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Memories Archive V

From: mythos (
My days of RPG'ing began in a galaxy, far, far away. The very first RPG I ever played was called "Dungeons of Daggorath" which ran on a 16K ROM (as opposed to Phantasy Star 1 which runs on a 512K ROM) cartridge for the Radio Shack Color Computer. The memory was so small that instead of having a battery on board the cartridge or a way to save your game using "passwords" you would have to save/load your games from cassette tape! People moan and groan about losing their games from battery backed up onboard RAM and maybe they should have the right too... but I think kids today should at the very least get to experience what its like to consisitently save/load games via cassette tape! Not only does the volume control have to be exact - you have to be VERY careful not to bump the tape recorder while it does it thing!

ANYWAY....! (I just love to go off on the "You kids got it mighty good now-a-days!" tangent) I'm here to talk about my memories of Phantasy Star. In particular I'd like to talk about Phantasy Star 4.

After playing and beating most of Squaresoft, Working Designs, and Enix stuff I thought I would turn to the Phantasy Star stuff and give it a chance. I was immediately held prejudice towards PS 3 because of the lack of Anime. I havent been able to find a copy of PS 2 yet but I am still trying. PS 1 simply didnt do anything for me though I've heard if you can find the elusive 1987 version people will actually perform sexual acts just so they can nab your copy :-)

PS 4 held a special place in my heart. How come? Graphics - Graphics that are not only on par with many of the RPGs for the Genesis but also the SNES as well. The characters are not tiny little midgets but actually nice sized characters. Animation is also very well done especially with the excellent use of Pallette swapping. The music is also very good as well with a high dose of emotional and spiritual content as well.

Probably the more important thing for me were all the cute girls! Whoooo Weeee! Cuteness to be had! I have to admit I probably played the game just for the cute girls but in any case the whole game was very well done. I spent ALOT of time on it and almost failed two courses because of it.. Still dont regret it though hehe.

Hopefully in the future I can find the elusive artbook so I can drool all over it as well as the PS CD's and a copy of PS 2 which I have found next to be impossible to obtain.

Anyway.. thats just my slice of pie.


From: Keith Stevens (
The quite of night. Hahn is with the group. And then it happens. D'oh! We didn't get to the Vahal Fort! The group heads to the Vahal Fort and is met with a vaporization barrier. Not even Rika can break Seed's codes!

"Damn," comes the voice and the game is shut off. I had almost challenged the Profound Darkness when I reset the game at the second Zio battle. Now, I'm stuck at Lashiec. Damn him! I wish he stayed dead.

I haven't played any other PS games, but PS4 is probably my favorite Sega game yet. I love the music. (Ladea Tower, Air Castle) The Profound Darkness blew me away, save in her easiness. The tapestry of charateriztion is so finely woven that foor once I don'tpity the villians (Die foul Lashiec!). The Destruction combo is awesome. I'm a hopeless addict. One time I was chopping wood and yelled "Chaos Bringer attacks!" then I tried to do a Shift to increase chopping power, then Gryz's Crash.. When Alys died {Both times that I've witnessed it} the print is hard to read through the mist in front of my eyes. *Sniff*


From: Dark Angel (
I was bored one day. I had beaten Shining Force in 1 day, and Shining Force 2 in 2. Trying to find a good RPG, I went to the Video Store..

I saw PSIV there.. I remembered playing PSII a long time ago, so I decided to get that. A week later, I bought it.

I rushed through the early parts of the game, slaying bio monsters and laughing as Hahn gave more and more money to Alys and Chaz. PSIV fully captured my emotions; I remember feeling a great sadness when Alys died, burning with vengeance as Zio fell to Chaz's Crosscut, and rushes of adrenaline while fighting the Dark Forces.

Looking at the joke page here, I'm laughing, because I actually have done some of those things. Maybe I'm an addict, but with a game as incredible as PSIV, can you blame me?


From: Micaila Taylor (
Phantasy Star had perhaps changed the way I looked at RPG's. When I first received my Sega Genesis back in 1993 as a birthday present, I shyed away from RPG's because I thought they just plain suck.

But when I rented Phantasy Star IV in 1995, my thoughts on RPG's changed.

PS IV blew my mind! The graphics were awesome, the magic and the combo attacks fun to watch, and overall EASY TO PLAY because the game was very straight forward and didn't run off the overall plot.

I instantly fell in love with Chaz (until he became Rika's man), cried for days over Alys's death, Rika became my fave character, and beating the living heck out of the Profound Darkness. I was impressed with the ending, too. It was nice and long, just the way I like 'em (not meant to be sick, ladies and gentlemen).

Then I bought the game months later and would drive my dad insane because I would play it for hours. Can you tell I LOVE that game?

Then I bought PS II and PS III in the summer of 1996, then bought the original PS (yes, I still have my Master System)and the PS Game Gear games from an e-mail buddy from Japan. I was totally hooked on the series. And up to this day, I still debate on the REAL ending on PS III.

After PS, I ventured on to other RPG's. PS gave me the confindance to do so. And after playing nearly over 20 different RPG's, the only RPG's I liked other than the PS series were Chrono Trigger, the Lunar series, and the Final Fantasy series. All the other RPG's either couldn't even compare to PS or that they just plain suck.

