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The Phantasy Star Universe stands as a rich tapestry of heroic champions, diabolical villains, and exotic and extraordianry locales, woven together by some of Sega's most imaginative programmers and artists. None of us who have played the games will ever forget the magical effect that they have had on us; those memories will be with us forever. And it is ever so appropriate that we, the fans, can contribute our own magic to the series. No, we ourselves can't make another Phantasy Star game; no, we can't get Sega to continue the series, ad infinitum. But we can do other things.

We can help to introduce this terrific series to those who have not yet experienced it. We can enliven the memories of those who have played the games, by sharing our thoughts and feelings. Both of those tasks are what prompted me to create this entire web site, collectively known as the Phantasy Star Pages.

And there is one more thing that we can do. As fantastic as the Phantasy Star Universe is, it is incomplete. Not every event is explained; not every character is explored; not every question is answered. This unknown quality is one of the most exciting hallmarks of the series. And it is also where, we, the fans, can contribute our true magic: we can fill in the holes, answer the questions, explain the unknowns. Each of us has thought about such things as, Did Alis become queen after defeating Dark Force? or What happened to Rolf and the others while battling the Earthmen? or Did the ships in PSIII really make it to Earth? And, presumably, each of us has our own answers those questions.

It is along those lines that this next section has been formed. I can honestly say that of all the various topical pages here at this site, this one stands second only to Phantasy Star Memories in value. Here you will find various interpretations of a wide variety of PS events, both those alluded to in the games, and those finding existence for the first time anywhere. I'd personally like to thank all those who have donated stories, and would encourage everyone else out there who has a desire to write one to do so and send it to me. In this way, many, many PS fans can share in your vision, which can do nothing but enrich us all. And be sure to review the Submission Guidelines if you'd like to see your story here.

And, if you have a passion for stories based in a common universe, check out Phantasy Star Ultimate here at the PS Pages.

Phantasy Star II

Restoration by Rune Lai

Darrell Whitney

A Heart As Cold As Stone
Calling The Shadows
Call To Arms
A Light In The Darkness
The (Mad) Scientific Method
Drawn To Nightmare
Legend's Dawn
Destiny's Forge
Penultimate End
The Measure Of A Hunter
Fishergeist: A Memoir by Odin
Bait and Switch
Frost Jade
The Abiding Spirits
Whom Do You Serve?
Business As Usual
Street Magic
Eternal Legacy
Drasgow Blues
Nothing By Accident
Mother Birth
Do You Believe In Magic?
Bad Fortune
Gemini Soul
Lost In Your Eyes
He Who Laughs Last
Fall Of A Corporate Man
Freedom's Price
Drawing The Blade
Magic Man
It Lies Only Sleeping
A Question Of Taste
The Lost
The Guardian Way
Murder In Shusoran
Closing The Circle
The Ol' Three-Shell Wren
What's In A Name?
Steel And Stone
In Your Eyes I Find A Mirror
I'll Wait Forever
Dragon's Gate
Heart Of Fire
Love Is Not A Dream
Buried Treasure
Heart Of Stone
Desperately Seeking Cyborg
Royal Gift
Resurrection Men
Eight Strokes
The Seventeenth Stanza
The Final Testimony
Arkingham's Legacy
It's All In Where You Look
Know When To Roll 'Em
The Wrong Rescuer
Sixteen Strokes
Pick-Up Line
Head Over Heels
Falling For You
The Whispers Of Darkness
We Make Our Own Tragedies
Cold Moonlight Fire
Silver Moonlight Vengeance
The Moral Of The Story
The Living Dead Are Not My Type!
You Knock Me Off My Feet
Amber Eyes, Shadow Eyes
A Single Coin's Worth
The Summoner
A Lesson Well Learned
A Theft Among Family
An Untraditional Ceremony
Alliances in Spirit
The Five Noble Elements
Dead Moon Rising
Stealing A Chance
The Running Of The Penguins
Let Slip The Chains
On Death's Frontier
Don't Get Bent Out Of Shape
Bountiful Unrest
Country Justice
The Red Hand
Faces Of Honor
(Not So) Quick On The Draw
There Are None So Blind
An Exquisite Dance
A Stone's Weight Of Wisdom
Full Heart, Empty Head
The Essence of the Job
The Masculine Capacity
In Pursuit Of Truth
Favor For A Friend
Black Hound
The Ultimate WEAPON
Silence Of The Heart
Grave Consequences
Fragment Of Shadows
A Friend In Need
Tell Me A Secret
(Black) Paper Chase
Ghosts Of The Past
Making A Point
Jade Dancer

Joel Fagin

The Beast Between Worlds
Fallen Angel
The Story And The Truth
Soul Of Elsydeon
Nero's Other
The Corrupter
The Forging Of Elsydeon
Cruelty To Animals
Alis In Training
Phantasy Star
The Pink Lady
The Other Side
The Night Before Christmas
Zio Being Romantic
The Measure Of A Hero
Algolian Fairy Tales
Eight Stroke Sword

