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Newest Memories

At this page you will find testimonies to the influence the Phantasy Star games have had on people around the world. Nostalgia, happiness, regret, and fulfillment are but a few of the emotions that will perhaps be stirred within you as you read these comments. Perhaps you will even be moved to write your own. If so, email it to me, and I'll place it on this page. New additions will be added to the top of the page as they come in, so stop by every once in a while to check things out. If you aren't moved to write your own, just relax and envelop yourself in these, the Phantasy Star Memories.

Phantasy Star 2. The very best rpg ever made for any type of console. Even though my memories are tinged with sadness, they are also the bastion of sanity in times of trouble. I am only here to help with some of the questions that the people that read this might have about the most difficult role playing game ever made.

I have never found a way to revive Nei after the battle with Neifirst. If there is anyone that refuses to use a source book, and they are having trouble collecting the dam key cards Rolf, Amy, Rudo, and Kain all need to learn the music technique taught by a music teacher the third town on Mota.

To have the ability to fight Neifirst, the heroes first must acquire the leaves of the Mera tree. This cave is very difficult unless one knows the secret entrance to the mouth of a cave on the largest island of Mota.

Once enough levels have been obtained, Rolf should be 25. Nei should be over 30, Rudo should be 25, Amy should be 25. There weapons should consist of, Rolf Laser Sword, Nei laser bar, (knife boots.) Rudo laser cannon, Amy Silent Shot. Armor. Rolf, Nei, Rudo and Amy, should all but armor from Piata, and Kuri. Do not forget to buy Nei her Jeweled Ribbon and Knife Boots. Neifirst is not diffcult when Amy uses Deban in the first round of the fight. Do not forget to equip the characters with as much trimate as possible.

There is a very powerful sword in the red dam. Equip as soon as possible. The dam sequence is as follows, Red Yellow Blue Green. The only way to acquire the dam keys is to find the secret tower in Piata. when the piano is discovered use the music technique to play it. Then collect the card keys.

Once the key cards have been placed in the dam's locks there is a sound of rushing water and it is time to move the next more challenging dam.

The green dam contains an army eye. An elite servant of mother brain. Do not attempt to use your spells upon this monster. It is invincible and after 3 or four rounds the liberators of Mota will be placed under plasma rings.

Galeia the satellite, it is most important to have your items in order! First is any items acquired in the dams. Secondly is helms, shields armor weapons and then trimate, If you really want to be daring see how far you can go on just monomate.

Once the computer has been touched? a pirate from palm will save you. Listen to what he has to say.

Go back to Mota. in the Govoners building is a roof that leads to Dezo. Fly the space ship and explore the old mining ruins. Find the mogic cap and teleport back to Mota. When in the dungeon, take the first chute to the very left of the dungeon from the beginning. You will have no trouble finding the first town of your game. You will not be able to save in any town in Dezo without the mogic cap. Just discard the magic caps. The game is very tricky though. Without the right cap, All the wares in Dezo cost twice as much along with the healing from the doctor. Be patitent please and keep saving in Paseo. The cats do nothing to hurt of help you. Essentialy useless.

The town where everything in Dezo takes place is Abuka. Go battle the monsters in the crevice and talk to a man in the dome. He gives you a prisim. This allows you to see hidden objects. When exploring the dungeons that contain the Nei Weapons, bring as many escapipes as you can. Espically for the dungeon that contains the holes in the floor. Do not use hinas to escape dungeons. Save your magic for the horrible powerful monsters that live on those floors.

Here is a secret hint, the weapons that do no damage are the most powerful. Armor shields, and items like storm helm, crystal armor, wind scarf are your best friends. That keeps the heroes alive.

When all the heroes are equipped with the Neiweapons make mother brain and dark force know there station!

I have played this game over 100 times from scratch. Use the last dungeon that Lutz sends the heroes to obtain maximum power. Don't be afraid to strive to have every single charcter up to the maximum exp of 9,999,999 even though this may seem like a hopeless and tiresome task, I am living proof that it is possible. There is millions upon millions of exp in the final dungeon. I am not kiddding! I am telling you this so you can feel like you can have a complete game on your files. Do your best and make this your finest hour. Your friends will look upon you as a gaming God as they view your file with maximum hit points tp, maxed out stats and the finest items that effort and maseta can buy. Go fourth seekers of exelence.

Some final thoughts Shir will not steal for the party if she is offended at the beginning of the meeting with Rolf. Do not try to change her name. She cannot be forced to steal. At 50 she steals moon dew and star mist. Hum very helpful. Also in the final dungeon do not be afraid to ask Lune for help. Just press B and the entire party will be completely healed. To get to maximum levels and effiency, Dont be afraid to let Rolf and any other liberator use the Nei Sword to teleport back to Lutz. Any Hero can use it. That's it friends Go Forth and Conquer!


From: Dave (
When I was very young (in the early 1980's) I enjoyed ATARI and so I had an ATARI system for most of the 80's. I never really considered other systems since nothing was really popular but ATARI. When I got the SMS for Christmas, it was a pleasant surprise. While the NES ultimately won that particular console war, the SMS, at the time was an equal. I enjoyed R-Type and Altered Beast and so did my friends - even though they had an NES.

Once I got into SEGA games, I was hooked on gaming and so, I would buy copies of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) whenever I could ride my bike to the news stand after school. In one of the first editions of EGM, there was a review of Phantasy Star. I read the review and remember being captivated by the screen shots of the sand worm battle scenes as well as many of the other fantastic images. At the time, Phantasy Star was state of the art in terms of graphics and game play and I would not rest until I owned it.

On my 13th birthday (yes, I'm that old), I received Phantasy Star and immediately ran into my room to play it, despite the fact that the rest of my relatives were over and expecting a birthday party. I watched the opening sequences with awe and wished my friends could be there (it was a family only party). After the opening story, I immediately walked out the exit and encountered a scorpion, which killed me. I reset the game and this time I played more carefully. I went into the warehouse in the northeastern corner of Camineet and remember being taken away by the fantastic 3D experience. I quickly found the 50 Mesetas and proceeded towards the shops. I found myself in the first-food shop first and was disturbed to see that a simple hamburger would cost me nearly all of the money I had found, so instead, I bought four colas and saved 10 mesetas for a rainy day. With my four colas I felt ready to take on a scorpion. When I reached the trees just outside of the city walls, I encountered two Owl Bears and my five colas did not last long enough. . .there was no hope that I could ever defeat Lassic. I put down my controller and ran out to my father to tell him how amazing the game was. He balked when I told him a hamburger was 40 bucks and a cola was 10.

The next day, I invited my friends over after school. We wandered around the map for hours and died more often than not. We talked to all the towns people and gathered info, but the journey was still somewhat unclear. I took the instruction pamphlet with me to school the next day and I marked out all of the areas on the map that were under clouds where we had not explored (the original manual had maps of the three planets, with clouds covering key areas).

When I got home from school that day, we covered every inch of unexplored territory and had to return to the "Sauce Lady" more then once. Yes, the lady in Camineet that healed us for free was called the "Sauce Lady" . . . we were 13 year old boys, and our hormones did a lot of the talking, plus she was kinda hot for an 8-bit NPC character.

Phantasy Star became an addiction. My friends and I would plan sleepovers and then stay up until early morning just trying to find our way out of the latest dungeon. The dungeon music is forever etched into my mind. To this day, when I walk down a narrow, poorly lit corridor made of brick, I can hear the familiar doo doooo do do. . . still playing in my head.

This game brings back memories and now that it is available on the Wii (an irony that would require me to write a novel about the early days of the console wars), I am excited to re-live my youth, though this time, it is kinda fun to actually do the dungeons with a map instead of roaming around for several hours at a time trying to get to the goal.

Anyway, Phantasy Star was the first game to truly turn me on to RPG gaming and it brought me closer to my friends. Thanks for making this website.


From: Abraham (
I decided to get online and for some reason I googled in Phantasy Star. And there it was. Your page... our page. I only take ownership because of the love I have for this game. Unlike many of the other PS lovers on this page, I actually had a sega master system. I was seven years old when my parents bought me the console. That Christmas of 87 I did some hard debating on whether to get the Nintendo or the SEGA. Nintendo had fun games... but something urged me to get the SEGA. Older brothers have that influence over you... so did GOLDEN AXE!! Who didn't love playing that and Altered Beast at the arcades! FTW!!

Point is that on my birthday I had the choice of one video game. Again my brother's influence came into play. Although he didn't play video games too often he showed me what he liked... and so I liked it too. Phantasy Star! I had a pretty huge imagination and I always expected to play something of this caliber (5 years of pac-man experience!). I bought the game and I remember how I cried at the initial frustration. I had my parents spend $75 on this game and I was so excited to play, but when I started the game I was so upset that I could not even buy a passport. I fought monsters that eradicated me! Scorpions were leathal! Manticores plagued me! And god forbid I went near the shore! I cried for 3 weeks. Finally, a friend's told me to try and ask the passport guy 3 times so that I can attain a passport. HE WAS RIGHT!!

THAT's WHERE THE GAME BEGAN!! Let me tell you how I played that game for years! I memorized about 80 percent of the dungeons. No notes. No clues. Just a passion to play....that's all I had.

There was always a problem with the console. It was either the control, the AC power outlet, or the game itself. One day the game would no longer save. You know how those systems and games were at the time. Your game always erased on you. But in one instance I could no longer save. I actually hack-sawed my way into the case of the game when I was 10 so I can fix it. If you have any games on you, then you know that a screwdriver wouldn't open it. I realized that there was a contact not touching. I taped things together and vuala! I was back on track.

I never beat the game. Not because I wasn't skilled enough. It was because I couldn't find Lassic until the very last day I played. I took a break and I never got the chance to play again. But I remember to this day where to find everything. From Persues's shield, to the iron and gold fangs, to the strawberry short cake, to the diamond armor, to the laconian magic flute, to etc....... I even knew what best monsters to kills for gold or experience were. There have been RPG's in my life, but no music penetrates my heart more than those 3D-dungeons and world maps. That first map was so happy, but then one note... that one note turned it to the saddest music...

There was a day I went to Toy'R'Us and both SEGA and Nintendo were phasing out. SNES and Genesis were on the market for about 3 years, the years 94'-95'. But I saw Phantasy Star claim ticket at the store. And while the other games were being sold at record low prices ($15-$30), Phantasy Star was still being sold at $75. The other Phantasy Stars were great, but only Final Fantasy 7 seems like Phantasy Star's rival...... the thing is that it took ten years and 2 generations of systems to rival it.


From: Mushroom Boy (
I was only 7 years old back then, living with my dad and grandfather, who were actually playing both Phantasy Star 3 and 4. Actually my grandpa also played other RPGs as well. I thought Phantasy Star was like the coolest RPG I have ever seen, although I havent seen much of it. Now that I'm 18, I am beginning to bring back those little memories.

Even if I don't know the entire series, Phantasy Star 4 has the biggest, and greatest storyline and gameplay. The comical scenes really put you into it, and yet, there are indeed some emotional parts too. One thing that came to me was that I thought that Alys Brangwin was the main character. However, later on, I realized that Chaz Ashley was the main character after Alys risked her life to protect him from Zio's "Black Wave" attack.

The characters are very well developed. Yet every single one of them had a different role. My most favorite characters were Alys and Chaz (Of course), Hahn (Although he seems to be a bit weak as a fighter), Rune (I just love using all of his magic), Gryz, Rika (She's very cute, and she had the same looks as Nei from the 2nd Phantasy Star, who didn't have really good looks.), Demi (Another cute character), Wren (The only character that holds a lot of defensive power, and he can easily be equipped with new armor everytime you walk by in a dungeon), and Raja (Who seems to be more of a healer than a fighter. I'd suggest using him in the final battle alongside Hahn). Kyra seemed to be okay, and she is pretty too. I find it a bit annoying when she gets too stubborn for her people. I did find it funny when she called Chaz her "baby brother".

The battle sequence is well developed, and it is even better than it was in Phantasy Star 2. The only difference is that the 4th one had 5 people in the group. Phantasy Star 2 only had 4. My most favorite thing about the battles in Phantasy Star are the name techniques. Such as Foi, Wat, Res, and so forth. These were also combined with the prefixes, like Gi, and Na. This is to show that it is more powerful than the other.

The ending of Phantasy Star 4 was very emotional too. It was strange how Chaz and Rune actually went from rivals to friends. I felt pretty bad for Chaz when he didn't want Rune to leave. Besides, Rune was kindhearted to him, even if he was insensitive most of the time. At least Rika fell in love with Chaz, and he didn't have to worry about living in the streets again. If it weren't for Alys, he wouldn't have changed.

And that is the end of my story. I am hoping that the 4th and maybe the 1st Phantasy Star games will be out on the Wii's Virtual Console soon. I really look forward to it.


From: Vince Rice (
My first experience with the Phantasy Star series was Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast. I was instantly hooked, and eventually migrated over to PSO for X-Box. I had so many memories playing that game, but the biggest memory was my favorite weapon called Nei's Claw. I killed so many people with that weapon while PvPing! Then I migrated over to Phantasy Star Universe, and started playing online with my neighbor which happened to be an original Phantasy Star player for the Genesis.

I found my Nei Claw on PSU and my neighbor was telling me how Nei Claw was referring to the Newman Nei from Phantasy Star II. I was blown away, since I had no idea there were other Phantasy Star games before PSO so I have just started playing the older ones. I'm playing PSIV right now, and I'm finding it much more fun than the Final Fantasy series. All in all, i'm finding my love for Phantasy Star to grow larger and larger, and I cannot wait till I complete all the older games so I can have a nice background on the newer PSU game!!!


From: Michael (
When I first started playing RPG's, the very first one that I played was Final Fantasy 7. Awesome game, it was one of my favorite games and still is. Then, a friend gave me Final Fantasy 8. Not as good as 7, but still excellent. Next, I got a new copy of Final Fantasy 9 at half price. Solid game, good way to return the Final Fantasy series back to its 2D roots.Then, when I got a PS2, Final Fantasy 10 was the game I bought with it. Even better than FF7 in pretty much everything. 2 years later, got Final Fantasy 10-2, its non-linear game structure seperated this RPG from others. When the greatest videogame of all-time came out, Final Fantasy 12, I was amazed by everything. Now onto Phantasy Star. The first Phantasy Star game that I played was Phantasy Star 2. It was so awesome. I really liked pretty much every character from the game. Nei was the character that really touched my heart and gave me the interest to play other Phantasy Star games, so then after completing Phantasy Star 2 (at Level 33!), I was playing Phantasy Star 4. Excellent game, the hunter missions were fun, especially the one that gives 80000 meseta for completing it. Which character really touched my heart from that game? It was another Numan, only this time, it was Rika. She was so cute, and not only was she a great fighter, but also a great healer as well. Then, when I got Phantasy Star Collection for my Game Boy Advance, the moment I put it in my Game Boy Advance, the first one that I played was Phantasy Star 1. Awesome game, even though there's only 4 characters that you could play as. Completed it at level 26-27. The Phantasy Star 1 character that touched my heart was the lead character! Yes, Alis! Now, I'm playing Phantasy Star 3. Over halfway done with the first generation, hopefully will manage to beat all 4 of the old-school Phantasy Star Games soon!


From: Allan Scott (
First of all, I am a Nintendo fan. During the Genesis and Super Nintendo era (What I call the Golden Age of Video games) my family owned a SNES. In fact, the first and only SEGA system we own is the ill fated Dreamcast. The only experience I've had with the Genesis was through a friend of mine, and then all I can really remember is playing a bit of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. My experience with RPGs is even more interesting. The first RPG we owned was Dragon Warrior (AKA Dragon Quest) which I never played because I was too young and didn't understand what was going on. Then, later in my life a friend of my brother came over with Final Fantasy II (Here after refered as FFIV), still too young to full grasp what was going on but I was interested. Then my brother got Final Fantasy III (Here after refered as FFVI) for his birthday and this was the first RPG that I played and since then RPGs have dominated my life and my collection.

Never having a Master System or Genesis Phantasy Star was to me a ghost game. I've often hear of it but never have seen much less played it. Hell, I didn't even know that they spelt Fantasy with a PH. Time pasted on and after awhile I've almost forgot that Phantasy Star exists until a friend of my brother (different brother, different friend) came over to our house with a floppy disk. On that disk was his entire Rom collection including Emulaters for the SNES, NES, and Genesis. He copied all of this on to our computer and so every time the computer was free and I was bored I'd started playing on the emulaters. Until one day I was electronicly shifting through the Genesis Roms until I came accross Phantasy Star IV. I loaded it and started playing it. It was Amazing, I loved the Comic book style cutscene. Dispite a few saving problems early on I eventually was able to beat the game and what an ending. Being a huge sucker for happy ending I always seem to replay the moment Rika jumped out of the Landale into Chaz's Arms in my mind.

A few months have passed and then it happened. I wanted to play PS IV again. And not just a fleeting, bored 'want to play' I mean a real urge, like I MUST play it again. Replaying it, I still got the same feeling I did when I played it the first time. And guess what? As I'm writing this I am once again replaying PS IV.

I may not be as big as a Fantic as the rest of you (Or is that Phantic?) but I was exited when I heard that SEGA made a remake of Phantasy Star I and II for the Play Station 2 (PSII for the PS2?) and was psyched when I read that it was going to be release along with a Phantasy Star IV remake in the USA as a Trilogy. And I was PISSED when I read that PSIV was canned and PSI and II was not going to be released in the US. I'm right now considering creating an Online Petition to at least get the remakes of the first two games release in the US.

But at least I still have PSIV.


From: A Finnish Man
I was an old man (38) when I bought Phantasy Star 1. It was a breathtaking moment. I was jealous; never ever could even dream about that kind of experience in my childhood. It took about half an year to beat that game. But it was worth of it. After that I was waiting for the next one. In that time I ordered some game magazines from USA to Finland! So I knew that they was releasing Phantasy Star 2. I loved also that game. But Phantasy Star 3 was a mind-blowing game. You could choose different person in the middle of the game. I loved that game more then the second one. I have never understand why people are thinking that this game was not good enough. Phantasy Star 4 was really a dissapointment. You have to walk from point a to point b. In the beginning you couldn�t choose your own path to solve the problems. The storyline was too straight. Phantasy Star Online and Univers: you cannot talk about the same game. They are really boring games. Nowadays there are too much explanations in the games. They telling everything and you dont have to use any more your own imagination. I have played since 1988 all kinds of role playing games and Phantasy Star 1 is still the best one!


From: Rika Tanashia (
I remember Phantasy Star 4 from 199something (can't recall for the life of me) and remember sega having a hotline for game tips but by the time I FOUND this out Phantasy Star was off the list and Vector Man and some other game were being pushed on their Z

I remember playing the game, having to rent from blockbuster since that was all I could afford (not going to go into why) But would return it and rent again to find someone else had gotten to a higher level and play of that game yes I know totally wrong, and I realized that and also realized that I missed parts of the story line. I did this for about a month before blockbuster sold the game to make room for N64 and higher platforms (BOOOO)

the later when I was 18 I came across this page and read the storyline for Phantasy Star 1, 2 and three. But I loved 4 so much I took my current Role Playing name from Rika, not wanting copy right infrigment lawsuits I made it Rikastashia much longer that four letters Rika for short and when asked I proudly say Because I PLAY PHANTASY STAR! To tell with Final Fantasy!


From: Deborah Ann (
I did not start off with the first Phantasy Star, but I could if I had known about it when I was a kid. My parents had bought a Sega Genesis for me and my two sisters when I was in jr. high because the eye doctor said it would be good for my youngest sister's eye hand coordination (she is legally blind, and even with glasses is not up to 20/20 vision). The version they had bought was an older model, which to my suprise and shock, had a port on the side where you could plug in older games from the Master System. I did not find this out until 2002, after I had moved out and taken it with me to my new home with my husband.

I had played a ton of the old Final Fantasy's on my hubby's PSX, but went to a flea market and found PS2. I thought that if I liked it, good, and if not, one buck wasn't that much of a waste. I was floored. This game came out during the samed time as the FF for SNES, but had better graphics and music.... AND unlike FF, the story line was continuous from one game to the next.

Sadly, my Genesis finally went to the console collection in the sky, but I kept every single one of my original cartriges, and even went out of my way to buy more (I now have all of the American PS cartridges for the Genesis, and most of the Japanese ones, along with a jap/eng dictionary!), just so I could keep the ROMs legally on my computer!

I have not played PSO yet, mainly for the same reason that I have not played FF11... I hate to pay for the game and then PAY TO PLAY THE GAME. With that said, I do hope that they come out with a new single-player PS eventually (or at least before I die!)



From: Rage:
As the characters marched to the beat of the new age music in futuristic Phanasy Star I (Palma music.) I knew from then that this was not just another game, it was an epic adventure full of blood, sweat, work, and bitter sweetness. The music had a strange yet very clear feel to it. The graphics were mind blowing (words can't describe how groundbreaking they really are compartively speaking to today's games.) Partnerships would be formed, alliances only a true family could have to help defeat one impossibly evil villian, Dark Falz! I remember I started playing in Kindergarten and I thought why this game was so hard. I took me more then 6 years to beat the game without any strategy guides and I shed a tear when I finally finished it. This is my favorite RPG next to Final Fantasy 2.


From: RocK M (
Wow! What can i say about the game that in more ways than one shaped the gamer that i am today ^^

Sure i was into video games back then but mostly just playing the odd game or too that caught my fancy. Mostly platformers...unfortunately i never got to play PSI to PSIII. I was a NES player till i swapped to the Sega and at that time i was still oblivous to RPGs. Then whilst reading a copy of Gamepro that i bought i saw this guide to quite an interesting had stats, items, spells maps and some nice animated scenes! I was like wow! wish they had this game here....obviously i'm talking about Phantasy Star IV!...and then i saw it at the video rental place! THE ACTUAL GAME! Needless to say i borrowed it for the usual 1 week rental period!

I was "blown away" for lack of better words ^^ sure at the time i was using the guide and barely knew what i was doing (It was like ack! Monster run! run! run! instead of fighting and lvl'ing! ^^ And i was like gah! lost where's the map?) and then came the point of Zio's Fort which was where the guide i had ended...i was like Nooo! WHOA! and What do i do?! All in one! ^^

..needless to say i was severely hooked on the game. It's amazing how much overdue fees i racked up renting the game! I'd borrow it again and again even tho i've already had save files in there right before the Edge ^^ Just checking if the save game i had was still there!

Today i'm a HUGE fan of RPG games. Just recently i finally got my hands on PSO and now trying to clear it! If you checked my games today about 50-60% would be RPG's! All because of one game ^^


Unlike many of the new additions here I was much older the when PSI came out on the Master System. Like most though PSI was the first RPG I had played with such depth. The first adventure I played was Oregon Trail in school on a trs80, while not a RPG you still had to manage supplies, health and ammo. Atari's Pittfall was probably the next pinnacle game to me, introducing the concept of non-linear goals. When I was 12 my Dad bought a Commodore 64 and the game Zork, the infamous text adventure from Infocom. I was hooked and played all waking hours for days at a time. That was the first time I had to draw maps for a game and loved it. My D&D; friends were never very good at getting me into the games mainly caused they killed my characters off before I could build them up, so this was a huge deal to me. I was able to play a real adventure for as long as I wanted and I was in control. Well I eventually got Temple of Apshai and Adventure Construction Set which had a pretty decent game included but they were more rogue-like than RPG and I played them for hours on end but I was still hungry for the real RPG experience my so-called friends kept so alien to me. It was a few years and several adventure games later that I bought a SMS with my allowances because of a little title called, Wonder Boy in Monsterland. I quickly graduated to The Dragon's Trap and was heavily addicted to the multi-layered combination of action and puzzle game play. My curiosity with RPG however was not going away and I needed something more like those games my jerk friends had not let me play, then I found Phantasy Star.

I had never played anything like PS before, I was finally playing a real RPG. At the time I had no idea I was playing one of the best RPG's that I would ever play. The game was so huge and the dungeons so confusing that a friend of mine and I would take turns playing or being the dungeon mapper/navigator. I can't remember how long it took us to get to the end, but we did it without maps or hints and it was very, very awesome. Well needless to say I was eager for the release of PSII and bought it as soon as it came out. This is without a doubt the best of the series and the best RPG I've ever played. Little did I know at the time that this would be the last RPG I really enjoyed. The depth of story is unmatched and the combat system is pretty much perfect. It has been said over and over again on these pages so I won't go into the details of just how great these games are, just play them if you haven't. I do need to say that PSIII was a step back for the series as far as non-linear game play is concerned but I remember enjoying just the same albeit to a lesser degree. The game directs the player far to simply which is disappointing but manages to make up for it with the multi-generational story line.

Sure I've played the Final Fantasy, Might and Magic, A Bard's Tale, D&D; and other various RPG series but none have had the character development or impact that PS delivers. In fact the closest experience I've had since is with Crono Trigger on SNES which incorporates a time traveling concept that is pretty cool indeed. And as far as replay value is concerned, I am currently playing PSI again and plan to work my way through the series 17 years later.


From: Ely (
Me: Hi, well, my name is Elaine and i'm a Phantasy Star (maniatic) Fan the whole group: Hi Elaine, we love you and accept you for who you are! now find a 4 letters name or get the hell out of here
Me (scared): Er... Elys
The group: No, we have enough troubles with the Alys-Alis thing...
Me: Er... Ely
The Group: that's fine.. Hi Ely!
This is my story. I got a CD of sega genesis games from a friend of mine (I didn't want it, I own her a favour). Well, the days passed since I found a pretty good game called phantasy Star 4, end of the millenium (yeah.. it was written like that). Well I played but I couldn't save it so every time I played I start from level 1. Of course, my favourite charac. was Alys Brangwin (i kinda tought she was xena or something). I'm from Argentina so, my friends didn't get me when I did some stupid jokes about me playin a RPG, I don't blame them.. Imagine me, at 7AM before a maths test telling her friends she couldn't study but she raised somebody named Alys(maybe her idol or imaginary friend?) to her next level.. yes, that's me. Well, a whole summer passed and I finally defeated Juza.. and It happened... WHY ALYS?? WHY YOU??? NOT!! YOU! PLEASE DEAR GOD TAKE CHAZ!! HE'S USELESS! but Alys died and I was kinda sad (no, I lie, I was completly obsceced with Alys, I even dreamed about it, why couldn't she do the "sleeping beauty" thing till they defeat the PD, i don't know but in my mind, Alys revived..). And then It happened(again??) I realized I was a PS IV fan. but I couldn't save the ******** game!! So I started lookin for the genesis cartdrige. Couldn't. My mother bought me a playstation and I thought any other RPG would make me forget about PS, but did it?? DID IT?? NO!! I'm still in love with PS and I'll keep lookin for the ****** PS IV. Or I'll woke up very early and play it till the computer hard drive explote... Then I'll be satisficed. I have kicked zio's ass, but that's nooooooooottttt enough. I.... MUST..... PLAY.... PHANTASY..... STAR..... It's not the end of the millenium, it's the end of my social life.(I imagine Sonic Team.... HAHAHA poor idiot!! WE laugh at your pain!!!! Now get your little hands on that board and do not leave that chair since you have destroy the PD!). Well I guess I'm not the only one at a help program of 12 steps "how to forget Phantasy Star" or "you know Alys is dead, accept it and get a life" or "how to live a real life instead of a RPG in 12 steps"... (did you know that the L and the R are the same letter in japanesse?? now I get the Parma Palma thing. But I think it's Algol, coz Algo means "something" in Spanish... what the hell I like it anyway)


Bob Anderson (
I was born in 1980, so i was only 8 or 9 when my older brother got Phantasy Star. It took me over 8 years to beat that game. I actually beat PSII before PSI just because of the guide/hint book that came with PSII. Anytime I made any progress in PSI, my brother would erase my game. I had to hide the game after every time I used it. During the summer when I was 17, I really got into the game again. I couldn't find the mirror shield to beat medusa. I was pissed. I had made maps of every dungeon and written down everything anyone said, but no mirror shield. At this point, genesis had long gained approval over the master system. I then remembered a phone number... 1-900-usa-sega. The number still worked. I was amazed that the guy on the phone had any idea what I was talking about when I asked him for "the location of the mirror shield so I can beat medusa" from a game that was 8 years old. Anyhow, I got my info, and eventually beat the game. I think the biggest adv antage was my brother being away at college.