So, yes, in a way, Phantasy Star changed my video gaming life. Now I'm not stuck on just playing my fighting and adventure games. Phantasy Star opened the RPG world to me and made me appreciate the hard work and the blood, sweat, and tears behind a good RPG. Phantasy Star had proven itself to be the best RPG series around.

Until a Phantasy Star game comes out for the Saturn, MAKE MINE PHANTASY STAR!


From: Jamie Vogel (
It all started back so long ago. We first rented the game and blew through the Piata Academy and its Igglanova Overlord. After learning that the principal's meeting with Zio (Gasp!) we knew what we had to do. But the game would not save!! Arrgh! we tried. But soon after Christmas, we bought it. Then, to out horror, that one would not save! (Gasp!)

PSIV became forgotten. I played it a few times, but to no avail. Then, on that faithful trip to a friends place, we learned what had happened! (Whew) A connector had not been connecting! We fixed that and did a sacrimonial dance of joy.

We blew past the Piata academy and its Igglanova Overlord (Again) We freed the people of Zema! We kept getting money from Hahn! We met his Love! We picked up Rune! We got Gryz! We lost Rune! We blew through the basement! We got the Nei take-off, Rika! Then, the Sandworm! Oh how I dreaded that overgrown fat, pitiful excuse for a monster!

We collected the money and we went off for out vacation at Kadary and free Demi (Moore? No....."Sigh") We freed her from Zio after defeating his servant Juza. Then, Zio appeared! (Gasp!) We battled. Then, Chaz! watch out! Alys! No!


We went to the Machine Center and picked up the Land Rover! We stayed two nights at the inns in Termi and Monsen. Then, we entered the gates of the Ladea Tower without making a lot of noise. Didn't work.

We fought our way bravely through The Ladea Tower and found Rune (Oh gain more techniques why don't ya?) We fought our way to the top and found the Psycho-wand. Then we fought the Gy-Laguiah for it and came out as winners! Then, we rushed back to Krup and witnessed Alys die. Sniff.....sob......WAAAAHHHHH!!!!! ALYS!!!!!

Then, I swore revenge against Zio. I waited for level 20 to creep by, spending my days at the Fort, the Ladea Tower, and searching around for the occasional Sandworm. Then we went up to Nurvus and WHIPPED ZIO'S BUTT! Then, came the parting with Demi and Gryz. But we held on and went on a ride to Zelan where the abnormalities where coming from and met Wren. Then, the crash landing on Dezolis after the battle with Mr.Chaos Sorcerer. Met Raja and once again, my party was full. (Joy!)

We went through Tylers grave into the hanger and found the Landale. We went to Kuran to face.....Drum roll please (Bummmmmmm) Dark Force (Gasp!) We dismantled him. We then got the Ice Digger and explored much more of Dezolis. Visiting the Mist Vale and the Climatrol on Dezolis we were pumped up. Then, at Meese we lot Raja. We bravely pushed on a grabbed ourselves a Kyra Tierney on the way. Then, at The Esper Mansion we picked up a tidbit about Rune. Then, to Gumbious where we witnessed the stealing of the Eclipse Torch! (Drat!) We went through the Air Castle and I spent three long months trying to conquer Lashiec. And after I could stand no longer, Laschiec joined Zio. Then, the Garubek Tower and Dark Force 2! We finally saw a clearer picture of Dezolis.

Gumbious blew up, and we learned about Rykros. We hurried in our new Hydrofoil to the Soliders Temple and met Seth, the wandering Archeologist (Yeah right)We battled our way through the Temple to the Aero Prism. We went out side and fought Dark Force 3! We then traveled to Rykros and beat both guardians and returned to the Esper Mansion and picked up Elsydeon and returned to Rykros to find Megid. Then, Chaz had to fight Alys......sniff...sob...... I victored and then learned I had been deceived by Le Haze! I said no and still got something.

We spent a few months on Gryz but put him back and brought Raja. Now, after pumping up my guys, I face the Edge of Darkness and bravely push on to...... The Profound Darkness and I shall set Algo free from its evil forever!!!!


From: Marlon Chen (
I have plenty of memories about Phantasy Star, most of which have melded into my existence to the point where I have difficulty separating them from memories of other areas of my life.

But one that brings a smile on my face every time I recall it has a little less to do with Phantasy Star, per se, and a little more to do with what was at the time a brand spanking new online service called Prodigy.

On the video games bulletin board we were, of course, discussing video games, my favorite being what else but the entire line of Phantasy Star games. Phantasy Star III had been out for a little while, and we were discussing which ending was the "true" ending. I expounded two possibilities. One was Sean's since his quest was the longest, physically and temporally the most encompassing, and, perhaps more importantly, the most horribly depressing.

The other was my personal favorite, that of Adan. His line had stayed in Landen through the generations, and the marriage of his father (I can't quite recall his name... was it Nial?) and Laya provided the best unification between the Orakians and the Layans.

To support my claim, and my personal affection for Adan and his tale, I even went to great extents to show that Adan was the best main character. He was a great fighter, and a great magicuser, perhaps second only to Sean, but it could have been argued that Adan surpassed even him. I had added up the characters' HP, MP and attribute points, and Adan came out on top. The Crys proponents objected, saying that only the person's strength and HP mattered. So I doubled the influence of HP and strength, and Adan still came out on top.

