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The Lady in the Red Dress

Brave, gentle warrior hunter
Gatherer, dresses & pants
Decorates and cooks
Seeking full-fledged partner for commissions and browbeating

Things are getting fishteresting.
I'll have more questions when I come back, and yes You will pay me dearly.
You too? That'll be 100 meseta.

Beware the shambling scrotal creatures
Creepy jars pose with a biohazard
We won, but
your swing is too slow.

By Laura H

Champions of Algo

Take hold of the heavens
Behold the spirit of Algo
Stand strong & never waiver
in your convictions of the heart

Eternal disciples of Alis
Let us resolutely battle injustice

for the sake of the people

for the sake of our strength

for the sake of Algo

Polish your life
with a 1,000 years of struggle
Every being has a mission
Don't forget your promise
to the sacred seal of Algo

Live to succeed!  Glory to all!


Faith is not beyond our imagination
but stored within our heart
It is life force
& the key to Algo

Summon deep conviction
within your life
& pursue onward

Summon deep conviction as if to
draw breath from water, or
foi from the vacuum of space

With faith, we will win
we shall overcome

With faith, 
Mota - a dry dessert wasteland
was irrigated & given life
& Neo Palm will one day
Orbit our beloved Algo again

With faith, we gain wisdom
& perceive the truth of life

Keep the torch burning
Our faith lives on & our lives
blaze with happiness

Cerulean Eyes

 These Cerulean eyes of mine,

Will never show you my fear.

They will never show you my suffering

Or the aching pain of wasted years


These Cerulean eyes of mine

Will never show my pain

They will never cry for lost chances

That will never come again


These Cerulean eyes of mine

Shall never reveal the cost

The past I was not able to change

And how much I've truly lost


These Cerulean eyes shall never cry

Nor weep where you will see

They will never show you how

My life has come to be


My smile will not reveal me

And my words ring only true

You'll never read the secrets

In my eyes Cerulean Blue.

~Rune's thoughts~

Song of Alisa

From the stars came danger as none could have foretold
In the sanctuary of an Air Castle sheltered in clouds, hovering in hubris 
A sapless ruler pondered Fate, spirit and grief
Seduced by Alien Priests of The Vast Darkness between those stars 
Into fighting for an Idol Not of This World

By his Word alone; cities fell, taxes rose & people died; Monsters lived,
Cybernetic Creatures of Logical Death Frolicked 
Families Torn Asunder; Races extinguished 
Sisters without their brothers or mothers 
Wept in impotence at the onslaught of home, hearth and haven

However in the moonbeams of night, one sees the reflection of L'algoltin's other jewels. 
Arid La Motavia and frigid De Zoris
We realize that L'algoltin is more than its parts 
In that breeze of calm we know, with certainty, that even within calamity
We are not alone. 

Journeying on the Path of The Epic
A special group emerged
Each born from Revolution
Came into the Heart of Darkness
To the Gateway of Their destinies

Four they were;
A Tetrad of Terror questing for La'Shiec
Into the Stars of the Epic would they travel
Bringing with them 
The Tears of Three Worlds

But ultimately a Tetrad of Triumph

Led by an idealistic slip of a girl, a teenage child from a Titanium Prison 
Capital of civilization, surrounded by the whirs and clanks Of Robotic Industrial Prowess 
"Progress" it was derisively called
By otherworldly zealots
As Palmatinos huddled like wildlife in their urban cages 

She is a lithe lady, whose gentle spirit was shredded to the wind 
by  the death of her brother
That trauma shattered her into a broken floodgate of tears, as it would anyone
her eyes of Sapphire beauty now sparkled with solemn persistence and clarity; 
Where once before were the sprite like wide almond pupils of naïveté

"Watch over and protect me Nero," did young Alisa wail! 

Holding high her humble sword and a homemade Standard, 
Pink as Carnations that swing lazily in the breeze 
Which were stomped asunder by Robotic Monsters to rival the 
Nightmares released, with an unnamed Master 
by Pandora's Folly.

She finds, by luck a yellow furred feline unlike any other 
Myau, in whose eyes show wisdom
Whose purring was as if a paternal coo  
Or a Roar of Spell Binding Might 
Purchased for one billion meseta, or an heirloom of La'Conia

In that sun coated form were also sinewed muscles 
With claws and fangs that would mete out justice
To monsters, robots, all foes for His Alisa,
Together they would smite a
Wicked Doctor dedicated to a Science of Pain and Death unto his kind

Even as his Actualized self would one day lift his Companions to Victory

Together would the girl and cat release 
 A modern Prometheus,  From his Granite Matrix
 Fair Skinned fighter, Odin, 
Once felled by Medusa
A Mythic Matron of Hideous Feminine Parody.  

She who Perseus thought slain,
She who in pride cast down the Might of Olympus, 
She who was so cursed with devilish beauty, snaked hair and eyes of encapsulating vision
Which froze the heart and body as one in a tomb of stone
A far different Immortality than that of The Sorry King La'Shiec

His power unrivaled, his strength the stuff of legend, dedicated to his Savior, his Alisa.

To Paseo they would go,
The Heart of 'civilized' La Motavia,
 Perhaps due to appeals, and Pastry-lined words 
They were granted audience with the Ruler of dune conquering colonists 
and persevered an attack by Dark Dreams 

A letter, a summons was given to a cave dwelling maiden
A Lass of mental majesty 
Called from La Casba, 
Inspired to service by Alisa.
Donning robe and wand did she come to make the final part of the Tetrad. 

She bore grace and charm 
As delicate as daisies in a breeze 
She who could summon the 
Elements themselves 
With but a thought

Noah was she called; Destined to become the Great Esper Ruler Lutz the First

Four they were, 
Seeking out Justice
Sojourning for Truth
Sailing Space and 
Falling in Love with The Scope of The Epic

Four they were, 
Entering Three Worlds fallen in Twilight 
Lighting the way Through 
The Cavern of the Epic
Into An Ultimate Phantasy of Triumph

Dragons of many hues, released by Pandora, enslaved by La'Shiec
fell to the sword of the foster child, and the Olympian's ax or laser pistols...
The claws of the feline slashed into enemies of his lady
The Esper, loyal in heart, aware in mind 
Thrusted them to closer to victory with her Telemental fury.

Three Worlds bound in Midnight
Four fighters Brought with them The Dawn of Hope
Into the Dungeons of The Epic
Running faster and faster
Towards a conclusion of Phantastic Proportions

The Cold Quartz Jewel Awaited them;
De'Zoris; Land of Frigid Form
Bearing a landscape of tundra and scrub
Finding beings emerald of skin; Priests of an Eternal Light
With a Flame of Inspiration 

With the Eclipse Torch did they go about Finding Light
In the form of Silver; A Magical Metal
Blades, and armors to cancel out 
Frightening shrieking servants of a sinuous Sacubbus

The Torch Allowed the Four Fighters to find a crystal; 
The sun dappled essence of a Lost World
A portion of goodness, a refraction of Truth
That Led them Further and Further from Light  and Higher and Higher 
Back to La Baya Malaya; the Beginning of the Epic

Yet for all of their vaunted might 
They were but four specs of dust
In the mighty snout of La'Shiec, the Cleric of The Idol
Deemed The True God of Algoltin; A god imported to ensure genocide 
And through death, servitude to God was Prophecized

Flying closer and closer towards The Heart of The Epic
Abominations fought against them as they passed through Royal gates of their ancient 
Civilization guarded by demonic robots, mutants,
 and the walking dead  whose touch chilled the Soul
They arose to try and put a stop to the foster child to no avail;

The scrap, 
from a long forgotten family, 
Whose loss was voluminously 
greater than The mass of all of L'algoltin combined
Kept marching on into the Heart of The Epic, the Air Castle

For Alisa, the loss of a family was quite the vacuous hole 
In the life of any child it could destroy the Light of one's Being. 
Alisa once a victim of terror, needed to know why Nero had to die
But now was She a survivor, bearing Light; 
Inspired by God towards retribution

In the idle minds of children are thoughts, 
dreams of fighting against Wrongs,
In L'algoltin;
They are shattered by the 
Encapsulating walls of Depression from A Falz god. 

