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Memories Archive III

From: (
I first came across PS around 1988 (i think). My dad bought it for me and my brother. Neither of us had ever played an RPG. I was really young (5) so I was bored by it at first. After a while, and after seeing my brother and his friend get really far in the game, I started my own game. I never finished it :). The we got a genesis and we bought PS2 as soon as it came out. I finished that one (although it didn't have nearly as good of a story to it).

Later, we got PS3. Neither of us beat that one. We never could find PS4. My whole PS experience has been great. I just wish I had spent more time getting a girlfriend than staring at that game.


From: Roderick Kingsley (
The first PS game I ever played was PS III.I heard of the Phantasy Star series,and how great it was,but I never played part one or two.So,in 1991 my cousin Ed,who was living with me brought a Genesis and PS III.We played and played and finally I got us to Dark Force and Ed beat him.I was hooked,Ed would move away in two years,but he gave me his Genesis, all his games and PS III ! A few months later while hanging out at the mall,I went into a video game store to look around.And lo and behold what did I find for $19.99,PS II.I greedily snatched it up and played for weeks.And finally I beat it,boy did the ending blow me away.So for two years I waited,and then PS IV came out.Sadly I could'nt find a copy,and just when I had given up hope,I found it.A local store was having a liqadation sale on all it's Genesis games .And history repeated itself,PS IV for $19.99, once again I snatched it and played for weeks.Finaly I beat it and was overjoyed.Even today when I own a Playstation,and a N64,I always find time to hook up my Genesis and play Phantasy Stars II,III,and IV.Thanks for the greatest rpg saga ever Sega,you brought me hours of fun,challenge,and memories.


From: Matt Luke (
I first played PSI, in first grade, when I borrowed it from my friend. His brother had picked it as a random game off the shelf to buy with their Sega Master System. He loaned it to me and being as young as I was I could not figure out how to play the game and despite what he told me I thought it was boring. When I got older (maybe a year or so) I borrowed it again and played it, then I was hooked. Later he bought PSII and PSIII and as soon as his family finished with them I borrowed and played them. Actually, we played PSIII together, my friend, his two older brothers and myself all picked different marriages so we could see all the endings. Then my biggest thrill came when I noticed in a store PSIV. I immediately ran to my local Blockbuster and rented it. In three days and two long nights I made my way to the Air Castle and was only on level 25. A few days later I rented it again, someone else had also and played my game giving me two more levels. I beat that game in the morning of the second day of that rental. Somehow I did it only at level 36. Wren still had the Napalm shot, Rune didn't even know Legeon and without an instruction book I knew nothing about combination spells. I did not visit Anger Tower so I had nothing from there. I've tried to pull that off again and I can't seem to even get that far in the game with that low of a level. Later I bought that very game from Blockbuster and now own PSIV with bar codes and a Xeroxed instruction manual.


I received a Sega Master System for Christmas in 1988. I got 3 games along with it, and one of them was Phantasy Star. I had previously played "shoot-em-up" games on our Coleco Vision, but I had no experience at all with RPGs. The idea that NPCs could give you clues, and these clues could be used to solve puzzles blew my 8 year old mind :) I played PS almost constantly for the first few weeks, then on and off for 3 months, with help from my brothers, exploring every square inch of Algol trying to figure out what to do next. We eventually got stuck at the tower of Baya Malay. We got to a point in which you could go up two levels, but then the only way to go was down. Of course, being totally ignorant to RPGs, the idea that you'd have to go downstairs to eventually get to the roof did not even occur to me. My brother then tried going down the stairs, and just kept following the maze. He made it to the top of Baya Malay! This was the most exciting moment I ever experienced in ANY game EVER. Of course, by the time he got here, he had used up most of his MP and I remember that Myau had about 17 HP :) So, I set out, following his path through Baya Malay, getting to the top without using all my power up. The circling path that lead to Lassic's castle just built the suspense. I reached the bottom of the maze, confronted and killed the Shadow. I really think that the Shadow should have been called 'Lassic'! That would have been really cool... Anyway, I got to Lassic, and after fighting him a few times, defeated him. I remember that Noah didn't survive the battle; my brother teased me by saying I'd have to pay to resurrect Noah, since he's the one with the "Rise" spell. But then, we really got stuck. We couldn't figure out how to get through the final maze! Getting tired of this, we started playing PS very infrequently. I remember that I began walking through the final dungeon, facing every wall and searching it. Then, came my biggest PS regret ever :( My brother found the answer to the puzzle in a magazine. I know that I would have eventually found it by myself; after all, I had been searching every wall. I just hadn't gotten to the secret door... So nine months after I got it, I finished Phantasy Star. In amazement, I watched the closing to the game.....