From: Nate Collier (
Squirrel222Sk8er: NOT ALYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Squirrel222Sk8er: NOOOO
(me talking to my friend who just witnessed Zio hitting Alys with the Black Wave while playing PS4)

It's funny how this game is so different from any other RPG out there. The character's personalities are so vividly portrayed to you. You think you actually know them personally, and actually like the characters. The drawings show exactly what the characters are thinking..the one that sticks out in my mind perfectly is the scene with Le Roof on Rykros when Chaz doesn't want the responsibility of Algo on his shoulders.

I remember the great times I experienced when I was young; the first time beating the game. The story was entrancing when I was about 10 or 11 and at 15, it's still amazing, if not more so. I never played PS1, didn't really like PS3, and unfortunately my PS2 file was deleted before I could finish the game. Either way, I still liked PS4 the best. It's a great game and at my web page I tagged it as the #3 video game of all time, though with a bit more challenge and length I would have easily given it #1.


From: Keith Elder (
June 1988, Terra Haute, Indiana. I was with a friend of mine at an electronics store while we were waiting for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade to start at the local theater across the street. My frind walked up to me in the store and said: "Hey, Keith! Check this out!" So I did. What he showed me was the new Sega Master System with Altered Beast playing on the TV screen. As we started to fumble around on it, my eyes crossed over that little bit of gold known as Phantasy Star. I didn't really care at the time. I wasn't into RPG's and there was no way my dad would ever buy me a Master System.

Jump ahead to March, 2000. I was 26 and living on my own. I go to my favorate used game store and find the much maligned Phantasy Star III. I take the game home and play it...and play it...and play it. Instantly, I was hooked (and this wasn't even the best of the games). Anyway, over time I came across the other game cartridges. III, II, IV, and then I. One was the hardest to find, I had to buy it on e-bay for fifty bucks! I didn't realize how good they were. The characters were so deep and the worlds and missions so big that you could play these games for hours and not get bored. And everyone wanted them.

I've beaten all four of the cartridge games and am now working on PSO. How little did I know that that chance encounter 15 years ago would have such an effect on me.


From: Charlie LaPlante (
I never was a big fan of RPGs. My younger brother and I shared a Genesis (how we actually managed to work that out, I'll never know), but the games were our own. I had wiped the floor with Tecmo Super Bowl 2, Streets of Rage 2, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter 2. I was beginning to get bored. Then my brother's birthday rolled around.

I'm not sure why, but he always was enchanted by RPGs. For his birthday one year, he got PSIV. So, being bored, I decided that I'd watch Tom play for a while: after all, the graphics on the back of the box looked to be top-notch. Tom was hooked by the game from the start. So was I.

It became a nightly ritual. Tom would play and I'd eat popcorn and watch. (I think my parents began to worry about the fact that I was a high school freshman who spent his weekends watching his sixth-grade brother play video games, but that's another matter.) It was as if we were living the story along with the characters. When Alys fell before Zio, we felt a growing emptiness. When she died, we were on the verge of tears. The game was so enveloping, so absorbing, that we wanted to destroy Zio, Dark Force, and the Profound Darkness--not just to beat the game, but because we had an emotional stake in doing so.

As powerful as Alys's death was, though, my fondest memory of the game has always been the revelation of Rune as the fifth Lutz. I still remember my awe. From a more technical viewpoint, I was able to appreciate the sheer brilliance of the game's designers, while as someone who felt he truly knew the characters, I was amazed by this new facet of Rune that was kept hidden for so long. The combination of the old Esper saying "Rune Walsh is the fifth generation Lutz" with the beautiful comic-book cutscene in the background is probably my favorite memory in my long history of playing video games, and the first time I saw it, I wasn't even at the controls.


From: Adam Brown (
I first encountered Phantasy Star at a young age, I was six years old when my brother got PS III for his birthday. At first, it looked boring, it didn't have flashy colors, or cartoon characters, but as I sat and watched my 16 year old brother play, I was completely engrossed, it was like watching a movie! I spent the next few days on the playground pretending I was Wren (my favorite character), gunning down the Layans with my shotgun. Every evening, I would sit and watch my brother play, unfolding more and more of the story. When I found out that the Layans weren't the bad guys, I cried my little eyes out that I had beat them up. I eventually watched my brother battle against Dark Force, and my playground fantasies went from gunning down Layans, to pulverizing Dark Force with my Neishot. I had such great memories of that time, that as I grew older, I felt drawn to play the Phantasy Star games myself. I started with PS II, sneaking it out of my brother's room to play it late at night when I should have been in bed. I never got very far, and eventually, my brother started hiding it, so that made it difficult to play anymore. A few years later, I found PS IV at Blockbuster, and had to try it out. I played that entire night, never taking my eyes off the action. The next morning, I ran straight for the game, playing that entire day. Took me a week or two to beat the game, but it was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. I've grown up a lot since those days on the playground, but I still have this deep connection to Phantasy Star. I recently purchased Phantasy Star Collection for my game boy advance, and am reliving the good times all over again. In some way, I think that I grew up far, far away, in a cosmic speck we all know and love. The Algol Solar System.

Keep up the great work.


From: Drew Richardson (
I remember when I came over to my best friend's house one day and saw him playing Final Fantasy VI (III back then). It was the second RPG I had seen in my life. The first being Dragon Warrior for NES. I fell in love with the concept of characters with emotion and ties to a strong story. Not too long after that he and I began our quest for RPGs. His mom was a big help in this, and brought home Phantasy Star IV, to see if we liked it. We figured out that we loved the game about the same time our eyes widened and tears began rolling down our cheeks when Alys was struck. We began to yell at Zio and push buttons in a fury to avenge her...hey we were like...13... So from then on...we actually began to note each time our emotions would overcome us. We'd also figure out just who liked to use which characters the most and who was the best at figuring out exactly what they should do during battle given the current situation. Yeah...we were deep. After we had experienced that game like three or four times he mentioned to me that he had once played Phantasy Star III and just didn't really realize it for it's potential. So we rented it, and in all honesty. I could...probably still can watch him play it all day...but I'm not that ino it. Then one day his mom stumbled across Phantasy Star II. He played it a bit, and eventually got the jet scooter and gave up...I mean really...who enjoys that freakin' muera leaf hunt anyway. I played it andcouldn't figure out shure...mainly 'cause I thought I was in the biosystems lab looking for the tape recorder. So we let that one go too. When, many years down the road, we were given the option of dreamcast vs. playstation, we chose playstation. Naturally, because our two all time favorite RPG series were Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star...but we thought Sega had given up. So, of course, when Phantasy Star Online came out....we were unhappy little gamers. Now, I have discovered the joy of emulators, and I have tracked down PSO Version 2. I've been playing all the old Phantasy Star games. I've reminisced with IV and found out what an awesome game II is, except my save file was erased while in Climatrol so I'm a little downhearted that I gotta start over. I've examined III again, but still can't figure out it's purpose. And I've stared longingly at my game on PSI, but can't get over the difficulty...*sigh* Regardless, with the possibility of Phantasy Star 3D Ages, and a reliable way to save my games instead of via the computer which is open to the household, maybe I can finally beat all the games that inspired so many dreams when I was little. Did anyone else go into the backyard with their best friend and kill biomonsters with the Flaeli skill? I did.


From: Markiss McLemore (
I'm a "Old School" PS fan. I was 8 when I got a Sega Master System. My mom got it for $30 in Mexico. Only thing is that she forgot to get us games (And if anyone owned a SMS, Hang-on and Snail Maze gets boring pretty quick). At the store, I passed by the Psycho Foxes, Alex Kidd, and any other "platform" games. Then I noticed "Phantasy Star." What caught my attention first was how the word "fantasy" was spelled. I thought that was the coolest thing. Surveying the back, what next caught my attention was that the main character was female. As a guy growing up with a single mom, She-Ra, and syndicated Charlie's Angels, this was the ultimate in "women power." As far as the game, it is the same story like anyone else: "Oh, this is the best game ever." "Nothing can touch PS." " Final Fantasy totally bit off of PS."

Phantasy Star will always be a definitive mark in my childhood memories. And has continued to inspire myself to see the complete picture. It has even influenced my adult career. I'm a DJ parties and dances. I created a couple of PS dance remixes on my album. Even my DJ name, Phazttraxx, came from Phantasy Star. It not just a game. Within PS lies life lesson of strength, honor, and hope. From the old to the new player, I hope each one will experience Phantasy Star like I have.


From: Hashim Il Khoobiz (
My first memory of PS is probably like most. I was maybe 7 years old, and in the local rental store and saw the cover of PSII, and it looked really cool so I rented it. Well, at that point the rental store still gave you the manuals and everything, so I had the hint book, maps, and manual with the game. Anyway, when I got home, I started it the game and was amazed that I was this guy that could go into houses. I was stunned actually. I figured that much out but I'm not sure if i ever figured out how to save that afternoon so needless to say I didn't make any progress.

Later that night, my older sister and I started adventuring in PSII's vast overworld (I think on someone else's file probably). I think she would play and I would tell her where to go using the map (probably because I had only spent a year in the US and couldn't figure out what all the words meant maybe...) Anyway after we returned it I would every now and again (when I had extra allowance somehow) blow all my money on renting three games at once. I remember I had at some point rented Sword of Virmillion, PSII and PSIII all at once. I remember trying SoV first, and couldn't find my father or whatever I had to do at first because I didn't realize that what looked like a cabinet was actually a stair to level two of the house. Then I played PSIII and I think I remembered it being way too hard so I stopped. Then I played PSII, and what do you know, the save file I started was at the point that I was supposed to escape Mota, and somehow, someway, AND without aid of the map, I managed to complete the green dam and get captured. Anyway I remember I didn't save and died in skure shortly after Parma was destroyed and I got really pissed because I couldn't repeat my progress. Anyway during the following few years as I gained experiance with games, I vowed to figure out how to play PSII, PSIII, and SoV. I figured out how to play SoV, then I would occasionally rent PSII and make progress, but stopped after my saved games repeatedly got erased (I'm from a strict family and was only allowed to play/rent games on weekends). Anyway one day in the 6th grade I saw PSIV and I was "Sweet, a new PS game!" so I rented it. I played throught the game and was amazed by it. The graphics were beutiful, the music inspiring (to a 6th grader). I got up to zio and never knew how to beat him, and had to return it. I never rented it again because I thought why waste my money when I HAD to but it. Anyway the next year I recieved a $100 gift from my uncle, and I saw PSIV at KMart. I convinced my mom to let me spend the $82 on it, and for an entire week I waited until I could go back and buy it before anyone else did. Well, I got my PSIV, and the rest is history.

Fast forward a few years: I'm nineteen now, and got a dreamcast. Somehow, someway I also found a hacked emulator for the DC that lets it play genesis roms. I finally can complete the only video game that ruled my imagination during those whimsical yester years...


From: Michael Jackson (
This may sound like one of the weirdest stories yet, but I'm one for telling unique stories (and I'm not ashamed to do so), so here goes. I'm not exactly sure which Phantasy Star game I played first, but in any case, I played it on the Sega Channel years ago. I was around 12 years old at the time, and I wasn't really good at RPGs, so it wasn't often that I'd play them. I think I played PS II and III first... and I didn't do much in either of them. I got further in PS III than I did in II, but that was nothing compared to when I first played Phantasy Star 4. Immediately, the music had me attached, and I was amazed at the idea of a female main character (Alys). After that, though, I became quite fond of the "Alys and Chaz" duo at the beginning of the game. Also, I thpught, "Wow, Alys starts out at level 7! She's so strong!" Keep in mind that I was only around 12 at the time... but after that, I was hooked... I never made it very far in that game (Not even to Zio's Fort), But years later (not too long ago, about a month) I stumbled upon some Genesis emulators, and some games. Instantly my mind reverted to the games I played on Sega Channel... not the least of which was PS 4.At once the familiar music and memories filled my mind. When I found a rom file for the game (I feel so cheap, but oh well), I started all over again from the little that I remembered. But I was in for a big surprise after conquering Zio's Fort. As Alys lay in her bed, I could almost feel Chaz's pain... being the fan of the game that I was, since 12 years of age, I couldn't help myself. I thought, "Don't worry, Chaz, everything's going to be alright! Alys will get better! By the way, I am 19 right now... it's been a long 7 years, but nothing much has changed. Anyway, I played the game more to find out what happened next. But contrary to my greatest hope, Alys died shortly after. I was stunned. One of my favorite RPG characters of all time was now just a "fantasy memory." The tears coming down Chaz's face at Alys's grave almost became my own. But I didn't lose hope. I continued on, and realized that, after all, Chaz was the actual main character of the game. Not too long after, I beat the game, but I was far from finished. It wasn't enough, so I beat it again with a different approach. And finally, I started a third time, of which I am still working on now. But a part of me always wondered what Alys's full potential could have been... so I started another unique game, where I made the decision to try to fight with only Alys. I had to kill all the other characters, but it was just an experiment, so it wasn't all that bad. Alys is currently Level 51 at Zio's Fort. I intend for her to reach 98 eventually (Even I have heard about the Level 99 glitch by now!) And so, as things stand now, I am not yet finished. My ultimate goal is to some day make my own Phantasy Star game... and with the RPG Maker 2000 that I downloaded, that is very possible. Of course, my intent is almost predictable: I will make sure that Alys is alive once again. Here is my idea, if anyone should be interested. I base these ideas on certain events from PS 4. For one, why was the Great Light in another galaxy? What was he (or it) doing? And also, PS III occurs 9 years after PS 4, so I get the impression that's it's possible for the Algo Solar System to be attacked by an evil from another galaxy. As for my idea about the return of Alys, here goes. Alys's spirit was always in the sword Elsydeon, just as the spirits of Alis and the other Protectors of Algo had always been. My idea is that, through the power of Elsydeon, Alys's spirit, and a new technique that I have yet to create, Alys's spirit will take possession of her body once again, and this time, she won't die! At the very least, I hope my game can be a fan game on a Phantasy Star website someday. Well, that's mostly all I have to say. I can say that this site is awesome with the fan art and fan fiction (especially the latter). And I'm amazed at the awesome work. I know that this entry might be a bit long, and different at that, but I just want other people to know about my ideas... I've held them in for too long. Well, as a final statement, I can say this: Alys will return in the new millennium! - Michael Jackson (Not the singer) P.S.: If anyone wants to help me with my idea for my Phantasy Star game, I'd really appreciate the help... It may be a shot in the dark, but I'm convinced that I can do it. email all comments to I'm thankful for any responses... and as a true Phantasy Star fan, my testimony is ended... for now...


From: Kris Taylor (
Yes, I am a PS Junkie. It has extended to myself hunting down and buying a Master System (yahoo auctions, $22 inc. s&h;) just so I could play the original Phantasy Star (eBay $39.10 inc s&h;). It all started many moons ago (not red or blue, just the same silver one many times)...

Speaking of PS3, that was the game, in fact. I think my mother had actually bought it for my brother - 2 yrs older than me, I think he was 15 at the time - one Christmas. We have all had an infatuation with RPG's, spawned from The Legend of Zelda and the original Final Fantasy for 8 bit NES. (It's gotten to the point where I have an urge to spell that with a "Ph"...) My brother - let's give him a name: Andy (which also happens to be his real name, what a coincidence) - popped it in and started to play. One of our pastimes in my family is to sit and watch other people play video games, which either contributed to or resulted from the RPG infatuation. My sister and I watched him as he directed Rhys through the wedding, on to the other reaches of Landen's dome. I distinctly remember him, upon reading the Ilanian's dialog "I saw one of Laya's people near a lake in the northwest. I swear the woman never blinked." saying, "That would be a cyborg." This is what gives me the impression that he thought the game was kind of predictable. He got to meet Lyle, but I don't know if he even made it to Aridia; I know he gave up before he met Wren.

The poor game lay on the shelf and forgotten for about a year. That's when I got bored one summer and popped it in myself. I knew how to get to Mieu, seeing Andy have done it, but I had forgotten about all else. By the time I was fixing the weather, I was hooked. Andy, by this time begun to have more important things to do with the first of his 6 garage bands, but my sister - Heather, watched the plot unfold as I played.

Sean was my first baby, and it was only recently, when I handed the game over to Heth (to have a 4-letter soubriquet - that's a big, fancy word for "name") to allow her to play, that I had mustered up the heart to delete that game (which made saving other characters a bit difficult seeing as that there are only 2 slots to save games in.)

The very first time I played, I didn't realize that I had to equip my knife, and (I read that someone else had done this, too... so whoever you are, you're not alone) was killed by a chirper that I couldn't run away from. Then I figured it out, after I had read the instruction manual... ("If all else fails, read directions") I thought it was a shame that, after all he had gone through to find her, Rhys would end up marrying someone else. I also completely flipped when, at the end of Ayn's adventure, we discovered that we were on a spaceship. It was pretty cool. I didn't let Heather play at all until after I had been Sean at least 2ce and everyone else once. Then I threatened her with mortal peril if she erased my first Sean game (which hadn't been played since.) I recently gave it to her.

After all of this, it had only really occurred to me once or twice, and quickly dismissed, that "Phantasy Star III" meant that there were at least two others.

Most of us eighties children remember when Nintendo and Sega put poster inserts in the boxes with games, advertising other current games available. It was about five years later, while my parents were packing up to move to Clearwater (I had already found an establishment for myself, but still occasionally came back to veg and get a free meal... uh... a meal prepared with love and care and the company of my dear parents and sister and occasionally my brother... yeah, that's it...) that I found one of these posters - no clue whatsoever which game it had come with - that had a blurb about Phantasy Star 2. It blew my mind to finally come to a realization beyond brief suspicion that there were more of these games. My first impression was that it was the story of the war between Laya and Orakio. It had mentioned something about Alis, and I automatically assumed that she was the heroine of the 1st PS (the only assumption from this discovery that was true). I had to have it, but where to look?

Online, of course. I searched Yahoo! for anything that might be useful in my quest. Much to my surprise, I found there was a following for this. The first site was, and this (The Phantasy Star Pages) was the second. I frequently visit both for images and hints and fan fic.

I found that PS2 was NOT about Laya and Orakio, but about the planetary system that the Alissa III had come from. OK. I still had to have it. Enter Zelda Jones.

Zelda is a pseudonym I had made for a series of daydreams involving absolutely nothing of PS. (I occasionally do that: create new characters for existing plots. OK, so I'm weird, but it helps me create a plethora of characters that I can later use in stories or screenplays of my own design.) She is important because she was registered on Yahoo Auctions. I got PS2 and PS4 in the same day, and I had to bid on PS1 three times before I was able to win it (I cheated with "Buy it now").

I work overnights, and anyone who works overnights can tell you that there is NOTHING open or good on TV after about 2 am to occupy your mind on your days off. PS2 and -4 were mind-savers for this purpose. It took me about four months, even so with maps (the strategy guide, graciously marked on most dungeons) I had downloaded from .... (you know who you are, and thank you) and just about that without the maps, but with the walkthrough found here for PS4. Unfortunately, I had a nasty habit of - even though I told myself not to ruin the surprise - looking ahead. It definitely took away from the whole game experience (word of warning to those who haven't played and want to use the walkthroughs.)

Still, I like Phantasy Star 4 the best - it's got the best characters, the best plot, the best screenshots. It reads like a comic book, or even an anime show. (I got a little trippy when I saw the background for "The Edge", though.) However, there will always be a place in my heart for PS3 (even though, of the three, it's the one I least like.)

May the Great Light protect you from the Profound Darkness (if he decides to hang around, that is...)


From: Jason Cervantes (
I remember Sega Channel introduced me to PS 4 I fell in love with it. Then they had PS 2 and 3 on it. At first I thought that PS 1 was hard to get a hold of. I did not knew that there was a system before Genesis and so now I have an emulated version of that system and ps 1 and the two Japenesr Game Gear games. I had and still play these games for many hours. I can't stand not making some kind of reference to them (a lighter side case). Well I got to leave my life and depart from Algo(l) and go back to the Solar System (should I use the Landale?).


From: james w (
I was young maybe 7 to 10 years old. My mom got me PSIV one day. The box looked cool, so I popped it in. WOW! It was used and had one game at level 48 Chaz. I very quickly figured that I had to use the Hydrofoil to get Seth and the aeroprism. Then I went to Rycross not understanding it. After the towers it said too go back Motavia. I knew where to go. I finished the game. (By the way, I leveled that game to lv 99 :) But I'm not done. I went to Start. I had a girl called Ayls? I was surpised to see Alys die when the wave was aimed at Chaz. I taught zio a lesson with the psycho wand (why didn't he just recast barrior?) So I beat it again understanding it. By the way ReFaze (The megid thing) when beaten on an emulator gives !!!!!! 1 ex. and 1 mesta !!!!!! And you dont see him again just as if you got megid.



From: Brandon Evans (
You know, I'm not really sure when I got into the Phantasy Star series. All I know is that it was a long time ago. I am 17 now. I remember sitting down and playing whichever Phantasy Star game I'd grab for hours. On school days, I'd get up at three in the morning just to play them. I have never gotten up that early for anything else in my life. Phantasy Star I is the only game I haven't beaten of the series. In 1 however, I did get to Dezolis so I managed to immerse myself into the game quite a bit. PSII was the greatest RPG that has ever come out. The only thing that I didn't like about the game, was that your friend, Nei, dies. No matter how many times I played the game, that part always and still does make me misty. I remember the first time I lost Nei, I went to the clone labs and was like, You have to bring her back! You always did before, why not now? But they didn't. So naturally, I continued the game to see what surprises the rest of the game had in store for me. Anyways, while PSII had the best battle graphics to me, PSIII had the best town and facial graphics. I was a little disappointed in the battles, I really wanted to see what everyone looked like when they were kicking butt. PSIV was a really fun game too. I liked the whole game there too. I especially liked Rune. He has cool music when you meet him in the charred town, not to mention that he is a very powerful magician. PSII, PSIII, and PSIV all had one constant when I played them. There was one point in the game where I wanted to see how strong I could make my people before I had to continue. In PSII, I would fight Blastoids in a long continuous battle dozens of times because they could reproduce in battle. I'd end up getting like 15,000 experience and 20,000 mesetas because I'd fight them until I had no magic points left except enough for Hinas and Ryuka. I wanted to see how long Nei would last fighting Neifirst. Actually, once I even missed the bus in the morning because I was in one of those battles, my dad wasn't too thrilled about that. In PSIII I have Rhys in the last dungeon before he wins constantly fighting and then going to heal and save. He is I think level 32 right now. I have the Planar sword, the Planar claw, and like 40,000 mesetas. In PSIV I didn't like losing Alys before I could see her full potential, so I'm in Zio's tower just fighting. I'm like level 36 or something, and the cool thing is that Rune gains the experience that you're gaining there. So instead of being the usual 18th level I'd normally get him at, he's like level 34. I wish that they had kept doing Phantasy Stars. I mean they have like 10 or 11 Final Fantasies out, and the only good one was the first one for NES. That game keeps coming, so why doesn't Phantasy Star keep coming? Phantasy Star games kept getting better as they came out, but Final Fantasy doesn't seem to. Well not to me anyway. The only RPG that comes close to being as cool as PS was the Legend of Dragoon.


From: Andrew Crown (
This series brings back so many memories for me. Im 15 years old and ever since I can remember there has been Phantasy Star. My parents were very into video games when I was younger and therefore, We had a Master System. There were great games for this great system but one game sticks out in my mind. Phantasy Star. I remember my parents playing this game all the time when I was around 3 years old. They beat the game and sold the system a year or two later but then quickly got The Megadrive. Thus, Phantasy Star 2 came into my life. I remember seeing the Esper Mansion and being like "Wow...that looks cool". As soon as I was old enough to have at least an hour long attention span, I was into PS I. I played the game for hours at a time and at the age of 8 I beat the game and quickly wanted the next one for my own. I downloaded an emulator off of an old link of this very page (Oh yeah, Im a long time fan of the site too), and got only one ROM. PS 2. My parents had long since traded the game away. The Emulator was EVER so slow so I had to wait for better technology. A year later we started renting PS 4. My and My parents got so entralled in the game that we rented it 4 times which covered a span of 2 months (heh heh). The game beaten we retired the seiries for a while. Recently however, I managed to find a great emulator and downloaded all the games again. I just beat PS4 again today and got so nostalgic that I had to vist the page. The character depth, the graphics, Whats not to love?

Alys/Alis Lives!


From: Rick (
I stumbled upon your website and have to say thankyou. I am 23 now and don't play video games at all anymore but back in the day it was different. One game sticks out at me more than any other game ever and that is phantasy star 2. Quite simply i love this game and the world it brought me to. I still use it as the role playing game in which all others are judged. The modern role playing games (final fantasy?? for play station is as modern as i get with these) lack something and that is imagination required to play them. Everything is set like watching a movie or something. I just wanted to say thanks for bringing back those happy memories with those screen shots.


From: Dark Child (
i first got into gameing in the eairy 90s when I was about 6 starting out with a mega drive and then a psx it wasnt until i had a dreamcast and pso came out that i had even heard of the phantasy star serirs, i bought pso because i liked the idea of having an online rpg and so did my cousin, he loved it and has since bout pso version 2 and basicaly plays it a lot but i was dissapointed by the abcence of a story and the fact that you could get all the rare weopons online thru ppl with cheat cartrages so i decided to try the original games.

I got them on my computer since I no longer have my megadrive^�^�.. the first 2 are far too hard and not worth bothering with unless you can get into them but the 3rd and 4h games.

.........well they have got to be some of the best games i have ever played, the great story, the amazing visuals and the metaphore at the start of the 4th game are unforgetable, i am currantly working my whay thru the 3rd game, the way that the people have lots of legends about things like dark force, laya and orcario and the race that traveled between the starts at the start and by the 3rd generation people know that they are the race that travels between the stars, and that orkano and laya actualy fort side by side is realy smart.