In all but one....

Reaching the Heart of The Epic came The Dawn's Shining Force 
She Whose heart had been beaten further and further down 
By the Tragedy of the Epic, She was angelic, The Angela di Algoltin. 
Her sword bore neither hate, nor vengeance 
But a Love stronger than even the Blade of God's Light she bore, El Sy de On.

And so she stood to confront the Tyrant; 
By her feet, the feline arched, warming the girl's spirit;
So too did the Titanic man crouch in stance next to his lady, his leader
The Esper, wand glowing, dispelling magics, held herself proud and vigilant. 
Here he was, beckoning them onward, the Heart of Algoltin, La'Shiec

Not even the vile Stains of Sin and past evils of the Ruler, turned fanatic  
Whose essence permeated everything in the Air Castle, corroding love from the Heart 
Could dim the Rose-colored armor that covered the girl 
Her hair fluttered in a breeze of confidence; 
Seeking closure, demanding Truth.

The foster child, the whelp stared at her Regent
She gazed upon the priest, whose God had slaughtered 
Millions in the name of Pandora's Folly,
The Night's victims, their Souls,  bowed to him, circled him with their unseen might.
Not in reverence, fear; Their deaths for no other purpose beyond his need for eternal life. 

The Four stood perplexed as Alisa,
Angela di L'algoltin 
asked La'Shiec simply
"Why? Why Nero?"
The adults looked to the Child stunned;
She came, arms open, sword sheathed
Alisa, the Heroine stood silent, waiting like a child who asks an elder a question. 
The Grandfather of Algoltin turned his head away from the girl
He chose words carefully, patiently as priests, like parents are wont to do 
with a child who tests, or dare's to question her parent's love and will.

Of course, One death among the millions meant nothing to La'Shiec;
 Nero's name was unknown to him 
The submission of entire starscapes Was on the mind Of him, and His God
He probed the Soul of the girl, the upstart and found a barren land
Of nothingness, hatred of him alone had not pushed her here, betrayal of her monarch

The grief she felt by that sting of treachery kept her marching forward
Treachery, no, thought the Dictatore di Algotin. 
It was all for God
For in tricking the folk, 
God's will was accomplished

Whether in life or Death: All would Serve The Dark Falz God.  

Young girl, Lady Alisa, please step forward. 
Thank You Lass.
My dear subject, All souls must go through the Crucible 
All things must perish 
From there, They are called to God to serve at His Side. 

In death,
Especially in Death
Will they serve 
For The Glory of Gaia; 
All save I.

What you ask is Gaia? 
From such a low caste, 
Why should I expect you to understand. 
You tell me you are only a Messenger
A Messenger of Who? Lost Gods? Fallen Dreams and Forlorn hope milady!

The Gods of Olympus are dead. 
The God of Light is dead.
They betray us to mortality
Trap us in humility through
Crippling, Debilitating Age. 
The True God is here! Has come from distant stars to La Palma, 
A lass like yourself
brought her to us,
we revere her above all,
Pandora, first woman born of Gaia.   

Gaia is a Lost Holy land now,
So sad, but one in whose image
 Palma will be Reborn;
You are skeptical. But how else could we have come so far?
The gifts of Science, Mathematics, Engineering, of Medicine, were all  From Gaia!

 They are a  people whose advances Brought us space travel, Swords, Automobiles, 
Planes And Robots, things to rule, to use to conquer land and space for our own ends!
Some of our robots monitor crops, or assist with birthing others are my Robotcops;
You tense as I say Robotcops? Of course, they slayed your Nero you said. 

Yet you still ask Why?
My dear, through Falz it is all apparent to me! 
Sometimes sacrifices of the masses must be made To humble the masses,
One must not question one's  place
In the sometimes harsh eyes of God

Dear child of my spirit, 
Let us consider this an unfortunate mistake 
Your soul is lost, alone. 
Whimpering for your Nero's embrace.
I will bring him to you, soon child, soon. 

Your eyes grow wider, I would note, not with fear I see;
Who are you to Judge me?
I do what I do for L'algoltin 
I do that which God says  must be done 
You and Nero will be together soon my little squirrel...
I am La'Shiec; 
Follower of Falz; 
My Mind grows weary
I have not a world; But the Fate of a Triad to Ponder Daily
Still, you are silent? 

Your almond eyes are not filled with repent?

Despite all the pain and dark death, all you wish to know, is, "Why?"

Although a King, 
I have become a High Priest;
A leader among men
A Ruler of Souls, who can soothe
the ache in your spirit Child! 

You are not alone! Nero, your dear Nero, I will show him to you. 

I can show you the way my child. 
Hold my hand and See before You what I  see;
And through me, you will see Falz, 
Come with me and Immortality will be yours. 
In servitude to Falz, be you alive or dead, it matters not. 

 Witness it! What He has let come to pass; 
Gaia's revival will soon be complete! 
The Rivers of Dead follow through here milady,
Strengthening my life with their Deaths!
Your Brother is with Falz, as will you, to grace God with undead penance.  

In the Masses of my minions, you cannot see;
But he is there among the dead, I ASSURE YOU.
Cringe, hear their lament!
All who Follow Falz 
Even  those who wander From Him are here now! 

Every last Palmatino, Motabiano, and De Zorisanto
All will come to My Call!
All will arrive 
at the Alpha and the Omega of His Hands
Until L'algoltin is Nothing!

Elysium is no more...
The Seal is Nearly Broken 
And so from here we will Recreate Gaia
La Palma will Fall! 
And alone in the sky no star will shine; Only Profound Darkness

Alisa did not shudder, she breathed coolly and unsheathed her sword. 

And in the priest's ambivalence, his betrayal of L'algoltin 
That cold detachment from Truth, 
The Horrid Armor of Night used for self absorption showed a crack
Armor born from vanity, to placate an anachronistic Leader turned Cleric
From here, The Mosaic of The Epic came together

Alisa was given her answer, that from which sprang, the Prologue of the Epic

She was alone, and in doing good for the sake of good found purpose
In her life she knew one time would come death
And in that, embraced Life
For now, for all, for a future
Whereas the petty priest could not let go, his time was past and he'd deny it 'til the end!

She of course was full of denial as well... 
like polar opposites did they glare at each other. 
Showing that she was a human. Though granted skills beyond mortal measure, In the end, 
She stood before the Foolish King 
As nothing more than a foster child who missed her brother, slain by his hand.

She denied Victory to Grief 
In doing so, she denied a portion of herself; 
For ache she did! Sob and moan did she wish to indeed!
Alisa, a True Queen of Algol 
Would not weep like a child at her family's loss anymore. 

She raised her Sword 
She raised her Sword and Cried 
She raised her Sword and Cried for God to Listen
She raised her Sword and Cried, realizing it was L'algoltin that turned from Light 
'Twas then that Alisa Begged God For Light, for Sustenance and Repentance

And it was so. 

There would be a Return to The Light of The Epic
The Phantasy would begin and end here;
In the Heart of L'algoltin; 
She denies La'Shiec!
She scowls at The Heart of The Epic

The Comrades of Light
Acted as if Furies Sprung from 
Athenian Axes, Silver Fangs or Amazon Swords
Fighting against a Herculean Foe for the Girdle of

La'Shiec utters a guttural laugh. 
The Spirits converge; Fearful of The Cold Heart of The Epic
The Cleric, donned in armor; Deeper than any Onyx 
More stained than any battlefield's blood attacked with magical and spiritual rage
Bound in Prayer to His Idol; beckoning his slaves, his Dead forward to kill for Falz

Immediately the souls overwhelm the Lady of Mental Might
They Topple the Wings of the Feline, now turned Felasus
His roar deafening, silenced by the Souls of The Damned
Onward they raged towards victory, the Souls raked at the Foster Child; 
Only to find El Sy De On. 