My brother and I bought PSII as soon as it came out. However, much of the adventure was ruined for us since the game came with a hint book (more like a complete walkthrough)... Whenever we got really, really annoyed, we'd be tempted to look at the hint book (which we couldn't do with PSI; and being totally frustrated is one of the best parts in RPGs ;) ). My oldest brother bought PSIII and IV when they first came out (despite the high price of PSIV). Although I was able to beat PSIII and IV in about a week a game, I still thought they were great. My brother eventually bought a Saturn and stopped playing his Genesis games; so he gave them all to me :) So now, I have copies of each cart from when they first came out in the USA, and I don't plan on getting rid of them :)


PSII, what a game! I bought this game for the genesis when I was only about 10, and this game completely roped me. Even after the last eight years it still hasn't let me go. I remember the endless progression of days when I would haul my genesis over to my friends house, during rain or shine, and we would play the game for hours on end, either navigating our way through endless mazes or fighting through the thousands of battles in order to max out the characters and gain money. (most of you out there should be familiar with the HUGE amount of time needed to be spent doing this, but every minute was enjoyable).

In the end my friend and I sort of drifted apart and I was determined to finally finish the game. After wiping out Dark Force and destroying the psychadellic Mother Brain, I was saddened as I realized that the adventure had finally ended. Upon the arrival of PSIV, (I was never actually able to get a copy of PSIII in Australia), I was eager to pick up where I left off. This game was everything I had expected from playing PSII and more! Although I havent finished PSIV as yet it is a great continuation of the series, and when I finally do complete it I hope PS V will be out so the legacy can continue.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Nei's death at the hands of Neifirst.


I recall a summer day where the heat beat down in waves, and our only escape was to ride our bikes as quickly as our legs could pedal to the nearest friendly home. That's where a small black box kept us entranced for hours, as we were taken captive by the magic of Phatasy Star. We played the game for the entire summer, but eventually we failed to conquer its final floating dungeon. A few sticky summers later, I was the lucky owner of Sega's machine that laid claim to a new beginning, the Genesis. For my birthday, my father took me to the store to get any game of my choice, and when I saw the game that promised to continue the tradition of long summer playing sessions, I knew I had to own Phatasy Star 2. This adventure of monsters, combat, and sci-fi magic drew me in with its engrossing story line and difficult game play. After monthes of sore eyes and late nights, I finally laid the game to rest as the Mother Brain's final hit points were shredded from her shiny, silicon surfance. That's when the wait began...the wait for the third instalment in the series that would take up a large sum of my game playing years. I saw early pictures of the game in magazines, showing teasing pictures of a beautiful woman lying uncocious on a forein beach. I think my hopes and expectations were too high, for when I finally tore open Phantast Star 3 to play it, I was shocked and disapointed by the poor graphics the battles tried to offer. None the less, i played the game until my thumbs bled and all of the endings were mine. I can say that I enjoyed playing it, but Phantasy Star 3 is the only game in the series I haven't crept back to during insomniatic nights. When the final Phantasy Star hit store shelves, I bought it immediatley, and from the very begining of the game, I knew I was in for something special. I must say, it's the fastest, most engrossing, and most exciting role playing game that I've ever played. I own all four games, and I must admit, when I get bored playing Resident Evil or Goldeneye, I can get the electrical juices of my Genesis flowing at full speed with these classics.


From: Gabriel Reyes (
I first came across Phantasy Star II in 1990. I remember that a friend had gotten several Genesis games at the same time, so he couldn't play all of them, and I told him if I could borrow his PSII for the weekend. I remember that the graphics amazed me completely. I liked that you could name the characters. I started the game, and got totally hooked. When the weekend was over I was very sad to give it back. From that moment, 2 friends and me would get together to try to finish the game. I never did finished it, although I was pretty close. My friend moved away, and I never played it again. This game brings me very good memories, like trying to find the way out of all the mazes, find all the characters,etc. I must say this game is the best one I've played so far. In 1992, I got a Power Base Converter just to be able to play PSI. I was impressed with the graphics, as the game is an 8-bit game. The storyline is way ahead of its time (1988). I remember I played the game all of the summer of 92, and again I didn't finish it, even though I was pretty close. I would play it sometimes, but I could never find the way to the top of the castle. It's in January 1998, when I came across this site, and got the help that I needed to finish the game, when I got to see the ending. I had waited so long for this moment, that when I saw the ending I was a bit sad. I have finished it many times now, and I am looking forward to get another copy of PSII and finish is this time The only thing I didn't like that much of PSI was the way the dungeons looked. I prefer the way they do in PSII. I haven't played PSIII and PSIV. I hope that PSV gets released for Dreamcast. It's been great reading all of these stories.


From: Allen Huang (
Late in 1991, I played my first RPG ever........ it was the unforgettable Phantasy Star II. I had never played an RPG before that and did not understand anything about Experience points or Misetas. I could remember that I was walking around and Bam! A up- beat music would occur and I was thrown into a different dimension of monsters. At first I kept only using Techniques, like Foi for Rolf and Res for Nei then I discovered WEAPONS..... oh my god! I couldn't believe you could kill enemies without wasting TP s.... anyway..... the rest follows are many dungeons and many new friends........ I have to admit, towards the end PS II dungeous were F!@#* hard. The gaining of levels were also lonnnnnnng..... but I enjoyed every hours of it........ I would just sit the re for hours and hours gaining another single level. When Nei died it was the saddest moment in RPG history, even more powerful than the death of Aeris in FFVII I reckon.