When i was little i wouldplay games all day every day when i first got then but havent been intrested enough in games to do that recently, but ps 3-4 have had me hooked for days, they are amazing! And the only game i have played (from recent times) that eve compares to all these good things in ps3-4 is skys of arcadia on dreamcast.

i am lucky to have got hold of these titles when i did because i wil be at colege next year and wouldnt have had time for them, and they realy are something that no rpg fan wants to miss out on, especialy the 4th one, dont bother with the first 2 but if you get the chage to play the other especialy the 4th grab it when you can.


From: Nick Mizer (
Man. Phantasy Star. I was looking through different rom sites the other day, and all the sudden it hit me, a half submerged memory brought to the surface: PS1 was the first game that I remember buying. I must have been seven or eight, and it was between that and some action game. I'd never even heard of an RPG before, but the monsters on the back looked cool, and the 3d dungeon was inviting. I went home slid in the cartridge, and never thought about games the same again. It was such a completely new experience, and I was completely immersed. It was late one night when my dad was playing and got Myau. I can remember how excited I was. It was nuts! A cat! And it talked! I barely slept that night. Anyways, I made really slow progress through the game, in constant amazement. I must have played it for a year, or maybe it just felt like it. My sister, who couldn't read, would watch me play, and make me read it to her. I'm not even sure I fully understood the story line or what was going on. Eventually I got to where I was going to have to fight Lassic, and my family let our pastor borrow the master system. When I got the game back, my saved games were gone. I wasn't ready to go through all that again, and I put the game away. Later, I sold my system and all the games, probably to buy a genesis game. But PS was always in the back of my mind, and I when I think of an RPG, the image I have is PS1. I've never even played the other ones, except that I think I rented PSII one time. I'm definitely going to be playing through the whole series now that I've remembered.


From: Gi-Le-Farg (
My story doesn't start out like most. By the time I had heard of PS in the middle to late nineties, I was already hooked on RPG's. It all started with Final Fantasy for the NES for me. But after beating nearly every RPG I could find, I longed for something better. Enter my best friend at the time Evan. I went to his house where I not only saw him playing PSIV, but his dad as well. The only thing I can remember at from my first encounter was that they were on Dezolis and looking for the Eclipse Torch, with no luck.

Skip ahead a few months, not cause I don't feel like writing, but because that's how long it took to get back to his house. I learned that they never found the Eclipse Torch(duh...) and had sent out for the strategy guide and already received it. As with all of my friends when I'm not playing, I became the unofficial guide guy. I read everything there was in that book, and I was pretty amazed, but the one thing that really got my curiousity up was this combo thing. I kept asking to see such combos as Black Hole, Destruction, Holocaust and Firestorm. Unfortunately, the book has the wrong instructions for Black Hole, so I never saw that, but the others were perfect. Stupid reason to get into the best RPG ever, right? For some reason after that, I could stop watching him play it, and finally, I needed it. So I scrounged up some money and went to the local v-game store, but nothing. It was too late, all Genesis games were done. So my search stopped for a while until one fateful Sunday morning I went to a flea market with my mom and sister with $8 in my wallet. I found a booth with tons of video games in it, so I checked and oh my god, they have it, and it's only...$9. I ran around frantically to find my mom to bum a dollar off her. She gave it to me, I bought it and since haven't taken it out of my Genesis, literally. I've beaten it more then any other game I've ever played, and yet I'm still drawn to it at least every month to play it, in fact, I'm getting offline right now to go into Birth Valley to get Rika. Later everyone!


From: Bus . (
my memories are jus fascinating.

I was 4 when i saw phantasy star for the first time, i was really amazed by the 3dimencional dungeons, and with the talking monsters,and and a fighter cat, i live in mexico, and my cousin worked for sega, when sega just arrived to mexico, he had a lot of games, then for christamas, santa gave me a mastersystem! and after some days i managed to get phantasy star ( it wasnt famous here in mexico ) there was only a little problem, my age, and my leanguage, but i played a lot, and i understood what was going on, i played, and played and played. so one day, i was home from school and i tried to play, alis in the main screen had a lot of little colored squares everywhere, so i tried to play, and i never played the game again, some time later, i bought a genesis, and i managed to get the phantasy star 2, i was really amazed by the details, and battle mode. so i played and played. I actually learned english thanks to phatasy star 2, trying to find out what does a laser knife was, firs, wizard, and i finished learning english faster than any kid here, i beat the game about 7 times with diferent characters, i managed to get megid, and everytime i started the game again i learned more and more, and i liked it more and more, i was really upset when nei died, i never understood why that idiot granny of the clonelab couldnt get a copy of nei!, i made my friends start to act like different chatactes, and some of them (the bad guys) were slayed by my sword (a piece of wood) .I never played ps3 and im glad, cos now that i played it, i didnt like it, and i played then ps4 incredible game! i played, and discovered every secret of the game, every character was my favorite, and it had the best storyline ever made. preety cool! i learned everything because of phantasy star, i learned english, i learned to fight, i actualy fought with every kid talking about nintendo,


From: S. Daniel Wilson (
Well, here it is, 2002. Nearly ten years after the last Genesis PS game. I've played through the Final Fantasy series, many other excellent RPG's on SNES and Playstation. And still, the Phantasy Star series managed to creep into my hands... Better late than never, eh?

September 2000, a crisp autumn afternoon. A local video store is getting rid of it's Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Genesis games to make room for Dreamcast, Playstation 2, and eventually Gamecube games. Although I had a Genesis at the time, I'd only really played the Sonic games, so Sega wasn't too interesting to me. I opted to buy a copy of Dragon Warrior IV for $4.00. I took the Nintendo game home, tried to play it on both of my NES decks, but no luck. Upon further examination (taking the cartridge apart!), I found that the game had, at some point, been immersed in water. The battery had burst, the components were corroded -- in short, the game was dead. So I took it back the next day, in hopes of trading it for another NES game, when HOLY CRAP!!!!! Some guy had been in the night before and talked the manager into selling him the entire stock of NES/SNES games for $50 (Including Secret of Mana, Super Mario RPG, Crono Trigger, Final Fantasy 3, and about 20 other SNES and 25 NES games -- I almost cried, me, having seventy bucks in my wallet!)

They told me I could trade it for one of the Genesis games they had left. Well, they didn't have much in the way of Sega games. Toe Jam and Earl, some sports games, and Phantasy Star IV. I'd never played the PS games, but I remembered my best friend in the 5th grade nearly wetting himself when he got a Master System and Phantasy Star for Christmas. Being a Nintendophile, I'd had no exposure to Sega like my other friends, and I had no idea what Phantasy Star was. But I did remember the high regard in which they all held the game. And here was the fourth one in the series, on Genesis no less -- maybe it's good? If not, I could always put it on, right?

So I got PSIV for $4.00.

Needless to say, I was hooked. It wasn't flashy, it wasn't the most incredible game I'd ever seen, it was... different. That's what I like most about PS. It's not like anything else.

Recently, I lost out on an Ebay bid to accquire Phantasy Star III. My maximum bid was $18.00, but at, literally, the last minute, some guy bid $30.00. When the smoke finally cleared, I walked away from the computer, sad. BUT.... two days later, I went down to California, and found a copy, in better shape and including the case and manual for $13.00. I'm currently searching for a cyborg near a lake :)

And, just the other day, I got Phantasy Star II off Ebay for.... six bucks. Six freekin dollars. Can't wait to get it in the mail.

I'm not only fortunate to have picked up the entire Genesis trilogy for less than $25 (many people have paid much more for a single game), I'm very fortunate to be able to play these great games that many before me have loved.


From: Matt Kipper (
I remember when I got my Genisis was Chrismas when I was 6. I was so excited because I usually had nothing to do and that was about the time that they had released Sega Channel so my parents got me that. I was surfing around the games the first time that I was on there and I went into the RPGs section (even though I had no idea what an RPG was.) This is what got me hooked. I looked through the games and PSIV jumped out at me so I played it. Well after about 20 minutes of playing I was hooked like it contained and addictive substance. It was too bad for me that this was near the time that the Genisis was staring its downfall to Nintendo and Sony so I only got Sega Channel for a little whille and the farthest I got was defeating Zio before either they switched or the last time when they took my Sega Channel away.

Around that time I started looking for the games and I didn't find any. THen we got the internet and I found Roms and Emulators and I played the games over and over beating them in different ways each time I played. Then my nightmares started when my computer crashed and I could get my PS fix until we got a new one. Well we got that new comp. and I got the Roms again and it was so much better. THen I heard about the Dreamcast. I immediatly bought one thinking that there had to be a PS game to come out for it. I was relieved to find out that PSO was coming to the US in 2001. When I bought it it was heaven on Earth to play it. I thought that the graphics were awesome and that I would never get enough and hoped for a new game. Not just version 2 but a totally new game. Unfortuneatley that will never happen for the dreamcast and we are forced to go out and buy a GAmecube or X-Box to satisfy our needs. We can all hope that sooner or later Sega will come back to Console and produce more PS games exclusive to sega. Until then we will just have to play The other consoles I guess.


From: Dylan Schmidt
Ah yes. Phantasy Star. THE RPG series for Genesis. If only I had become such a Final Fantasy die-hard, I'd probably would've maybe owned one of these games by now. RPGs are my favorite genre of games, and it all started on that one faithful day...

Enter Final Fantasy & The PSX

I got my Sony PlayStation for Christmas in 1997. I got a few games along with it. One of them was Final Fantasy VII. I mentally thought "Big deal, FF sucks." I watched my step-brother play it, it looked KINDA cool. The next morning (12-26-97) at approximately 10:30 - 11:30 (somewhere along that timeframe) I thought to myself "Maybe I should try that game out." I put the first disc in, and after about five to ten minutes of play, I was addicted. The amount of customization was just amazing to me!

Luckily for me, Square decide to release a demo of FFVIII with copies of Brave Fencer Musashi. It helped my intense pain of waiting for FFVIII a lot better. I got it for Christmas 1998, and played it non-stop. I waited an excrutiating 1 year 9 month+ for FFVIII (Day of Dreamcast, September 9, 1999). I got it, played it to death. Took me a good sixty-eight hours (FFVII only takes me thirty) to complete FFIX (November 2000), again, was a great game. Took me forty-five hours to complete. Better than VIII but not as good as VII or IV.

I joined the staff at my favorite RPG site (, my name is Cloud121) RPG Channel. My good friend Pedro had written a review for PSIV. He gave it a 95% rating. Now that got me interested. I downloaded the ROM and played a bit of it. It was alright. I deleted about a week later, because I wasn't playing it.

Enter Saturn

I got my Sega Saturn in August of 2000. I played it for months and months on end. It had turned me from a Sony fanboy to a Sega fanboy (I take pride in that :)). Sega Saturn is just the best console there is. I loved playing my favorite arcade games at home. That was why I bought my Saturn in the first place. I wouldn't need to pump a ton of quarters into VF2 at my arcade, now that I had it at home. I loved having my N64 and Saturn. However..... one thing was missing. A good RPG. All my Square games were at my dad's along with my PSX. So I didn't have any good RPGs to plaat my mom's. I wanted an RPG so badly. I could only play my beloved Square games at two week intervals.

Enter Dreamcast

Now with DC (January 2002) I can play RPGs on the emulators that're released for it. Due to my Sega fandom, I talked to Pedro about good Genesis RPGs. He said Phantasy Star IV and Shining Force II were his favorites. I played PSIV yet again, and I started to grow on it. I liked it enough to download the PSII and PSIII ROMs. PSII was awesome! It took me awhile to get used to PSIII, and how the battle music will just switch at any given moment. I fell in love with the PS games, and decided to screw the ROMs, and go straight for the carts. That would be no easy feat. I found only one place that had a PS game, and that was PSIII for $30.00. I didn't buy it. I don't know why I didn't. However, one of my fellow SegaXtremers ( was selling ALL his Sega stuff. He said he had a MINT PSIV. And he would sell it to me for $25! I jumped at the chance.

Currently, I am trying to get my hands on a copy of PSII along with PSIV, while fighting off the urge to skip PSII and just get some more Saturn games, along with PSIV. I'm REALLY looking forward to getting PSIV in a month, along with PSII hopefully soon after. I play PSII, III, and IV every now and then a little bit. I make sure not to go too far, or else, I'll REALLY have to work to reach that point in the carts. I regularly visit The Phantasy Star Pages, to read about the Genesis PS games. I just hope the stories are as good as they say they are!


From: Jared Davis (
Well it all started when my family got a Sega Genesis. I remember the weekend we got it, my mom took me and my brothers to Toys R Us to look for new games(this is when I was in 3rd grade, I'm a senior now:-). If I remember correctly, there was a deal like if you bought two games on a list, you get a free game on another list. I can't remember the games we bought, but I remember getting Phantasy Star 3 because the cover of the box looked sweet. Either way, we all really forgot about getting that game, then one day it came in the mail. I guess my mom was so excitied, she tried it out before we got home from school. She had no idea what she was doing, and forgot to equip her knife at the beginning of the game, and got killed by a chirper. HAHAHA. Me and my older brother understood RPG's because we played Dragon Warrior religiously. (we never did get into the sequels though)

Well, at the time, I can say I wasn't too obsessed yet. But me and my older brother did play it a lot. After school was the "time" he got to play it, not me. Well, with him being older, he was obviously better than me, and moved along faster, so I would watch him play so I knew how to play on my own file. It's funny because my dad and my older brother both played that first file together, and if one of them got far, they would tell the other exactly what happened. It always brings a smile to my face though. Either way, my brother went to 6th grade camp that May, and we was in generation 3 with Adan and Gwen. And he always told me to NEVER play his game or else. Well with him gone, I played it, but I didn't save, so anything I did didnt matter. So that summer I finally figured out what to do in my Generation2, because my game was diff. because I married someone else. Either way, the first person I finished it with was Crys, my favorite character of the whole PS series. I don't know why, I'm guessing because I felt his plight the most??? And I was younger too, so I was way more immersive than I am now. Either way, my brother and I had our gen. 3 guys. I was Adan and Crys, he was Sean and Aaron. Well, I beat that game like 12 times before I got sick of it. Now that was obsession. I wanted to figure out all the secrets, and listen to the great music.

My PS love faded and I never even thought about PS4 because of the price, and for 4 years I never touched a PS game. Then, lo and behold, my friend had PS2. I was like OMG, there was one before 3. I was so excited. So somehow he let me borrow it for nothing, but when I popped it in, the music annoyed me, and the graphics weren't nearly as good in my opinion. I was actually disgusted. So I turned it off, and never thought about it again. Then, a few months later,when I was in 8th grade, I think I had a day off of school because of snow, and I was bored so I popped it in, and gave it another go. This time, I got sucked in. I felt Rolf's plight, and I was hooked this time. I think I made it to the land rover before I got sick of it again, and never gave it a thought, because I lost the landrover somewhere. LOL. So time came and went. Then sometime last year, my friend had a dreamcast, and I saw my beloved Phantasy Star Online trailer, and I was amazed. I love ONLINE RPGS, and I couldn't wait for this to come out. That was fall 2000. So I kind of forget about it until I read on the internet after x-mas, that Phantasy Star Online was released. I got so excited, and I went to my video game store to trade in all my old systems and games for a dreamcast. So, I did get the dreamcast, and I got Phantasy Star Online. I remember I couldn't play it for a week because I had a faulty dreamcast that didn't read the GDs right, but eventually I figured out how to work it so I could play. I loved every minute of that game, and it totally re-immersed me in my love for Phantasy Star. I downloaded the emu's and roms for all the games, PS 1-4. I beat 1 in no time, it was a breeze. I skipped 2, beat 3 like 5 times for nostalgia, tried 4 and I didn't like it at all, so I thought I would find a story faq for it, but I never got to that. So this past summer I got ambitious again with PS series, and decided to bear through 2, and I'm glad I did, it has an excellent story, and made PS3 even more fullfilling to know I was on a ship from Palm. It gave me more meaning. So I beat 1-3, and once again I tried 4 earlier this past fall, and I got to Birth Valley, but then my save game wasn't there, so I got pissed and forgot about it. Then, recently, I somehow got re-immersed in the series again, in part of my science class talking about space. And right now,I'm playing through PS4, and I am going to play until I beat it, thats a promise I made myself.

On another note, I am kicking myself for trading in my Dreamcast for a Playstation2 this past summer, for the reason of not being able to play Phantasy Star Online or Version2. I am hoping they come on PC, otherwise, I might result in finding a dreamcast to play it again. I hate myself for that.

Well, that was the history of my obsession. I could tell you so many memories about the series, but I would be taking up so much space, and this is getting really long. So far at this point, my favorite event in the whole series has to be and you have all the weapons of legend in PS3, and you have to go to Skyhaven to have the weapons blessed with the word of power. I have never felt so determined to fufill my destiny in any game like that, and the only game to ever come close is Xenogears, which is tied with Phantasy Star in my greatest games/series of all time.


From: Kristopher Swearingen (
The thing I remember most about the PS series is the ending to 4. I was like six when I finally finished it and I remember starting to cry when everyone was saying their good-byes. It was so touching I couldn't controle myself. And even to this day (at the age of 14) when I see that ending sequence I start to well up in tears.

Another thing I remember a lot is watching my brother play PS3. The game was really cool and i admired the way be played it blowing away creatures like they were dust. I made a vow that the day I learned to read I would play that game. Sadly when I finally did learn how to read The game was nowhere to befound in stores, gaming places, nowhere. Then there it was. Sitting on the rental shelf of blockbuster. Not #3, but 4. I had remembered watching my brother play this one as well, but only untill he found wren. PSIV was my salvation. It made me the medival, sci-fi, futuristic man i am today.

I still wanted to find PS3 because I was so interested in my first love. This was a couple years later when the N64s and Saturns were coming out. Then one day Blockbuster took all their Sega games off the shelf and all my hopes of ever finding PS3 went with them. Sure I had PSIV now, but I had beaten it three times over allready. I needed new knowledge of the PS universe. Then one Christmas I opened my present and there it was. PS3, previously played, but PS3 none the less. I was so excited I ran straight to my room after everything was opened and played it till my fingers hurt. It was different then I could remember and I never got the chance to finish it (I never even got passed Rhys' generation) but that was the day my PS life came back. And now I sit at my computer telling you about my memories of PS3 & 4. All because of that one game, that one christmas, that one year.


From: Laurie Styslinger (
All I have to say is other than shining force 1, phantasy star 4 is with out a doubt one of the greatest games ever, I dont know how they did it, and I encourage evreyone who was sad when Aly's died, to go on Napster, Winmx, BearShare, whatever you have, and look for the acoustic gutiar version of Her last breath, the music that played when Alys' died, its just a great ending to a great game...


From: Corwin Atkins (
Wow. I don't really think this qualifies as a memory, but what the heck. I remember back when I played PS 4. Seems so long ago. How old was I at the time...12? *shrug* In any case, the part I remember the most is when Alys died. I remember sitting there in shock, and tears welling up in my eyes. Two other people in my household had played through the game, and hadn't had anywhere near the reaction I'd had to her death. So I felt like I was the only one who had felt like that. I just checked out the memories section of your website, and saw that almost every person who posted has that same memory of shock and loss when Alys died. I guess it just feels kind of uniting and comforting that so many other people felt the same way about that. That's my two meseta, I suppose. =)


From: Michael Fenna (
I played Phantasy Star's I, II and III with a friend when I was pretty young (12-ish - I'm now 22) and had alot of enjoyment completing them, but my real story is with Phantasy Star IV. I moved to Hong Kong for 2 years when I was 14, and during that time, I visited Japan, and went to a console games shop. I saw a Phantasy Star game I'd not seen before - I assumed it was a sequel of some kind, so I bought it, having loved the other games so much. When I got back to Hong Kong, I started to play it. The problem was, I couldn't read or speak japanese at all, and the game had no english!

Somehow, over a period of months, I managed to complete the game, which I now know to be Phantasy Star IV. I got a great deal of enjoyment out of it, even though I didn't completely understand the story line. I learnt to recognise certain shapes as names of cities, characters and spells, which helped me through. I have vagues memories of, part way through the game, not having a clue of what to do next for the first time, and literally wandering around the landscape for about 3 weeks until I accidentally stumbled over the landrover(?), which led to the next stage of the game.

Fantastic memories - still can't believe I actually managed to complete it in Japanese....

Mike Fenna


From: Fernando Botelho:
Hi friends!

I have been reading these memories for a long time and always wanted to write about my story. I think the time has come. My very first memory about PS was in a newsletter of Master System I used to recieve. In every edition they used to describe the games. And once there was something like "Imagine a game that will take months for you to beat, a game where you can save your game and return after in the point you had stopped,a game in which you dont have to follow a determined path etc" I didn't even know what a RPG was, but I think that was all very cool. When I finally found the game in a store, I wanted it more than anything. I remember it was more expensive than the other games, but I managed to buy it (after all it was by birthday.. I dont remember my age, but I think I was around 12. Now I am 21, by the way).

Needless to say, I was completely hooked to the game and played it a lot. What is there in the game that you cannot enjoy ? The different songs for each city and caves, the free roaming, the 3d mazes (they are great until today!), the characters that join you, the story, the exotic items, the travel among the planets etc.. In which other game do you DREAM ? And dream you're fighting to a monster you'll end up meeting face to face!! In which other game , the game doesnt end when you kill the big boss?? There are a lot of details and a magic atmosphere in this game that makes it so special.

I remember I used to play with my cousin until very late at night through our vacations, and it was a lot of fun. Each day there is new progress: new cities, new people to talk to, new monsters, new clues, new weapons! It's the type of game you never get tired of. Some time later, a friend of mine also got the game, and since I often used to go to his house, we started playing the game from the beginning. Soon I was playing different stages of the game, depending on the companion hehehe Of course I played it alone too, for my cousin didn't live in my city. We had no hint books available (for our lucK!!) so we used to draw maps and find out all by ourselves. With a lot of patience we managed to succeed in everything, except.. The Baya Malay tower!! Oh my God, what a tough maze! It is SO hard that it's the only maze in the game , that, for some reason it seems impossible to draw a map!! Don't you believe? At that point of the game was something we stayed stuck inside for months! We did everything we could, but never found the damn exit in the roof (of course, the prism COULD NOT reveal Lassic's castle if not in the highest point of Palma.And the TRAPS !(that sound of falling from a trap does scare!!! eheheh) And those angry monsters! And that guy inside the tower advicing to come back "while there's still time" heeh (Rocks!)

Time passed and one day it happened! We were playing it all together (me and other 3 or 4 friends).. we were inside Baya Malay tower doing what we had already had been doing for months..without much hope.. and suddenly: we have that beautiful view of Palma from the top of the tower!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOWWWW!! I can remember it very well until today.. we started SCREAMING... and how we screamed!!!! It was too much happiness... (It seems reaching happiness is much easier for kids than for adults..) We used the prism and the castle was revealed (man, the music changes and it is so menacing!) After we reached the Lassic castle (after beating his guard "pet") we were again disappointed: the castle was a maze! We said "oh no it's going to begin all again". But fortunately it was like the other mazes, I mean, not like Baya Malay. After beating Lassic, another surprise: the game didn't end.

As simple as that!! We were like : "ok, what do we do now". We should have learned that PS is not a game like the others... We stayed some more months (perhaps years) to find out.. And it happened thanks to a hint book that my friend got later. (I will not spoil it , in the case you haven't played it yet!!!) Unfortunately we were not together when we beated the game, but anyway, it was very exciting. The ending sequences surprised once more. It is so nice! :D

Time passed and I have already beaten it 4 times (once in the emulator). I have already played PSII and beaten it once. This time I had to use the maps. I dont have freshness enough to make each one, by myself (yes, time passes, my friends ehehe) Once again they made an innovative story, for there's no evil enemy.. the mission is to investigate what's going wrong with the computer that controls Motavia!! that�s nice! I really enjoyed the game, but in my opinion it's not as good as the first.Perhaps it's because at that time I played with my friends..there was nothing to worry in life except advancing in PS.. yes, childhood is a great time.. After reading these memories I am looking forward to playing PSIV.. (I am sure I'm gonna love it..) And I will do it soon..(I also plan to play PSIII)

No other game comes close to PS series. I doubt there is any other game that would move so many ppl to share these memories with other fans. There's something magical in these games that makes them unforgettable. At least for the afternoons of my very youth.

A hug to everybody..


From: William Eisenberger (
well i started playing rpgs began when i was around 11 yrs old. my friend and i both had nes systems, and he came across a copy of final fantasy 1. neither of us had played rpgs before, so we spent awhile stumbling around the game blindly, when we realized, hey maybe if we leveled up the characters, we can beat it! well we eventually managed to get somewhere, but lost got kinda bland. i played only one rpg in the next 3 yrs{zelda for game boy}. i was spending my summer vacation at my aunts house, and my cousin & i went to rent a few games. he picked out some sports games, i think, but something on the bottom shelf, in the corner, caught my eye. hmmm "phantasy star IV". it looked interesting, so i picked up & popped it in later that evening. within an hour, i became consumed with the game.

over the next 2 days, i played psIV every possible chance i could get. i dont think the sega was turned off for more then 8 hours. my relatives were looking at me strange.i had begun creating spell charts, listing combination moves, and trying to find the best macros so i could level up quickly. my favorite memories of those 2 days are : those of alys & hahn -"300 Meseta!!!" ......"1000 meseta!" " wedding fund..." .i cursed that dopey little dog. i laughed when i finally figured it out, and returned him to his owners, and was rewarded with the dialogue, "Yahoo! Yahoo! Rocky's back! Hooray, Hooray! Chaz: No wonder he ran away. Rocky:- Woof Woof! Chaz: Do you like that kind of treatment?" i laughed at rajas jokes. most memorably, though, was my frustration when alys was hit by the black wave. my first thought was that of shock. second was,"Damn, i just bought new armor and weapons for her! shed better recover from this." eventually, my anguish over lost meseta was forgotten, as i became saddened when alys did in fact pass on. i had fallen in love with psIV. i had found the greatest game ever, and i was convinced i would beat it.

around 1:00 on the 3rd day, my uncle mentioned that he was bringing the games to blockbuster before dinner,as he wanted to rent some movies for that evening. i tried, and failed, to convince him that later was better, "cmon, therell be a much better selection of movies just before midnight.cant we go then?" i had made it to the soldiers temple. i realized i probably couldnt finish it before my own save file, that is. i had deleted the 3rd save file,which had had the least LV in it. the 2nd file, however, had chaz on lv 78. and was saved right in front of the demensional rift. heh heh heh.

well i made it to the final battle, 3rd incarnation. and lost. 4 times. after the 4th try, my uncle was ready to leave. i had given my best try, though. i left for home the next morning. and annoyed my friends with descriptions of the game.combination spells. alys's death. rajas jokes. none of us owned a sega, so they couldnt actually play it.

it had been four years since i played psIV. i finally found a rom of it. as of now, i have just defeated the 1st incarnation of dark force. ive been playing as much as possible for the past few days. i have bought a sega smash pack cdrom at a computer show. it includes phantasy star II. i found a rom of phantasy star III. i am wondering how many days i can forgoe sleep.