And a Light, showing Love and Grief for his Fallen enveloped the Souls. 

As the imprisoned souls attacked the Angela di Algoltin, Alisa. They were touched By 
Light, A Light with the warmth of a thousand times a thousand Algoltinos
They were granted a glimpse of what they could have where they were meant to go; 
The lush kingdom of Elysium beckoned to the dead.  
It was real. Through the Sword of The Angela Algotina, they saw Salvation calling them!

Their wispy forms gathered in hoarding numbers 
Denying La'Shiec their clerical necromancer. 
Escaping the vile reach of the Idol, 
The Falz of Pandora 
The Culmination of Disheartenment 

The Souls bowed to the Silver Sword 
and into the Sword Fled. 
Rushing into the Portal of Heaven's Hope
A Sword made of Mystic Silver from a Frozen World
El Sy De On

Reaching the peace of Elysium
They were forgiven, one and all by an Immortal Fountain of Love
The Promises of Olympus and Beyond, to Heaven, fulfilled. 
The Undead warriors of the Priest Revolted
Forever fleeing Life, They vanished back Into the Sword of the Foster Child  

La'Shiec shrieks
His hatred for his mortality and human frailty spanned generations;
A Hate that Enveloped Worlds Spanned The Galaxy of La Andromeda
In which L'algoltin was but one system. 
Frailties that young Alisa had confronted and with which she was at peace. 

No apologies would be given to the Lass!
No quarter or sanctuary for the wench existed thought the old despot
How was it that the upstart could keep the Souls from His God?
For in death came not peace 
But Indentured Servitude to The Sacubbus from Gaia.

Now it was the Priest's turn to be alone!
His prayers went unheard as the Falz's hand was distracted,
Falz witnessed through his servant's eyes, a Herald, 
The Heroine of The Epic had Bested His Pawn, 
He shrieked and Left his Host to Light's Judgement

Hope embraced the Tetrad once more. 
Morale returned to their mortal frames. 
Inspired by the valor of the Foster Child
They attacked the Cleric with 
Everything their meager bodies could deliver. 

The Four fought with a vigor unrivaled 
For love of Alisa; In the Heart of The Epic it was all for Alisa. 
Not for the Heart of  a solar system or the Lost Star of  L'Algotin
But for a special girl, the Foster Child that gave their heart's inspiration. 
She Whose innocence was stolen in spirit by the loss of her Nero.

Even as the souls flocked to the Light of Heaven granted by the angelic child, 
One captivated Soul stared, still bound to palma firma. 
He gazed at the waning pall around the Jester King as he was battered from 
Sword, Ax, Claw and Telemental Discipline, La'Shiec was dying.
The cleric's soul began Leaving the Armor, 

The boy breathed in a sigh of relief. 

Long ago had he escaped the realm of Possibility
But an Oath bound him to La'lgoltin that he had welcomed gladly. 
The Oath of a foster child; The Prayer of a girl 
A request of Protection and Vigiliance 
That no true brother could deny

In the Fallen Heart of the Epic, 
Was a Phantastic Triumph to be found 
As the Light shined on the rose-colored armor and shield of the Angela Algoltina
Alisa held her Soul Powered Sword edged towards the sky;
Giving thanks humbly to Light and Requiem to those seduced by Dark. 
The Sword's Light crashed through the La'Shiec's frame 
Judgement was brought down on the priest;  
Ending what was thought to be the greatest Terror of L'algoltin...
And so it was that Near the Climax of The Epic, 
La'Shiec was no more. 

The thin boy grinned and the Tetrad gaped at the soul's joy; 
Catching if only for an instant, the gaze of the Heroine, she smiled, the first in ages. 
His gaseous form showed a light skinned hand that waved pleasantly
With a wink towards the Savior of Souls 
And so it was that Nero Landale, was freed from his Vigilance over The Protectora Alisa 

He was the last of the Bound Souls to find Elysium

Alisa, Algoltin's Protector, defended Nero now, Algoltin now.  
Uttering a quick prayer of thanks, 
Nero Bound his love for her, his gratitude and care
To The Mortal Realm. With a piece of his Soul into El Sy de On.
The first of many to imprint the Sword with a touch of their soul's good hope.

On her knees, 
Lady Alisa fell down
Despite the cracking and shattering of the Haven of Hell
The Heroine Wept Grateful in humility, 
Not in the Hubris of La'Shiec

Seeing that her Nero was at Peace and La'Shiec was in Abyss...
Tears trickled down her face. 
The girl, heroine of L'algoltin felt a sigh of relief 
But Her victory was one of Ashes;
A mental message pounded in her head....

The Epic Was not complete

The Heart and World of The Epic were fallen 
But an Immortal Hand Still Clawed Its way towards Freedom
And so it was that a return to Tiger Eyed Realms was called for
Into the Soul and Seal of the Epic, 
To Face The Falz God

The Last Act of the Epic 
Was to be written in Colonial Paseo
A City wrought from 
Land of Conquered Indigenous folks of blue fur and red eyes
It Stood challenging, defiant, before The Tetrad

Entering again the Mansion of The Conquerors of a Parched Paradise,
The Companions of The Light 
Wandered through the tunnels unaware of what was next to come...
Finally Reaching the Conclusion of The Epic, 
They gasped in horror at what stood before them 

The Dark Falz, 
The Lost Soul of the Epic 
Would be Destroyer of La Palma 
As once he was of La Gaia, the Paradise of Technology
Glares at the wench, flea, boy, and mutant before Him. 

The companions shiver with the knowledge of their Insignificance in His Presence... 

He was A Consciousness made of the grief, sullen wails, and sadness of Mankind 
He stood in Haughty Victory
The most fearsome monster once locked up By Pandora, 
In tales he was the Only monster not released; Utter Despair, The Smotherer of Hope 
Now free to Crush Mankind, in all forms in all galaxies
Falz, The Dark Falz, The Prophet to A Profound Darkness

Forming itself into an insect from children's nightmares he was half a torso
Claws gaping and a face not made out of reverence for man; 
But out of Mockery for his sufferings Did it Stand; The Indigo Indigent 
Who successfully drained the Soul of A Star System, 
Starting with the world of a fifteen year old girl. 

And there, 
The Lost Soul of The Epic gaped Falz
Herald to His Dark Queen
He Spoke to Alisa She alone 
Heard the Falz's Words 
Heard The Will of God. 

Soothing Words
Mocking Words
Terrifying Oathes
Wailing Utterances 
From the God of Gaia's Fall

Rest love forever, sword down, loll thine head
The Epic is done, 
You have Slain the rapist of your solar system
Banished from life for now...
Awaiting commandments from thine God
I Am;  
I Am that which is Always and Never;
I Am Always that which will sadly Never become or come to pass;
I am Always that which will never  become from Light but dies in decay or failed 

Your time is Done, 
The Epic concluded
Your La'Conia flickers out
For in the Convex of the Darkness, no light 
Can escape to give hope within the Soul

The shoulder of the Priest is naught!
You felled La'Shiec only to rule a land of Soot. 
Come to God and Find Your Peace
Alone never shall you be for God hears your whimpers
Quiver not Alisa Landale, my little foster child

The part of you that seeks spiritual sustenance knows I speak true
You cannot deny me, I slake for thine essence
The Logical Matrices of Science and Evolution Will Never 
Be able to Explain the Light and Dark of Man 
Of The All and Nothing

You cry?

Of course you will weep, you will freeze, you will despair and you will convulse and bow. 
I greet it: I embrace your grief; I nuzzle against your tears
Feed me your anguish and your losses of which Nero is but one part!
In all of Eternity, All return to me, to Chaos, to Nothing; Back To Darkness
Behold Profound Darkness!