Fast foward to a year later...... I was faced with PS III, we bought it but my sister returned it the next day. I was SOOOOOO mad at her. She later told me the fact that she bought Phantasy Star II in the first place was that it had a lovely intro screen - the two goddess floating up to the planets of Mota and Dezolis.

I borrowed a friend's Master System to try PS I but couldn't stand the ugly graphics and left it.....(apologies to all PS I fans).

I never had the chance to play PS IV on the mega drive (genesis), but I discovered emulators late 1997, although the PS IV Rom contained many bugs that caused freezing, I nevertheless finished it by skipping the Lashiec section. At that time I was still waiting for a PS V, hoping that it would come out on the Saturn. Playing PS IV on the emulator brought back lovely memories of PS II and I decided to scour around for a PS homepage, which was this page! This PS Page rocks! I hope it stays around forever, t he same goes for the PS series........ to infinite and beyond.......... to a time maybe we are all like motavians and dezolians............


From: x_zer0 (
I first got Phantasy Star on the Christmas of 1988 or 1989, Maybe earlier, maybe later. I don't really remember. It was the first game I got. All I know is that I was really young, (8 years old at the time) and I didn't really understand what the e xp. system meant, all I really knew was that in order to get more gold and be stronger, you had to kill a lot of enemies. So I played the game a lot, trying to get through, and I remember taking shifts with my brother, about an hour at a time, earning mo ney for that darn Diamond Armor, which costed like 15,000 meseta. It took us about 6 hours total time to accumulate all that money, because we didn't realize that some enemies give you more gold than others. But we got the armor, and all the laconian ge ar, and got up to Lassic's tower. After awhile we finally defeated him, and used the Transer (Myau died) to get back to Palma. After a lot of wandering around, we finally found Dark Falz, and defeated him. He didn't pose too much of a threat. (I later found out that all my characters were at level 30, and maxxed. I really didn't notice that I wasn't gaining levels at the time.) I completed the game, and went on to do other things for a few years.

A little while later, we got a Genesis. My father had friends at SOA, and we got a Genesis before it shipped to the main public. It came with Golden Axe and Altered Beast. I rented various games, and then I saw it in the shelves one day, like a gle aming beacon of glory. (sorry for the cheesy description.) Phantasy Star 2. I remember seeing that red-purple cover, and wondering who the heck that bearded guy and lady were. But I rented it, and played it a lot. I was 11 years old or so at this tim e, so I understood the gameplay. Luckily, the store let you buy the games, so I begged for it and got it for christmas. I played it through, and beat it. My most fond memories are how long it took to get through that crevice, and how difficult many of the dungeons were, especially Climatrol. I defeated Dark Force and Mother Brain, and just basked in the happiness. I knew I had just saved the Algo Star System.

Phantasy Star 3 showed up a little later at the same rental place. That wierd guy at the top of the stairs (from the box cover) puzzled me just as with the previous game's cover, but I rented it and got to the end of the first generation. I chose to marry Maia, and went on to the next generation. That one went by pretty quick. I married Sari and played the third generation as Crys, though I didn't beat it. I later bought the game from a discount bin, being around 12, and able to afford games. I beat it using the same marriage decisions, and then decided to later beat it with each different character, so that I could see all of the endings. I loved Wren and all of the other characters in the game. I know some people didn't like it as much, but I loved it.

Phantasy Star 4 was like a dream come true to me. I didn't know if SOA was going to make another one after PS3, but I hoped, and it came out! I preordered it at Babbage's, and went home and immediately started playing it. It's got a great beginnin g, how Alys has to look after you for the beginning of the game, and then when you find Rune, my god... He's so powerful at the beginning, just one Hewn and WHAM! It takes out all the enemies. I remember almost crying when Alys died, and then the wonder when I found out that Rune is a reincarnation (kind of) of Noah! It brought back the old Phantasy Star memories. Also seeing the Valley of Mist, seeing the little Myaus, and the statue of Alis. That almost brought a tear to my eye as well. I ran and hooked up the old SMS, loaded up Phantasy Star, and beat it. (I have a save game right before you take on Dark Falz.) Phantasy Star 4 has the coolest cinematics! Like when you turn Birth Valley back to it's normal self, and all the people go from stone to people again, YEAH!

Phantasy Star will probably always be with me, and those memories will never be forgotten. I remember the first time I played Phantasy Star. I couldn't get off Palma for awhile, and I remember seeing snapshots of the game in a magazine. The guy who was playing had all four characters. I was only used to having that one character, I didn't know that they all lined up like they did. I also remember trying to trick my brother. I could position Alis just right, so that it looked like she was on the conveyor belt going to the Spaceport. That game was so well done. Now when I play, I turn the lights out so that I can get the full experience, and just immerse myself in the game. I guess, from what people have said, that Phantasy Star is like gold to some people! I'm extremely glad that I have it, and that I was able to experience the full epic that was Phantasy Star.