And as a passing comment I said, "Besides, Gwyn's the cutest girl in the game."

Of course shouts of protestations resounded. "Maia is the prettiest!" "Sari's the best!" "No way, Aron's Kara is a babe!" "What, that flower child hippie wannabe? Sean's Kara whips her butt!"

And so, by pure accident, the first officially unofficial Miss Phantasy Star pageant was born... =P

I can't say that it was my most mature endeavor, but I must admit, it was one of my most fun.

PS - To my disappointment, neither Gwyn nor Amy, my other favorite from PSII, won. The crown went to Laya.


From: Josh Dammeier (
While a few of the posts recently have been sort of sad, my memories of Phantasy Star are uniformly joyful. While I may not share the semi-mystical reverence for the series expressed by some on this page, I have to admit that the series has had a profound effect on my life, in subtle and unmeasurable ways.

I, like many others, first became aware of the original PS through the TV ads. I found the floating eyeball and stuff to be confusing, but very intriguing. Understand, I was probably 9 or 10 at the time, and I had zero background with RPG's of either the video or paper kind-- I had probably never even heard of Dungeons and Drangons. So I really didn't know what the game was, but I knew it had nice graphics-- and that it was expensive. I told my folks not to buy it for me that Christmas and to wait until the price comes down. Well, they didn't listen and it was the best present I've gotten for Christmas since my first computer a few years ago. Thanks Dad! (Tear wells up in corner of eye for cheesy effect).

I can't say I was immediately thrilled. I was totally baffled, actually. I'm afraid my parents thought I wasn't enjoying it much, since I obviously had no clue what I was doing. But I had a lot of patience back then, and I sort of saw the game as an intriguing puzzle to be unlocked, rather than something to do for enjoyment.

So I fought swarms, healed, fought more swarms, blah blah blah. I suppose everyone of you have done the same, though right? So I was rolling through, figuring out the ins and outs of what this weird game with absoluely no action but lots of numbers was all about until... I was stuck. I couldn't get the roadpass. I'm sure this tripped up a lot of people, but I didn't have the experience or saavy to know how to approach such a problem. I thought maybe if I gained enough levels or something that damnable wannabe storm trooper would let me pass. I think I also thought maybe Alis' "Fly" spell would let me fly over the ocean to that other continent I could see. Perhaps it has something to do with that search command, I thought. So naturally I searched everyspot on the entire first continent. So you can see how clueless I was when it came to solving a problem in an RPG... I just didn't understand the methodology. So I paced up and down the coast, fighting the hardest enemies I could find, fishmen, trying to break free of the natural experience curve that games have. I had all of Alis' spells by the time I reached the spaceport!

Anyway, I lent the game to my friend since I had been stuck for several months (and had been playing regularly during that time.. I can't imagine doing that now)... even that 10-year old kid had a limit. He and his Dad figured it out (talk three times to the guy in the house... whatta dirty trick...) and I was set free. My unbelievably powerful Alis rampaged through the next bit of the game. I was blown away when I found out you could get _TWO_ characters :) . So I went on to beat the game (it took me over a year!), utilizing parts of my brain in those dungeons not normally employed by humans except in bizarre occult rituals... I didn't map anything, stupid little kid. I killed Lassic with only Alis alive, and her with only 4 hit points left- one for the highlight reels, I think.

I beat the game a couple more times, and I've loved them all since, even the third one. They all have their own special memories. PS I had the tribulations described above, and it was my first encounter with anything remotely related to role-playing, except maybe The Legend of Zelda (I said remotely). PS II had the torture of waiting so long until I got enough money to buy a stinking Genesis. I heard every step of that game described by a friend as he played through it, he'd tell me what he did on it every day at lunch. PS III was a sidelight to one of my favorite summers. I got to know my step-cousin well then, and we played PS III as well during that time-- the good memories are mostly associated with stuff incidental to the game (it's not the best game, as you well know). PS IV represents the way I play games now-- in a hurry, since I rented it. It reminded me why I love RPG's and video games in general during a time when I was becoming disinterested.

Only the first and second installments of the series hit me while I was really young enough to feel that magical sense of wonder good games can evoke in a young boy (or girl, sorry ladies). I refer to the feeling that a game is only the tip of an iceberg with much more lying behind it than can be seen, and that makes you feel that the future is infinitely bright if only it brings more stuff like this. Only a few games have done that: Warsong, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy II, and maybe a few others. Other great games have come along, like Lunar I & II for example, which I have thoroughly enjoyed, but arrived too late to catch me in that youthful state. Not that I'm not still young (I'm 18) but I'm old enough to have outgrown that happy condition. (Sigh) (Did that make any sense? Probably not. Oh well.)

Interestingly, I met one of my best friends through the game. When I first went to middle school I knew no one. But in one of my classes the teacher made us make these stupid posters where the letters of our name would stand for good, self-esteem enhancing qualities. You know for example:
J oyful
O therwordly
likes S nakes
H as a goiter the size of Brazil

Something like that. I've never liked those "get to know your classmates" things, since my inerests have never been exactly cool, so I've had to mumble something about playing basketball and sit down as quickly as possible. But this one had a good result My friend's name is David Perry and the P in his last name stood for Phantasy Star. The rest is history.