Rune Lai

University Blues
Something In The Stars
Legends And Lore
Because I Never Knew I You
The Sameness We Share
He Believed
Inner Peace
The Amber Robe
Used As Machine
Heavens Fall Without You
Princess Of Cille
You Never Said You Loved Me
Champion And Thief
For You, Always
A Daughter Done Right
Sins Of The Fathers
Sins Of The Children
Sins Of Humanity
Sins Of The Fallen
Sins Of Faith

Gray Brangwin

Dream No More
My Pain Is Your Pain
Sisterly Love
The Second Coming
Do You Know Who You Are?
Sacred Quest
Who Wants To Live Forever?
Those Artless Eyes
Lethe And Starlight


The Hand That Feeds You
Getting The Demons Out
The First Day Of Spring
A Woman Scorned
On Fragile Ground
Bantam Roosters
I Am Not A Mirage
The Cost Of War
Casting The Stones

Orakio of the Domes

The Ravages Of Age
Forever Frozen
Fallen Angel
The Shape Of Things To Come
Shattered World
Lena Of A Thousand Dreams
Gift From Darkness
Unholy Omens

Phantasy Star Online

Project: Sols by Sean Phelps
The Recollection Of Meira by PhanGarrett
The Recollection Of Crankshaft by PhanGarrett
Republic Insa: The House Of God by KodiaX 987
Republic Insa: The Android Sin by KodiaX 987

Phantasy Star I

Untold Histories: Unwanted Truth by Sheri
Tomorrow Is Another Day by Jennifer Micelli
Phantasy Star Zero by Kevin Cameron

Phantasy Star II

Phantasy Star 2.5: Darkblade by Draco
Phantasy Star 2.5: Hunters by Draco
Phantasy Star 2.5: Warriors by Draco
Phantasy Star 2.5: Techmasters by Draco
Phantasy Star 2.5: Magicians by Draco
Phantasy Star 2: Tales Of The Broken Blade by Draco
Discovery And Destructions by Jennifer Micelli

Phantasy Star III

In The Name Of The Mother by Michael Hahn

Phantasy Star IV

Descendants by Chris Vogel
Homecomings by Chris Vogel
Resurrections by Chris Vogel
Deadman's Revenge by Sean Hollern
The Lost Weapons Of Nei by Sean Hollern
Child Of Darkness by Terry Mathews
A Change Of Heart by Sheri
Darkness Returns: The Blood War by Sheri
The Courtship And Marriage Of Rika by Steven Garret
Heroes Of The Black Wave: Specters Of The Past by Kelron

Phantasy Star Online

A Magnitude Of Metal by Alan Demers
To Hold A Shadow by Ishmael
The Chosen One by Ed Greene
Catch by Jason McKendry

Phantasy Star I

The Phantasy Star Oscards Awards Ceremony by Christine Carpenter
Unkind Feet by Leslie Johnson
Alis In Darkness by Michael Hahn
A New Perspective by Jack Power
Prelude To The Phantasy by Synthesis Landale
So Much Will Die With Me by Landgren
A Kingdom Deserved by Landgren
I Know You're Watching by Jennifer Micelli
Scion's Pride by Jennifer Micelli
To Know His Name by Jennifer Micelli
The Forging Of Elsydeon by John Gomes
The Watchers by John Gomes
Strength Of Conviction by John Gomes
Gods Among Men by Oswego del Fuego

Phantasy Star II

Madness And The Machine by Michael Hahn
Bridging Worlds by Chris Vogel
The Name Of A Hero by Prometheus
A Mother's Love by Archon
Love In The First Generation by Myau of Algol
Those Who Go Unremembered by Shining Guy
Repercussions by Offler
Professional Inquiry by Oswego del Fuego
Karminjeeru by Oswego del Fuego
Blood In The Sky by Justin Anderson

Phantasy Star III

The Road To Resurrection by Christine Carpenter
The Sound Of The Siren by Synthesis Landale
The Sand Falls by Ishmael
Behind You by Alys Rysel
Feelings Of A Lonely Woman by Alys Rysel
Alone by Jennifer Micelli
Mieu's Task by Tim Ceaser

Phantasy Star IV

Fourth Chosen by Chris Vogel
State Of Being by Chris Vogel
The Path To Destiny by Leslie Johnson
Molcum by Lord Offler
Kadary by Lord Offler
Seth - A Final Recording by StellarWind Elsydeon
Falze Prophets by Moogle Luv
After by Frodo
Dreams Of The Past by Selie
Tears Down the Sad Sky by Alys Rysel
A Prayer In The Darkness by Ishmael
Good Morning, And Happy Easter! by Ishmael
A Meeting Of Heroes by Ishmael
Legions of Darkness by Massacre Studios
A Prologue To Phantasy Star IV by Bruce Chang
Hahn's Wedding by Dr. Hahn
Resurrection by John Gomes
Sins Of The Past by John Gomes
Forgiveness by John Gomes
Ancients by John Gomes
Infernal Contact by John Gomes
The Road To Recovery by Philip Greaves
When Hahn Meets Saya by Philip Greaves
The Rika Project by Philip Greaves
Opening The Door by Philip Greaves
The Ladea Tower by Philip Greaves
Sketch: Gryz And Odin's Axe by Neko
A Beginning After The End by Nightmarefirst
Blue Sky by Black Waltz 0
Love And War! by Black Waltz 0
Dark Force Rising by Mike Jedlowski
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