From: Dave Jaklitsch (
I've been visiting this great page since it first came about and have followed it through its many changes. I remember when the "Phantasy Star Memories" section was first opened, but at that time I didn't think I had enough Phantasy Star knowledge to write my own Phantasy Star Memory, so I decided I'd hold off a while. Since that time my experience with the PS series has grown immnsely, and i can now truly say that I have earned the right to have my very own Phantasy Star Memory posted here.

I don't remember even what year it was now, but I know that my PS experience first started with PS3. It was on Sega Channel, and I wanted to see if there were any good role-playing games. I found PS3 and played it for a few hours, getting as far as adding Mieu to my party and making it to the island cave. Somewhat unimpressed, and deciding that i didn't have the time to play through an RPG after all, I decided not to continue with the game. Luckily, tho, my PS experience didn't end there.

Some months later, PS4 was offered on Sega Channel, and I decided that I had the time to dedicate to playing through an RPG. So, I started PS4. I really got into it and played whenever I could. Towards the end of the month, I beat it, and I've got to say that it was worth the time spent to see that great ending.

The very next month, PS2 was available to play on Sega Channel, and I knew that I had to play through it. I started right away, and once again, I really got into it. I played fairly constantly, stopping to eat and go to school and do homework and sleep and all that normal stuff. Unfortunately for me, the end of the month was nearing, which means that the games on Sega Channel were going to be rotated. PS2 proved to be quite a bit more difficult than PS4 had been, and I don't think I had been able to dedicate quite as much time to it. Thfinal day of the month came, and I was up to Dark Force, but he was giving me a severe beating, so I knew I had to gain a few levels before I'd be able to beat him. Unfortunately, time ran out on me, and the month ended. Well, you can imagine how upset I was. However, I instantly noticed that PS2 was offered once again this month. But, I was upset at the notion that I'd have to start again from the beginning. However, come the 3rd day of the month, I decided to go for it. So, I loaded the game, and -- there was my saved game! I couldn't believe it. I hadn't even considered that my saved game would still be there, but I suppose that it remembers whatever the last saved game you had was. Anyways, I immediately got back into it, raising a few levels, then tackling Dark Force, only to realize that Mother Brain was still kicking my ass. I did get both of them the next day, though. It was really interesting to me to see how the 2 games linked together, and I knew i had to play the others to find out the rest of the story. The next month I had my next shot at PS3. I got at it right away, choosing to marry Maia and then Sari. So, I was playing the 3rd generation as Crys, and it was the last week of the month, and I was up to Lashute (the final dungeon). I wasn't worried about lack of time this month, but I wasn't prepared for what was going to happen to me. I was showing Sega Channel to a kid I was effectively babysitting one day, and i simply opened a game that could be saved. I didn't save anything; I just opened the game. Unfortunately for me, that's a big no-no for Sega Channel. The rule is one saved game at a time. So, the next time I opened PS3, there was no saved game. I knew there wasn't time for me to start all over again, so I didn't.

A few months later, it was time for me to go away to college, so Sega Channel had to go. I had never gotten the chance to replay PS3 or play through the original PS. However, I was soon introduced to the world of emulation, allowing me to play these games on my PC. It wasn't until months later that I rediscovered my love of the PS series, but one day I came across a ROM of the original PS game, and it all came back to me. However, college didn't give me the time to play through an RPG. Then, over winter break, I came down with mononucleosis, which gave me plenty of free time. I used this time effectively by playing through PS. It was fairly difficult, and very good -- hard to believe that it was for the Sega Master System. I made it through the game without too much trouble in the 2 weeks I was sick and enjoyed every minute of it. Some months later, when I had some more free time, I decided to play through the PS4 ROM. That's more difficult than it sounds. There just so happen to be a few bugs in the PS4 ROM that make completing the game very difficult. Certain enemies and enemy attacks freeze the game. This is usually OK if you save the game often and avoid those enemies, However, you can't avoid Lashiec... There's a certain spell that Lashiec casts that freezes the ROM, and he always uses it at a certain opint in the fight. Eventually, by gaining a lot of levels and timing my attacks just right, I was able to finally get past Lashiec (and the rest of the game was a piece of cake). Having played through the rest of the series (except for the end of PS3), the story now had new meaning to me, and it was really great to notice the small things...

Immediately after beating PS4, I didn't even wait another day to once again begin trekking through PS3. This time there were no restraints on saving the game, and I was prepared to go through the entire thing. Although this began during finals week, I'm proud to say that I came out of the semester with a 3.52 GPA (3.62 for the year). ;] Anyways, not only was I determined to beat PS3, I was determined to beat all four 3rd generations of PS3 -- and i did just that. I only beat the final generation (Crys, just as the first time) yesterday, and now that i know how everything links together, how everything begins and ends, and what every bit of everything that is Phantasy Star means, I can finally say that my Phantasy Star experience is complete. And how fitting it it that my Phantasy Star experience should begin and end with PS3.