She saw the First and Last.
She Heard Nothing, 
Silence such as a Universe awaiting Creation, 
No Mortal can fathom the Voice of Nothing
From The Dawn of Light and The Genesis of It's Shadow it did not relent

She Saw Everything Light brings; buildings, people, life, stars become Darkness.
A black that does not only diminish Color, but Erases it Forever.  
Humbled by the scope of all Galaxies, and every atom of every star.  
No mind, not even a mind blessed as Alisa's was meant for the breadth of Yin and Yang. 
The Beginning and The End of Time

Alisa's soul could bear no more;
She began weeping 
For what hope had she? 
There was nothing to save her Lost Soul From The Crux of The Epic
Transfixed, she watched.

Bound in a melancholy of spiritual amber from which No mortal could escape. 

She did nothing against all of the Night
For she Could do nothing
For there was not anything that anyone could do to stop it
The Idol Had become God
And God was angry at her defiance, the defiance of a timid weak foster girl 

For what can she do against God's Will?

The friendly feline force of goodness Myau was felled by chitonous claws
His wings shattered and feathered bloodied
Ruby essence of life flowed into the darkness of the Hall of The Governor
The governor was as one possessed
The Sucubbus used his nightmares, as once he did La'Shiec for sadistic entertainment

To slaughter the would be protector Myau swiftly and cunningly

His companion, 
the Hunter of Gorgons froze
Shocked by Alisa's breaking, 
He was next to be humbled before God. 
The Olympian Male Odin was no match for the Judgement of Falz

Odin's Soul Cringed; scared 
A little boy seeing his Father
A Father whose conscience expanded through All
A Father that could count every atom in his mind; He told his Son to bow and yield now! 
Repent! Lest He be consumed by Night and become as one, Nothing.  

The Axe, made of sacred La'Conia, Won by a shield of Mirrors 
Fell from His Mighty Hand
Odin doubled over next to Myau
His body destroyed not by wounds of man
But The Terrors of His Own Soul

Using A Frade Mantle to Wrap herself in Love
The Esper From Casba Stood before the NightBringer, 
Avatar to Avarice and Loss
The Elements Came to Her Gales, Electric bolts, Fire hot as magma
and all bounced from His Skin

For He was of the Elements, He was God's Hand 
Nothing of Noah's world 
would Fell Him 
In his Indigo Insect form his mandibles devoured Noah's Mind
For Falz was God, was All, and Noah would become Nothing

Water called forth sizzled into steam, 
Fire became smoke Wind flung opposite of Falz  blew back Lightning that crackled off 
his slick form; Striking  The Hope of Casba Her Mind loses control of the Elements she 
felt were Hers to command in pride.  
In the Last Part of The Epic, Her Mind Succombs falling into a hole with no end. 
The triangle of Support for Alisa, La Angela di Algoltin are Lost

However 'tis said that even in Death Do beings Serve God; Not this Spawn of Gaia; 
The God of Gods; The One True God
A God Whose Idolatrous Other dared Destroy his Valued Peoples
Though he too was Sealed in a cocoon of Her Dark Making
He nor She could not Smite That Which was From Themselves

But A Protector, Blessed with a Weapon of Souls 
Souls that numbered a 
Tetrad of Triumph Gathered and 
Embraced El Sy de On
Wielded by a slip of a girl, a maiden, a heroine, an intergalactic queen. 

Light Shines from the Sword Of Souls, that Silver Portal to Heaven
Eternal Light; It Panes through the Convexed Soul of The Epic, 
It strikes through unto the Soul of one pivotal Foster child.
A child upon whose shoulders rested a Solar System's freedom. 
Forcing The Epic's Conclusion; 

Alisa Landale, would be Saint to a Solar System
Came back from the Catatonic Trance of the Sultry Sacubbus
Gasp for her fallen friends, she did not.
Wail for the Lost of Algoltin she Did not. Into The Convex of The Epic Her Love 
Grew.... A Crystal, an Aeroprism Shined dispelling the Dark Foul Falz's magic. 

Raising the Sword of Souls she pounced, matching The Hand of Falz blow by blow.
Lasers of darkness easily Absorbed into the Sword and her Soul
The Light around her was not the Light of a Sun 
But the White that encompasses the Spectrum;
The Spectrum of the Eyes And of The Epic

Alisa began Slicing Truth and Conviction into the Falz
The Dark Falz  Wailed in frustration
Learning all too swiftly that even a god is mortal 
Cry It did!!! A frightful cry. A cry as one who cries for the first time.  
Not like that of a child yearning for milk from the Bodice of a Profound Darkness...

Rather it was the shriek of child dying upon first leaving the Womb of his Mother. 

The world changes.
The eyes adjust 
To a world where sun beats down in fury on 
A world of expansive beaches 
Where water is as gold. 

A thankful Governor approaches the Savior of Souls and her mysteriously arisen friends
The Lass, the leader, meets the governor. It is She who is at the Crux of The Epic, 
She who was only a foster child; But Meant to for Royalty
And so it was, That the Saint of Algoltin's Soul, The Angela di L'algoltina was crowned
Queen Alisa Landale III: In The Time of The Epic, a Phantasy Star is born.  

The Epic Concludes.
The World is not as it was.
But as a cornucopia of opportunity to be regained. 
And so it was that a Solar System is saved and a foster child is healed
In The Epilogue of The Epic.

By Thomas M. Benz, author also of 
A Kingdom of Thorns No More

Savior and Purifier

Alone.. so very alone in this castle
Its cold so very cold at night as I lay
The shadow guardians walk around, Patrol as I sleep
Some would call it a hell, But its the only home I know

Day comes and I arise tired and fatigued
The armor donned and the evil image on my face
The hatred sneer and icy voice I choose
Its all I have left this mask of evil as a memory plays

I stand overlooking the town of Molcum
I feel a pity for these people living there
A pointless existence they seem to live
Doomed to death and abandoned by God

I see them drag a person outside the city
Accused of witchcraft and using magic hes charged
Tied to a stake and burned as his family cries
The people cheering beleiving Evil is gone

Good Deed they claimed it to be
And yet it was by their standards
Evil justified and hidden by the common beleif
A hypocrisy that exists everywhere

There is no good, Just justified Evil in the world
This I was told by my god and so i beleive
Was it right for them to do what they did
Just so they can be good to their elders

These people are more evil than I am
More evil than i will ever hope and can be
For they beleive what they do is good and right
But its just a hypocrisy calling it good

I clench my fist and begin to mutter some words
A red glow engulfs my fist as I look to the village
Their deed and the evil has made my master happy
And for once he leaves me alone 

I cannot let this hypocrisy continue going on
I will not let their concept of good exist in this world
Only one evil can there ever be
And that is the evil I am forced to serve

Justified Evil is a hypocrisy that must die
And so I mutter a spell and the village is enfulfed
I watch the flames burn the people and hear the screams
A smirk on my face as they are punished

Its over and I look at the remains of the village
Satisfied my work is done I sit down for a second 
Sighing sadly I realize what I had done
And hate myself even more for what I had just done

If only they could understand someday what I do
I am not Evil, I am just a purifier of Hypocrisy
I love these people too much to let them continue
And so out of love I destroy them

I return to my castle and sit there on my throne
Lost in my memories and sadness
A congratulation from my master that goes unheeded
As i sit back and smirk looking what to do next

Purifier of Hypocrisy I call myself and so I am
Those who call me Evil are Evil in themselves
There is no good just Justified Evil
And so I must Purify these people 

And when its all done, I shall be purified myself
No more shall my beloved race suffer this hypocrisy
There will be a better life where they go
And maybe someday they will understand and forgive me

My Barrier is broken and intruders invade the palace
I smirk and go to fight them because I must 
I must survive so i can save and Purify my people
Their strength is nothing compared to mine

Their hatred and need to kill me empowers me
But in the end I know I will be abandoned
I will not forsake him, Nor will I give up my mission
For I am what I am, Nothing More Nothing Less

Zio The Black Magician Am I 
The Purifier of Hypocrisy
And Savior of the Palman race

(c) Lord Khyron Kravshera

A Mothers Sad Truth

The morning once brought new life
A long time ago we looked forward to it
But now, it is pointless
A useless existence.. So sad..