From: ies meh (
Well, It was about 1990-1991 (I can't remember exactly) and I'd just been introduced into RPGs. The "young hero makes friends while traveling the world and striving to overcome a Great Evil" kind RPGs, not that dice-rolling crap some people get obsessed with. I knew I had to choose one to try on my own... At the time, I had two immediate choices: Final Fantasy II(IV) on the SNES, or Phantasy Star II on the Sega Genesis. I picked PSII because the people were tall and normal looking. Go figure.

I wasn't happy about picking up a storyline already in progress. I love sequels, and I wanted to see what happened first. So I asked around about Phantasy Star I. Of course, I found out it had come out on a system I'd never heard of, one from before I'd started playing games at home. Friends relayed the basic plot points to the point where I felt happy enough to delve into the game.

Wow. What a game!

I'm glad my first was a Phantasy Star... I can think of some other RPGs I've played since that would have soured me on the whole fantasy adventure game idea PERIOD. As it turned out, my experience with PSII gave rise to a lifetime of facination with this genre of video game, not to mention japanimation. I was entralled. Yes, I even cried when a certain female character died, and the stupid clone clown couldn't even clone her JUST like he'd done a MILLION other times before!!! Stupid clown... *sniff* ( ' ~ ';)

Anyway, I went on to play PSIII when I found it. It left me confused, but pleased. I wanted to know what exactly happened to Rolf and everybody at the end of PSII, but this new game didn't even mention them!!! Aaaaahhh! But, I really liked the multiple endings and timeline choices. Very inventive. I loved that it had, at least, *some* connection to the previous game, and that it wasn't just an entirely new game stealing thunder from a classic. That would have sucked.

The most memorable thing about the third game is it's opening title music. I've seen DOZENS of MIDI file versions of it, so lots of other people must thing so too. I love the sound of it!

The copy of PSIII that I have now, by the way, is MINT. A friend bought it for me a few years ago for my birthday. Except for my saved game that's still on it (possibly), it's perfectly new. I couldn't believe my luck! But that's nothing to what else I lucked into...

I worked for Funco a few years back. It all started when I walked in, saw a Phantasy Star II box on the wall, snatched it up, and went up the counter to buy it... They didn't have it. Well, I was mad. I told the manager I could find a way to keep only those boxes the store had games for up on the display wall. So he hired me.

During the couple of years that I worked there, I did happen into PSII. That's one of the great things about working in a used video game store! But what REALLY turned out to be lucky, is that a customer came in wanting to sell us a bunch of old games. Some of them were on systems we didn't carry anymore. So the store couldn't buy them...

...But what was this? (OoO) OMG! I slapped a twenty in his hand.

"But I'll give you twenty dollars for this one."

I walked home with my Phantasy Star and my Power Base converter, glowing with anticipation...

At last. The beginning. Alis. I would play HER adventure. It was like partaking in a legend. I loved EVERY LAST MINUTE of that game. It was old. It was 8bit. It was in mono. It had typos and translational anomalies. It was one of the greatest gaming experiences of my life!!!

It had the box, the game, and even (an unfortunately stained) instruction booklet. I made maps for everything on graph paper, and even finished the game all by myself with NO help. (That's always a matter of pride for me. I hate spoilers, and I HATE it when people say they beat an RPG when all they did was cheat their way through with a bleeping strategy guide... *Fakers*!

Anyway, I loved it. And when I beat it, I jumped right back into my old, trusty PSII. I love continuations... Sequels rock. And then I even played three again. And then... What's this? PSIV? I almost wet myself with glee at the mere sight of every pic that came out in the magazines, on which I think I spent more money than I did buying the actual game!

I still remember when I finally got my hands on one. I put it away for a my next day off. Once the day came, in my mind, it was Phantasy Star IV Day. I got chips. I got soda. I shut the blinds, turned off the ringer on the phone, and I actually put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on my door. I went to the trouble of moving my stereo and hooking it up to the TV. I'd been meaning to, but this made it well worth the while. I pulled up the easy chair, grabbed the controller, and pushed the little slider power switch to the left...

A heavy, urgent thrumming beat!


"The long, long struggle of ancient times finally ended...

The victor sacrificed the vanquished to the heavens.

Four bells tolled. Four torches were lit.

And the world continued for thousands of years..."

And we all know how the rest goes...

It was like Christmas.

I'm still not sure what happened to Rolf and his friends. How did all the Nei Weapons end up on the World Ship in PSIII? Just WHERE did Dark Force come from? From Earth in a neverending time loop? Or from that weird "being splitting in two" thing? Is Noah really Lutz? (I like to think so.) ; )

Whatever the truth (or evident lack any definative version of the truth), they are the greatest RPGs I've ever played, despite the story that STRUGGLES to remain consistant. Final Fantasy is okay, too, but none of the stories jive with eachother. It's all new every time, except for Chocobos...

I have emulators for all of them now, and I'm excited to hear about game gear spinoffs I might be able to download! : D I've heard about PS Online, but it doesn't seem to continue from the main storyline, so I think I might give it a miss. But, who knows...

Well, that's my story. Um... Where's the link to get outta here? ...Er. Does anyone have an Escapipe on them? ...Uh. Anyone?...


From: Joey (
Well the first time I played a RPG was on the old Nintendo 8-bit it was Zelda and I loved it, but thinking back even farther I remember that I wanted a Sega Master System a little more than the Nintendo, at first, but then I discovered that nearly everyone had a Nintendo (as long as I could play Ghostbusters on it, it was ok with me). Dragon warrior by Enix for that old Nintendo was an other I liked, Zelda first won me over with that save game ability, but I liked the ability to go up levels with exp of the more true RPGs. Zelda II had a real cool feeling of adventure, but like many I was happy to see Zelda return to the original style for the 3rd game, but I found the new style of Zelda as it came to the Super Nintendo less interesting, in fact the game seemed uninteresting and slugish... A lot of Early Super Nintendo games turned me off Nintendo's new system, and Sega's Genesis was looking better and better, How could I leave Nintendo for Sega... Well once I had Atari and Coleco Vision, and it was time for a change again. I was quite happy with my Sega Genesis, and the powerbase converter I got it now I was able to play 16 and 8 bit Sega games, in fact Nintendo later actions made me quite glad I didn't spend more time with them, and after Zelda III I had little interest in RPGs. But as I saw new RPGs for the Sega CD and I started playing Arcana for the Super Nintendo gave me a few reasons to try new RPGs, The friend of mine who had Arcana later got the Illusion of Gaia (sequel to Soul Blazer) at first I though oh no an other Zelda, but after playing it a bit I discovered this game was a lot more grown up than Zelda... I wasn't the overly childish kind of game I expected to see on the Super Nintendo, Next was Chrono Trigger, Chrono Trigger was awesome too! I became interested in RPGs again! But Square Soft and Enix were only making games for Nintendo's systems at this time, and who else made RPGs... Well I tryed Light Crusader for the Genesis, and I thought it was broken, after returning the new copy was the same Light Crusade looked and played cool, but the save games don't really save, turn it off and there gone... I wasn't too impressed by Light Crusader. Then the Crusader of Centy now this was a damn good game, at first it looked like an other kiddy-zelda lame story cheep game type thing, but giving this game a chance I discovered it was a very good game with a very good story, it is an awesome game! Next was PHANTASY STAR IV, I was interested but I was thinking this wouldn't even be as good as Breath of Fire (not that Breath of Fire isn't good, it's just no Chrono), or Maybe it would be like Final Fantasy and I didn't find Final Fantasy games to be all that special... I was wrong... from the start that kick-@$$ music real cool art and damn good story that just keeps getting better and better... PHANTASY STAR IV became my favorite game ever! I didn't feel confused by the fact I missed the 1st 3 games, in fact the history of Algol was told out quite well, and didn't ruin the later games for me just made me more interested. The Characters were very easy to get attached to, the story was as good as any Graphic novel, book or movie... when it ended I wanted to see more of Chaz and Rika... I had to play the other games... where else to start Number 1, I found old articles on Phantasy Star games in my old game magazines, it was for the old SEGA MASTER SYSTEM, I could not find it anywhere... no mail order place no where... to this day I'm still searching... later I emulated it old game, but I still want to someday find a real copy for my old Powerbase converter. Any way after trying so hard to find PS1 I got PS2 from Funco, and I love it, there wasn't as much character development in the story and not as much art but it was all interesting, looked good, and played great! PHANTASY STAR II is one of my favorite games ever... I still never got PS3, I played it emulated, I saw it in a store I wanted to buy it but it was for rent only "damn" I hope to see for sale it in a video game store someday, but though I found PS3 quite interesting I didn't find it as good as the others, PS1, 2, and 4.

PHANTASY STAR GAIDEN interested me a little bit, it never had a North American release, and I don't understand Japanese (yet), but I'd like to have a copy of it to try in my gamegear, after all Japan's gamegear games work in our gamegears with out needing any type of converter. I plan to try the English fan translated rom version for emulators. I look quite interesting. I don't know much about Phantasy Star Adventure, but it's on my to do list... (Phantasy Star Gaiden looks interesting even with out the Dark Force)

As the years passed and so many RPGs i've loved Lunar the silver star for Sega CD, and Xenogears for the Playstaion come to mind as favorites of mine, then I finaly got an other dose of Phantasy Star...

I got PHANTASY STAR ONLINE for my Sega Dreamcast creating characters of my own allowing me to put my self in the game... a shorter story than other PS games but still an interesting one... Still it's never said if you are comming from Palma or Earth do the Newmen's have there own homeworld or are they just creations from Algol (remember Earth men were behind the creation of all those mosnters in PS2 maybe they was more behind Nei's creation in PS2?) In the title it speaks of Home Worlds not home world being destroyed... New loose ends but very cool! Real time interacting with other game players add to this game quite nicely but it's good playing offline too... I've spent a lot of time with PHANTASY STAR ONLINE, and now I'm waiting for PHANTASY STAR ONLINE VER.2



It was 1995 when I first got my Sega Genesis, and immediately afterwards Sega Channel (Do you even remembe that service??? Probably not. It was pretty complex.) It was through that tha I got my first taste of Phantasy Star II. (I might add I spent literal YEARS looking for the original, to no success) However, in EVERY SINGLE ATTEMPT I MADE, I always got killed in the very first dungeon (the one past Arima) and never even managed to get anyone besides Rudo. Yet I still liked the game. Later, I found Phantasy Star III, where I never even FOUND the first dungeon, ironically. I immediately hated the game, and simply dropped it. I haven't seen or played that one since. The next month, Phantasy Star IV came along (they listed it as that over End of the Millenium) and I sarted playing it. (I didn't even realize I was obsessed with console RPGs from the start.) In my first hour of play, I had made it clear to molcum with all stops on the way (and running form 0 fights.) I took a liking to this one immediately and had soon reached Zio's fortress, where (not knowing how to break his shield) simply used every technique I could throw at him, figureing "he only has around 30 HP." So on Turn 6, he's not dead yet. "What???" Then came Black Wave. The first thought that came to my head was "RIGGED BATTLE!" (Something that has annoyed me ever since, esp. when it turns out it ISN'T, like Calamity in Xenogears.) soon afterwards, Alys died. Me being the kid voted 'most like Spock' at my school, I noted her passage and went on, thinking a line now made famous by Sideshow bob, albeit modified for my purposes. "How Ironic. My attempt at kicking butt and taking names has ended in a manner so frumulaic it cold come out of the Powerbook of the producer of the next low-rated 'B' movie." I'm NOT kidding. Soon afterwards, I went to Zio's fortress, adn this time I DID kick butt and take names. On the second try (I intentionally saved right before the control room.) When he cast black Wave again I thought "Oh crap. This one's rigged too." Then it somehow only dealt 30 damage to Chaz. I thought "So an attack that deals out around 30 damage killed Alys? What's up with that?" (NOTE: I had temporarily gotten into D&D; at the time) "Is it like some form of Unholy Word, and Chaz is of Neutral Alignment?" (NOTE: Unholy word only affects thse of Good alignment in the D&D; games.) He did, however, win the first time (barely) after ten straight castings of corrosion. The second time I knew all his attacks, kicked butt, and took names. After he exploded, I felt a twinge of sadness for the bastard. (In the words of Dr. Kokintz from The Mouse on the moon, "Humanity may do evil things, but they basically lean towards good, thus why the murderer will help a child over a fence and the soldier will visit the graves of the enemy he has slain.) I went on with the game, and at Dark Force, I thought "Here's the bastard to blame for Alys' death, not Zio." I promptly got the floor wiped with my remains. Before I had another chance to play, Sega Channel had switched to another group of games, and I lost all my progress. I looked all over for that game, but I couldn't even find it at Toys 'R' Us. (Which STILL has almost every NES game in existance, six years after the system's death.) I never did find the games, and my dad still won't let me download an emlator off of the internet. So I'm stuck with enjoying Phantasy Star as the biggest fan of the games who does not own a single piece of PS stuff. I got into double overdrive once looking for the game after finding a screnshot of the Dezolis Penguin (I was in a temporary penguin obsession at the time) but failed again. Such is life, or as French put it, C'est la Vee.


Well maybe my memory is slightly more of a grudge, but nevertheless PS1 changed how I played and thought about games. It was a few years after the release of it and I had recieved the MSX for Christmas and was given the choice of a game ( I was 7 or 8 then.) It was very much of a case that I picked the one which had the best looking box and I'm glad that I trusted my instincts. Being so young, a lot of the monsters scared me so much I didn't play it for ages! But I really loved the free roaming feeling and for a change it was a girl who was the lead character. It was my first ever RPG so I had no idea of what to expect. And I didn't expect to meet the Dark Falz. It really did frighten me and scared me even more so because after a whole year of working things out for myself this thing would just not budge despite what I threw at it and used all of the tricks I knew. Frustrated, I never played it again and deleted all of the saved games. That is until now I've started playing it, still using the original console I played it on. But now I have found a way to kill it on this site. I'm happy now.


From: Travis+Dickie (
It all started back when I was6 or 7 years old (Im 16 now). I was spending a few weeks out at my Uncles house in Southern British Columbia with my sister and my dad. I always used to watch my dad and uncle fight through PHANTASY STAR 1, They would draw maps of the dungeons to attempt to progress in this seemingly impossible game. Like I said at the time I was young so I thought that this game was just another double dragon.. (plus, I wasn't allowed to touch it..) To this date I still have yet to play this game.. findin it aint easy either!

Over the years i saw ps2 and 3 being played, but again did not think much of those "WALKIN AROUND TYPE GAMES". It was not until I was around 9 years old that I borrowed these old dust collectors (PS2 & PS3) from my dad, along with his genisis (My first video game system other than Gameboy)

I at first plugged in PS2 (My first rpg) an fooled around on the previously saved quests buyin stuff, dying and whatever. Once I got into the game though, I enjoyed every bit of it! -The fact that I could name these charectors after my friends at school was the neatest thing I had EVER heard of!

it took me 1 1/2 years of on and off playing to finish this suprisingly lon and difficult game (with the hint book!) I remember the day that I did.. The earthmen, Nei, Motherbrain and Dark Force, all lingering memories. Ps2 has to be the game the most original vibe and feel from it. Whether it is the industrial/techno/digital/whatever music or the civilization in PHANTASY STAR 2 or the style of the charectors, their WAY PAST COOL armor or the mixture of a sci-fi/medevil universe, this game will remain ted with ps4 as best Role playing game/Eye opener ever.

WAIT!! Im not done yet! PS3, WELL.... ok PS3 i can sum up into a few sentences.. PHANTASY STAR 3 HAS ONE OF THE COOLEST MOST ORIGINAL SETTINGS FOR AN RPG! A GIANT FRICKEN SPACE SHIP!! ok... ok maybe not just a few sentences.. Sega made a bad choice on the battle engine here... OOHHH MAN.. DOES THE FIGHTING EVER SUCK.. BUT! the change to more of a medevil society in PS3 allowed for some change in the series, which was good. -WITH A BIT MORE DIALOUGE A REFINED FIGHT SYSTEM AND A TAD OF IPPO/GAKI CHAN MUSIC. SEGA.., yor\u could of had a gem..

I will make PS4 short and sweet I tried this years after ps3, Alys dying was way bigger than any ff7 thing, I was 11 years old and that was alot to take.. I could not understtant why one of my charectors was not with me anymore.. then the fight with her on rykros struck a nerve or somethin becaus that was one of the most meaningful moments in gaming history. This IS one the best rpgs of all time, and belongs to the best series of all time.

If you ask me, Phantasy star would not be as good without the wonderful musical composures and the sequels connecting in plot with each other. Oh and thanks Sega! now whenever I play other rpg's I hold a bias because they do not live up to this series greatness. My grammar and sentence structure is sloppy in this "article" HAHA because There are so many feelings i would like to share about this series but they can not all be put in to words.

Its too bad manga or somebody dosent make an anime on a ps game or the entire series. I would hold that as one of the greatest moments of my life (next to psv when it comes out!) even though it hasnt happened yet.


thnx heheh


one day i was at my local video game exchange and had a lil' bit of was lookin' for some games to try thing i know i see something called "phantasy star III"...and something moved me inside to get this game. was it a sixth sense? a calling? i don't know for sure...but once i got home and played the game, i was hooked. i remember when i found mieu for the first time...when i got wren...when i found lyle...i couldn't beat him for the longest...every time i got a new party member...i was excited...the generations changed...nial...ayn...orakio's sword...lune...dark force...lashute...skyhaven...just places and thoughts that brought back memories...

then i heard about ps IV...i had to have friend let me borrow it...rune...zio...lashiec...rykros...the whole saga of ps, algo solar system in one game...yes i felt emotion when alys died as well...but i was blown away! i have yet to find ps 1 and 2...but when i do...i will play them extensively as well!!


From: Eli Gourley (
i rented this game once, and LOVED it, i got up to the part where i fight Zio, and lose Alys, and never got past that when i rented it, but last year for Christmas, my mom FINALLY got it for me, and i tell you, i play ALOT of RPGS, and this is the only one where i honestly liked the characters, its quite easily the BEST game EVER, i love my other games, but this PSIV is easily superior. and not only has this game just been my favorite, its affected me as well. Remember the part in the end when Chaz gets the Elsydeon, and says he refuses to fight for a god who would do that, thats me, only i would have different hair, a swear they time jumped to now, checked me out, went back, and wrote Chaz to be me, and did everyone else get Megid? i loved having an optional quest in a game like that, at the time, none of them had that, other than the Dragon Warrior games and the casinos, but this was a full on side QUEST, probably the first game to do that, but anyways, this is the only game to really affect me, and from the looks of it, lots of other people to, most games are just entertainment, this one is like a way of life. and the only one with really loveable characters.


From: smith bob (
I wanted to get a game for my Genises emulator. I was looking for Shining Force, because I heard it was cool. And then I saw Phantasy Star 4 on that page. I downloaded both. I played Shining Force 2, and I thought it was cool until I got to the first battle. Yes, the very first time you get into a battle. Since I suck at video games, I couldn't get past it. I tried and tried. But this story isn't about Shining Force 2. Anyway, I tried to play Phantasy Star 4. My emulator wouldn't play it! I searched for a better emulator. When I downloaded one, it played fine. I loved it and downloaded Master System emulator and the Phantasy Star ROM on it. I downloaded all the other phantasy star games. I loved Phantasy star series.

Then at school my friend asked me if I heard about Phantasy Star Online. I suddenly woke up, and said I had. He bought a Dreamcast and PSO recently. I bought a Dreamcast recently too, but I'm still saving up enough meseta *cough* money to buy Phantasy Star Online. I will get PSO soon.


From: Chaz (
The first time I ever heard of Phantasy Star IV was when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I am 14 now, and back then I didn't really care much. I wasn't a very hard core gamer and I had just gotten my first issue of Sega....umm..I forget the name. It was the Sega magazine that had reviews and things, as well as Penn and Teller. I read it, and flipped on by. Then, at Blockbuster, I noticed it. I figured what did I have to lose but a few dollars, and rented it.

That was a turning point in my life. Some people take Phantasy Star so far as to make email addresses after it, or make websites. I made, and am still working on, a themed IRC server for Phantasy Star, AlgolXR, which is an RPG of itself, and which will be about rpgs in general. All of this is still being worked on.

Anyway, Phantasy Star IV still amazes me to this day. The first time, I cried when Alys died, and I still get a little...'emotional' about it. Chaz's face really makes me sad, and then it makes me think of death, which is something that no one wants to think about. The fact that it can stir up so many thoughts and emotions inside anyone has to mean that Sega did the job right. Then I started playing the other games...PSIII,II,and then I. Now I own the complete collection, minus Gaiden and Adventure, and I still play them to this day. I collect all things PS that I can get my hands on. I just hope they can bring another game of Phantasy Star origin to the US.


From: John Echols (
It was such a long time ago... Kind of hard to remember. I think Shining Force was really one of the first roleplaying games that truly drew me in, but Phantasy Star, well, if Shining Force hooked and lined me, Phantasy Star dragged me in. Phantasy Star Two and Three, though I liked, didn't effect me as much as PS4. I was hooked. When Alys died, I cried, I mean, come now, that was a very good scene. I laughed in FF7 when that one chick died (heh, I can remember PS4 but not the girl from FF7).. I'm kind of, not all there sometimes, but PS4 really affected me. I thought it is, and was, one of the best roleplaying games ever. Right about the time I got addicted my grandma died, so, it was something that helped me cope with it. Took me awhile to beat that game, I seriously developed a hatred for Zio (now I love the guy, he's so cool) But, than again, I was also like eleven at the time, so.. Didn't take much for me to hate the guy. But after a while, I killed him, than Dark Force... than, I finally beat the game, got really happy, than started over. Beat it again, and finding more stuff through it. Everytime I play the game, I swear something changes about it. But, enough of me rambling, i figured i'd just share my lil bit.


Let me start off, saying the Phantasy Star series were GREAT. They inspired me to do many things...I am 14, almost 15. When I was like 8 I think, Phantasy Star IV came out,I heard of it, and was dying to get it. I was out having a hair cut with my dad, and I saw it at the local toys r us, we went to the store since I begged, and the price was $81.99! I was begging my dad to get it for me, and we called my mom to see if it was ok, and she was like "NO". SO...later on, about a few weeks later, me and my mom were out to the local Fox Video's...And I SAW, a Phantasy Star IV game, that I could rent for about $4! I asked my mom if I could, she said yes. I was SO Happy I COULD FINALLY SEE PHANTASY STAR 4! When I got home, I grabbed a bag of popcorn, a few pepsi sodas, and decided to play all day and night.

I began out on my own game, there were no saved games which I was sort of unhappy about, but I figured I should start my own. So I started off, enjoying it, Alys the Hunter and Chaz, going out on a hunter's job. After I got Hahn, I went into the fighting area, it was GREAT!! I was the kind of person who enjoyed training his people, so, I trained my Chaz up to level 4, and my Hahn up to level 4.

Then we fought the Big Green monster...I forgot his name, but I did fight, and kill him! I was so proud of myself. I continued playing and playing...getting past everything, then finding Rune, which was GREAT, he was SO powerful, but I figured he was the kind of guy to take hero's spot light, so I wouldn't train him. Heh heh. Then I played MORE, all this took two days...

I finally got to the village of the bird people...but then... MY MOM SAID I HAD TO RETURN THE GAME! I almost fainted, I could not believe it, all my hard work, ruined! But I was forced to return it.

A few days later...I was getting washed, after I finished, my mom asked me if I wanted to go to the VIDEO STORE! I was jumping up and down, grabbed my blue wallet which had about $10 in it, and went to the video store with her. My luck ran out, when I saw someone else RENTED THE GAME! I almost fainted, and I just left with her later.

THEN, I came back on my own in the morning a few days later, rented the game, brought it home, my saved game was still alive, never touched! But there was another saved game, it also had Rune. I figured I would not touch it, but not delete it, I would share the space. I played it for two past Aiedo and almost at Zio's tower, it was all unbelieveibly fun for me. Then I had to return the game. Then, back to my usual summer parents said I was renting the game too much, and since it was grand new, other people wanted to rent it. So I did that.

A year later ,in a half I think, My mom, got me the SEGA CHANNEL, I was so HAPPY. Since there were many other games I liked for Sega Channel, I looked around...In each catergory...then I looked in the 'Dungeon' where RPGS were. I saw PHANTASY STAR WAS IN IT! I almost jumped up in the air, but then I saw something different... It did not say IV, it said III. I figured it was another game, so I looked into it. It was interesting, Rhys, and etc. It had a medieval spice in it, which I liked, like the nobles, princes, princesses, etc. I never got past fighting Lyle though, I was not too good at PSIII. Later on...I eventually played PSII, and PSIV again, but the Sega Channel, then went out of business. Now it was when I was 10...I had some genesis games, but no phantasy stars. Not even one. I never played Phantasy Star 1 back then.

Then, one night...I was playing Albert Odsessy I think or parents came home...and surprised me, with my OWN, PERSONAL GAME OF PHANTASY STAR IV! I Was SOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY! I thanked them so many times, grabbed pop corn, and pepsi cans, ran upstairs to my room, and played all night. There were no saved games, but that was ok! I just started over, I LOVED IT! I trained my Chaz and Hahn to level 5 this time in the basement area. I trained them all, then later I met Rune, and etc...I was getting close to ALys, she was the best of the group I would say, and the Laser Slasher was a graet weapon! Extra damage! But...I got to Zio's tower, she was hit by the black wave! I almost fainted and cried when I saw her in that bed hurt. I was confused of why she got in the way of Chaz, Chaz had more HP and power than her, he would have survived it. She was not as strong though. "Will does not take away pain" I say... just can endure it for a certain ammount of time. Anyway, when I got Rune again I was sort of happy, then when they returned to see Alys, I almost choked, when she died.

For instance, I lost a great char like her, and a great battle person. It was an unfair kill of a character, and I blame phantasy star IV for that. Anyway, later on, I eventually got Demi, and etc etc etc, trying to make the long story short Since I figure I have already made this memory wayyy too long.

I eventually beat PSIV, always rememering Alys' presence. Right now, I am making a KUB Final DAtaset of the Phantasy Star Characters. KUB Is a AOL Chatroom Bot where you can play cahracters of a certain dataset, which someone who has KUb, me, hosts it. If you are interested in that, Talk to THE But, out of all the Phantasy Stars, I enjoyed PS3 the most since I got better at it. If anyone wants to hear my whole story, Email me at THE I have much more to tell.


From: John Kraly (
What can i say about Phantasy Star that hasn't already been said? The series never saved my life, got me into college, or set me up on a dreram date. Nevertheless, Phantasy Star 1 is an experience that I will never forget. I have always been a hard core gamer and first played PS1 in 1988 at age 12. It blew the doors off the entire RPG genre in my opinion. There wasn't the typical lame "save the princess and save the kingdom" plot. I mean in the introductory sequence the herione's brother is murdered by a tyrannical government. From the first moment I read the words "protect and watch over me Nero." Alis's quest became mine. I was in 6th or 7th grade but getting up at 4 in the morning to play the game. That game owned my soul. I've enjoyed the entire PS series, but if there was a game made today that would captivate me the same way PS1 did, i would easily pay 200 or more dollars for it. Now i am 24 years old and through emulators play the PS series, but most of all PS1. Even now, as i did some 12 years ago, i enjoy loading up PS1 (on my computer) and staring at the introductory screen as Alis grasps her sword and the intro music (that is etched in my brain) plays. May the greatest of all videogames enjoy a long legacy. Thank you for the memories Phantasy Star.