Now don't get me wrong, Phantasy Star isn't over for me. I'll still play the games from time to time, and I'd like to actually buy them someday so I'll actually own them. My next PS project will most likely be to go through PS2 again. Then I'll have beaten them all within the same year... I also hope to look at PS Adventure someday, as well as PS Gaiden, and, of course, I have to hope that another PS game will be here soon. Until then, I'll be happy with what there is. These 4 games could not have been linked together any better. Even PS3, which deviates from the other games so much, is linked in with PS2 and PS4. It really shows how great a single series of games can be. It may not move me to tears like it has others (after all, they are just video games), but I'm not lying when I say that I'm impressed. Thanks for a great site. Here's to the future of Phantasy Star!


From: Dan Le (
I'm 22 now but it all started back in high school when I was in 10th grade. I was 15 at the time. My friend Parker has been into Phantasy Star a lot longer then I had. I told him I was bored and didn't have anything to do. He then told me he had this great game for his Genesis called Phantasy Star 3. I have also been a fan of RPGs so I told him to let me borrow it. The way he hyped it up I was just itching to try it out. When I brought it home and fired it up I was not disappointed. The game was great and the characters where unforgettable. Rhys was the MAN and my favorite character even though you only got to keep him for the first generation. Wren and Mieu where awesome. The story line captivated me from the beginning and the option to pick who you would marry was great. It was a hard decision the first time to choose between Maia and Lena. I played the game until I beat it the first time and played it again to beat it the second time to get the other ending. I never got a chance to play it any more so only got to see two endings. I still regret that. Well that was my first exposure to PS and I knew I was hooked from that time on. Well it was several years later. I was 21 then I went to a local record store "The Warehouse" to check out some CDs. They had a old games bin and everything in there was selling for 10 bucks. I had to look through it. To my surprise they had a copy of Phantasy Star 4. It was still brand new in a box that has never been open. I had to buy it. I knew they made a PS 4 but didn't think I would ever be able to get a copy. But here it was. I snatched it up quick, bought it, brought it home and fired it up. From the second the music came in and the screen lite up the nostalgia from my PS 3 days where all flooding back in. The game was excellent. Game play was basically the same with the addition of some newer options which I thought was great. I got really attached to Chaz and Alys and when she was dying I tried everything to cure her to no avail. The game made me feel like I was there battling the Profound Darkness. I didn't want the game to end. From the first day I played PS 3 to now. Phantasy Star has been my favorite RPG series for all time. No other game will be able to move me the way Phantasy Star has. That might sound silly but the Phantasy Star series is how I rate all RPGs too. If Sega is smart they will continue to do the Phantasy Star series with the same great stories lines and characters like they have done in the past. Long live Phantasy Star.


From: Rob Buttermilch (
I'm twenty years old. A Communications/Video Production/film major at SUNY Fredonia. I bought Phantasy Star II from my friend in... oh god knows the year... um... 1990? 91? Well, we beat it together... he actually beat it with his characters one night on a sleepover at his house when were were about 13. I never got the image of all the characters fighting helpessly against the earthlings and the moment when Nei dies, and the image that was portrayed of her against the red background... I later went on to establish my own amature studio in my house, set up with Videonics equipement, a vhs/hi 8 camera and scripts that could challenge some low rate Hollywood productions that go out. I've went on to make quite a name for myself at school, winning award and nominating for the National Association of College Broadcasters with the show 'Dark Angels' and other low rate college programs with phinominal writing. But deep inside of my the child playing the sega genesis is still there. And as I close my editing study manuals, and shut the cameras down for the night... I go back and play my arcaic genesis that freezes every now and then, cause it's older than my litle brother. Most of you aren't intersted in this, but there is relevance to what I am talking about, for the productions and homage I still pay to the old amature studio I owned is so adequately and honorable named "Star Mist Studios", and in April of 1998, I finally beat Phantasy Star II on my own, while skipping my class. When it comes time to go public, and make some sort of name for myself, I will ask Sega for permission to continue the name, hoping that my success will parallel the success of the Phantasy Star series, and the name 'star mist' will go down in history even further.
Rob Buttermilch
Communications Major
(Currently playing the Phantasy Star series all over again, just for the hell of it :)


From: zxzwiz (
The game that got me hooked on RPG's was Phantasy Star 2, I was 10 and looking around in the used games store that was right next to my old house, I was looking for Streets of Rage, and was dissapointed when it was out, but I looked around and found a game that looked pretty good, PS2.

I ran home and popped it into my sega, and was thrilled, from the kidnapping note, to dezo I was on a roll, nothing stopped me,and I rented it every weekend.But after Esper Mansion I had to take the game back, and the next weekend when I went to get it again, it was gone, someone had bought it. I was shocked, what was I to do on weekends? So I looked around a little longer, PS2 and Shining Force 1 were the only RPG's the store had, so I rented Shining Force, it was good, but no Phantasy Star2.