Its ironic, What was our savior was destroyed
Sending us spiraling down into decay
Times were better back then it seems
Abundant water and food and laughs

But it exists no more, Just a faded memory
A time when things were better and life easier
Once we were proud and strong
We were stagnant and lazy, But it was better

You could walk and see the trees in the distance
Walk and lift up some flowers to sniff
Children could play hide and seek in the lush greenlands
Mothers could watch them with joy and hope

But now all that is gone and destroyed
Why did this all happen to us?
How did we ever become like we are now
A Pointless struggle of a great people

I see the children now full of hope for the future
But what hope is there for them?
Nothing is left, the sand piles up to smother us
The Earthquakes come and go along with life

Another funeral of a dead child
Another proud person lost to this world
She was full of life and hope
But in the end she was alone with nothing like us all

Struggling to live when its not worth it
Starving and dying slowly like my children
What kind of future do they have in this world?
Why must they suffer?

God.. Why did you leave us.. Why leave us like this?
Why did you let her be destroyed?
Our Guardian and caretaker 
Who gave us a better life than we had

It would have been better to be lazy and stagnant
Our children would have a future 
And have a better life than they do now
They would be happy and have hope

But its too late for us now
The once great Palman race is slowly dieing
Freeing us from her didn't improve our life
It made it worthless to live now

I'm going to die soon I hope
Die of greif and sadness at what comes to pass
Alone i am with these memories and pain
Alone with the sadness and hurt so alone

My children asked me why life was so hard
Why they had to suffer and watch friends die
What could i tell them to make them understand?
In the end all i said was its the way it is

They died shortly after that in this harsh life
Devastated we were and saddened deeply
A man came to us dressed in black
He offered to help us in our struggle

We're so tired of living, So tired of trying
So tired of watching everyone die, So tired of life
Soon he will come, And do what he promised
And soon I will be with my children, in a better place

We huddle now, In the center of the town
Awaiting the fires that will come
We do this to escape, to be with our loved ones
We're tired and weak from fighting.. So very tired

I only wish we could change time
Wish life was like it was long ago
But Alas we're a forsaken and hated people
Our God abandoning us leaving us with this

The children sit with us resting in their parents laps
They know what will happen and are okay with it
They want the promise of a better life
One we hope exists as we pass away

Soon our savior will come 
And our village will vanish forever
But what importance is a little village like ours
And will we ever be missed by anyone?

Sadly we answer no and close our eyes crying
We're so tired of life and struggling
Doomed to always suffer why not end it?
And so we sit.. and wait for him to approach.. Our Savior

The man they call Zio.

(c) Lord Khyron Kravshera

A Kingdom of Thorns No More

I look all around 
As water flows from my eyes
His body is singed 
Away by the harsh plasma fire
Of insidious RobotCops
For all of the people shrieking
Crying and Wide Eyed
Not a one jumps to help.
Frozen by brutality
Broken by Terror into Submission. 

He's gasping for air
He's Getting hurt, 
Beaten bloody,
Unable to block
Wired  arms of  cybernetic might
They surround him 
Through blurred vision 
I watch Impotent as 
The Life stealing blows 
Bring him down
Commanded by the
unholy vigor and warlust
Of a tired wizened ruler 
Whose time should have passed Long ago. 
A Worldly Dictator 
Colder than the Icestorms of Dezoris 
A 1000 miles high, 
Shielded from the 
tears of a young Girl,
By Night Hued Armor;

A gift from Otherworldly Occultists
To help him engage 
In Immortal 
Self Absorption.
The price of compassion small 
When weighed 
against saving his 
feeble frame, 
Now Animated by hate 
For all that is Palman

All it cost King Lassic was the world of a fifteen year old girl. 

I push through the crowd 
with a fury that
Rivals my  
Youth to reach him, 
Seeing him like this breaks my world.
His frame toned, moist.
I clench his arms inward
Thinking that perhaps, 
if blood vessels are tightened….
To no avail.

Nero's handsome face 
Lies in a pool of crimson essence
He tells me of a man of Olympian might
One that may be able to cut through 
The impending night
The loss of my parents, 
Too much I tell you!
Now, you too, dear Nero… 
Too much! Too much squared!!
If to lose one life Was To lose the world;
Was to lose one's parents and now, brother,
The Self's-Aegis of Safety and order, a family
The theft of a universe?
I surely feel so. 
Fires smolder in the distance
Witnesses huddled 
like cattle back 
Trapped in their homes. 
Homes they will dare not leave again. 

Twice in my history have I lost my home. 
No matter how hard I fight, 
It always ends the same
With hurt and more hurt
Surrounded by guilt and all alone
My second home, 
Powerful Camineet  
Guarded in a Titanium Cage 
Surrounded by nothing save
A Kingdom of thorns.

Where am I,
You may ask;
For what 
kind of world
Could be so harsh,
Palma, Emerald beacon of Algotian Civilization
Rife with Pain and suffering
Devoid of joy, love and spontaneity…
This world, which should not be, 
Certainly does exist!

Nothing more now than a Kingdom of Thorns. 

My wounds are not mortal.
My heart still beats
Despite all the trauma 
I have seen and felt
I go out into this world.
I found this Odin. 
Little did I know that I'd find also
A Faithful feline friend 
And a wizard whose features 
Were as delicate as her spells were mighty!

The thorns slash, 
I charge 
As I try to fight
I begin to feel 
the loss 
Of the threads of my 
Soul that are left
Oh Watch over and 
Protect Me, Nero!
Pain jars me Back to Now…

In many places, bones are cracking
The marrow in my leg is showing
Yet pain, not rage drives me on
Sending me into a fervor over
Devastation that occurred to another me
That was my punishment, my memory
A cerebral gulag far outweighing
Any restraint in the mortal realms
Perhaps in some ways worse than the 
Loss of my family and friends to a Dark Force beyond reason. 

For with each strike 
against the inhumane 
Comes further 
and further 
With each fight 
A world taken, 
lives lost. 
In a Kingdom 
of Thorns

Stalked in dreams by a Sneering Face 
A Succubus 
Taunting me since 
My first days visiting
Motavia; amber world of white sand
Your overwhelming visage 
Making me painfully aware
That I am mortal 
And too small a flicker of light
Within your darkened sanctum. 

It could not end with Nero.
Neither Odin, the blond Promethean.
Nor Winged Musk Cat of Grace, Myau 
Or the Mental Might of Noah
Withstood your negation of 
All that was Right and Good. 
But you are a creature of Hate. 
A Creature of Despair, 
Feeding off of 
And Fear. 

Feeding off 
of My Grief, 
Growing from My Fear.  
Your meal 
is large…
I'm afraid to be alone. 
Without Nero, no friends. 
I am in 
horrendous solitude!


But I have hope.

My love is even greater!!!
For other little girls 
Giggling and tickling 
Their big brothers 
In an imagined Field of golden wheat 
Next to Emerald forests 
that won't send
Hoards of monsters 
To slay 
their innocence. 

A world where girls 
And boys see Police 
As authority 
figures that 
Respect them
Where Justice 
Is Tempered
By Love
And Prudence
Not Inquisition. 

As my Laconia strikes you. 
Again and again…
The only Algotian blade
Capable of taking your
Damned existence from you….
In the shining sword, 
Dripping with 
Blackened ichor 
I see it will come to pass, 
The reflections of souls lost,

Giving me their hope. 

Not out of hate
Nor Vengeance 
But out of pure Right. 
The sparks of life from 
loved ones, yet to come.
Entitled to a better tomorrow. 
I am not alone. I am filled with hope. 
I am filled with courage. 
Not from without. 
But from within. 

You petty organism. 
You thought
you could win. 
No one can win against
Indomitable confidence,
human spirit and will.
I am me and love me. 
I am the Protector!
You, are as one 
nothing and small. 