From: Brandon K. (
Hey there, I've been waiting for a long time to add my tale of love for Phantasy Star to your archives and felt today was a good day to send it in.

It all began many years ago, when I was looking through my latest issue of Sega's magazine, Sega Visions, in my dad's car while he was talking to some guy. I read the two-page article on a game that would arrive in stores soon, one Phantasy Star IV. I don't know what it was about that article, with its dozen screenshots and weak or outright wrong game tips, but something clicked inside of me. I HAD to have that game. So, a few months later, I took a whopping $80 dollars of cash I had just gathered at my eleventh birthday party and bought my copy at Target. From that moment on, people regularly told me I paid too much for it, not being able to rate games on anything past graphics. I have never regretted my purchase. Now, on to the game itself...

I remember looking in awe at the unbelievably cool shot of Alys and Chaz standing on that hill, looking to their future as the story scrolls by. I remember how much fun my first battles were. I remember chuckling at Alys's regular mistreatment of Hahn. I was fascinated and even a little scared to find the entire town of Zema encased in stone. I was struck speechless again when I saw Molcum and first experienced the infinite kewlness of Rune. Then his incredible Flaeli demonstration, then meeting Gryz, then rolling over in laughter when Alys punched Grandfather Dorin, then seeing high tech for the first time with the party in the Bio-Lab, meeting Rika, wandering around the massive city of Aiedo, meeting Zio and Demi, watching in horror as he struck Alys with the Black Wave. Then came the Landrover, and soon after it, the Ladea Tower.

Alys's death was by far the most touching thing I experienced in the game, or any game for that matter. I had grown really attached to her. I felt just like Chaz. When I watched her last moments, heard the painful music, and saw the somber assembly at her grave, I cried. Imagine that...a video game, something about as far from reality as possible, and it could move me to tears. I wasn't bawling all over the place (had to stay quiet like the party members), but I was still crying. As such, when I beat Zio, I jumped out of my seat, cheering wildly. Almost knocked the Genesis over that time.

The rest of the game was like some wonderful dream. Wren had a coolness level on par with Rune, Raja's corny jokes earned smiles from me, and I grew attached to Kyra, seeing her as Alys reborn. Now that I think about it, Kyra is probably what would happen if Rune and Alys had children. I remember duking it out with Dark Force twice over. Then I found Seth, and was ecstatic with the thought that I had found a secret character. When the rat bastard betrayed me, it just made Dark Force's third death all the sweeter. The wonders on Rykros, the stories of ages past, Chaz doubting his place in the universe until he found the legendary blade Elsydeon, then the wonderful chaos of the Edge. The feeling I got from wasting the Profound Darkness and seeing the breathtaking ending cannot be described. It warms my heart every time I review the ending and hear the main theme playing again as the curtain over the new age rises.

It still brings a tear to my eye whenever I hear the haunting music related to Alys's last moments on Motavia. Thank the powers that be Phantasy Star IV was able to bring such joy to my life. Now I'm working on the Ultimate Phantasy Star IV Guide, correcting and adding on to my official Sega walkthrough book until every aspect of the game is documented.


Back in the summer of 1994, not long after both of my parents were killed in a car accident, I found a Funcoland bag on the street with PSIII, the spell card, and a new programmable turbo controller (unopened). The next week I moved to a farm owned by my grandfather and uncle. Needless to say, for the most part it was just me an' my Genesis most of the time. Rather than just sitting around and feeling depressed, I played Generations of Doom.

I guess in the end, that game let me forget about how bad I felt and let me have some fun.

H.L. Turnhout


From: Beautiful Stranger (
I discovered after reading many other PS testimonies, that I happen to share a lot of the same feelings towards PS with other people. Like many others, for me it all started when I was very young, around 6 or 7 and my older brother had PS games 2 and 3. I never played it until I was much older, because my brother said I wasn't old enough, which I probably wasn't. But I watched my brother play for hours and hours and was so wrapped up in the storylines, especially for 3. I've always liked 3 more because the 3 generations and different outcomes. My brother would sometimes let me decide who he would marry. I would almost always pick Maia and Thea so my brother got peeved and stopped letting me pick. I remember my sister and I would fight over which one of us got to be Mieu because we both thought she was pretty and she had a claw which was cool and we were pretending like we were in the game. I also studied the guidebooks day and night obsessing over all the neat characters and cool looking monsters. To me it was very mystical and magical. Then a few days ago, long after we put the old sega away in the closet, I stummbled on to all the old sega games and the first thing that caught my eye was Phantasy star. The obsession was back!! Before I knew it I became nocturnal from staying up late and playing phantasy star too much. Right now I am on generation 3 with Crys and I will be finishing it for the first time.

And I'm Mieu, damnit!


when i was 4,im now 12 my brother was always fussing about rudo.who the hell was rudo i thought. well my bro was always coming home from school with his friend doing their homework and going down in my basement to play phantasy star 2.i was to young to understand when he played the first one but i watched them play and i was hooked into the story line big time i loved the mother brain and decided to start my own game with help from my bro i didnt make that good progress and quit.i started a new game when i was 6 and finished in no time i also beat 1 3 and 4 but rudo and phantasy star 2 will always be the greatest thing in phantasy star history.


From: Sang H. Kim (
Back when I was in second grade, (I am in 12 grade now), a good friend of mine and I used to play "Phantasy Star" nearly every day at recess. I was the first to introduce it to my friend. My brother and cousin were deeply into Phantasy Star at the time--scorning the Nintendo system for their beloved Master System. I wasn't too interested in the actual game--but I was fascinated by the little booklet that came with it. The pictures of the characters made my little second grade mind start to wonder. A few weeks later, my friend and I started to play "Phantasy Star" in the school playground. We would never BE one of the characters...we would be ourselves, and we'd pretend to go visit Noah and Alys and Odin and Myau. I remember running around screaming "We're going to miss the spaceship!! Judy, hurry!!" I didn't really start to play the actual video games until high school. I love RPGs--especially SEGA RPGs such as Phantasy Star and Shining Force. I am one of the few people who still have a Master System, the original Sega Genesis, and a Sega Saturn to boot. (My family never really cared for Nintendo or Playstation.) We want to get a Dreamcast, but only if we can find an RPG that could rival PS or SF.... Here I am, about to graduate from high school, still obsessed over Phantasy Star. Unlike Final Fantasy characters, the characters in the PS series are day dreamable. I still sit on my bed pretending that I am about to miss the spaceship to Palma to see Alys. To me, playing "Phantasy Star" in the school playground during recess is my fondest childhood memory.


From: Raini-Chan (
How to start...I mean, WHERE to start. The first time i ever heard about Phantasy Star, is when I heard my boyfriend talking about a character named Alys (i wasn't with him at the time, and boy, was he OBSESSED with Alys). I didn't find out on who she was, until he showed me the game. I didn't get too into it, while watching my other friend play it. After a while, I got into RPG's (it was Super Mario RPG, believe it or not). Then I got into Final Fantasy 7. That slowly faded, as I beat the game, countless times. Finally, I was introduced to emulation. I got countless games, and finally I said, "Why not try out Phantasy Star 4?" So I downloaded the game, not knowing what I was in for. After a few minutes of playing, I was hooked. Then I thought to myself, "Why not see what the other games are like?". I found the third, then the second. I played both. I was hook on the 2, the 3, and the 4! I never did get far in the second, or the third (i'm only going to the first dungeon in the second, because I have no clue on which way to go, and the third, my games messed up, unfortunately.) I remember when I first saw Alys die. I wanted to kill Zio SO BAD. I went back, going through Nurvus, only to find Zio. I died, not knowing what to do correctly. I had to build, and I finally gave up on my emulated game. I borrowed my boyfriend's sacred PSIV, and got up to the point I was at before-going to beat Zio for the second, and last time. I was at perfect level, and with my boyfriend there, and helping, I beat him. I finally beat Zio! I was so happy, avenging Alys' death (she's my fave character now, along with Rika and Demi). I played Phantasy Star 3, and loving it, although most people shun it. After a while of playing these games, I wanted to play the original, the one that started it all. After at least months of searching for the rom that would work, I found it! but...the emulator I had, didn't support the file type! So, I had to download another emulator, just for that game. Figures, ne? Well, after about a WEEK of searching, I found an emulator that would work. And now, I can't stop playing them! I'm now again, stuck on 4, but I can get past it (I hope), and now, I'm looking for the original cartriges, desperately. I found some on eBay, but, I'm not a member, and don't want to become one. But who cares about that, ne? If anyone can tell me where I can get at least the second, or the third, please e-mail me!! And if I can find a Sega Master System somewhere, I would be extreamly happy!

Long Live Alis! Long live the Phantasy Star series! Long live Phantasy Star In out hearts!


From: jungle man (
my first time ever playing a phantasy star game was about when i was like 8 i played phantasy star 4 on the sega channel and wow i played it non-stop and right when i was about to beat the game the next month came by and a whole new set of games were put on the sega channel. ( they change games every month) i was so mad i wanted to call and tell the to put phanasy star 4 back on . but the next monh came by and they put phantasy star 4 back on and had enough time to pass it and i loved the ending then i started looking for the other phantasy star games and i played 2 and 3 but i never passed them . then at this time i bought phantasy star 4 and 2 now im waiting fo it to come threw the mail i just cant wait. i bought 3 and i currently have it.


From: Cody Popson (
My brother and myself recieved a Sega Master System for christmas when I was about 6 or 7. After about a year we got some games for it like Shinobi but when we finnaly recieved PS for it I was in awe. Before this we only had a Gemini (around the Atari time) so PS was the most facinating game of the time for me. I stayed up to al hours of the night, every night of the week till I could beat it (I did not beat it at that time though). We lent the game out in mint condition with box & instructions and all that came back was the game and we just got a Genesis at that time to.

Since the genesis was now hooked up, I had nothing much to play except Sonic until we were lent PS2 which I thought was the best thing to happen to me. But my brother was older and beat it first then giving it back to its owner leaving me only up the part of DarkNei, leaving my mad. I waited and Waited till I finnaly purchased the whole box/instruction/game (all mint too) from a pawn shop for $7.00. And since I have the old PS game I got the game downloaded over the internet and beat it at last. I have now beat PS2 and am working on PS3 and almost done PS4.

So now I'am quite happy with all of them and hope more games come out.


From: Lukas Iverson (
The first time I encountered Phantasy Star was in a junk store that my mom and dad used to go to. For sale they had a master system and Phantasy Star. Since I was like, 5 or something and strictly a Nintendo player, I thought it was crap.

When Genesis finally came out I really really wanted one, but my parents said Nintendo was enough. While reading a Gamepro at the grocery store, I saw Phantasy Star 2 review. It looked really good, and since I had tried Final Fantasy for Nintendo, I was interested. I soon forgot all about it. Soon my grandma(Who kicks ass at Contra and Resident Evil) bought me and my brother Super Nintendo, and for Christmas, my brother got Final Fantasy 2. I was really good at it, but never beat it. I started remembering about Phantasy Star 2, but again soon forgot it again. I remember also seeing Phantasy Star 3 in an EGM a little bit later, but looked like it sucked.

A couple of years passed, I got a Genesis for christmas. I was stoked outta my mind(I think I was 9). A year later began my love for Phantasy Star. I was at Blockbuster and while on the way a game I don't remember now, I saw Phantasy Star IV. I started remembering the other games, and immediately rented it. Could there be a better game? I played it nonstop for, loving every minute of it. Joy turned to sorrow when I kept getting stuck at the Bio-Systems place for like the last two days. I was so mad, but I was heartbroken to bring it back because I really wanted to see what happened.

Years passed and here we are at the present(May 2000) I became a fanatic again through the help of emulators. I read about PSOnline and decided to try all the PS games out. I then found the Phantasy Star Pages to help understand more about the series.

I downloaded all the games and started with PS1. I know its old, but I just cant get into it! I can't figure anything out. I guess I'm just stupid!

Next was PS2. This is the only PS rom I am still playing! It kicks some much because it reminds me of PS4. although I am only at the first dungeon with Rolf, Nei, and Rudo, I think it is the bomb!

Now PS3. I thought it looked bad, but played very bad. Although I didn't notice the slow walking, I didn't know what to do! At least the music was good.

Then the beloved PS4. This is greatest game ever, I swear! It just has everything you want in a game. But guess what? I am still stuck at the Bio-Systems palce. If someone could help me out drop me a line.

So now I am happy playing Phantasy Star and waiting for PsOnline. I hope more Phantasy Star games are to come

Lukas aka Animemonger


From: Jonah Werner (

Everybody's always saying about the bad in Phantasy Star 3, but for me it helped me become a Phantasy Star junkie. It all started 11 years ago, when I was 8 years old. I frequenly stayed over at a friend's house at that time and every time I went over, her father was always playing video games. One day, when I went over, he was playing PS3. I inquired about it, immediately taking a liking to the game. He told me about it and told me I could play it when he was done. After what seemed like forever, he finally handed the controller to me and I played. I sadly don't remember playing. The next thing I remember he was allowing me to save my own game. He had gotten to the second generation using both characters. I chose to delete Ayn don't ask me why. Since then though, I have always liked Nial better than Ayn. I played and played. One day, the following year, I came home from school and my mom said "I have something for you." I ran to my brother's room and found to my surprise, Phantasy Star 3 AND a hint book. I was the happiest kid alive that day. I quickly put in the game and played and played. Finally, at my friend's house, while everybody was outside, I beat the game. I don't know what character I was using. When I came home though, I found I couldn't beat it. Later though, I finally did. Some time later, I rented Phantasy Star 2 from a local grocery store, but didn't like it. It looked to different from Phantasy Star 3, which I loved so well. I returned it and didn't think much of it for a few years. In the mid 1990's, we got Sega Channel. That's where I was introduced to Phantasy Star 4. It was just coming out. Remembering Phantasy Star 3, I played PS4. I HATED IT!! It reminded me of Phantasy Star 2. I turned it off and went on to other games. Later though, I was bored and played it again and eventually got to love it. When it came out in stores, I quickly ran to get it. I spent $80.00 of my own money to purchase Phantasy Star 4. The moment I came home though, my friend's dad, the same one who introduced me to Phantasy Star, wanted to borrow it. I let him and spent most of the summer not thinking about it. Towards the end of summer, he beat it and returned it to me. I spent 4 months on PS4, and finally, a week before Christmas, I beat it. I was so happy, but wasn't able to see the ending because it was supper. When I tried to beat it again, I was horribly beaten. Frustrated, I turned it off for a few days. I eventually beat that game too. With Phantasy Star, I am extremely lucky to have been in my situation. My friend's dad also havd a copy of Phantasy Star. He, out of the goodness of his heart, GAVE me Phantasy Star. I was again, the happiest kid in the world. The sad thing was we were selling our Master System in a garage sale. I played it for awhile, but got a bit bored with it and turned the game off. Later, I found out just what a Phantasy Star junkie meant. I literally dreamed of Phantasy Star. Finally I bought back the Master System for $15. Maybe a high price, but a small price if you think about it. Currently the system is no longer operational, but I'm in the process of getting a power-base converter. Last is Phantasy Star 2, the game I didn't like. After taking a liking to Phantasy Star 4, I decided to give Phantasy Star 2 a chance. I'm glad I did because it turned out to be a great game. I rented it all the time from the same grocery store, often returning it very late and paying late fees. Two years ago, I got tired of renting it and went to Funcoland to buy it. It didn't come with anything but the game, but I got all the information I need from this site. As of today, I am lucky enough to have all 4 of the Phantasy Star games. I have beaten each one at least once, and more likely much more times. As I end this, I'd like to give you my ratings of each game, from #4 to #1.
4. Phantasy Star 3
3. Phantasy Star 2
2. Phantasy Star 4
1. Phantasy Star


From: Mike Lam (
My name is Mike Lam and I would like to tell you my long and fateful journey to find Phantasy Star for the SMS. I had friends look at the game packets included with old sega games....and one day I fell upon one with Phantasy Star on it. Alis was on the front and I wanted it. RETAIL PRICE 100$ US (I lived in Canada at the time) I was crying for it. And my parents refused. I waited 5 years and played PSII and then PSIII and then day a friend said that one of his cousins had it and I hould ask him....He wouldn't sell it unless I paid 100$, obviously saddened because I was still poor and living with parents and again they refused to pay for the game. This guy I knew from school said he had it and he said he would bring it and I could have it for 20 bucks (DAMN WHAT A STEAL) he never brought it...I begged him everyweek for a year. One summer my family and I went to the states through vancouver and all and ended up in bellingham WA and there I found a toy clearance house. In this store were old nintendo and sega games. 8 bucks for sega and 12 bucks for nintendo. I LOOKED IN THE BOX AND FOUND MY GAME. 8 BUCKS I CRIED IN ECSTACY. the people in the store looked at me. I looked at them...."8 BUCKS" I went home...and I PLAYED it forever and ever until I beat it. then I played PSII PSIII and PS4...all to completion in 50 some odd hours of straight playing...I COULD NOT STOP. and I still can't. I play PSIII all the time...and to the people who say it sucks....BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just think it needed to be closer to the plot lone of the other 3. it would have been awesome. well thanks...for listening......


Phantasy Star Three Takes a lot of abuse. It is the black sheep of the ps family. But you must ask yourselves is it really that bad? I agree that psIII is the worst game of the series. I have played it through once and finished the rest dozens of times. In psIII the most annoying thing is the repetitiveness. The characters walk extremely slowly, you dont know what to do a lot of the time and the dungeons get repetitive when you have to go through them for the 8th time because there is no transport system to speak of. The battle system is horrid. It is like a failed attempt at a PSI revival.The magic system is worse I played the whole game using my weapons. I read the magic guide in the manual dozens of times and still could not figure it out But 2 factors save this game from eternal begruding, First the music. The music is great. Its better than great it is fantastic. And Most importantly the story line. if not for all the bad factors, this game woud have the highest replay value ofany game ive ever seen, (except that game where you could have over 80 endings, i think it was ocean star 2) Spanning over 3 generations, it was the most innovative game of its time. Part of the fun of this game was that it was so damn challenging. It wasnt at all like the other PS 2 and 3 and Final Fantasy Games and most other rpg's where you were told what to do constantly. In PSIV, you could pull up a screen that told you where to go what to get and to do and how to do it! This game is begging for a remake with better graphics, magic, speed etc. etc.


Phantasy Star, man that was fun, 'the girl next door' had it and didn't play these games (come how can anyone say THAT)so i took it and spent a long time on it with my friends. we would take turns and name all the diferant characters so we could all play how we wanted on the same game. i never finshed that game i left great lakes navel station (left the game to my best friend kevin day)and headed for HAWAII! then wasted a long time on shodow run. i bought PSIV and WOW I......WELLL.............WOW!!!!!!! the graphics and story line the frist time i thogutd i was in the game if ya dont watch your self you could be sucked into a differernt demnsion i swear i saw it happen once! but now im looking for all the Phantasy stars' with no luck at all and you cant order it.well not number 2 atleast.i enjoyed reading yur strories and thought id tell you mine! bye fellow gamers


From: Kevin Ohannessian (
Here is my memory. I was playing Phantasy Star on the Genesis with the Master System module. It was old and borrowed from a friend. This was right before PS2 came out. I played up to the Medusa's tower. I was having problems, but slowly gaining levels. Then the game died. I was pissed. I mean my file was erased. Damn. I wait a week or two and then I start a new game. After a few battles outside of the city I gained a level. It seemed to quick, since I was out there gaining levels and money and didn't expect gaining a level for sometime. I checked the status screen and found that I gained a ridiculous number of experience--way above what one needs. Every fight I was gaining ten levels until I was maxed out. Needless to say, it made the playing over of the game much easier. And for your information, when you beat the dream monster in Lassic's Palace you only get ten experience.

After beating Phantasy Star I soon played Phantasy Star 2. I still believe it was ahead of it's time and one of the greatest games of it's time. Better than that other "Fantasy" series(the female co-character dying in the middle of the game? We all know who did that first). Of course I played PS3. Loved the systems, the atmosphere(although very different from 2), and the music. Eventually there was PS4. I enjoyed the return to the style of PS2, the windows of Anime art, and the Hunter sub-quests. Unfortunately, it didn't have the same feel as the others. Now PSO is coming. At first I was scared, horrors of Ultima On-line going through my head, then I heard it was a system similar to Baldur's Gate. You play the game and a friend can join in as one of your party members. Wonderful. So now I eagerly await a new age of Phantasy and the rebirth of Phantasy fandom. Thanks Sega, for memories past and epiphanies to come.


From: Matt Iassogna (
Three words for you. Phantasy Star Rocks

It is by far the best video game RPG that has ever existed. Glad to hear other people had such a memorable experiences with this fantastic adventure game. Let me hear all of you PS fans cry out loud, Hail the greatest game from near and far...The one and only kick ass Phantasy Star. I have had my own expeience with this great epic adventure. I met a good friend of mine through this game. We played this game seperately but sat in the same classroom every morning sharing new found items and characters. The funny thing about it was that we actually began to compete against one another for the one who got farther in the game. He had a seizable lead until....his game developed a problem with the save feature. It was not the Master System but the game itself. He then tried to return it but Toys R' Us gave him a hard time. I seized the moment and gained the lead on him. But to this day I don't know how he did it, but..he got a new game played it hours and hours and hours and hours on end without much sleep (that explains the dark circles under his eyes in class every morning) he pulled ahead of me. He finished the game before me and put me to shame. I actually needed his help in the dungeons too. That still bothers me to this day. But this game was a part of my life that lead to many happy friendships that developed my teen years through my friend. He went on to buy PS II. I borrowed it from him and beat it as well. As much as I loved it, the feeling was forced. The magic wasn't there as much. But don't get me wrong, I loved it.

I did miss the first-person-point-of-view VERY much. (those lazy bums) I played a little of Phantasy Star 3 that I again borrowed from my friend. He beat it, but he too felt it was the worst of the 3 games. I was frustrated with how the game barely reflected the series. He showed me the endings in PS III. I felt empty after watching the endings. friend and I have gone our seperate ways in life. But the bug bit me again. I bought Phantasy Star 4. I have had this game for over 2 years and have not played it once. Why???? Just very busy in my life. I have desperately tried to find a hint book but I can't find it.

After reading other people's glorious tales of there sagas of PS, I may just have to pick up my sword and do battle once again with the forces of evil. Now age 25, my bones are a bit weary, but my gaming thumbs are in great shape. If anyone can help me find someone with a PS 4 hint/guide book pleasssssssssse let me know (I'll make it worth your while.) So that's it.

I have had..Master System (of course), Coleco Vision, Atari, Genesis, Nintendo 64, Nintendo 8-bit and PlayStation. No and I mean NO game is better than Phantasy Star. The creators and programmers are geniuses. Married I may be, but a kid at heart I always am.

Long live the King Of Video Games..undisputed champion from earth to the distant planets of Algol and Palma...the game that put RPGs on the map,...and the game that truly changed the lives of many gamers alike..the one and only Phantasy Star.


From: Jacob Wood (
I remember the first time I had played one of the Phantasy Star games. I was in 7th grade, and a friend of mine had come over to my house with this cool new RPG he had found at used game store. The box was tattered, and the booklet that game with it was missing half it's cover, but somehow, it presented an unseen aura of specialness. The game was Phantasy Star 2.

We had gone to my room and plugged it into my Genesis, while we flipped through the hint booklet, complete with maps on the game so you don't get lost in the dungeons (a huge help!). He had only had the game for a few hours, and hadn't played much of it by himself yet, so he opened up his saved game to show to me, it was almost as if I had been there from the beginning.

Well, time passed, and he had to go home. I sadly waved good bye to the game that seemed so awe-inspiring, and heard my friend promise that as soon as he beat it, I'd be able to borrow it from him. Only about a week had gone by -- my friend constantly updated me on the cool new things he was finding about the game -- and after hours upon hours of waiting, he had finally beaten it (luckily it was winter vacation, or I'd have been waiting even longer to play!).

As soon as he gave me the game, I plugged it into my console and set to work. School had resumed, so I painstakingly went through my days, with visions of beasties clouding my thoughts. I could never wait to get out of school and get home to play it! Eventually I had mastered the game, was dumb-struck by the ending. I hadn't imagined that such a plot twist were possible! It was one of the greatest experiences of my gaming life!

Well, time passed, and I had to return the game to my friend. We passed it back and forth between each other over the year, taking turns beating it time, and time again. Eventually Christmas rolled around again, and I _begged_ my mom to buy me the game.

Well, to my surprise, on Christmas morning, I had opened not only Phantasy Star 2, but 3 and 4, as well! I hurried to my room and plugged in the next game in the series, number 3. After playing it for a while -- feeling slightly disappointed at the slowness of it, and the slightly worse battle system -- I pulled it out and put in number 4. That one caught my attention, and I decided I would beat it before I played through PS3 (I had only hoped that the story line wasn't too dependant on the previous ones!)

To my joy, it wasn't. I had conqued PS4 in time, and finally decided to play through number 3. After hours, upon hours of game play (most due to how slow the characters walked) I beat that one, too. It was never my favorite Phantasy Star, but since it was part of the series, it has always held a special place in my Role-player's heart.

Well, years have gone by. I've beaten 2, 3, and 4 multiple times each, now. For years I had been dying to get PS1, but, sadly, I had learned that it was on the Sega Master System, and was well out of my reach, as it was so old.

Recently, however, I discovered an emulation site ( that had an emulator for the SMS. I downloaded that, and searched through page after page of links, and other sites, until I finally found a place to download the PS1 ROM!

I've only had the ROM for about 3 days now (as of Jan. 14, 2000), but I've been playing it nearly non-stop. The game has captivated me, and has been well worth the many years of waiting that I have spent to finally be able to play it.

With all the PS nostalgia running through my head, I decided to look for some web sites about it. That's when I came to this one, and that's when I decided to share my memories of one of the greatest RPG series of all time!


When I was young, I can never remember the age, we lived in my grandmother's 4 bedroom house along with my newly divorced uncle. One day, my uncle brought home a couple of games for his Sega, including PS2. He played it constantly along with the other games he had, and I always watched him. He'd explain to me why he was trying to get things like magic hats, he asked us to keep an eye out for a dark spot in the water, and I was there when poor Nei got killed. (*sniff* poor Nei...) One day as we played outside, he came running out telling us he had beaten Mother Brain. Nobody believed him, so we came in and he showed us. I got to see everyone get into the fight with the earthmen and after it ended I was left looking at the blank screen, waiting to see who won.