My love of the series continues to this day. Without it I would never have gotten into RPG's, without which I would never have gotten into anime, etc. You could say it is one of the things in my life which has shaped me the most. I hope the series continues.


From: Beri Tomaszek (
Unlike many of the other stories, mine does not begin with Phantasy Star. It actually starts with the 7th Saga, for SNES. I don't know how he got the idea, but my brother bought that game, saying it was "the best RPG out there!" He'd never even played an RPG before! The only one I had was Shining in the Darkness, and I favored my shooters. And as soon as I got a Sega CD, he wanted a RPG for Sega CD...and that was Lunar.

The wimp quit in the desert by Reza. I played the game furiously, until I got stuck at Lann. It was months before a tiny strategy guide set me free.

My PS story still hasn't begun yet. Wishing for the sequel, I bought Eternal Blue. After playing it, my RPG gene kicked on to three settings. "Manga...Working Designs...RPG..."

Phantasy Star IV was a step in my quest to have every RPG I could get my hands on! But, after playing it, my RPG gene switched again. "...Phantasy Star..." within a week, II and III were mine. I would love to play PSI, but can't find it. I even bought a converter for my Genesis...

But, anyway, the action / shooter man I was became a SEGA RPG freak. After teaming up with a SNES RPG freak, I endeavor to experience as many RPGs as I can! However, PS still evades me...

My current mission is to buy every RPG made for the Sega Saturn. Why? I DON'T KNOW!!! But I'm gonna!

Well, see you around.
"To all the guardians
who died for Algo
we will remember you."
-Strange voice speaking in my dreams
-Message on party cake in my dreams


From: Tenchi Muyo! (
The other reason I was writing is the letter in PS memories from the guy in Mexico City who recently lost his love. This letter really struck a chord in me. I am 23, and live in Colorado Springs. About 2 years ago, I met someone unlike anyone I have every met before. Her name is Leah. She is smart, beautiful, witty, and she likes video games. I fell deeply in love with her, for the first time in my life. Not a moment went by without me thinking of her. Thinking of something she said, of her smile, of her hair. We ended up dating for about 14 months. I have always been a depressed individual, since I was 12 or 13. The year I spent with her has honestly been the happiest time of my life. I, unfortunately did not show her this. Because of my depression, I would either become upset with her over the slightest little things, thus hurting her feelings, or I would shut her out, so as not to hurt her feelings, thus hurting her feelings even more. After so many months of me doing this, she could take no more. Quite a while ago, she left me. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Every night when I go to sleep I am thinking of her. Every morning, I awake with thought of her in my mind. All day long everything reminds me of her. From simple things like bagels to songs by Vivaldi and Billie Holiday to certain words in conversations. I dream about her at night. She is the one, and only for me. I would do anything for her. I imagine her so strongly at times, I can almost feel her next to me, her breathe on my neck, her hair brushing my check. Anyways, on to the point.

When she left me, I was a complete and utter wretch. I could not sleep, I could not eat. The silliest things would make me cry. I was having a very hard time coping. I lost all belief, in everything. I saw no point to continue. I saw no point to not continue. Everything was useless, and meaningless. I ended up buying a CDX and PS II-IV. I played them incessantly. I found myself relating deeply to some of the characters, to their lives, their trials, their losses. The death of Nei in PSII, really touched me greatly. I had something to look forward to after work, and on my days off. It is beacuse of the PS games, I can now sleep a little better. I eat at least once a day now. I can smile, and have faith that love is strong enough to overcome anything. I know that Leah is my soulmate, and that I am hers, and that given time, if our love is true, she will come back to me, and I will have the strength to let her in. To be able to share with her my depression, and to allow her to help me, which is all she wanted to do. I now belive in something again. I have faith that our love will bring us back together, even if it takes years. I still love Leah deeply, and yearn for her constantly. She used to sing a song to me, called the Man I Love. Its an old jazz tune, that was sung by Billie Holiday, among others. Hearing this song used to make me cry. Now, it makes me smile. It makes me realize, that with love is hope, with hope is faith, and with faith, anything is possible. I'm just waiting for the one I love. To the man in Mexico City, my thought are with you at the moment. I know that Leah did not die, but what we have is dead, because of my actions, which is almost as bad. I am glad you found some measure of joy and respite in the Phantasy Star games, as I have.


From: John Gomes (
PS 2. Simply, hardest RPG I have ever played. I cleared PS 4 before playing the other parts of the series, and I am STILL trying to get my levels to 99 in PS 4. Anyway, I knew about Megid and all of those spells, so I am treking around, wandering. I find Tiem and take her to her father. When I saw him kill her My mouth dropped straight to my feet. Im thinking "Loving Father". I trek on so I can stop the Evil that corrupted Darum and I eventually find the Climate control and I fight Neifirst. When she killed Nei, I REALLY wanted to give her a dose of Megid. But I couldn't so I settled for kicking the crap out of her. I left. Trekked some more. Got to Dezo, found the Nei weapons and so on. Got to Noah, and I see Dark Force, I think "Ohhhh! He looks alot better then the other Darkforces in PS 4. So I proceeded to showing him what the meaning of "Beat to death" means. Mother Brain. Big. Ugly. 'nuff said. Killed the crazy comp. Saw Earth men. Flashing in my mind how it would fell to actually kick the living hell out of them. PS 3. Rush job. Still liked it though. Wren kicked butt, so I played because I liked him.