After about 4 months, at Christmas, I got the biggest shock of my life, ALL of the Phantasy Star's, I was amazed, I knew 1 was for SMS, and I only had genesis, but all in one box a SMS, PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4, all brand new, in un-opened boxes, I almost cried thinking of how I never got past Esper Mansion, and now I had another chance, I played them all, in order, and I am VERY happy that I found out PS3 and PS4 existed, I never knew till I opened that box, but Im glad I do now.

Over the years I have never lost my love of Phantay Star, and Shining Force, so I emulated them. visit and you can download PS1-3 and Shining in the darkness, and SF1-2 Im loading PS 4 soon, Hope to see you there, sign the guestbook, email me, Keep Algo/Algol in Your Hearts Forever.


From: Eliot Lefebvre (
The first time I had even seen a Phantasy Star game was about a year ago, when I spied Phantasy Star IV in a video rental store. At that point, I was extremely angry at Sega. I had grown up with my NES, with games like Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy. Whenever I got the chance, I'd go over to my cousin's house to play her copies of FFIII and Secret of Mana. But I had come to the absolute conclusion that Sega RPGs SUCKED. I had beaten Shining Force 2 in a single weekend without breaking a sweat. I had beaten Crusader of Centy in a few days - the only reason it took me longer is because I was playing it while school was in. I can now beat CoC in about 4 hours. Landstalker I had completely given up on - I got to Mercator and nearly went insane trying to get through the crypt. So, I didn't have much hope for Phantasy Star IV.

I barely left my room the entire weekend. When I had to eat, I brought it to my room. The amount of electricity I must've used that one weekend was ridiculous. When Alys died, I had to shut off my Genesis and get a hold on myself. When I got revenge as Zio fell to the force of my characters, I let loose such a loud whoop that most of Martha's Vineyard must've heard me. I didn't care, though.

I worked my way to being ready to enter the Air Castle at 11:00 PM on Sunday. But I had to go to school the next day, and so I shut off the game and went to bed. And I returned the game.

But that didn't stop me. I prowled the store for months after, waiting for a weekend when the game wasn't rented. And the first time I saw it, I snatched it up and brought it home. I started my game over. I worked my way back to the Air Castle. I whipped Lashiec's undying butt. And I was happy.

I worked at the game as if my life depended on it. The first time I defeated the Profound Darkness, I had to have all my characters at level 60 or so. (This was before I had the PSIV FAQ - after that, I could beat her at about level 45.) When she went up in the red haze, my mouth dropped about five feet. I couldn't believe that I had just won. I watched the ending, and a tear came to my eye.

I didn't return the game for at least a month. More likely two months. The store was giving me harrassing phone calls. I finally did return it. I wish I hadn't. I moved off the island a little while later, and I wish to God I had kept it with me.

Last weekend, I was walking through FuncoLand when I saw PSIII for sale. I snatched it and bought it right away, without a second thought. I've worked to the third generation with Sean, and I'm ready to take on Dark Force. I've made it a goal to get the other PS games. Maybe I don't have the most incredibly touching PS story, but it's my story, and I'm happy with it.

-Eliot Lefebvre, who thinks that "techno-complex" music for PSIV was ridiculously annoying, unfortunately...


From: Andras Bad Ass Papp (
My love of RPG started with my first ever video game system, The Sega Master System. My first true love for the Phantasy Star Series started off with Phantasy Star 1....the original...the one and only that revolutionized the RPG world! The one game which I dished out $100 simply because it was that much of a must have! I played for months mastering all the puzzles and monsters. I finished it and dreamed for another game added to the series. Then it happend...PS2...a game whcih I bought right after I got my Genesis. Another game which just made me drool all over my genesis and floor. Good Lord was it hot! I finished it and once again prayed and then they were answered by PS3...the many generations which I loved. I played for months getting better and better solving and finishing each generation. My favourite generation featured Sean. And finally, PS4...the ultimate game in which they linked all the other PS stories together....too god to be true. I finished it and once again prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed, but my prayers weren't answered. I still wait for the next PS game. So to pass the time...I play the rest of my collection one at a time beating them over and over as if for the first time waiting for the next PS game to come out, but alas...I fear there will be no more. It is the ultimate shame. Too bad......