Years passed and ever looming in the back of my mind was the word Mother Brain. I had forgotten all but fragments of the game by then, like the dark spot in the water & the battle with some people in the end. I never gave it much thought until we visited my uncle at his house during his garage sale. I asked him if he was selling his Sega games and if he would like to sell them to us. To my dismay he told us he had sold the system and the games earlier. I went home upset because he had really spiffy games.

Some time later as I looked for games to rent, I came across Phantasy Star 4. When I brought it home and played one of the saved games on it, I immediately took a fancy to it. I was on some distant icy planet wandering around with 2 cool looking guys, Wren and Rune. (Forget Chaz, Wren or Rune always went in the front. ~_^) after days of not knowing what to do, the game had to go back. A week later when I had another chance to rent something, back home I went with it. This time we had to fight Zio. As I wondered where Wren was, I proceded to kick Zio's butt. (It made me sad, Zio looked kinda cool too. ^.^) The day the game had to go back again, I found the music test. I like music. After renting it again a few weeks later, I got to battle the Profound Darkness. I got my butt whooped, so I came back with a vengence and whooped it right back. I still didn't know what went on in the game, so I started a new game. I played that for a while before it went back again. By that time my birthday had rolled around and the biggest things on my wishlist where Sailor Moon and PS4. I waited until one day as my sister was driving me home I asked her if she made sure our parents got me the game. What I heard then was very dissapointing. When they went to the store to buy my present, she told me my mother refused to buy it because they were "using magic and magic is evil". As soon as that left my sister's lips I put my head between my legs and began to cry. My sister took one look at me and told me those magical words: "If I buy it for you, will you stop crying?". I nodded my head and that shortly after, I walked out with my very own copy of PS4. I was so happy. I played it every day after that, keeping it hidden from my mom, and eventually I beat it again. After I beat it my 3rd time, I noticed a word I payed no attention to before. That word was Mother Brain. I gasped when I realized that the really cool game where my uncle walked around seemingly doing nothing was called Phantasy Star. So wherever I went after that I looked for the name Phantasy Star. Months went by before I saw something that seemed familiar. As I wondered around in a Pawn Shop looking for old Sega games, I came across a cartrige with its label ripped off. On the label was a girl who looked kinda like Rika. I asked my dad for the game, but he refused, no matter how much I begged, but I eventually had to return it to its corner. When I got the cash, I went to my local Funcoland to find the game. I bought PS2 there, I was so happy. Before I could go back home and play it though, I stopped at another store. Sure enough, for less than I payed for it and in a box with the manual was both PS2 and 3. I was so mad. I raced home and came right back with my money and bought PS3. Now that I own them I don't played either of them much. I do play PS4 a lot though, and I have beaten it many times since then. I should really play the others. If anyone ever reads this and knows where to get them, can someone send me links to Master System emulators and the game? I'd really appreciate it.


From: Big Xena (
I got a good one!!

My first experience with the series was a weird one. My brother was the first one to ever get a genesis in our family! His fist comments were "girls can't play video games!" Well my first RPG was Shining force! I spent my weeks alowance EVERY time to rent that one! I'm the one who beat it first!! Thats when my Brother got mad at me for playing his genesis!! Well the joke was on him when mom got me my own for christmas!!

Well, my bro got a game called PS3. I tried to play it but didn't get very far. then we went back to the rental shop and I saw ps4. Then I remembered ps3 and thought I could never get into it. well Bro thought it looked cool so he rented it. I watched him as he struggled with the game ^_^ Then I yanked the controller away and well three hours later I got past the basement and to zio's fort!!! then alys got hurt and I found rune and so on! The next day we took it back and the next week I rented it and beat it!! Then The next week I rented it and beat it!! This went on for five months until mom bought me my own copy!! My bro gave me PS3 and I beat it in a week. And I found PS2 and that one took me the longest 'cuz I kept getting traped in the neifirst place....I got lost!!

But anyway I decided one day to cruise the internet and what did I find? This Page! I waisted five cartrages of black ink printing PS pics and now I can say I have a REAL PS wallpaper in my room!! ^_^ Yes seriously!! I also printed fanart and I drew fanart and hung it up...boy I was nuts when I was 14... ^_^


From: Jeffrey - (
Hello, I came across your webpage long ago and I too relish every memory put up there by people who have played, enjoyed, cried Phantasy Star.

Nevertheless, I have only played PS 3 (that was a long time ago) but I still have fond memories of it. Though I do not know much about PS 4 or PS 2 or PS1...

But PS 3 to me is beautiful...the storyline is systems..voyaging through distant lands..combating aliens, cyborgs with wiggling fingers ! It was a wonderful, wonderful feels as though I am there myself...

I remembered walking around near the Sandbar trying to gain experience so I can deal with the stupid king in the dungeon..I remembered vividly that I had to be Level 14 or 15 to beat him.

I remembered Aridia..hmm and Frigidia (did I spell it correctly?) I remembered feeling anxious trying to get to the nearest village in Frigidia because I have run out of MONOMATE and another thing u use to restore your TECH points! I was really really desperate but patience and endurance prevailed and i managed to reach (New Mota?)

the music is beautiful...I used Crys at the end...I still do wonder about the ending...what happened at the end when they saw Planet Earth approaching them? Did they manage to survive? Is it really possible that we (Earthlings) come from space? Did Crys, Miew, Wren, and the rest manage to create a civilisation on Earth? I think I cried a bit at the was a sad ending, that was my point of view...after destroying Dark Force, their Alisa III star system was also destroyed!!!

Mieu and Wren were faithful cyborgs who stayed till the a way I feel sorry for them...they have no objectives or feelings...they just follow the leader...

The legends of Orakio and Laya...are wonderful..I remembered going under water in Hazatak and learning of the whole truth...about Dark Force....and I swore revenge...

I remembered the COuncil of Skyhaven saying something to my party, it was like ," The word of power is Nei".

From that moment on, I was morally and mentally Boosted! it triggered something in my mind and in my heart...ok, here I am, with my Nei weapons, .....and I am going to Lashute to deal with the evil force...

Actually when facing Dark Force, I was terrified ( hey I was young at that time) and he did look frightening!

But on the whole, the game is very very good....Very few games are comparable to PS Shining Force series..FF series...Lunar...

I will always remember Phantasy Star 3 in my heart.


From: Dave Hartman (
My first Phantasy Star experience was when I was in 7th grade. When I was twelve I used to go to the Blockbuster Video store every Friday and rent a game of some sort. I owned a Nintendo, a Super Nintendo, and a Genesis. Upon arriving I searched through the Genesis section, as it was the largest of the three game sections. I would always take about half an hour just to select the perfect game for the weekend. I passed over an interesting looking game called Phantasy Star IV, which I knew nothing about at the time. After making walking around the rows of games I finally picked up the one I had seen earlier and inspected the back. The graphics looked pretty good, and I figured it would be good to experiment. I gave it to my Mom and told her that was the one I wanted to rent.

At this point in my life I just getting into RPGs. I had recently completed the very first of the Final Fantasy games on my regular Nintendo (even if it was with a little help from my Game Genie), and would eventually become totally absorbed in similar games. I had never played any SEGA RPGs, though, so Phantasy Star IV was my first. I got home, went down into the basement and popped the cartridge into the machine. Just a few weeks ago I got a Gamepro issue with a strategy guide to the game, which I kept by my side just in case. Being the kind of person who always has to watch the opening scenes, I did so. I was completely confused by the strange references, but also intrigued by them, as well as with the graphics and the music. After running through the opening I started up my own new game. This game was much more impressive than Final Fantasy 1--I know that it's one of the first of its kind and helped to start the whole genre, but it just couldn't compare to Phantasy Star.

I played up until the basement in Tonoe, and kept getting killed by those frogs with the large tongues (sorry, I can't remember their names right now), before my dad called me up out of the basement. We were going out to dinner to a Mexican restaurant. I remember I ordered Fajitas. The whole time I was thinking about that dungeon, wondering where I could find the Ashline potion with which I would restore the people of Zema. When I got home I rushed back down to continue playing, but didn't get very far before I was called up to go to sleep. For the rest of the weekend I played (academics weren't very important back then), and I eventually made it to the Ladea Tower. After many restored games I managed to defeat Zio's henchmen with the weird name and got the psycho wand. I had no idea that doing so would lead to Alys's death. I'm afraid I wasn't as emotionally attached to her as some other gamers were, but I still had a hard time believing that a video game would do something like that to me, or to her. Unfortunately, Phantasy Star was due back at Blockbuster, and I didn't get to continue playing.

A few months later I rented Phantasy Star IV again, had to start a new game, and this time got up to battling Zio, but I just couldn't beat him. I regretfully returned the game that I would not play again for four years. I always thought about it when thinking of getting a game. I prefer to get some games used because it's more economical, but funcoland never had it. When I got into tenth grade a friend of mine, who was an even bigger RPGer told me about emulators. This sounded like a good idea, but I couldn't get them to work on our antiquated computer. When I got my own computer, which is perhaps the worst piece of technology I have ever seen, I immediately download a Genesis emulator and the Phantasy Star IV rom; this time I could watch Chaz running around, but there was no sound; I quickly lost interest.

Finally in 11th grade I gave the emulator another shot, downloading a different one, Genecyst. I loaded up the rom, and there was sound!! It was great; the only problem I faced was fitting in my school work while playing Phantasy Star. I figured that this would hold me over till I would finally go and by the game, but a few weeks later, while playing the Genesis itself the machine made a loud pop, a fizzle, and a small bit of smoke, as it met its end. I guess the rom was the way to go. I played the game constantly, finally beating Zio, although I would always revert to a saved screen if I didn't like the way the battle was going. It was great; I realized that a lot of the things that I didn't understand were references to the other games. Finally I got up to the Air Castle, after spending hours just building levels in order to beat the trio. Then I got to Lashiec (or Lassic). I was beating him, he started to change colors, and then......the emulator froze! I loaded the game, and again it happened!! Again on the third, fourth, fifth, every single time!!! I wanted to pick up the computer and hurl it against the wall. I went back to the Internet looking for help; it turns out that Genecyst emulators frequently had this problem, but there was nothing that could be done about it.

I downloaded Kgen, and though I didn't like the sound or the pictures as much as Genecyst I knew I would survive. I beat Zio in one day, and got up to Lashiec in about 3 (I was motivated). The game continued on; I don't need to repeat it because most people who are on this site already know the outcome. Though Alys's death hadn't affected me all that much I eventually realized that I had become very attached to the characters of this game. After numerous hours of enjoyment, I traveled to Rykros to meet Le Roof, and learn the history of the Algo Star System. I was really amazed with this whole scene. I tend to try and discern the hidden meanings of things, and I had never realized that a game could mean so much. Chaz's initial refusal to protect the star system and his reasoning reminded me of a lot of the religious questioning that I had recently gone through the past year. After leaving the mysterious planet I returned to Dezolis to the Esper Mansion to find the legendary sword. When I found the Elsydeon I knew that I would not rest until I had played every single one of the Phantasy Star games. The memories evoked by the sword made me realize what made this series unique. I finally beat the game the night Christmas Vacation started that year, and the ending blew me away. I was saddened by the fact that all the characters were parting, from each other and from me. The final scene of the Heroine Statue in Termi reinforced my desire to start from the very beginning, and I knew that it wasn't over yet.

I downloaded Phantasy Star II, and though it was fun, it was a huge jump coming from number 4. To be honest I didn't find the story to be extremely compelling, but I continued onward. I knew that Nei was going to die before I even started playing, so I suppose that detracted from the experience; Alys's death had a greater effect, maybe because it was a surprise. Anyhow, I finally arrived on Dezolis, and got lost in Skure. Taking a break, I finally came back to it over the summer, and eventually found all of the dungeons with the Nei Weapons and Armor. Meeting Lutz reminded me that this game was a part of the Phantasy Star series, and really made the game much more interesting. I was able to beat Dark Force and Mother Brain, but I kept reloading since I like to do it with all party members intact. I was completely blown away by the ending. Obviously Rolf and his part succeeded in preventing the earth men from conquering Algo, I think, but it was just the opposite of all other endings I have seen. I hoped that Phantasy Star III would continue this story.

Unfortunately the third installment was a bit disappointing. I played till the end, as Ayn and then Sean, but found that it lost the feeling of the other two games. Finally, I downloaded a SEGA Master System Emulator and rom of Phantasy Star I, and it appears to be working fine. I had a hard time finding it; I almost ended a Spanish translation of the game, but now I am doing fine. This game is perhaps the best of the four, although the steadily moving plot of PSIV makes it a difficult debate. I wish that I had started playing these games when I was younger, like many of the people who have visited this page, but unfortunately I started out with the last one, and worked backwards. I have been visiting this site for about 2 years now, occasionally checking in to see what I have been missing, but only recently did I look at the memories section. Reading other people's reactions to the games made me feel as though others understood what I was feeling about this great series. I would like to thank the creators of Phantasy Star, and those of this page for allowing really long personal accounts like mine to be written and shared.


I remember the first time I ever saw a Phantasy star game.....I was in high school and a friend of mine was talking about a game he'd gotten, I had never heard of Phantasy Star before but being the RPG fanatic I am, I decided I'd check it out. I went over his house after school that day and we played it for a while and I was hooked, I started calling any video game stores in the area and found a copy at a local Funcoland a few weeks later, which I got that day and finished in about 3 weeks. (without hintbook!, then again I've always been good at RPGs) Next was PS3.....I wasn't too impressed at first because of the rather crummy battle animations, I remember laughing my ass of the first time I saw a titan attack by flipping it's middle finger (that's what it looks like to me anyway) I played that game for about 5 weeks 'till I got all the endings, overall PS3 was pretty good but the graphics could definitely have been better.....Years went by and I heard about PS4 being released and I just HAD to get a copy, so I went to blockbuster and rented it, then bought it shorty after. PS4, in my opinion, is one of the best RPGs ever made for any system, the only one that comes close to it is Final Fantasy 2 (which is actually FF4, 2 and 3 were for NES and never released in America) After spending a very LONG, yet totally enjoyable time playing through PS4 and getting every secret, I finally finished it. Then I started wondering about all the strange references, like the Statue of the Heroine in Termi, and people like Doctor Lubetz.....then it hit me.....there were only PS2-4 for genesis! Where was PS1?! Then one day, it happened.....I was at a local flea market looking through video games, when something caught my eye in the SMS section. I never owned an SMS myself, but I had heard about some good games for it, I looked over and there was a copy of PS1 right infront of me, for a paltry 10$ no less. I immediately bought it even though it didn't have an instruction book, and was extremely lucky enough to find a power base converter at another Funcoland a few days later, so I was finally able to play the game that spawned one of the best series ever, I was totally amazed by the graphics and sound which were 10x better than any 8-bit game I'd ever played, and better than some 16 bit games even, (I.E. lagoon for SNES.....damn that game sucked.....) it took me a week or so to finish it, not counting the time I was stuck not knowing what to do with that damnable laerma nut and I loved every minute of it, I also recently came across the Phantasy Star Gaiden rom and picked it up, and thanks to the translation patch on this site I was able to play it in english. I'd like to give a big thanks to Sega for making such a great set of games, and to the people responsible for making this totally kickass site that made it possible for all of us to relive a little of the past and share those memories with to wait for Phantasy Star online.....hurry up Sega, we don't wanna wait forever!


From: Gudmundur Halfdanarson Hi, I just read a few of the comments on the Phantasy star series on your webpage and I thought Id add a few of my own. The PS series may be very very old and might seem quite primitive compared to the newest rpgs out there (most noticeably on the pc), but whenever I think back to those games, PS2 and PS3, I simply cant help feeling very nostalgic.

I bought the sega Megadrive around 1991, I was 12 at the time (I had just moved to Iceland). I had been reading alot of fantasy books before that, and I decided to try a role playing game (Sonic the Hedgehog and those types of games only held me insterested for a short while). I bought a magazine about the Megadrive/Genesis and there I saw an article about Phantasy Star 3. I decided I really wanted the game, and I kept going to the only store selling games for the megadrive asking if ps3 had arrived, and after a long wait it finally did.

Well I became very hooked on the game to say the least. The graphics were the best that Id seen at that time, and the storyline (although primitive compared to fantasy books) had something about it that I really enjoyed. And building up the character was something that got me hooked also, I kept trying to find the best ways to gain experience points.

Later I got Phantasy Star 2 as a christmas present. I found it even slightly better than 3. After beating them many times, I never got bored. Finally though, a couple years later, I sold my megadrive and bought a PC. I played PS4 much later on a pc via an emulator, but also lost it after I sold my pc.

Recently Ive been looking for a cheap sega genesis via the internet and the ps games 2-4, but Ive never found anyone selling them. If you have any info where I can get them, please contact me at

As a final note, I doubt I will ever buy a console system again (since I have a PC) but if Phantasy Star online (and ps5) come out on the dreamcast Im pretty sure I wouldnt be able to help myself but to buy the damn machine :). The nostalgic feeling of playing the ps series is what keeps me coming back for more. I hope you keep us posted on your web page if PS online and ps5 actually do come out, in english that is.


From: Mark (
Where does one begin? How can one possibly encapsulate the experience that is Phantasy Star? After reading the page, I was floored by the myriad of experiences and stories posted about possibly the greatest RPG ever created -Phantasy Star!!!! The range an d depth of experience woke me from the doldrums of everyday life and put me in a state of nostalgic clarity.

My love and admiration of the game began with Phantasy Star 2. In nostalgic bliss, I was suddenly transported to the lush terra-formed fields of Motavia. In the distance, the slender metallic spires of Mota ascended to meet the azure sky. Looking skyward, I noticed the emerald beacon near Motavia's sun -Planet Palm. I turn my attention eastward to find a faint and distant glimmer -the mysterious Dezo. To my left is my child-hood friend, Nei. Her lithe form conceals a fierce determination and independence. However, she looks at me with a sort of vulnerability, a childlike innocence. Animalistic ears frame a very human face. Her eyes retreat to a sheltered time. I've known her since childhood and that same familiar searching is etched on her face. It search es my face for the same childhood signs of unconditional acceptance. Perhaps it searches for an unconditional love. I ponder this for a moment before looking away. We'll have plenty of time to work this out one day.(of course those who've played the game know otherwise)

To my right stands Rolf, a giant of a man. The thick sinew of his arms easily hoists his cannon- like weapon. His features are stoic and chiseled; his eyes are transfixed on a distant horizon. Within his guarded being stirs an immense and biting pain. The pain dances with guilt; they mock him, challenge him to lose control, to lose focus. The image of a broken little girl floats through his mind. Her tiny figure was no match for the bio-monster's talons. He can still see his wife's bloodied face. Her eyes gazing at the an empty eternity. He can almost her them.

Why? Why didn't you come daddy?

However, he is not swayed. Vengeance grants him clarity. The monsters that destroyed his family will be hunted and eradicated. His controlled movements steady his weapon of retribution. As long as he lives, the foul beasts will harm no other. His guilt wi ll drive him. It will drive him to death or atonement.

The characters of Phantasy Star became more than mere sprites and graphics. They all had a substance, a living gravity. Imagination helped to fill in the blanks. To me and to many others, the characters tapped an inner longing. A longing to be more than o bserver. A longing to be heroic. They brought out a latent sense of purpose, a direction, a courage. Reality was suspended for a couple hours as we journeyed to the Motavian Star System to battle an ancient evil. Perhaps on some level we all long to manif est this courage and purpose in our own lives. Whatever the reason, Phantasy star and the RPG genre strike a universal cord in all of us. Just like our beloved characters, our lives are filled with struggle and uncertainties. We search for answers and rec eive only a myriad of other unknowns. We search for others along our perilous journeys who can comfort or fears and anxieties. In times of crisis, we all hope for that familiar entity to "cast the healing spell" or bring up the last second defensive barri er. Most importantly, we have to know we're not alone when the final unknown is reached. We stand with our friends, our lovers, and our comrades at arms ready to face whatever stands behind the ominous door.

I felt a little of that camaraderie and affinity when I read the Memories page. I felt like someone decided to share the journey with me. Many unknowns are ahead of me; however,my fears have been lessened by knowing others will be coming with me. Kudos on a great page!!!!!


From: Cindy (
It seems everyone else owns the entire saga and has had them for years and years. But, for me, I only recently discovered Phantasy Star. About two years ago, when I was 14, I went to rent a video game, and the cover of Phantasy Star IV caught my eye. I had never heard of Phantasy Star before, or even the Master System (in fact, I only heard of the system a few weeks ago from one of the Phantasy Star websites). I was searching for a game I once rented, the first RPG I had ever played, since I loved it so much, but I couldn't remember the title. Well, I never found that game and I still haven't figured out what it was, either. So, instead, I decided to look for the same kind of game (I didn't know they were called RPGs at the time). The title "Phantasy Star" sounded interesting, so I looked on the back to discover it was indeed the same type of game I was searching for. So I immediately rented it.

When I went to play the game, I discovered there was no instruction manuel. I also discovered there was another game already saved. So I decided to start up that game to get the feel of it. It had been saved just after Alys's death. Rika instantly became my favorite character with her catlike ears. As I played through, I noticed many people I talked to were mentioning a person named Alys and wondering where she was. Then I talked to the fortune teller, and after what she said, I wondered if this character had dies in the game. Well, I didn't really get anywhere at that time. Instead, I started my own game after I had gotten a basic feel for it. It had been such a long time since I had played that first RPG. During the three days I had the game, I had gotten past the bio-plant, content with finding out how you meet Rika, and noticing right away a little connection between her and Chaz starting. Then I went on to meet Rune and made it to Tonoe. By that time, since I never spend a full day playing a game like a lot of you apparently did, I had to return the game.

For weeks after, I was continuously disappointed to find someone had already rented this wonderful game (there was only one copy). Finally, I was able to play it again, only to find the game I had started had been erased. I started again, determined to find out what happened next in the story, only to get barely any farther than the point I had been at last before returning it again. So I decided I would rent it everytime I had the chance. I looked for the game in stores, but I never found it or any other Phantasy Star games. Besides that, the Genesis had gone way down in popularity along with the Saturn, and it stores weren't selling many games for the Genesis. So I had to stick to renting PSIV, always wishing I could play the others, but never got the chance. It took me so long to beat it. Luckily I never had to start over again, but RPGs were still new to me and I didn't spend 24 hours a day playing. I remember when I finally got to Zio, and thought I could never beat him as every attack I made did only 1 hp damage. Then, I remember how shocked I was when Alys was hit, nearly jumping out of my seat. She had managed to work her way to being my favorite character next to Rika. My favorite scene in the entire game, besides the ending, was that of Alys's death and Chaz's conversation with Rika afterwards. I remember how much it made me cry for a long time afterward. Then, to defeat Zio, I found myself wondering the fields and the Ladia Tower just to fight monsters and gain more experience. Beforehand, I would try to avoid as many fights as possible,not wanting to get a game over, and that left my experience too low to defeat Zio. I finally beat him only to be surprised that it was not the end (despite the fact I had played a part of the game from after he is defeated earlier). One thing I remember best is the carnivorous trees. I spent hours trying to defeat them, lasting longer each time and thinking I was getting closer. I thought the trees were a "boss" and therefore you wouldn't be able to run from them. It wasn't until the next time I rented the game that the thought occurred to me...Maybe I'm supposed to run from them. So I did and was surprised to find out I was right. I spent much time cursing my ignorance.

My favorite part of the entire game were all the cinemas. The storyline is my favorite part of an RPG, the reason I love them so much. Phantasy Star IV had the best storyline I had ever seen and is the reason I love RPGs so much to this day. I had never experienced so much emotion from a game. It made me laugh and cry. It even had what every good story needs: people falling in love. It was never evident that Rika and Chaz were becoming a bit of a couple, and never mentioned, but there were so many hints, especially at the end. The "Elsydeon" scene, Alys's death scene, and the ending scene moved me the most. I also liked the Hunter's Guild jobs, and remember spending hours searching for that stupid dog. I thought a dog wouldn't cross over the quicksand, but that's where I found him...across the quicksand near Krup. But back to the scenes, as they were my most favorite parts. When I first saw Nei, I thought it was Rika, never having played any of the other games. And I found myself always wondering about Alis. With Alys's death, I remember wondering why she didn't say more to Rune, as it seemed apparent she had a "thing" for him. And at the end, I felt like I was saying good-bye to the characters as well. And I was disappointed that Alys didn't make an appearance at the end when it had that little poem. I expected to see an image of her spirit watching over Chaz. But it moved me just the same. I won't be able to play the game again, and so I truly was saying goodbye. I will miss it. And that's why I am thankful for all these websites. They bring back so many fond memories.



From: David Knight (
I've enjoyed video games and RPG's all of my life but the Phantasy Star series has always been one of my fondest memories. I enjoyed the first PS a lot but it was when Phantasy Star II came out that I became helplessly addicted to the Algo Star System. I was still in high school and remember renting PS2 at a local video store chain because this store usually got newer games before you could actually buy them anywhere else. I skipped one of my classes and returned to study hall only to "study" through the new instruction book.

Phantasy Star II was the first RPG to get me so deeply involved in a game. I never knew what was around the next corner and felt like I was standing next to Rolf on each of his adventures. I cried for hours when Nei died-it even affected my normal life because I was so attached to these characters. And then when I did finish the game, it left me hanging with the best cliffhanger ever made in a RPG...except now I would have to wait years and years to find out what happened next.

While I was waiting for PS3 to come out, I started writing my own stories based upon PS2 to fill in the gaps in the storyline. After a while I got so involved in the Algo Star System, that I thought knew more about the Phantasy Star Universe than I did about our own universe. I dreamed the perfect girl for me to meet would have to have purple hair and cat-like ears. I even wanted to dye my own hair blue!

PS3 finally arrived and I drove 4 hours just to get the game when it came out since our small town didn't carry newer arrivals until many weeks later. I enjoyed it but felt there was still a lot just didn't have the same "feel" as PS2 did and it didn't continue the storyline of Rolf. Would I ever know what happened to him aboard Noah?

Finally PS4 came out in the mid 90's and again I drove the same 4 hour drive to buy it. My girlfriend (no-she didn't have purple hair unfortunetly) thought I was nuts so I tried to explain to her how this one game called Phantasy Star II had actually changed part of my life and inspired much of the writing I had done. I sat down with PS4 in a secluded room and didn't come out for days until I finished it. PS4 was excellent and a great sequel to the second Phantasy Star...but I think more than anything, it was the only way I could close the book on Rolf and his friends...a book which I had been reading ever since that high school study hall period when I first sat down with PS2.