My worlds, 
My Algo 
are not vanishing…
They are only 
Force of Darkness 
Bearer of Shame
Bringer of Genocide. 
Vile coward released by Pandora!

My fear Is naked to you
Naked to the world
But, Now fear me!

In Rolf We Trust

Shir feels like she's gonna bust,
Kain sees slaying Mother Brain as a must,
Hugh knows that her doing was quite unjust,
Anna sees the twisted fiend and scowls in disgust,
Amy sharpens her knife for a final thrust,
Rudo plans to decimate her into space dust,
Nei hes her love present and it will not rust,
When the pressure's on...In Rolf We Trust!

Rika and Chaz

Starry night
Gazing of a balcony
Pain in my heart
When she came to comfort me
Too many emotions
Looking for someone to blame
But she comforted me
Past experiences were the same
And so that it when I knew
She would always come to comfort me
Always together
We would be
I didn't tell her that night
We still had a long road ahead
The death of my mentor
Left part of my soul dead
Battles were fought
By my side she would always be
Just by being there
To comfort me


I stood atop the Bara Maray
My custmoers four were in a bad way
Completion was not desired or intended
But upon my Res the others depended
Through tears and laughter, success and strife
My only thought: My customer is my life!
As a competent bearer of means of restoration
I took my HP meter and reviewed the situation
To lose them now would fill my heart with shame
So i gathered the last few TP to my name
I sacrificed everything, asked for nothing back
Goodbye, Algo, goodbye,

Raja from Dezo

(set to "Angels Among Us")

I was riding in my Land-Rover, when I lost my way.
Then a kind green man set me straight
I took him to my home.
Rika couldn't see him, but he was standing there.
Oh-oh-oh-oh I believe I like Raja from Dezo
In my party-y
We'll kick Profoundie's butt
from here to Planet Beer ^_^
Oh-oh-oh-oh I believe Raja is cracking some bad jokes
I'd better stop him before he gets beat up
I have the Great Light.


The saved-game secretary
At the desk it's so contrary
For there sits the secretary
Saving games so solitary
Who loads them? It never varies.

No-one but the secretary.
No-one. It's extraordinary.
Why is life so temporary?
Do not blame the secretary.

Trust In Trimate

It costs so little, yet its worth 
Is more than any Numan's birth.

At Tonoe Market I once shopped
And was encumbered, so I dropped

An Algo-Ring, an Alshline too,
A Frademantle (this is true)

In fact, my whole inventory,
And sold them for a paltry fee.

My life I owe to it once more 
It locked me out of Deletion's Door

My H.P wavered critically,
I feared I would deleted be.

(For never as an afterthought
Did I save when I Trimate bought)

Yet Trimate (much did I applaud)
My H.P totally restored!

Raja, keep your costly Dews
For nothing compares in my view

With that to which I entrust fate,
My simple, beautiful Trimate.

The Motavian Baker

I'm a senile old Motavian
Making weapons in Tonoe
And a cat has just informed me
That my HP's slightly low.
Now I've heard a Palman talking
But I've never heard a cat
So a miracle it must be
And I've seen enugh of that.
I've talked to Gryz and Pana
And I know The Exile too
I've met Granfather Dorin 
And I hear the things they do.
If I'm HP-0 tomorrow
Not much difference will it make,
'Cause I've fulfilled my ambition 
And I've baked myself a cake.  

When I was a young Motavian
Learning what a shop was for
I loved refinied Titanium
But I loved cakes even more.
On our school trips to Aiedo
(A massive shopping town)
I'd head off to Bara Maray
(A baker of great renown).
Still when eat shortcake
A dog will soon appear
To chase off all the Palmans
And nothing will I fear.
If I'm HP-0 tomorrow
Not much difference will it make
'Cause I've fulfilled my ambition
And I've baked myself a cake.

Rolf and Nei

Another night of violent dreams that I couldn't understand
I awoke to hear the sounds of nightmares from the room next door
I wondered was it best to go in there and speak to you...
But dreaming animals I can safely ignore.
I rise and do my duty, an automaton of the state
I still felt unsafe about you staying back at home
The animosity of others I could not explain
They feared your difference and I knew no law to hold them down.
We've killed the girl who looked and sounded just like you
And I still don't understand why that meant you had to die
But I have to move now, and fight two omnipotent presences
Although I'm angry, I'm still scared of them, I won't lie.

Phantasy Star From A To Z

A is for Alis, brave, noble, and true,
B for Ms. Brangwin, who was all that, too,
C for Chaz Ashley, who vanquished P.D.,
D for Dark Force, Evil's epitome.
E is for Espers, from whom Kyra came,
F is for Fal (which is "Rika"'s true name).
G for Great Light, who created Algo,
H is for Hahn, professor in the know,
I for Ice Digger - slicing through glaciers hard,
J is for Juza, Zio's trusted guard.
K for Kuran - against orders it runs,
L is for Lutz (all five generations).
M is for Myau, with quick fangs and mind,
N is for Nei, who, though hated, was kind.
O is for Odin, a warrior keen,
P is for Palma, the doomed "world of green",
Q for Algo's Queen, which Alis was - and more,
R is for Rolf, agent and protector.
S is for Sari, who's good in a scrap,
T is for Termi - town turned tourist trap.
U for Uzo, a Motavian town,
V for Vahal Fort - Quick! Shut Daughter down!
W is for Wren (both Fo-u and Shi),
X for Xe-A-Thoul - a tough enemy!
Y for Yaata Port, here Rhys did embark,
Z is for Zio, cruel slave of the dark.

Rolf's Side of Parma's Death

I did not mean for it to be
Now they have to escape in Alisa III
Mother Brain lamed
My soul was blamed

And now still I have these chains
In my brains
And I cried "No! Stop it!"
The central computer said "Pop it!"

And now Parma is space dust
It was my heart that had to bust
I wanted to bash the Poleziax
But he was made of ceramic and flax

Alis is in Alisa III
It's the thought that gets to me


I only wish you luck
To pay off the buck
And Mother Brain is a Mother $#^%


Nei's Plea

Why can I not be as the others are?
Or as they want me to be?
I am different, that is true,
But I am me.
And to myself and to my friends,
That is enough.

I am who I am,
And you cannot change that.
I am what I am,
And I cannot change that.

Accept me as I am,
And do not turn me away.
I follow the light as you do, 
And deal with the dark also.

There is nothing to lose
By trusting me as others have.
Strangers are just friends you haven't met
Just as I am a friend you haven't tried to know.

Ode to PS

Long ago, in eighty eight,
A revelountionary game
Was created, and then played.
T'was awesome, far from lame.

A girl name Alis Landale
Went searching for revenge.
She saved the world, the universe,
And her brother was avenged.

The next year, they thought,
"Well, what happened next?"
And so a new game was formed. 
A young man on a quest.

Rolf goes out to find a gizmo
With an odd young woman, "Nei,"
They also got to save the world.
'Most everyone said "Yea!"

Two years later Sega said
"Let's make another game."
The longest PS game so far
Quickly grabbed its fame.

Prince Rhys is going to marry a girl
But she gets kiddy-napped
And you go through three generations
Monsters get whapped.

And then in 1994 
An awesome one was made
PS4, with graphics and sound
It deserves a parade!

Chaz Ashley is a young man
Partner of Alys B.
On a simple mission
That turns to more, you see.

I've heard that PS5 is coming,
But I'm not sure of when.
So I'll just wait. And while I do,
I'll play PS again.


The stillness cold of the night. As the wind blows cold over the lifeless
body. my thoughts were filled with love at one point then filled with anger.
As sister and sister fight to the death. my thoughts were. "She will over
come." Then she dropped to her knee's. And I cried her name. The cuts were to
deep and her body cold to quick I could not save her. No technique, no moon
dew, and even no cloning. Could save her. She was the love which gave me
courage and thought. Now she's gone and I ask my self why. Then my friends
strike her on to her knee's I spoke. "Why was your anger so great she was
family. She did not want to fight you. You wanted to fight her. There is no
peace in my heart till evil is brought down." I seen her hit the ground for
what she had done and now. Some of the anger is gone.   