PS 4. I think it was too easy. It was good. When I first played it, I thought "Is this 16 bit or comp. material?" I breeze thru it, with the tears of Alys' death and laughing at Hahn because he is so pathetic at the beginning. I beat the 3 Dark forces. Got to PD. Murdered her with a little dose of Protector power, was introduced to the most Amazing Ending of all time.

PS Rules. Phantasy Earth is coming. Phantsy Star lives.

Still more memories to live.


From: Morelos Barros (
I live in México City and as you know it's a country where political and economic problems are worst everyday. Fortunately I was born in a not rich amily, but not poor as well, therefore I was able to go to English classes and go to the US once or twice a year. I always love video games and I bought this Sega Genesis. Rapidly I became an addict of it and started to look for more and better games. But everyone was the same...

Then it happened one day that I had a girlfriend named Elizabeth. She was not pretty, but I loved her. She loved video games just like me, we got fun every single time I saw her and well... she was my girl. I don't know why it happens that when you are being happy, things go wrong.

She had to go to this family party in the country side. I had a terrible feeling about it, but you can't say "DON'T GO", right? It was a hot morning in July. Saturday actually. I went to her house to say goodbye. She kissed me and she huged me. She got in the car and little I knew I'd never saw her again.

When she was gone for the arty I returned home and grabbed some money and went to the market place near my house. I saw a game "Phantasy Stas II" It said Role Playing Game. I didn't knew what it was, but I said "Well, at least I'll have my mind busy"... And so I bought it. It was used but still good. I got home and spent the whole day playing it.

At 8:00 PM that very day the phone rang. I answered and my life changed for ever. Elizabeth had died in car accident.

My life was destructed.

I went to the funerals and all that stuff. I didn't want to eat, sleep, laugh or even breathe... I only wanted to play Phantasy Star... For one week I didn't talk to anyone or get out my room. And when I finished the game I was able to smile again.

I know Liz is dead. Her body is. And it doesn't matter what people say or do...

I know she lives now somplace in the Algo Solar System...


From: Christi Carpenter (
Phantasy there's a name that stirs up many memories and even more stories. I've noticed from reading thru the archives that PS2 ans PS4 are the most popular, with PS3 being dismissed frequently. Interesting, for while PS2 was a spectacular game and my first, It is 3 that holds a special place in my heart. Please allow me to explain.

PS 2 was my first encounter with RPG gaming. I missed the boat with the master system and to this day have yet to set eyes upon 1, but a friend introduced me to the Genesis, specifically 2, in order to show me the "new wave" in gaming. At this point in time all I knew of was my beloved Atari and Nintendo. I was amazed at the story unfolding in front of me. I never knew such drama could work so beautifully as a game. It felt more like I was watching a movie at times than a game. For a full month this game ate away at the end of my summer vacation and I loved every minute, and along the way I fell in love with characters, doodling their likeness on my binders and notebooks at school and writing short stories about what they did before, during and after. Little did I know what these stories would lead to... About 4 months later, I came upon 3 in the mall. I had to have it! Lucky for me my birthday was just around the corner. I was overjoyed when I recieved my own Genesis, PS2 AND PS3! I was not dissapointed. True, the battle sequences weren't as flashy (The background in 2 gave me headaches to look at) and it wasn't nearly as long (Finished in 2 weeks as opposed to 4), but I found it interesting that instead of the continuing saga on Algo(For I knew evn at that time 4 was on the way), It was the story of the survivors of Palm. Once again many "what if" scenarios started playing out in my head. I began to fixate on two characters in the series,namely Mieu and Wren. They were the only two who remained thru the entire game to all four endings. They were even around at the time of the destruction of Palm and the Great War that soon followed. And thus began a project that would take up the next year of my life. I expanded upon the world introduced to me and fleshed out it's history in a series of stories focusing the life adventures of Mieu and Wren, starting with the Great War and yet somehow never ending. The possibilities were infinite. Who were their loves, relatives, enemies? How did they come to possess immortal machine bodies while still retaining their heart and minds? Being cyborgs, that meant at one point they were human and in ways must still be human.I almost sent these stories into Sega, considering to have them published as a series of novels, but with me being a sophomore in high school at the time, I didn't think they would take the idea too seriously. So still they sit in a box in my room, unread in nearly 4 years but I still know every word by heart. I even still have some of the pictures I drew of the cast of PS2! Now that I've discovered that I'm not the only one who still remembers this game fondly I think it's time for these stories to be told once more. Say what you will but 3 is just as much Phantasy Star as all the others and deserves the name. By the way, about PS4. I was sorely dissapointed with this game. $100 wasted on a game that went by so fast (2 DAYS!!) I hardly remember half of what happened.Plus the Wren that was in 4 is not my Wren from 3. As far as I'm concerned, he never will be. But seeing how I just bought the japanese version at a used record store for $15,booklets, original box and all, I do believe in all fairness that I should give it a second chance.