From: Kurt Fang (
i first sawe phantasy star 3 when i was reading a gaming mag. i was not failiar with the genre at that time (rpg) but the very moment i saw its ad (which said something like live and die 3 times be a grandfather a father and a son and had a picture of a skeleton plus some screenshots)i fell in love. i looked for this game in stores everywhere only to realize it was for genesis(or megadrive) and was not available for NES (that was the obnly system i had) i was frustrated but never gave up hope that someday i WOULD be playing that game. 3 years later i got a megadrive, a day after that i have already bought PSII. Being in the Philippines RPG's were very rare because not everyone appreciated them. (my brother teases me saying they're too boring) i was disappointed there was no PS3, but i was quickly drawn to PS2. Everything about it i had loved, especially AMY (my favorite). the story was good so good i would have dreams of being sucked into PS universe or something. I finished it within 65 school days (Feb4 - April 15 1995) two years later i got PSIV, but it was japanese. being sorta chinese, i was lucky i could read some fonts and i also understood a few japanese. i finished it after two months.

my megadrive's gone now. (too much wear and tear) i own a PS and N64, i was so disappointed when i heard a compilation for saturn came out, all the while i was hoping that a sequel would come out for PS (by some strange miracle). i never played PS3. still, i think this is the game which i owe my fascination for RPG's to.

~~~~~~~~~~~Kurt Fang


From: Billy Statema (
I was really pumped up after I conquered PS IV and I wanted to try the other PS games. Then one day when I went to Funcoland I found out that they had PS III there. I had just enough money to buy it so I bought it. I brought it home and found out that it was nearly as good as PS IV, but it was bareable. I found it really hard at first because I couldn't find any other charaacters. Then finally when I was wandering around, I found Mieu and went to that island. I first goofed up when I tried using Nasak to revive Rhys, but since I didn't get an instruction manual with the game I didn't know what it did. But I found out the hard way, I never survived that battle. After I learned my lesson, I ventured into the cave again and finally met Lyle. At first I thought he was going to join my group right away, so I was disappointed when he didn't. Then I got really lucky because I tried going through that passage way right away. Fortunetly, I made it through on my first try. But then I got really stuck, I made it to that town, built some levels, and bought some new equipment, but I couldn't figure out where to go from there. Then, while I was exploring, I walked right into the next passage to the desert, I got lucky again and made it through and found the town with little trouble. I got new equipment and found Wren hiding in the cave. Picked him up and went to the weather control center. There I got Lyle in my group and headed for Shusuran (or Sushuran) where I kicked Lyle's butt when I had to fight him. Then when I finally got the moons back in order and went to Chille, I was prepared for the worst. And the worst came, I almost died trying to fight the king of Chille. Thank goodness my entire team could be in the fight. Well, to make a long story short, I defeated the king of Chille and married Maia.


From: HoneyBear (
Great page Maxx. I have a Memory which I would like to tell everyone. My Rpg-ing started in 1989-1990 when i was 4. I got Legend of Zelda for NES and it was challenging. Entering caves, unraveling puzzles, and killing enemies. Then my big bro went and sold Legend of Zelda. I never saw it again.

In 1995, I borrowed PS's 1 and 2 from my sister's boyfriend. It was spectacular. I got Roped, if you will, by PSI. I got Wasped by those bugs and was afraid to go to the seaside in fear of being overpowered by Fish-men. I got the remaining 3 characters the next day. PSII was so great. But I was saddened and angered by Nei's defeat at the hands of her twin, Neifirst.

In 1996 I rented Phantasy Star 4. It was so cool. I was fascinated by the huge detail in a 16-bit game. I got to Kuran and got ready for the worst. I was right. There, strapped on the wall, was Darkforce. I used every powerful spell in the book, but to no avail. I had to return the game the next day.

In 1997 I bought Legend of Zelda 3 for the SNES. I was not impressed. It was the same boring game that the original was.

So in conclusion I say,

Foi, Gra, Tsu.

(Fire, Gravity, Tsunami)



From: Mgirl (
I remember the first time I played PS4. (Sadly, I've never gotten to play the other games in the series.) My cousin Ryan and I were at my grandma's house together, and we were bored. Ryan had his Genesis at the house, so we decided to rent a game. I had very recently been introduced to the wonders of RPGs through Final Fantasy III and Chrono Trigger, so after a little persuasion, I managed Ryan to consent to renting an RPG. There were only four, as I recall: Shining Force I & II, Landstalker, and Phantasy Star IV. When I picked up that cartridge, I truly think my life was changed forever.

Ryan and I continued our journey through the Algo system, renting the game whenever possible, which wasn't very often. When we couldn't play the game, we'd talk about it. ("Do you think Zio and Rune might be related?" was my favorite sentence for about two years.) When Alys died, we were both depressed, but we moved on. We completed all the available hunter jobs (although I never did find out what the 'Silver Knight' --I think that's the name-- job was), and got acquainted with all the characters. We were both very fascinated by Rune, and to this day I believe that every single character in the entire Final Fantasy series could never be as great as the mysterious fifth generation Lutz. We laughed and cried, we recieved the power of Elsydeon, and we defeated the Profound Darkness. We were triumphant.

To this day we continue to rent PS4, questing on with old adventures and new ones. We continue to roam every nook and cranny of Algo. Because when it comes to Phantasy Star, the magic is eternal.


From: John and Ned (