Magic Cap

To wear this cap is to touch your mind.
You flinch at first, but patient I'll be,
since before long you'll respond in kind.
In some small way, we two become one,
and I see things I could never see
if I never looked through Musk Cat eyes,
not blinded by Dezorisian suns.
It begins simply, with feeding times,
and organizing a set routine.
More complex then, with verse and rhyme.
We write identical symphonies.
I never knew a kitten could
grasp these concepts so obscure.
In fact, you now know more than I,
though you teaching me might seem absurd.
Talk to me, my precious pet,
tell me of souls you wish you'd met,
of loss and love and everything
that might make up my life,
or the life of any knave or king,
but instead solely resides
within a tiny kitten's mind.


     Deadly fangs of human mind
          Envisioned by children pretending
     A sorrow unlike any kind
          ...a world slowly ending.

     Naught compares to home I know
          Though still the memory flees
     The tempting beauty of Dezo snow
          ...or Palma nights like these.

     Legends of a tragic world
          Victims of their peers' desire
     Melded swords, sensations hurled
          ...towards the light as Dark grew tired.

     Thousand ten enlightened years
          Between the grave descent
     As darkness speaks of whims and fears
          ...they force it to repent.

     Painted by a science blurred
          the planet lies in pain
     Those who died are soon referred
 heroes wrongly slain.

     Sands of light from high above
          planets meander afar
     I watch, observe as they fall in love
          ...with the world of Phantasy Star.

Prelude to Alys

(Chaz's feelings about Alys)

I was a little kid
With an uncertain future
Didn't know where I was
Then you came and told me
You would take care of
And show me the way
	You were my guidance

You taught me to fight
For the benefit of good
At first, I didn't see
The purpose of
But now I realize
That it was more 
Than fighting for peace
But fighting for
My life
	You were my teacher

From then on,
You kept your promise
Took care of me
Looked after me
You never let me go without
A reason
Then I came to
That time
That I can do the same
For you.
	You were my friend

It never was the same
Sence you were gone
All the things you've done for
I have learned to do for others
And for myself.
	I miss you


(Chaz's thoughts of Rika)

You were different
When I first met you.
From different worlds
Old and new.
The one thing that we both share
Is that we were young at heart.

Seperated from our differences
Bonded together from our youth
From that moment on
We never part
Together always.

Then my dear friend died
We cried together
I lost a friend
You first experenced death
But we still hung on to
Each other
You were there for me
As I was for you.

Through the good times
And the bad
You have always been my
Closer together we are now
I'm here for you
As you were for me

All She knew, was what she was not

(A dedication to Nei, after her death)

She was shunned by the public, to the stranger's regret
Saved by this unknown, whom she had just met.
"Monster!" they cried, from looking at her ears
the target of ridicule, which put her in tears.
"She is a creature, a monster, a freak!"
"But, looks human, you four-eyed geek!".
She looked around at all in the lot
and all that she knew, was what she was not.

As a light at the end of her tunnel appears
His name was Rolf, and he saw past their fears.
He loved that girl, with all of his heart
At the hands of Neifirst, He was torn apart.
He couldn't believe what he had seen
A girl like a sister, who'as caring, not mean.
She died on that day, she died on the spot
and all that she knew, was what she was not.

Rolf had loved her, just like a sister
upon returning, he would hug her and kiss her.
Rolf is in mourning, at the loss of a friend
And he could no nothing, as he held her hand.
He knew what she was, brave with a heart of gold
Her name alone, was a conflict of her soul.
And he would pray to the Light, at her burial spot
'Cause all that she knew, was what she was not.

All that she knew, was what she was not.

If Only I Knew Rever

(to the tune of 'Her Last Breath' from PSIV)

Why couldn't you bring Alys back?
Why couldn't they resurrect Nei?
You resurrected me and Gryz
I don't forget.

It would have taken one Rever
Even Regen can't help her now
You're not my healer any more
Rika, go away

Raja I
Am sorry I did not
Know you
Before then

Alys I miss you
Alys I miss you
I miss you

I want to just lay down my sword
And learn the healing arts myself
I'll see how hard it is to say
One word-

If I could live my life again
I would give my HP to her
She lived her life with honour, and
She died to save me

I don't just
Want to use Rever
I want
To use Nasak

Alys I miss you
Alys I miss you
I miss you

Lament of the Rappy

(to the tune of 'Leaderless' from PSIII)

I am the last man standing
In a world of despair
I used to have a reason
But it just isn't there

I used to have a reason
In a place I called home
They built a bypass through it
And they let me to roam

My home it had four corners
And now it's got five
It's bigger now and better
And it isn't alive

I think it was the third one
That went wrong somewhere
I went to find survivors
But there weren't any there

I am the last man standing
In a world of despair
I used to have a reason
But it just isn't there

'Memories of Alys'

I looked into her starlid face;
So pale upon the bed.
I looked into her shinning eyes;
Oh, so empty and dead.

My hand reached upon her cheek,
To caress the once warm skin.
But all that was is gone,
For her blood runs cold and thin.

I felt the sorrow in my heart;
I felt the tears fill my eyes;
I felt the pain and grief;
And I felt the urge to die.

But I saw her in my dreams,
And I felt her in my heart.
For that is where I'll hold her,
Forever, and never apart.

'Ode to Rykros'

Just wanted to drop you a little poem that was
inspired by the planets of the Phantasy Star Algol.   It was also inspired
by Bjork from the Sugarcubes song 'planet'.  I wrote it about 
three days after discovering the planet 'Rykros' in PSIV:

when you look through my phantasy 
it is frightening
to every feeling
I'm trying to believe that 
there is a planet out there
no one can see		traveling across the planes 
			and imaginary lines surrounding
			the shining star
			that's fixed in place
		                    among a billion of his
                            distant brothers
burning brightly 		         
floating freely
my planet flies through
space and timelines
impossible and unstoppable
a relentless state of revolution	
surround the night
			and my planet sleeps
			in veils of moonlight
			a massive sky
			endless in size
			is where they all hide
            after sunrise
visualize if
I could touch the skies  
I would cleanse my soul
in meteor showers
asteroids would fill the void
that was left behind 
inside my little mind

like a comet  following                    
a distorted path his 
brothers started
mystical and elliptical
my planet's back 
but soon departed		                     
            ancient times are 
			growing older and
			ages past are starting over
			but still my planet carries on 
			an endless life of revolution
illuminating, lighting
waiting for sleeping
satellites to follow
the hollow night
and the dawn of light.

'Ode to Rykros II'

i knew this day would make its way 
and i haven't even had
the chance to say...
i was so busy thinking of 
what it might be like
so far away		                    i'm living in little towns
			and in villages that surround 
			this land of mine
			this is my country
			this is my planet 
			floating by in endless time
what if i close my eyes
can i visualize my Sol
beyond the stars?
here on Mars is where
the traffic flows in 
cosmic boulevards	                    i can do sommersaults
			around Jupiter and ride
			the stellar tides
			flying by Saturn i can see
			the galaxies on its
			mighty rings
soaring past satellites
in the thickest black of night
the speed of light
dreaming imagination
my destination lies
before my eyes

this is Andromeda 
this is where i look to find
where Algo shines
gleaming with all its might
i know this is the home of
the Great Light	                    did you look through my phantasy?
			did you see the shining
			jewel above me?
			glimmering in my mind
			in my beautiful bluest sky?
it was so small i could have touched
its little face with my closed eyes
it seems impossible 
but my planet hears my words
my lonely cries		
			i have been counting down
			and i'm waiting for that day
			i hear him say
			you have my Blessing now 
			you will hear my Holyword
			when you see dark
he's a Protector and he is
watching over me
and my destiny
he is my planet and my
planet can say
anything at all...

everyone he sees
everything he knows
his name is Rykros


I place my hands upon your wounds
the words I say
are calming and soothe
I heal your pain
the anguish is gone
this is my healing song
...The song of Res

Eyes of a Stranger


"Look into my eyes
What do you find?
The monster they made me?
An act of cruelty?
I am only a girl
I am only a freak
Your people I know
Your tongue I speak
I don't understand 
Why you brought me into this land" 

"I look into her eyes
Deep as the purple skies
I feel her need for affection
Beneath her pain and rejection
Her soul is one with my own
She can never be alone
The savages of this land
Will never understand...
I am a woman
And we are sisters
How much I miss her"

"Come to me little girl
All alone in this world
My arms will protect you
My people will respect you
Your beauty is radiance
Among all this decadence
Please, don't call me mister
To me, you are my little sister
I'll take care of you..."