Now if I can just find a real life Nei I'll be set for life! =)


Wow, where it all began...... Back in the day I was about 10 & owned a NES. I was bored with all of the games that I owned because I'd beaten them all. One day at school I was complaining about this & my friend told me that he would lend me a game of his, it turned out to be the original Wizardry that he had rented from a local video place & "lost it" when it was time to return the game. I took this game home & played constantly I even found an infinate money trick. Shortly after I had an understanding of the game (no instructions) the game battery lost its stuff & alas the game was dead. ;..-(

*Time warp to 1995* My parents were divorced & my Dad re-married, with my step-mom & 2 step-brothers came a Sega Genesis. All was well, new games & happy family kinda deal. We went to a local video game store one day & I saw a game that looked neat, D&D;: Warriors of the Eternal Sun, so I rented it oblivious to the gem that sat close by. I took it home & played alot. The time came & I returned it then decided that I should rent another game. I came across one with a blonde warrior, a girl with claws & a mystic on the front, I grabbed it. That night I played long & hard only to finally beat Zio before the game was due back, my heart sunk & I looked at the title of the game Phantasy Star IV, I begged my Dad to let me rent it again but he said no. A week or so passed & I got my Dad to let me rent it again since I had no money. I turned it on & all of the saved games were erased. Undaunted I began again. I had no idea how big the game was but I vowed to beat it. I played for 2 and 1/2 days straight only to just beat the 3 inside the Air Castle. It was the end of the summer so I had to go back to my mom's house. When I came back the video store was selling it's Sega games & my heart jumped but when I looked over the same 2 shelves for roughly half an hour I gave up.

*Forward another 2 years* I hadn't forgotten PS IV & still wanted the game more than all other games. I began looking around for the game. After a full year of having all 4 sides of my family searching I went to a local store that sold games. $25 without instructions! I bought it & PS III shortly later.

*Present Day* I grudgingly lent my friend my copy of PS IV & told him that he had 9 days to beat it. The next day I got a phone call. The first words I heard were "Damn you man damn you. I can't stop!" I nearly hit the floor laughing. It was my friend hopelessly addicted to PS IV. This his 4th day of playing it & I'm not exactly sure where he is at in the game but what I do know it that in that same phone call he swore that he would own the entire series as I vowed. Now we are both searching for any PS games. He is buying a Sega & hunting for the games while I want an actual Master System and the first PS of the series, I also need PS II. After all of the RPG's I've played this is still my favorite of all including over modern action/RPG's such as Diablo. My actual E-mail is if you or anyone should feel prompted to write me.


From: Dave Cox (
I have always been addicted to any type of RPG, but the first PS game that I ever played was PS4. After beating the basement in Piata, I could not stop. I played all the way until I beat the Air Castle the first day. After I had beaten the game, I went out and rented the rest PS games (because of all of the mentions to them in PS 4). I now OWN the entire PS Saga, and even though I have everything from the original Atari to a Playstation to a Nintendo 64, (Video games are my life, and I fell that I can say that I am the most hard-core gamer in history [sorry if I offend anyone, but I believe that I am]) and even though I have all of those systems, I am still getting yelled at because all that I ever do is play the PS games (Mainly PS4, because that is my favorite one of them all).


From: Tibie Garcia (
Hi I just have to say I really like your page. Its well written and put together and looks great. My first memory of Phantasy Star is when I was about 10 I think. I had just got a sega genesis for my birthday. I was kindof disappointed because I wanted a Super Nintendo for Final Fantasy 2. I really was hooked into role playing games. The next year for my birthday I wanted some fighting game. Streets of Rage 2 I think but instead I got Phantasy Star III. I was so mad. I didn't play it for about one month after i got it. I was hooked instantly.

What I liked best about it. I couldn't decide. The music was great. The play control was great. The story was excellent. The mystery and excitement of continuing through the generations. I was not very good at role playing games at the time even though I liked them so it took me a while to get very far. After I beat the game with Crys I started all over just so I could beat the game with Sean, Adan, and Aron. It was worth it to go through it all again.

Now there are emulators and I can play the others. I'm just afraid to because my computers a piece of crap. But the second my computer gets fixed Phantasy Star 1 here I come.


From: Matt Luke (
My very first Phantasy Star memory was when I was about seven years old. A friend of mine, actually the only person I knew besides myself who owned a Master System, loaned my his copy of Phantasy Star. His brother had actually just picked it randomly from the shelf somehow making a fantastically lucky decision. To tell the truth at seven, I was not all that impressed, I had to figure things out on my own. I grew wiser later and borrowed that game again. When I played that game again I was hooked for life. Together my friend and I own the complete Phantasy Star collection, even loving the games as much as we do neither wants to spend the money to complete our own collection. Unfortunately, this story does have an unhappy ending, I wanted to play PSI recently so I borrowed my friend's copy, and sat down to play. In one sitting, without much advancement, I found Noah. This was a good day's playing so I saved the game and left to do other things. When I came back and turned on my machine, there were no saved games. The battery had died and Phantasy Star was now basically an Alis only game. Emulators are fantastic I must add, because now I can relive my elementary school joy Phantasy Star.

When Phantasy Star II came out I was quick to find and play, a very excellent gaem but it seemed to leave something to be desired, Phantasy Star III hurt my interest, I like the game, the generations thing was very creative, my aformentioned friend, his brothers and I each played one character to see all the endings, but I've always thought that it should have a different title because it strays from the story line. Then one day while in a video store, there on the shelf was PSIV. I rented it and got to the Aircastle in three days. Two days after that, I rented it again and in five days total had beaten it. Amazingly, on level 35 without Megid, or any of Wren's upgrades, I never even knew Anger Tower was there, and I think Rune had not yet learned Legeon. I also did not know what combination attacks were. I did not have a manual, all I knew was that the two espers sometimes did firestorm but I couldn't figure out how. I wanted that game so badly but it was new and the only store I could find with a copy set the price at $100. I'll always love that video store because not a month after they showed me Phantasy Star IV, they sold it for $25.


From: Gregory Polander (NMGS61A@PRODIGY.COM):
Contray to most of you, I am sure, my FIRST experience with the Phantasy Star games was only in the last week!

Perhaps a little background might explain why this is the case. I always have enjoyed RPG's. Although not my favorite type of game, I do check out the ones that I hear are good or are popular. I was playing D&D; with my cousins when I was less then ten, and other board RPG's soon after. I got a NES for Christmas of 1987, and my first experience with a video game RPG was several months later, when I was 12. It was Dragon Warrior. I liked the game enough to beat it, but never played it much. When I rented Final Fantasy in the summer of 1990, though -- oh BOY! I have such found memories of that game that I sitll think of that as the 'Final Fantasy Summer'. If I had owned a SMS at the time, I'm SURE that I would have such found memories associated to PS1 as the rest of you do. But I never heard much about the Master System. None of my friends had one, games were very hard to find (I remember), and the NES played more games. Besides, I never did like Sega very much -- sitll have kind of a dislike to them this day.

So in Christmas of 1991 I added a SNES and FF2 to my collection, and faithfully played and enjoyed all of the other FF games to come out in this country. Only one of my friends had a Genesis. He liked RPG's and had the Phantasy Star games, but he was always loaning them out to other people so I never saw them. Then I went off to college in August of 1994, still never seeing the PS games. I knew of their existance, of course, but that was about it. I remember reading one article saying that the PS games were a 'poor attempt to feed off of Final Fantasy's sucess', and never had a intrest to try them.

Well, things change. Last summer, I was given a brand new PC as a graduation gift from college. A few months later, in the fall, I found out about Emulators. WOW! What a Godsend! The chance to play games I never owned before, to try them out! And to back up games I DO own! I went crazy with my happiness. I backed up all my NES and SNES games, and gabbed games and emulators for consoles I had never played, like the Neo-Geo and the TG16. When it came to the Master System and Genesis, however, I did'nt know what to download. I called up my old friend, the one I mentioned above, to ask for advice. His reponse? "You have GOT to get the Phantasy Star games!" So I shrugged, downloaded the needed emulators and the ROM's, and put them aside on my HD with other downloaded games.

Well, I was pretty busy with school work between now and then, and I was busy playing other games -- the Japanese Final Fantasy's, translated into English and never released in this country, for example. About a week ago, with my semester starting to come to a end, I needed something new to play as a stress reliver. I was going through my HD when I remembered I had downloaded the PS games. I wanted to play the games in order (this was before I knew there was a common thread in stories) to see the progression. So I fired up my SMS emulator, and started playing PS1.

All I can say is WOW! The game rocks! It's easily one of the BEST 8-bit games I have EVER seen! I wish the SMS had beem more popular when it came out, or I would have grown up with found memories of PS games instead of FF games (I'm 23 now). Don't get me wrong, I do still own and love all the FF games, but there is a very special love allready forming in me for these games.

At the time I am writing this, I'm still working on the first one. I found this website a couple days ago when I realized my maps of the caves were not working, and wondered if I could find some anywhere. Beyond that, I'm trying very hard to not use walkthroughs, although I am glad they are here as well, in case I need one! I'm also trying very hard not to spoil the fun waiting for me by reading about the other three in the series! I can't even explain how much fun I am having playing PS1, more so then any other game I have played for a long time. I'm trying to locate actuall copies of the games now, just so I can err on the side of caution with the law.

Here is to all of you who have been enjoying the PS games for years, and how much I envy you. I may be ten years late, but I'm coming!


From: Froman (
What can I say about the greatest series of all time? Not much, until you look back on how I got here.

My old buddy, David Camacho, used to live across the street. Well, he wasn't really MY buddy, he was my older brother's friend (Smach, if you've been on the message boards. This is Froman). Anyway, one day a long time ago he rented a game, seemed innocent enough. "Phantasy Star" (duh) as the case may be. i was a bit of a tag-a-long if you must know, but they didn't mind cause I had the same ideals. Let's make it short, in the 3 day rental period we made it all the way to Noah's Mentor (for the Frad Mantle). We rented it and rented it, and rented it, and finally, WHAM, Lassic was dead, and Dark Falz lay in a heap on the floor. We were just too damn proud of ourselves at that point.

Two came out, we had some fun with that, years passed.

Three came out, totally unexpected blowness (not up to caliber, but not bad.)

Years passed.

Four, the grand finale. Unfortunately by this point, David had to move away, but damn I was intent on buying some PS games. I had bought three a few months earlier at some garage sale for five bucks, I bought two a few months before that for twenty bucks from a friend, and four was recieved for christmas that year (I'm fifteen, genius). But one problem persisted, where was PS one? the first, the original, the one and only? I gotta tell you, it freaked me out how much I wanted that game. I used to DREAM (asleep) about getting the game, then when I woke up i'd be all dissapointed that I didn't actually have it. I learned about emulators, and for a while all was well. ( if you want the addresses of the sites w. emulators for it) The problem still persisted that I didn't own the original.

The time: Present
The Place:
Why?: Take a guess.

Lets wrap it up, now I own the whole saga, and damn to I feel proud. Peace out yall. And Mtfbwy.


My PS story starts in 93 around Jan. I had nevr really played a RPG before (other than my Zelda games which were my favs at that time) and when i seen one i thought " to much reading, not enough action". At the time i was 10, im 15 now, and i was bugging my mom to run down to the movie store and rent me a game. We was going to get some snow but only 2-3 inchs. Well i get my mom to run down to the movie store and get a game when i found that almost ALL the games were gone. I was not leaveing without a game and only had the 5 bucks i got every other week. I remember looking at the games they had left and my mom saying something like " Hurry up, i dont want to be here all day!!!" so at the time i had the last of 3 Phantasy Star 4 copys in my hand. I had no time to think about what i was doing, i just run to the front and gave my mom the game i was geting. I remember her saying "are you sure this is what you want?" and "why dont you save your money till they get more games in". I just said no and she got the game. Once out of Block Buster i went to the car while my mom went in Kroger. I opened the box and started to look over the game book. I remember that Rune and Gryz looked "cool". Anyways my mom returned about 10 min later after i had scaned the book over a few times. When we made it home i ran to my Sega and put it in. Intro was great i got past the opening and got to the past where you can control Chaz.Well the weather man was WRONG i was snowed in for 5 days and had PS the whole time. in the first day i made it to Gryz and had to sleep, when i woke up the second day it felt like a dream......i didnt remember i had the game only seemed like a dream.................BAM it hit me!!! I jumped out of the bed and ran to my Sega on it goes and i contined my Quest.I spent the whole day playing and made it to Rune for the second time ( remember i was only 10 and this was my first RGP game) then sleep hit me. Third day knew i had it and ran for it, the day went so fast........i was headed to Zio's fort and found that i was much to weak for the monsters so i went out and leveled for a bit. when back in and tried but still i was looseing members of my party........more work for me, till i ran up on my first sandworm.........hehehe died!! i was like :O O My God!!! i had never seen anything like it!! one attack and all five of my members were died......i just had to beat one so i ran around and after many,many trys i killed one of the easier worms.....any PS4 player knows what i EarthQuake!! Anyway that was the end of that day and snow was melting, i had one more day and was sure the game was soon to end with all the climax of meetsing Zio for what i thought was the final fight of the game ( Remember first RPG :) ). i made it to Zio and try after try i died..........i never got the Pysco Wand Deal untill i had to take the game back :(. after that i forgot about it all till 2 years later i was in K-B toys one day and they was selling all the old sega games because 16 bit was starting to die.I saw PS4 and it was only 49.99 Half off. i told my mom is was a great deal and she got it on saying i had to do alot of extra house work. fine i said and on the way home i opened and read the book all hit me again, i was wondering what was past Zio? the end of the game? well i made it to zio in no time and beat him quickly. i felt GREAT i was on the edge of my seat with the after animation. well to make a long story short i got to lassic and had a really hard time with him and after that PS4 seemed to all flow nicely.i was pleased. Then 1 year later i was at my friends house when he ot a sega master system adaptor. he got about 20 games and 1 was was great, alot harder than 4 but great. the whole stroy was coming togethor and i was so wonderful,after the game i had to go back and start 4 again. NOW I WAS UNDERSTANDING STUFF!!! PS1 made 4 seem10 times better BUT, thats not where the story ends. i was staying at my step dads mother house for awhile when my mom said she would rent me a game from a small video store, she had to go alone so i couldnt pick which game i wanted:(.when my mom returned she handed me none other than PS2. I RAN MY A** TO MY SEGA AND BAM!!! OURS WAS GONE! i had to take the game back at the point where i had just lost Rika i mean Nei :). then i had a idea, i took 3 of my sega games in a ask the lady if she eould trade me these 3 for PS2. she did and ALONG time later i beat it......took forever it was the hardest of the 3.well after that everything fell into place after my 10th or so time beating PS4. i cant really say the best ending of the 3, i would have to be between 2 and 4.Anyway PS made me really did... without them i dont know what i would do....... everyon who hasnt played them have really missed out on the best games of all time!! its so cool how they all connect.......its amazing...... the feelings you get its get the best!! after PS only one other set of games has meant near as much. Final Fantasy is also a very good set of game but i have only played 7(thats just such a good game!!!!) and 3( shadow was the man!!:) ) but as you people see im not a writer and i hope all this makes sense and people understand what PS means to me.Now im stuck on Ultima Online:) anyone who hasn't played it PLAY IT! I really wish sega would make a 5th part to the set.... but o'well i got to stop typing!! i'm 15 i dont write! cya guys and you better keep the site up!! later

Rune Walsh-----:)


When I was a bit younger , I did a very foolish thing : I soold my megedrive to purchase a game for my new saturn. Just a few months later I discovered a little game called Phantasy Star IV. My friend and I were instantly hooked. Annoyingly , we had to hire the genesis to play the games on from the local video store. Anyway PS and the genesis were about 3 days overdue and my mum was threatening to take it all back. We were right near the end of the game and if we took the game back some idiot might erase our savefile. I went psycho at my mum. The story ended happilly , the stuff didn't go back. But that is PSIV is the only game ever to spark a fully fledged argument between my mother and I.


From: Rob Strangman (
I'll let you know one thing right off the bat: I am NOT an RPG player, by any means (I know this isn't going to score me any points) - anyone who's visited my site knows that I'm definetly a hardcore shooter addict. However, I do have a tremendous respect for the games that made the genre great; specifically Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star. Final Fantasy is a good game, I'll admit, but whereas I own no FF games, I am the proud owner of all four Phantasy Stars! In fact, the original PS is one of the only RPGs I've ever sat down and completed.

I first encountered Phantasy Star in 1990, when a friend of mine received PS II for Christmas. I had heard of PS before then, but had never played it. Wow - I was really impressed with II - I became even more impressed a couple of months later when I met a guy who absolutely loved the original PS. He loaned me his copy (and original Sega hint and guidebook), and I went through the game. Fantastic.

A friend of mine later got PS III. Having gotten used to the story from the first two, I was almost shocked when I learned that III had almost nothing to do with I or II. How could they leave us hanging like that?!? What the hell happened to Rolf and everyone from II? Needless to say, I wasn't very happy.

Finally IV came out. The only person that I knew who was willing to pay the hundred bucks that he needed for a copy finally did - almost a year after it came out. Finally, though - the return to Algo! Questions answered! References to I and II all over the place! When I saw the floating castle of Lashiec (huh? my only gripe - bad translation. Dr. Lubetz? Dezolis? And WHY Lashiec?), I almost fell over! I never expected to see THAT again! And the town of Tyler, the statue of Alis, the statue of "Dr. Lubetz", the resolution of the cliffhanger from II - wow. Not to mention the images Chaz sees when he finally gets the Elsydeon sword - it almost brought a tear to my eye. And FINALLY the ability to fight in a vehicle - I could go on about all the other things. . .

Most importantly, not more than two weeks ago, I was GIVEN PS II, III, and IV! They look good sitting next to my copy of I (which I picked up a couple years back for only $10!). Hey, I may be a hardcore shooter addict, but I'll NEVER part with my Phantasy Stars! Now, if only the PS Collection had been released for the Saturn here. . .


From: Mark (
I just happen by luck to come in touch with the most awesome games of all times. It all started with my good friend Joe. He decided to sell his Genesis and about twenty games for just a few meseta may I add :-) The first in the series I came in touch with was PSIII. I liked the game enough to go out and find PSII. PSII really was something to behold. All this was happening around 1991. So, I had just about three years to wait on the grand finale.

Before I move ahead, let's go back to good ole' Phantasy Star for the SMS. Ah... the memories of it all. It was a quest in itself just to find a copy of this spectacular Phantasy. I did not own a SMS :-( So, I had quiet a search locating a power base converter. Once I achieved this miraculous feat, I was set to search for the greatest game of ALL TIME! I first checked out local game shops in my area. No luck whatsoever. One guy I ran into actually owned a copy. I made a generous offer and he laughed and said no way. It got to the point where I made flyers and posted them all around town including Toys 'R' Us. Only to find my hard efforts being taken down in the matter of days. Then one day my phone rings and this guy is telling me he has the treasure I've been looking for. Hey, I do a dance and I'm ready to pay a kings ransom. Fortunately it only cost me a few dollars. Since he knew I was salivating, he started out by asking a hundred bucks! Anyway, to make a long story short, I made the best purchase of a life time for a mere thirty dollars. I know some of you guys paid only five or ten bucks for a copy. But hey, the game new cost around seventy dollars in the store.

I must say that Phantasy Star I has changed my outlook on RPG's. Nintendo made a few decent games (Dragon Warrior, Zelda, Final Fantasy, etc.) but Sega made one helluva game when they created this beauty. I've been playing this game for a few years now. It only gets better with time. Even the old battery got a little kooky on me. Nothing like breaking out the old screwdriver and soldering iron to fix the problem. Now I can probally save my games for another ten years or so :-)

Last but not least, PSIV arrived and it was KILLER! I just wished the 3-D dungeons were in place. Oh well... Great game even if the dungeons were a bit easy. The bottom line is that Phantasy Star I (IMHO) is the best of the best in the series. For those who have never played this gem, GET IT - PLAY IT - LIVE IT!!!



Ah... I was a lucky one I suppose. When I was about six, my mom's friend's son, being sixteen and tired of the SMS, gave me all his games, and the system. Including Phantasy Star. At six, I had no idea what I was doing, but the idea of roleplaying appealed to me. I messed around with it for about three months, getting nowhere, but having fun trying to figure out which monsters I could talk to. After that I stopped playing. In '96, when I was 11, I was leafing through an issue of Sega Visions. I almost dropped when I saw a huge article on the upcoming Phantasy Star 4. I didn't know that there were sequels! As I read through the article, I was glad to see screenshots of PS1. However, I almost cried when I saw a sentence telling that 4 would be the last PS. So, of course, I went and bought it the day it came out. I never felt the need to play 2 or 3, but, I found them in a flea market, so... Who knows?


From: Nick Zukas (
The first PS I got into was number three. My brother and I were both into RPG's, and somehow he heard about Phantasy Star 3 (this was when it had just come out and it cost $70--a helluva lot of monet for a game from our parents' point of view). We go t it soon after. I thought it was great--I loved the music, all the cool characters, and the complex multiple endings. After a few months we both had a game saved right before the last fight, me using the twins, my brother using Crys (which incidentally i s an altered spelling of his real name). Our cousin came over and han't seen it, so we were going to show it to him.

Suddenly, disaster struck. For whatever reason (I think the cartridge wasn't inserted all the way or something) our saved games got erased (d'oh!) It was a few months before we got around to playing it again. Eventually I beat it with Aron. My brot her got kille trying to beat Dark Force with Sean and didn't feel like trying again, so I did it instead (which is strange--he's usually better at this stuff than me). We never got around to buying PSIV because of the price.

Eventually we sold the Genesis and all the games at a garage sale. It would be a number of years before I got into PS again.

Now a freshman in college, the miracle (pushing it maybe, but it is pretty damn cool) of emulation has enabled me to play all the games I missed (I FINALLY got to play Final Fantasy 3) and all the ones I wanted to play again--PS3 was on the top of that la st. I also decided to check out 2 and 4. I got into number 4 for a bit and saw some connections to the other games. Intrigued, I went on the net and found this site, along with dozens of others (Whoa! Who knew it was still this popular?) I was impressed b y the fact that it's all basically a continuation of the same story, unlike the Final Fantasy series (I've always like long, complex epics). Unfortunately, right before Lashiec, my saved game files got erased (whoa...deja vu).

I managed to dig up a decent Sega Master System emulator and now I'm going to play through the whole series from the start. The graphics were a bit of a deterrent at first, but I'll get used to it. It won't be very good for my physics grade, but it simply must be done :)

Rock on Algo!
--Nick Z.


From: Zak (
I owned a Master System when everyone else had a Nintendo. I bought Phantasy Star shortly after it was released, and I played it continuously until I completed it (which took a while). As soon as I was done, I started a new game - there's something about that game that keeps my interest even when I know what's going to happen next. Anyway, I later borrowed Phantasy Star 2 & 3 from a friend, and beat them both [only playing through one bloodline on PS3], but I didn't enjoy them in quite the same way as PS1 [I especially missed the 1st-person perspective in dungeons!). They just didn't quite catch the spirit the first one had. I didn't even know there *had* been a fourth one until a few months ago, when I saw the ROM for it. I loved it from the beginning, and I feel it fully captured the spirit and fun of the first game, w/ MANY improvements (macros, technique combos, etc.). I finished it in about a week, after playing it pretty much non-stop. I'd have to vote it the best video game I've ever played, period.


Let's see here...I first played a PS game when I was about 11 years old. The game was PS III and I borrowed my friends Genesis for about a week and played all his games. I got addicted to PS III. I was already an RPG fanatic, having played Dragon Warrior for the first time when I was about 9 or so. Anyways. I played it almost exclusively til he made me give it back. Then I borrowed it again and kept his Genny and the game for like a month until I got all the endings. I had sheaves and sheaves of notes for the game. I filled an entire notebook up. My second largest collection of personal notes for a game ever. My first is FFII, I literally had over 500 pages of notes, I wrote a damn walthrough and an FAQ, I had stats for most of the items, and I only played it through rental about 6-7 times and beat it.

Then I moved away, and didn't get to play much PS after that. I remeber I got my own Genesis the birthday before I moved but didn't play it that much, since I had no good games for it. Then, in 9th grade, I had this little problem with depression. I skipped something like 50-60 days of school second semester that year. I finally got caught 1 month before school ended. I told them I would go if I got one thing I wanted. I got PS IV for going to school the last 3 weeks. I remember I waited every day to see if it had gotten there yet (it was being sent from Seattle by my Grandmother). When it finally got there, I monopolized the TV and played it pretty much nonstop for 3 days, and beat it! Two weeks later my hint book arrived, and I spent another 2 weeks playing through again and getting everything I could.

After I beat it that second time, I played it only occasionally, gradually working my way up for Chaz and Rika to the mid 80's by the simple expedient of killing off the rest of my party and going Prophalis hunting (did you know if you kill one with only one character alive you get 89000!!! exp?). I loaned the game to a friend of mine and he moved away before I could get it back. I was PISSED (still am actually, and that was 4 years ago now).

I discovered emulators last year, and played all four games, PS I for the first time. I lost all of my stuff when we got our new computer, and have not really gotten back into emulators since.About a month ago I was in a local gaming store and saw PS II, III, and IV on the shelf for $10 each! I was slavering, and bought PS IV the next day. I just beat it last night finally, having gotten up to about 60th level (I like to annihilate bosses). I am planning on getting the other two games after I get all of the chars (including all the alternates) up to 98. I will NOT fall prey to the level 99 bug!

Anyways, this series has been a big part of my teenage years and I would like to say thanks for making this awesome page about it.

Sincerely, Lutz (I have adopted this name. I use it for roughly 50% of all characters I play in any RPG, tabletop, computer, console, whatever. It is also my other SN, DarkLutz, and my SN before that was RuneEsper. I admit it - Hi. My name is Eli, and i am a Phantasy Star addict! We need a support group!!!)


From: Tie Defenders (
The only game I actually played was PS 3 & 4! I'll always remember the day I rented the almighty PS4, my cousins came over and I wanted to rent a game. I rented about 75% of all the games there and my sister found 2 funny looking game covers and asked me which to choose. I wasn't fond of RPG's or fond of the cover, but the other game was CRUD! So I rented it and after a few days, I returned it. We rented for the rest of Summer and Finally beat it!

I then went to a diff. store to find PS 4 again, all gone... sniff... anyway I rented PS 3. Oh man I remember all the messed up gameplay it had. It was HORRIBLE!

I was glad I returned it to that store the next few days, and so I surfed the internet for "phantasy Star" eventually, I found THE PS Pages!! WOW! I practically printed almost everything on that page! and so I rented PS 4 again to try to find PS combos, I did, but on the 2nd day I bought a SATURN! I ignored PS4 for a while (which was a mistake...) and we had to return it later.

I later (about a year) bought PS 4 on a local Blockbuster sale on video games. I played for 4 hours and Trained so hard, that the Basement was SIMPLE! They were all around lv.15 at that time. BUT! When I saved and went to get something to eat and came back... THE SAVED FILE WAS GONE!!!! AARRRGGGHHHH!!!

Anyway, If anyone wants SEGA to publish PS "collection" or any PS game, I STRONGLY suggest that you e-mail to them. If you want to be lazy and not find their e-mail here it is- !! Or you can e-mail to !! ENJOY!!


I remember when I was seven or eight and I played Phantasy Star 3. I totally thought it was awesome. That, Phantasy Star 4 and The Legend of Zelda were my favorite RPG's as a child, along with a few FF's. But I remember playing Phantasy Star 3 on something called "Sega Channel". My brother never really like Phantasy Star, but he would watch me play and help me out every once in a while. I vaguely remember any of the Phantasy Stars, but I still have Sega and looking for where I can buy PS 3 and 4.Well ever since my exposure to RPG's when I was younger, I've been playing them since. RPG's are my favorite type games and basically all I'll ever play. I also like to make up characters and write scripts and stories about them. Sometimes I wish I could draw so I wouldn't have to describe their physical features, but I plan on creating RPG video games and animes when I'm older.