From: Garrett McGowan (
Ah, my sweet Phantasy Star. I remember reading about it in the original Sega Challenge magazine for Master System users and phantasizing (sic) about it all day at school. The pictures were impressive, especially for the time. And they didn't even begin to convey the real feel of the game.

My dad bought it for me for Christmas that year and I spent no less than eight hours playing it the first day. From the first moment Alis stepped into the storage hut with its spookily-lit walls and mysterious music, I was sucked into the most powerful expression of video gaming creativity to date. For me, Phantasy Star is the Star Wars of video game RPGs. Alis, Odin, Myau, Noah, Lassic, and DarkFalz are permanent companions in my psyche. The Algol star system: Palma, Motovia, Dezoris - these were the worlds I explored in waking hours in the game and in my dreams while asleep.

The original game had this wonderful feeling of exploration and discovery. There were THREE huge worlds to explore (this set a very important precedent for later games on other platforms), and four VEHICLES (!) to use on your journey (Landrover, Icedigger, Hovercraft, and Spaceship). The use of different kinds of vehicles to access new areas on the map was sheer genius on the part of the game designers. It ensured that there was always something new to see until the end of the game. And it was a game on an interplanetary scale, as the heroes discovered the common culture of the three planets. And it was a story based on a girl's quest to avenge her brother's death. This last bit was (and still is) absolutely unheard of!

The dungeons. I lived in the dungeons for three weeks as I played the game every night after school. I somehow memorized them all, Zen-like. Who here can ever forget the feeling of turning around a corner in one of the Dezorian ice caves only to find your party facing five crazed mammoths, the trunks of which are capable of smashing your characters to pudding in three rounds? Or the sheer boredom of the lip-dripping zombies (hurry up and die, dammit!). I still reminisce about the sound of the Laconian sword ripping enemies in half.

I first learned of Phantasy Star 2 through pictures I found in Famicom Hissho Magazine's Jan 20, 1989 edition. I dreamed about that game for nine months, bought a Genesis the first day they went on sale, and then waited impatiently for the December release date of the translated game. Actually, it was that very article that inspired me to begin studying Japanese (I wanted to know what written so badly). I couldn't really READ the magazine until this last year, when I lived in Japan.

I really like the battle system in PS2 and was impressed by the multi-level scrolling in the dungeons, but I missed the 3-D perspective of the original. I think it was the characters and the plot-line that really made the second game stand out. But I didn't feel the same wonderment of the first game.

Though I played it, I don't consider PS3 to be a part of the Phantasy Star series.

PS4 drew all the plot lines together and did so in a very engaging fashion. It seemed a little short, but I suppose that's because the puzzles were all logical. That, and I played it non-stop for three days. I enjoyed the story in PS4, and the character development was even better than PS2, thanks to the comic-strip cut-scenes. The music was also strong, and we finally had the old battle system back, but this time with real backgrounds instead of the blue grid (bleh). Interesting side-note here is that the makers originally intended to include the old-style 3-D dungeons (I have a picture) but cancelled it due to memory restrictions. If only it had been a CD game...

I finally played the original Japanese versions of PS1 and PS4 this past year and really enjoyed them (except that PS1 was written entirely in katakana - EYE STRAIN). I have both of the Sound Collections published by Rock-Za, and a fanbook published this past March by Softbank Books (ISBN4- 89052-782-6). If Sega ever actually starts working on Phantasy Earth, I'll be back in gaming heaven. It was actually my hope (and still is) that I would be on the design team for that game. We shall see.


From: Rand al'Thor (
A long time ago, I got PS1 for christmas. My brother and I played the living shit outta it, for a very long time, like 2 years or so, until getting totally stuck at the end. we had everything, but could not get to lassic... we had all but given up, and I had everything packed away, forgotten, when one day I realized "Hey..hold on a second, I probably can get a walkthrough for Phantasy Star on the internet!" and lo and behold, I arrived at your page.. I dug everything up, dusted it off, and stuck in the old cart. Turned it on, and....was very battery had died. all my savegames where gone.. I had another game that I was stuck on, y's the vanished omens, and got a WT for that..finished it..but I still salivated over PS... I read, and re-read the WT. Till one day I got the courage to get back on that damned bucking horse... I played. And played...and played..12 hours later, I was with all four companions, and real tired. the next day I got up, and played...ect...until I was at the point where I was before....(I left the SMS on all night..just in case eh?) I knew I was done...but there was one very important level..all my guys were at level 17 or 18, and I knew that was just not good enough to beat Dark Falz, or even lassic! I knew I could get there, just...killing him may prove way too I saved, and sold everything I could, and got some diamond armour..(I hadn't gotten it yet) and set then my guys were at level 23&4 I figured.."hey, why not? I might as well know where Im going, and what Ill be up against eh?" I fought. and won. I am here..happy..not at all angry. The levels my characters where at when I finished off Dark Falz? In order: 24,23,23,21. now..that MUST be a record or somthing..heh.


