointers together and call it a laser sword

...You give people you just meet brand-new names, and are offended if they don't immidiately start going by them

...When feeling sick and weak, one a cola and a burger is all you need

...You like to look around under clouds, 'cause there's surely something important hidden there

...You tend to shout "Flaeli!" at rocks, expecting them to explode

...You're afraid to get married because you think your wife will get carried away by a dragon

...You can finish any PS game in one night, while drunk, without saving

...You're weary of politicians, since they're probably possessed by evil forces

...You know the atomic mass of Laconia

...You argue with antique dealers about whether that old sword in the corner is really a Laser Sword or not

...You're deathly afraid of taking your cat to the vet

...You think walking over lava pits only hurts a little bit

...You know when danger is near because the music changes

...You refuse to go in to forests because you think the trees will eat you

...You think that the baby chicks at the farm are trying to kill you

...When you are pissed off you try setting off the Megido technique

...While star gazing you think you see Algo's sun

...You're sure that a good night's rest will heal all your ills

...When your friend gets sick, you know all he really wants is a cheap souvenir sword

...When someone asks, "Do you have a light?", well, let's just say that Nafoi is involved...

...Your mom knows the recipe for Perolymate

...When your parents ask you where you've been, you say "I felt the breezes calling..."

...You're sure there's some alien computer controlling your life (who isn't?)

...When you get married, you ask your husband for a Laconian wedding ring

...When someone knocks on your door, you ask "Want to go kill a Dark Force?"

...You do a report on Algo and it's for History class

...You leave all your valuables to "The Next Protector" in your will

...You leave perfect strangers alone in your house for days at a time

...You spend your days looking through the hardware store to try to figure out what parts are needed to build Noah

...You're planning on moving to the truth-telling side of your town

...You're upset when your "sandworms" only grow to be 3 or 4 inches long

...When someone asks you "Why do you play Phantasy Star so much?" You answer "I don't PLAY Phantasy Star, I LIVE it."

...You think Spock is a renegade 'numan' with no personality

...You have at some point used the word "dern" in a sentence when you were mad

...You have considered taking up Japaneese so you could play the Japanese-only Game Gear versions of PS

...You refer to your car as the Landrover

...You must... have... blue.... hair!

...You chew gum in the pool, and nearly drown yourself

...You frequently walk into strangers' houses

...Your dog appears in distant cities on a daily basis

...You often ask circus clowns to bring back departed loved ones

...You wonder why tool shop clerks aren't blue haired nerds

...You paint yourself green and laugh at the stupidest jokes

...You wonder why your dead friends don't follow you around

...You think Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z is a renegade Dezorian

...When you constantly ask DJs to play the Pao-Pao at clubs and dances

...You buy a Land Rover Discovery and yell at the dealer when he tells you it can't cross quicksand and shoot napalm

...You look underground for ancient ships in cold places

...You've memorized the technical schematics for the hydrofoil

...You actually get (and laugh at) the jokes in this section. :)

...When you go on holiday to a new city the first building you look for is the weapon store.

...When you add with a pen to your passport the fields "hp" and "mp"

...When at a job meeting, if someone ask you to describe your skills, you answer "crosscut" and "double - slash"

...When you walk around dressing a t-shirt on which is written "chocobos are for losers"

...When caught up on your car in a traffic-jam you start screaming "ryuka ! ryuka!" but nothing happens

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