From: (
I don't know what moved me the day I first saw Phantasy Star 4 at Blockbuster. I almost shouted "It's in!" when I never even heard of the series. I literally ran to the box, took a glance at the back, and took the game, to be rented for the shortest week of my life. I loved the storyline, the characters, the graphics and the music. But, as I said, the shortest week ended short of beating Zio...

Now, about 4 years later, I have all four PS games on my computer. Sometimes I reflect back to the day I first entered Blockbuster Video and ran to that one game... Did it call out to me? Did it's aura tell me to get this one game and none other? Or was I just psychic, thinking that this game would be the best ever Genesis game on the planet?


Well, I started playing the Phantasy Star games about 2 and a half years ago with Phantasy Star 2. What got me started was an article in GamePro for Phantasy Star 4. It seemed like it was a pretty good RPG (which it is) when I read the article, so I started looking for it. I first came across a preowned Phantasy Star 2 and bought it for about 10 dollars. I was able to get to the part before you get the Maurea Leaves without a problem. Then I got lost. I rented PS 4 for about 2 months. About 7 months later, I got it. With what experience I had with it, I got through the game in about 3 months. I got PS 3 in January of 1998 and got through it in 2 months. Did I ever beat PS 2? Recently, I have. It took me a little over 2 years, but I finally beat it.


From: Jill Bowden (
I first played Phantasy star 4 about a year and a half a go and made it up to the last boss in about 3 weeks. I loved it and never put the controller down. I still wish I could finish 4, I cant wait. I racently bought 2 and 3. I'm just about to go through the crevise in 2 am in the ice world the second world in 3 and got the rom for 1 and am just about to get Hapsby. The best one is 4 of course 3 and 1 are awesome but 2 isn't that good. I hope I finish 4 soon so I can write and tell you about that.


You must have no idea who I am, but basically i'm just another RPG fanatic. A while ago, I rented PS II and played it a bit. I have to confess, I thought it sucked. I took it back and forgot that the Phantasy Star games existed for a long time.

Just recently, someone told me that PS IV was excellent. I got a rom of it, and decided to play it a bit. It was excellent. I got to Tonoe, saved and quit, then decided, "I'd like to play all of the PS games. I don't know any of the history of the Algol system." I found the rom of that, then i found out it was for the master system. I hate 8-bit systems, but I went ahead and found an emulator for it, then started playing it.

I still haven't finished it. This has to be the best game ever made for an 8-bit system. I often think that the older games are better, because the systems weren't flashy and the game authors had to make you THINK. Phantasy Star is true to that. There are a few standards that have evolved that it flouts(such as never having to work a lot to earn money to buy a necessary item{ice digger}, being theoretically able to finish the game at level 1, etc.), and there are a few adaptations that the system required that would not be needed on a more modern system(consider the warehouse in Camineet and the tunnel to the Governor's mansion in Paseo, not to mention the gas mask shop in Drasgow and the fact that sub screens don't give clues to what's in front of you) but it's still a lot of fun. I must admit, RPG's set in high-tech worlds seem better than medieval ones now, and i can't understand why they dropped the tech level from high in 1 and 2 to low in 4. In any case, the Phantasy Star games look better now than they did when i first found PS II. And now I can hardly quit PSI.


I recently bought PS2 and 3. I've been a pretty big fan since I was about 5 (Im 11). It took me three months just to beat PS1. And after I beat it I just felt empty so I started to play it again. I had 2 when I was younger and my parents sold it so I never got to finnish playing it. So When I found a store that sold it you can imagine my excitement. Even though Im now older and own a Playstation and FF7..I still find The Phantasy Star series to be The Best games I have ever played.


I was about 11 or 10 when I rented PS4 from my local Blockbuster place.I got hooked on it really fast.Some of these death scenes..._REALLY_ got to me for some strange reason.Sometimes I'll get wacked out and think if I was in Chaz's shoes in that death scene.My fav. character....Has to be Zio.Meancingly evil.Right now(I'm 12) and the year is 1998,November 9.I have to play all the Phantasy star games on an emulator on my computer.This would be my ultimate wish and probably every other PS jockey out there.They remade all the PS's into a movie!That would rock!And they could also revised all the PS's and make them into N64 games...Just improve all the graphics and music and such!


From: Ralph Koziarski (
Many many moons ago I got a sega master system as a communion gift. I was impressed (this was about 1987-88). I was never big on the pure action games, but I spent many nights playing Alex Kidd (Great game by the way). However Alex took a back seat when about a year later I got Phantasy Star. I remember reading articles about it in gaming magazines and bugging my parents for about a month before they bought it for me. When I finally got it I could not be seperated from my controler. I was enthralled by the great graphics and the immense scope of the game. It took me about 2 or 3 weeks to find the roadpass, so naturally i got disenchanted and put the game asside. When i finally figured that step out I was on the road to Motavia to get Myau (still my favorite PS character) then Odin, Noah... upgrading weapons, finding items, and then confronting Lassic. I loved it all, and still do.

A few years later I got a Genesis and with it PSIII. It was a great game, the plot is wonderfull, I don't see why people say it's so horrible. It's no PS1 but still........

When I was in 7th grade I got PSII for christmas and loved it just as much as I did the other two PS games. By then I was a PS junkie, drawing the characters, making up designs for sequals etc...

Right now I'm in college so I don't have much time for video games, but I am replaying PSII (a little at a time) and I let my girlfriend borrow my master system and PS1 and she has fallen in love with it just as much as I did when I was but a little boy. What a great example of cultural diffusion. :)


I remember when I got my sega. I was 10. It came with Sonic, and with PS2...I played sonic for about 20 minutes, died, and started playing PS2. I died fighting mosquitoes. I started again. I bought Nei weapons, and Rolf a Knife. I died fighting mosquitoes. I started again, bought Nei weapons, etc...and saved, this time. (I read the instruction book, too!) I played that game, once a day. 3 weeks later, my mother cleaned house, and lost my PS2. I found it a month later, and beat it over night. I never used Hugh, not once. Later on in my life, I saw PS4..I bought it, for $99! (Brand new, first day on the american market, oi!) I played it nonstop, religiously. It took me 3 months. (mostly cause I couldn't figure out what to do with the Psycho wand....and Alis kept dying before Chaz could be Black Energy Waved in the first fight with Zio..) I loved it. I went back to PS2, and did the old Nei trick, so she would stay with me forever! A year later, I opened up my birthday Present...PS3. I hated (and still do..) it. It was too different for me...I beat it, got the "Black hole ending" and tossed it aside. I later found an Emulator, got Ps1, and finally beat all 4 PS's...I got hooked...I roleplayed in the PS world...I wrote Fanfics...I drew...I created characters and wrote stories about them,a nd what they were doing in the PS worlds during the games. I loved it. I still do. It has given me the best times in my life. Thank you sega, make PS5.


From: Shaun Campbell (
Beilieve it or not, PS 1 actually may have saved my life. It was a cold winter day in January of 1988 (I think). I borrowed by best friend's SMS and PS1. It took me over 4 months to get him to lend it to me, but I finally managed. I sat down to a gam that I has only seen briefly. My buddy paid 63 bucks and had to go 3 miles to get it, so I was sure it would be worth it.

I was right.

I played the game for hours and hours. I was an RPG veteran even then so I had my methodology in full effect. It was a Friday. I thought to myself that i had ALL night. So I played, ALL night without a care. I went to bed around 5 AM.

The next morning at about 11, I got a call from a friend of mine. He said "Did you Forget Something?" I knew I had no plans to hang out with him so I replied, "Like what?" He said, "Like the SAT's this morning?" I dropped a load in my pants. The most important test I would ever take, that cost me 30 bucks, that determined my college future, just slipped my mind totally. After roaming around the room kicking and screaming (still on the phone), my friend interrupted my saying "It's ok, I am trying to be humourous." I said, "But I still missed the test" He said, "Don't worry, everyone did." I said, "Wait a minute, what do you mean?" He said, " What room were you supposed to take the test in?" I said, " I was supposed to be in 213 with you. Why?" He said, "Well we both got lucky. The roof collapsed right over our room in themiddle of the test. Snow and cement everywhere. It landed on the desk in front of me." I was flabbergasted. Then it hit me. "We were supposed to be seated alphabetically, right?" He said, "Yeah". I said," That would hae been my seat." He didn't say anything for a minute or two. Then he said, "Your right." We didn't know what to say after that. I made up an excuse and got off the phone. I freaked.

As lucky as I may have been. I now have some ammo against those who say I spend too much time playing games. I can honestly say that my game playing may have saved my life.


From: Rolf Landale (
Unlike most people, I started my rpg'ing in 1996,and the first one I played was,gasp!Super Mario RPG.It was the first and AT THE TIME, best rpg I played,besides FF7:) It introduced me to Rpgs,exp.,money,etc.

In 1998, sadly, I had to move away from my friend(he was the one who had SUPER MARIO RPG, mind you,since I don't have a Snes. He was right next to my house,too.)We moved maybe 30 miles away, meaning bye bye walking to my friends house to play Super Mario Rpg.

Well, any way, after we moved in and unpacked, I went on the computer and searched for codes at my fav codes site, Game Sages(Secret of the Sega Sages) and I saw the names Phantasy Star 2&3&4 while scrolling through the list.Interested, I checked at the codes and FAQs for them. Even more interested, I decided find one of them and play it.

Soon After I played Phantasy Star 4, man was it great, it was better than Super Mario Rpg or FF7. It had a great story line and tons of weapons and spells!Unlike some people I beat it in one week(thank you FAQS!). Soon after(I had a 4 month vacation) I played Phantasy Star 2, man was that EVEN better than 4(My opinion).Again, I beat in one week as well. After that I played Phantasy Star 3. It was good, the flaw were the graphics(They were a little grainy).Last was Phantasy 1.It was great, just like 2 and 4, and yes even 3.

My absolute fav characters were Myau,Noah,Alis,Rolf,Amy,Anna,Chaz, Rune, and Rika. My fav bosses were Dark Falz from ps1,Dark Force from ps2,Zio, both Lassics, and Neifirst, the vile human-biomonster.

The Phantasy Star series is the best of the best, long live Phantasy Star!It is simply the best.


From: kaprio:
I can remember the very first time I played a Phantasy Star game ( or rather saw one ) My Brother had a party and his friends brought a Sega over. I asked what was going on and they simply said "Can't talk, playing game." Curios to see what this game was that was so important I couldn't even get a straight answer out of any of them I sat down and watched. I was slightly amused by the start up music and the image of the little girl that appeared and said " We meet again Rolf." Then She started muttering about how much more Experience points these people needed. I was a little confused. ( After-all, I hadn't ever played a RPG before. ) Then I saw four people appear on the screen ( Rolf, Rudo, Shir, and Amy, who, mind you, I had no idea were at the time. ) In front of them a large four armed woman, flashing all sorts of colors appeared on the screen. I was astonished at the panorama of colors. ( I was only five then so I was easily amazed.) I left the room and asked my brother what that game was, he told me, Phantasy Star II. Then name stuck in my head permanantly.

Two years later my brother brought home a game from his friends house. Curios to find out what it was I asked hime, it was Phantasy Star III! At first I shrugged it off but that night I dreamt about Motherbrain from PSII. Then I remmembered. The next day I woke very early to play the game. By the end of the day I had made it to the Second Generation as Nial. Eager To play more I continued on through the night till I married again. I slept for a short time and awoke early again and played the game from the Third Generation. I made it, Finnaly, to the last boss and one in two days!

More Years passed and I heard about Phantasy Star IV! I rented it eagerly and began to play. The story was so impressive, and the graphics blew me away. I was emotionally touched many times during the game, specifically when Alys was killed by that loser ( yet so cool looking) Zio. I won the game after renting three times.

Last Christmas I bought Phantasy Star II, III, and IV. I recently won PS II and went back and played the others. I was impressed at how well they all tied together, ( except for III. ) I now desire greatly to obtain and play PSI. And with the coming of PSV I am greatly anticipating the new year when it is supposedly to be released. I CAN'T WAIT! I'd also like to say that I recently got Chaz up to Level 99!



From: Justin Thomas Melanson (
My close friend Armand introduced me to the Phantasy Star Series back in early '96 when we first became friends. He was telling me about PSII and how cool the game was, but very frustrating. Still, after he told me about that, I wanted to try the game and went over his house for the first time. There PSII and PSIII awaited. At first I liked PSII more, but it was too slow and the music is annoying. PSIII however KICKED SERIOUS A**!! I LOVED IT (we exchanged systems for a few weeks so we could try each other's games), I want to get a real Genesis and beat PSIII. Before then I barely even heard of the Phantasy Star Series and my first quote was when I tried PSII and heard that none of the Sega platforms rivaled the Final Fantasy Series (which is another great RPG series, but I like PS a bit more because it is pure and on only one system, the FF series is now on two which is very stupid). I hope that a new PS game or at least the PS compilation comes to the shores of the good ol' US of A. I'll get the compilation and be happy with that, and on the first day that it comes out. Well, I shall be out now, I hope that you add this memory to your memory list. Vive le Phantasy Star (live long Phantasy Star in French).


From: Sterling (
Maxx, Hello, how are you? My name is Tim Byleveld. You may or may not remember me, but I mailed you a while ago asking a little about PS etc. and you were so good as to write back to me. Anyhow, this may sound really silly and sorry if it does.... I just wanted to tell you what a great site you have constructed and thank you for the pleasure (and it really is a pleasure) your site has bought myself and my brother after having played these great games together many years ago - and rediscovering them a few months ago. Anyway the point is, just like myself, my brother really liked your site, it is such a wonderful walk down memory lane and brings back so many memories of the games themselves and what was happening around us at the time. After speaking to hardly another person our whole lives about these great games and seeing and hearing so little about them, your site appeared at a perfect time. See, the thing is, my brother died a short while ago. I felt I very much wanted to contact and thank those people whose endeavours and work touched Grant and meant something to him... these video games (especially the Phantasy Stars) we played together were a part of our childhood and mean a lot. Every time I enter and look through your site I will think about Grant so much. Does this make sense to you? Anyway, I am sorry if I am ranting like an idiot, I can assure you I am not the complete nut I must sound to be. Again I wish to thank you for an excellent site and commend you on your great work. Most sincerely, Tim Byleveld.


From: Camodemon (
Imagine the scene. Me, a drained RPG fanatic, left to play wannabes like Final Fantasy I. Then came the fateful day. During lunch about a year ago, my friend pulled a game out of his bag. "Phantasy Star IV? What the ... oh." were my only words before he flipped the box around. I spent the next three hours salivating over the game. When the bell to leave rang, I dashed over to my friends house. As I flipped the switch on the Genesis, as the music played, as the grin on my face widened, I played PSIV for the first time. I cried when Alys died, I frantically paced about trying to beat Lashic (I know, I know) I screamed when I almost beat him, but the power went out, and I almost fainted when I defeated P. Darky at level 35, the first time! It was beauty. I soon was introduced to PSII, PSI, and then (blaguh!) PSIII! I am currently trying to beat PSII, and am loving every minute of it!


From: Barry J Burns (
I never had a master system (I was into the Atari thing 4 a long time) but then i bought a Nintendo. I've always been somewhat of a vidiot :-) be it cpus or vidgames... anywho, I rented Zelda for the nes and got a little hooked, but that was long ago. After that i got into programming for awhile until I got sega channel and played ps2, 3, ad 4. I didn't like ps2 because it was too slow or ps3 because i thought the music was annoying(but i beat them both in months when they didn't have ps4), but ps4 rocked. I never read the booklets for games so i had not a clue to how to fight in ps4 (I can remember fighting Igglanova with Turbo fire on...) My fave characters are Rune (He shoud've kicked Chaz's butt) & Alys. On xmas a few years ago i finally got ps4. I was over at a friend's house and i beat the whole thing after Zio in 1 night (I don't know how either...) after numerous failed attempts. It was about 5am when I watched the best ending in videogame history as chaz megided profound darky into the dirt- i must have been possessed but i got thru the edge in 1 try with no hintbook or map. I can remember thinking "Are there more than three?" but i knew she was the last becuz the music changed. My fave music is the ruune theme song (It plays on my computer's startup). We just moved and i haven't found my copy of ps4 or my genny yet so i am working on programming a text based ps game based on the ps1 plotline. My cpu has the ps cursors, music, wallpaper, logos, etc... from your page- I'm listening to the ps4 ending music right now! My fave character from ps1 is myau, ps2 is nei, ps3 is lyle.


From: Terry Lin (
I just started playing PS1, PS2, and PS3 again... through emulators. And wow... the MEMORIES they bring back. I still remember those god awful dungeons in PS1... I mean it wasn't easy when you're like 8 years old to tackle Baya Malay (curiously I don't even remember the tower being called that... geez it's funny how you miss all the details when you're young :-) PS1 was the very first RPG I played... so it will forever hold a special place in my heart.

PS2 was amazing.... i think it's probably the best in the series... everything from the music to the futuristic motif and the awesome character designs (love the anime). I really think this set a new standard in RPG'ing... none of the final fantasies come close to touching this one. PS2 is undeniably the best rpg I have ever played.

PS3... I'm seriously surprised people don't like this one. Yes it's not as graphically sophisticated as PS2/PS4, but the character designs/storyline is pretty darn good. The most INCREDIBLE part of this one is the generations... i mean it's soo cool getting to pick who to marry and finding out what your offspring turns out like :-) The character art is fantastic... as always (love the anime). For people who haven't beaten it... you really should... it picks up immensely after you finish the first generation. Like PS2 is has a strong atmosphere to it... albeit more medieval.

PS4... I'm holding out until genecyst has sound support... since so many people rave about the music. damnit... now I wish I hadn't sold my mega drive... argh...

.... Phantasy Star... ahhh.... it's so sad now that everyone's moved on to Square... i hope Sega does a superb job continuing the series...


I've only had my Genny for 3 years (since 4/1994). When the Sega Channel came out, I got to play PS 2, 3, and 4. My brother got hooked on PSIV and asked my mom to buy it, at first I was against it, but I saw how cool it was, he finally beat it. After that, he got Chaz to Level 88 and 92 and he got Wren to Level 99...........(what happened to raja?............) after a year he did not play ps4 (it crashed).......but 2 months ago we wanted to get ps1 and ps2 (we got ps1's emulator and ps2 a few days ago)................................started to play PSIV. (Did u know there was a Japanese Game Gear Phantasy Star game?) I want PS collection and Phantasy Earth!!!!!!


From: Mike Harris (
i personally never owned a master system.... so i personally never got into the world of alis and her adventures and i didnt get a genises until my 7th grade year... i was pissed as hell because i couldnt find any good games for my sega.... well one of my friends let me norrow psII well let me tell you it drove me NUTS i coulndt do a goddam thing in the game... i put it away for about a year..... (he STILL hasnt gotten his game back and this is 5 years later).... i picked it up sat down beat the shure dungeon and was HOOKED i played that game for a nonstop 3 months till i beat it (i had the help of a hintbook mind you) and i still am upset that they killed Nei...... she was my favorite and still is (besisdes alys which to this day i am PISSED AS HELL that they KILLED her ) (insert anguished sob here) i mean ALL the cool charecters ALWAYS die...what a crock.... anyway i lovethe PS series and ope it continues.... the only game i didnt REALLY like that much was PSIII bbut oh well.... :)

thanks for the memories PS!!!!!


From: Sarah Walsh (
One day, I was in the video rental store returning a movie, and there it was. Phantasy Star IV. The game looked cool, so I rented it.

If the rental store hadn't owed money to my dad (he fixes VCRs for them) I would never have played PSIV as much as I do now. If the place had charged me for late fees, I'd have had to cash in my 20,000 dollar trust-fund and thirty grand in savings bonds. For three long months, I was the temporary owner of that copy. But then, I felt bad and had to take it back. (mainly because my mom said it was interfering with my schoolwork) I went through withdrawl symptoms because nobody would let me rent it for fear I'd get addicted again.

...but one day, I was looking for a birthday present in a toy store. I saw a sign that said 'used Sega games 30% off and I looked frantically for PSIV. Not there, so I asked about it. One last copy since the last shipment of the game had come in, and I, yours truly,own the final copy of Phantasy Star Four in the Union City area of Connecticut, USA.

Since then, I have not gone more than 5 days without hearing the soothing tunes of the Inn song, nor cried at hearing Her Last Breath, nor felt consumed with rage as Dark Force 2 fell to Grandcross. I hear those songs in my dreams. I see those battles in my nightmares (In my dreams when I fight, I usually lose. I can't fight for beans) Nonetheless, PS4 RULZ!

Also, in probably april or may of 1997, Phantasy Star V (not a real game just a fanfic) will be coming out. This follows the 1000 year tradition. After all, Wren did say 'I believe we'll meet again' didn't he? makes you wonder.....


From: Keith Bingham (
Well, I guess the whole thing started around 1989, or 1988... That would put me around 6 or 7. My uncle, Dan, who was also my age. (odd I know) Had a Sega. He had some pretty cool games for it. Alf, Space harrier. Y's. I never really was too interes ted in those games. But he did have Phantasy Star. His father would play it all the time. He had a huge notebook full of notes, maps, things that everyone said... It was huge! Dan would play the game sometimes, and we fell in love with it. In the fi rst town... That music? It would be stuck in my head forever.... To this day, I still love it. This game had such a huge big effect on our imagination. We would go out in the yard, and we would venture out, imagining that there was a Scorpion, or eve n, (horrors!) a Fishman around the corner. I would be a Magician, using only my wits. He would be the Barbarian, using his brawn. The game gave us so much enjoyment, even when we were not playing it. To this day, when I hear any music from that game, my heart jumps. Then one day, I was allowed to start a game. I was overjoyed! I remember that I was so happy when I made it to level 5. I would walk along the outer wall that was around the first city, fighting Hordes of Mosquitoes, and the occasiona l scorpion. I told Dan that I could get all the characters, Myau, Odin and Noah, all in the same day. And I did. It took me 6 hours, but I did it. After I got Noah, I had to have Dan's dad come and get me out of the cave.... I never did get any farth er than that, though.... As far as I can remember anyway... Afterwards, I learned of A guy named Lassic, a robot named Hapsby, and other things... but this was all on Dan's game... He never did beat it. But his Dad did.

Well, I got the Genesis a few years later.... and, I don't remember how... but I got Phantasy Star II. The best game ever. I had so much fun with that game... Dan never did get to see it though... I forget why. I loved the game, and the Hint book it came with was indespensible. I learned everything there was to know about the game... Unfortunetly, I was so good, that I got to Darkfalz, Or Dark Sol, or whatever, I got to him too early. I could never beat him. (of course, at the time, I didn't know what the problem was. He was just too damn hard) I found out later, that one of my guys was too weak. And I didn't have this spell called Mergatroid or something like that... AND I wouldn't get to see Mother Brain right after that... I was Mad... but what really pissed me off was that I was saving someone else game, so they could play, and I saved over my own. It was a knife into my heart. I would never find out what the deal with Miother Brain was, or with the Espers or anything... I tried to start a new game, but I couldn't get into it.... I abadoned it later on and pursued other things.

THEN, a couple of years later... (not too sure when) My Dad (who I didn't live with at the time, I visited every other weekend or so) got Phantasy Star II by some odd coincedence! I was thrilled again! I started a game, but I couldn't get through it w hen I didn't actually have the game... Same deal as with the first one. But He loved it, and would tell me about the story and stuff... I was so happy that I could finally get to hear more.. I forget most of it now, 'cept for the bare miminals.

Unfortunetly, life led me astray, I traded in the Genisis and all the games for a Playstation, and I never got to see Phantasy Star IV... but after me and Dan reminiscing about Phantasy Star... I look on the internet and find this site.... It has insp ired me to gout and but A genesis, and get Phantasy 2-4.... and finally complete a big portion of my chilhood. I know that this may sound stupid... but I don't think I would be the same if there were never any Phantasy Stars....

It has not gotten the credit it deserves.... and IF they decide to make another one, and put it out for something other than Sega... I don't know what I'd do...... I would probably turn into that little 7 year old again, and hum the city music.


From: Billy Statema:
Before I played PS IV, I thought RPG standed for rampage. Then the best thing happened! My parents went to Blockbuster WITHOUT ME! I was pretty mad, but when I tried the game they got me (PS IV). I was hooked. I had some much trouble in the basement storehouse in Tonoe. Then when I finally found the Ashline, I checked out the chest to the side which held an ESCAPEPIPE! I got so mad when Zio nailed Alys with that queer looking goop(The Black Wave). Then I had to bring it back. The thing that was really amazing was that when I rented it again, My game was still there! I fought my way through his evil minion in Ladya Tower. After that I almost cried with the next scenes of Alys death. It made me so mad that I wanted to destroy Zio even more. And I did! I did it that very same night. After renting the game once more, my parents bought it for me. Then I did all that work in half the time. Over the next month I finally made it to Rykros. Then the next week, I kicked the Profound Darkness' butt inside and out.


From: Joshua Holmes (
Hi. You have NO idea who I am but I have been a PS fanatic from the first day I played my copy of PSI. It was about 8 years ago. I, never had played, let alone seen an RPG, was astonished at the graphics (especially the dungeons [first-person YEAH!]). I was about 7 years old and could already read quite well so an 8-bit RPG couldn't overthrow me (or so I thought). My dad and I played it for about 30 minutes until we were bored out of our skulls. We put it away. About 3 weeks later, I was bored so I decided I would play PS again. I can remember all the battles I fought to get Myau. After doing some serious level-building, I decided to go get Odin. After fearfully entering the cave, I made my way to get Odin (who to this day is my favorite char. in PSI). After reading the conversation, I decided to head back to Motavia. I eventually got the shortcake to take to the Governor and got Noah. I really got into it until I had all the Laconian stuff and couldn't use the Laerma Nut. I was mad and put it away for a while. About a year later, I was at a friend's house and we decided to rent a game. I went along and saw PSIV. I immediately grabbed it and showed it to my friend (this was the beginning of his RPG fanaticism). When we got back to his house, we immediately popped it into his Genesis. As we listened to the opening theme, I realized that this was one of the better RPGs. I still think it is somewhat better than some of the SquareSoft games. We got to Tonoe and basically gave up in the basement (stupid monsters). Although a couple of weeks later, I learned that he had rented it again and had made quite a bit of progress. He had beaten Zio, which I did a few weeks later on another file that he had started. It was at least 3 months later that he beat it. I was at his house a couple of days later and I beat it. One thing that touched me about that game was the fact that they actually mention the names from PSI. About 6 months later when I was at the public library, I decided to do a search for PS. I found your page and was overwhelmed at the amount of information you had. I immediately went to the PSI section and printed up the walkthrough. I would finally beat it. About a week later, I beat PSI. I was overjoyed that I had finally beat it, but I wasn't impressed with the ending. That was the beginning of an obession that continues to this day. Well, thanx for a great page and keep up the good work!

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