My friend Sameer (just call him Ned) and I started playing Phantasy Star in about 1990. I started before that, but I was only like 6. Anyway, it took us about 7 years... with school and all... to actually finish it. He moved, and I never played it unless he was here. We kinda figured everything out on our own, since we're REALLY really good at adventure role-playing games. This game is my favorite game in the world. It really is. It actually makes me sad to know that I beat it. I mean, it took years, literally. It brings back so many weird and sad memories, almost like I was really inside of the game, fighting alongside Alis, Myau, Odin, and Noah... which, by the way, it was never proven whether Noah is a boy or girl, it says both in the Sega manuals and stuff. We knew the game inside and out back then, but could never beat it. Until one EXCITING night. We knew we had to reach the top of one of the towers (either Baya Malay or one in Dezoris, I can't even remember) to use the laerma nut.. We could never do it. It was about 3 o'clock in the morning, and we'd been dead tired, taking turns every twenty minutes, switching possession of the controller back and forth, not paying much attention to the game, but more towards sleeping, when Ned climbed a flight of stairs... it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. We reached the roof, and saw the sky... even in 8 bits it was better than reality. We jumped up and down for at least 5 minutes straight, waking everyone up with our yelling and cheeing. After we got yelled at for what was called a false fire alarm, we went back to the game. We were on fire, ripping through caves and tearing apart monsters despite our lack of health, magic, and replenishment. I'll skip to the end...... We reached that evil door, knowing it was Lassic, and shook each other's hands dutifully. We destroyed him with such ease we almost wet our pants. We thought that was it, and were upset with the ending, but, like it says, something told us to go back to the Governor, so we did. Dark Falz was fun. I'm gonna stop with the story now. I just really wanna say "thank you" for making your tribute to Phantasy Star. It deserves it. It is still THE GREATEST game ever made, no doubt about it at all. The best plot, monsters, tactics, storyline, everything... I wish we knew about your page last year when we beat it... we could have beaten it a lot quicker. But it feels good in knowing that, despite our intermissions with school and living a few towns away, we aced the game with our own knowledge and capability. You should be proud too, and so should everyone else. The only thing I really regret now, is that... at a garage sale, I sold a Sega Master System (I still have 2 more perfectly working ones though), and a couple of games... including Phantasy Star. It really pisses me off... like seriously. I can't stand it when I think about that game (which only happens when I read about it on pages like this... I'm not a sick weirdo or anything who can't sleep because of a video game). It brings back memories, exciting and sad.


From: Daniel Watson (
My love for the PS series started with one Gamepro and one trip to Blockbuster. As this being the first RPG I played, as you can imagine I sucked! I got whooped in the Tonoe basement 40 times before I actually realized maybe I should try to gain experience fighting them instead of always leaving my survival up to fate by pressing the run button! but from the first time I clicked my Genisis on with the cartrige in, I've been hooked! I never beat it in the year of weekends I spent renting the game and beating up on it slowly but steadily (mainly because I almost never got the same cartrige) before in an utter disgrace to me my blockbuster sold it off before I could buy it!

I spent the last 10 months looking for a cartrige and playing other RPGs before my parents gave me the Christmas present of a life time! I was so happy I did a little dance, ran to my system and started to whoop up on that cartrige! From the first time I fought with Zio i felt that I was Chaz and everything was on MY shoulders! I must have used every item immaginable on Alys's death bed and her grave to bring her back. When I stopped mourning I thought it was time for some payback!

I spent a week trying to get though the Air Castle and a whole night trying to kick Lassiecs butt but it payed off. 2 weeks later, I was faced with the final battle I never had felt so into a game before and for the first time ever, I beat a boss on the first try! As the ugly Witch screamed her last scream I was screaming my first victory scream! I think moust of the south east part of the US knew I had won, and my family broke out the ear plugs they had been saving for when I won.

For 2 years I had eaten, slept and thought PSIV and now I had eaten, slept, thought, and CONQUERED PSIV. It was a feeling that i will never forget. PSIV had unlocked parts of my life I had never known existed and no matter what technolegy and no matter what games come out i think PSIV will always be my favorite.


From: Nosferatu (
well, I was playing shinig force 1-2 and i went into the store i had been renting them rom and..someone had bought them!!!So i looked around and found Phantasy Star 2 which looked pretty good, so i rented it. When i got home, i started playing and immediatly fell in love with the game. I but up my leves and saved the girl from the banits. I played constantly, until i got to dezo, i couldnt figure out where to go, so i stopped playing for a couple of weeks, one day i was looking at the game map (i didnt get the hint book) and i noticed what looked like stairs in the cavern in th center of dezo. I popped the cartridege in my sega and investigated, and they were steps!!! I got the orb from lutz, and started looking for the NEI weapons, i could never find them all and never have, but phantasy star 2 will always hold a special place in my heart because it introduced me to the rest of the series, and got me hooked on RPG's, and the phantasy star series touched my heart. i over time sold all my sega games, but now i realize my mistake and am going to buy them all back. To all who have written to your memories section, and all Phantasy Star fans everywhere i say, never forget the things close to your hearts, and there will always be a place for you in Algo.

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