From: kollman (
I know a lot of people underrate PS3, but it holds a special place in my heart, for it had introduced me to the PS series. It all happened about 3-4 years ago (a little late). I just recieved my Genesis on Christmas, and was looking for some good RPGs. At first I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find any compared to the many RPGs I had for my SNES. At the time, the only game I owned for the Genny was Sonic 2. I went to my local video store, and something caught my attention; the PS3 box. I thought to myself, "hmmm.... Phantasy Star 3.... looks like an RPG to me...". I immediately rented it. When I got home I put it in the Genesis and started playing. It was amazing! I actually found a good RPG for the Genesis! Good graphics (albeit bad animation), good sound (although the battle theme gets annoying), and a great storyline made this one of the best RPGs I have ever played. I thought the idea of going through 3 generations of characters to get 4 different ending was the best of all (I LOVE games with multiple endings!). The only thing I couldn't understand was the techniques; the game came with no instruction manual! D'OH!

In 1994 I caught a preview of Phantasy Star 4 in GamePro Magazine. When it was released, I immediately wanted to buy it, but the problem was the price tag. $100! OUCH! So i went to the video store, hoping the game was in. They carried it, but some fool rented it already! It took me 5 consectutive trips to the video store before a copy was finally in. I clasped the game pack and protected it from being stolen (after paying for the rental fee, of course!). When I got home and popped it in the ol' Genny, something wrong happened. My brother's "friend" Jon, who was caught turning on him and having his lackeys almost beat him up (but that's a different story) figured out some "wonderful" way to wire together the Genesis and the Super NES so I could switch systems without having to reconnect the other. His idea backfired, and the Genesis' picture was shot. The music kept playing, but without a picture, the game was unplayable. So my mom took the Genny to get repaired, while I was stuck with a "lifeless" copy of PS4. The Genesis was repaired in about a week, so i rented PS4 again. And what a miracle it was! From the AWESOME music on the title screen, the AWESOME graphics that put even some Squaresoft games to shame, AWESOME animation that REALLY puts Squaresoft games to shame (No animation whatsoever!),and an AWESOME storyline. I am one of the many who have cried or almost cried at Alys' death...wa...wah ....WWAAAAAHHHHHH!! When I finally met up with Zio, I felt just like Gryz felt about him (to quote him; "Zio, you son of a...."). My initial plan of attack (jamming on the buttons in anger) failed, but when i faced him for the 7th time about, I defeated him (I was more calmed down at the time) Going back to the artwork, the anime style drawings of the characters is amazing. And the 4 Dark Forces and the Profound Darkness where, simply put, the most AWESOME bosses ever created.

Fast forward to 1997, the year I found out about Genesis emulation (this was before Genecyst). I immediately got Genem and started replaying PS3 and PS4....and boy do they bring back memories. The bad news is that in about February my family and I moved to northern Wisconsin. This meant bye-bye to RPG availability, which meant no PS2......until around a month ago. I found a pawnshop in Eau Claire named the Video Games Exchange. As soon as I stepped in the door, I was amazed at the number of RPGs that the place carried! They even had the old issue of GamePro that covers Phantasy Star 2! At the time I was thinking of Lufia 2, which I did not find. But when I saw a certain box with those godly words (Phantasy Star 2) I immediately changed my mind. The place also carried PS 3 and 4 (I did not own them, I just rented them until I beat them), but i bought PS2 for $29 (expensive, but worth it!). I'm currently on Dezo, on my way to the Esper Mansion...



From: Sarah Schoenlaub (
I first played Phantasy Star IV after I got my uncle's Sega system. I was experienced with RPGs at the time, a proud veteran of Squaresoft, and had previewed Phantasy Star IV on the Sega Channel. I convinced my mom to rent it, and soon the beautiful plot drew me in. I cried at Alys's death, a true sign of a good game is a plot that makes me cry... I've been playing a lot again recently, reliving the memories of the troubles my characters faced (and nearly passing out when my nearly dead Rika killed the Sandworm and gained about 6 levels), and again seeing the magnificent story within. I will soon write a fanfic, a continuation of the game in a way. I've always loved stories... and this game had one of the very best.


From: Mark Brown (
My first contact with Phantasy Star was in 1994 when I purchased a used copy of PS2 for 5 dollars and to tell you the truth I hated it at first because I had no manual or hint book and I diddnt have a clue what to do so i forgot about it for a few months.A little while later I saw PS4 for rent and decided to give it a try compared to PS2 it was excellent from the sounds to the graphics to the involving story this game had it all.After playing PS4 for awhile I decided to give 2 another chance and I found that I liked it especially the music (my 2 fave tunes are restraction and death call)but I still diddnt know what to do.Over the next few months I tried to get somewhere in the game but had no luck later on i found a copy of 2 in the local videogame store and immediately bought it it had the manual but no hint book but i still managed to beat it.That christmas i recived ps4 and immediately started playing and 1 month later i beat it.The next christmas I recived PS3 and really diddn't care for it but kept it anyway and I still have it to this day Ithan began my long gruleing search for PS1 for the master ststem and after countless adds I got this gem for 10 bucks with book and all and like 2 at first i hated it than i started to like it.That summer I went and sold ps2 how stupid(i regret it now).At a second hand store i stumbled upon ps1 for 5 bucks and i bought it(i can honestly say that i am probably one of the lucky few who owns 2 copies of ps1).as of this writing i am current waiting for my copy of PS2 which i ordered a couple of days ago with hint bookand all so soon i will be able to play this gem once again and boy i cant wait.Of all the rpgs ever made ps is my definate fave (i also play final fantasy but it cant compare) My fave game in the series is 2 by the way.I love PS I love PS and i hope the series lives on forever long live Algo!