                 When Darkness treads your very own territory,
                 Remember this saying of the power of light,
                 When you fear the dark force,gathering in your room,
                 Say the name"Elsydeon"which will come to your aid,
                 As it lights up the profound darkness of the room,
                 The Evil will leave,and tremble before the great Light!


The first planet of Algo's three with water desert grass and tree
A planet with ivory towers so high and buildings that reach the sky
A planet that is like Ares the highest planet of algo's stars
Even though Parma's been hear since Algo's dawn the planet Parma is now gone
People who tried to escape their lives hanging by tape 
A shuttle fleet of 400 or more and out of of Parma the shuttles soar
That was Parma a planet more than most and the planet Parma's hash is

"Memories of Chaz"
(Alys's feelings for Chaz)

(Alys mumbls in room) "i miss Chaz uesed to have a slow swing......i
spent so much time trineing him and he just left me all he said was "i'm
going to find my mother" i wish he was alive. one day he came back and
he looked fine,
but he went stright to bed.........
and the next morning i tryed to wake him op but he did not wake.
i tryed for an hour,
but he did wake............
then i sat down to think..........{i think Chaz} then i started to cry.
man i miss Chaz i wish he whoud come back to me!

'Why Me?'

    "Why me?" I ask every day
     "Why me?" but no one answers
      I could have saved her
       Could have saved Alys
       If I was there  

       I had to go away
      I should have watched them
        Instead, I went to the Motavian
       Instead, I went with the elder
       Why do I have to be Lutz?
       "Why me?" I ask every day
       Nobody can answer

       It is much pressure
       To have to guard Algol
         If I fail,
      we are doomed
      I hope Chaz can help me
      The Profound Darkness
        is stronger then all of us
     But perhaps,
      If we combine our power
      we can destroy it

      I, Rune Walsh
      "Why me?" I ask,
        to no one in particular
       Oh, Alys
         I loved her so
         I wish I was nicer to Chaz
        I just doubted him
        "Why me?" I ask, to God
        "What have I ever done to 
         deserve this?"
           It is a blessing 
           rather then a curse
           After all, I would not have
           met Alys, if I wasn't Lutz

         "Why me?" I ask
         And then I understand
         One word that controls one's life
          A curse can also be a blessing
          But Chaz, 
         He has been hurt so much
         I must protect him
         with all my life
         God does not roll the dice
         Maybe I am not the first 
         to have this happen to him
         But the sadness
         How can a sane man 
           cope with this?
         Of course,
         Who says I am sane?


Facing Rulakir

(Aron,Adan,Crys,Sean feelings of Rulakir)
You were always so big and strong,
You made Wren go Kong!
I hope we all survive,
So none of us have to dive.
As long as you've been sought,
A fight is not what we thought.
As we load down without a knife,
We don't relize about our strife.
You are Orakio's brother,
We are not your mother.
Still yet we beg,
To break your leg.
And also to kill Dark Force.


N is for Nero Kind as a rose
A is for Alis who wore gold-and-pink clothes
S is for Shir, the thief she was
A is for Arima, I love it because...
R is for Res which gets you out of a bind

Phantasy Star II

Rolf had dreams in the middle of the night
Then he decided that he had to fight.
First he had to get the recorder
Bring it back, and restore peace & order.
But with him came Nei and Rudo the Hunter
And they explored in Shure, an old frontier.
Then there was Nido, and in it Teim
She was brought to the North Bridge where she was slain.
Next town was Opta, with Amy the Doctor
If you took her to the Lab some Locustas coulda' chopped 'er.
In the Bio-Lab ya gotta get some dynamite
That's 3 so far. I think that's kind o' right!
In the basement, there's hazards and a corridor
And-of course- the Recorder!
Bring it back to the librarian
'n find out that it's far from the end.
It has to do with Climatrol
And you wonder, is THIS my final goal?
You now are able to go south
And fight monsters with open mouths
Zema's next with head and footwear
Don't forget, Anna's from there
Take a hike to Kueri
Kain is cool (Rarely)
But then there's Roron
Containing a Jet Scooter and some morons
Next mission:Uzo.
Deadly monters, some gum, who knows?
Then get Shir from Piata
Innocent, ain't she? (Yadda yadda)
Bum ba dum bum--Climatrol!
Get to the end; Neifirst is in control!
Either way, Nei will die.
It came close to putting tears in my eyes.
Then come lotsa rain
(I hoped they all hit Kain)
Omigosh!The dams are floodin'!
Rolf & party, go and do somethin'!
After all dams are unlocked, Red, Yellow, Blue & Green,
Rolf is destined to end this scheme.
The Army Eyes capture the heroes on Gaila Satellite
I'll tell ya this:DO NOT, in battle, fight.
Tyler Jorran to da rescue
Don't forget to say thank you.
But don't get happy, Palm went ka-boomie
Then Rolf said, "Now Palm can't sue me".
Palm was destroyed
Some said, "by Nafoi".
Uh-oh, gotta go!
All the way to Dezo!
Someone got the power to defeat Mother Brain,
Who has REALLY gone insane (like Kain)
Enter Skure! Get Mogic Cap!
Magic Cap is a piece of crap!
See a Musk Cat here and there 
Cute ain't they!  They're pretty rare.
Exit #1: to Aukba, a town.
Hear some rumors goin' around!
Go thru Crevice, then Esper Mansion, a nice palace.
Wonder if you're a descendant of Alis?
Go to Zosa and Ryuon.
Some may indirectly ask, "what mission are you on?"
Then find stuff in Ikuto, Naval, Guaron and Menobe Temple
They have Neishot,Neislasher,Neimet,Neicrown,Neicape,and Nei Emel
Return them to Lutz.  You are near the end.
He gives you Neisword, to protect and defend!
Goin up to Noah.  Better have Megid!
Watch out for FireDragons and Fiends!'s an odd chest.
Heal up and hope for the best.
I won't tell you; it's a surprise
I'll tell you this:  that's no lie.
After the box is gone, go up and right,
After a little more walking you'll fight the final fight.
Mother Brain has gone insane like Kain
(Who care's if I've already said it?  Kain's insane!)
Us Earthmen did it, from technology of Alisa III
Can you believe it!  Caused by you and me!
I don't care, sue me for treason,
I'm cheering for Rolf and Co., for a good reason.
Earthmen are the badguys,
Parmanians are the goodguys.
I hope the Earthmen's butts fry
And every single one of them die.
Go Rolf, go Rudo, go Anna, Amy, Hugh and (gasp) Kain!
Restore peace to Algo again!
This concludes my poem on PS II
I'm not a bad Earthman.  Are you?

Spirit Guardian's Lament

This small planet I call home
and yet not in entirety
offers solitude
a chance to think
and for concerns to haunt me
A few days of proximity
cannot make up for
a thousand years alone

when a thousand years makes twelve generations
The grandchildren of the Protectors
I once knew
have not been for hundreds of years

and my occupation is unending
No time away
No vacations

I do not sleep

Light help me
as much as it can
Light made me
and so I am
I am
I am Rykros
I am one
I am what needs to be
I am my own destiny

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