From: Leslie D. Johnson (
I definetly remember my first experience with Phantasy Star. I was in about the 6th grade or so and mom rented Phantasy Star II for me to see if I caught on to RPGs as quickly as everything else (not trying to sound arrogant). I remember long hours sitting and watching the leeches come at me while I cluelessly tried to slap them about with the silver band that Nei was wearing. Finally I worked out of my cluelessness and got up to Climatrol where I was defeated time and time again by Neifirst. Disheveled and pissed off I gave it up for about two years. Then my 8th grade year I got sick about 5 days after school started and was told I wouldn't be able to go back the rest of the year. Needless to say being shut away from all my friends I got terribly depressed till my ever loving mother brought me home a copy of PSII. With a couch and Rolf and Nei as my only companions I finished the game in about a week. Consequently when my birthday rolled around (and I was still sick...) I got a copy of PSIII and a whole new set of friends to keep me company in my long hours on the couch. And now it's about five years later. I scrounged around making web pages for people till I could by Phantasy Star IV for myself (and to the girl somewhere down in the memories page who thought Rune was cute...I did too!!) After that I badgered all my friends till I found one with a Master System and played the original. Now I'm completely recovered from my illnesses and occupied with a boyfriend and frantic college scholarship searches, but I always have time to return to old friends in the Algo system.


From: Keith McNally (
When I was a kid there was no game rented more often by my brother and I than Phantasy Star I. The best time was one week-end, after me, my brother and my older cousin Dan spent two days playing it, we arrived home after school on Monday to find the game still there! My dad forgot to return it, but after seeing our insane jubilance I don't think it was a coincidence that he didn't 'remeber' to return it for another three days. We got tired of playing our save game pretty quick (the characters weren't strong enough, y'see), so we played from someone elses save game instead. As a result we were fairly rudderless, but managed to make our way around. When we got to the dream-fight at the mayor's house we were all terrified; we got our butts kicked, and didn't have any clue how we were going to deal with this beast. We were all genuinely relieved to find out it was a dream -- it was one of the most exilerating moments of my young video gaming life.

I really enjoy RPG's, but I can't dive into them as deeply as my friend Terry. He maps each dungeon, writes down important convo's, beats games multiple times, though from reading these memories he's obviously not alone. We both got our Genesis' on the same Christmas, which was a real surprise for me because I was sure I wouldn't get one. At the time, Sonic was the big thing, and I got it as a pack in with my system. Terry didn't, but his mom found a copy of Phantasy Star II and got it for him instead. I think that Terry was initially disappointed that I got Sonic and he didn't, but that didn't last. Sonic sooned proved itself to be a fairly dull game (though Terry did enjoy it far more than I). PSII, on the other hand, was amazing! We both played it at the same time, switching back and forth between Sonic and PSII, but Terry beat PSII before me. I had only gotten to Dezo, and after seeing the ending I couldn't drive myself to complete my save game. I insisted that seeing the ending was not a factor, but who am I kidding? Terry was kinda annoyed that I never finished it, but I don't know how to explain it... the urge just left me. I had other games to rent and other evil to defeat. I remember when we first saw the PSII map, we were wondering "Why are all the names shortened? Why does Motavia look like Palma? And where is Palma, anyway?" Heh, heh.

A year or so later, I borrowed PSIII and Terry borrowed The Sword of Vermillion from a mutual friend. After we each beat our respective games we were going to switch, but we were both so initially disgusted with PSIII's fight scenes that I agreed to borrow Vermillion first. Nice move, eh? I trudged through the game, while Terry told me about PSIII, and how great the plot was, and the music, and even how speedy the fights were once you got used to them. Once we made the exchange I beat PSIII with each different set of offspring, probably because it was almost unneccessary to sit around gaining experience. I'm always lazy about that, and every roleplaying game I beat I just barely scrape by. Terry, on the other hand, always has characters that could walk right over mine. Two sides of the coin.

Once news of PSIV hit, Terry reserved a copy at Consumers right away. It took ages to come in, and he kept calling them to see if it was here yet. I don't remember the exact price, but it was well over $100 (we're in Canada). The two of us were stunned. The cinemas were my favorite part, the way the panels would slide in... damn that was cool. Once again, I got a good distance into it but Terry beat it first and I never quite did. Somehow fitting, considering PSIV's similarities to PSII...

Over the years Terry has beaten each of those games more times than I could even guess, has recorded all the pertinent plot events onto video tapes, has lost them and done it again... and I've been following him the whole time. He's the only guy I know who's got all four of the games. Other role playing games are alright, but as for an over all picture, Phantasy Star is the king of them all.

Another funny thing I just remembered... in an old GamePro magazine, long after Terry had beaten Phantasy Star I, there was a letter in which the kid said "Phantasy Star I is great. I've had it a year, and I'd love it even more if I could just get off of Palma!" We laughed our asses off at that one. We, the battle scared veterans of the Algol Solar system... I wonder what level that kids characters were at, anyway? :)

Keith McNally, July 25 1997

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