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Conversations Within Elsydeon Page 9

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  • "Man those monster corpses decomposed fast!" - HUmarl
    "Your dead monsters leave corpses?" - Rolf
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "So, who's Alisa anyway?" - Alis to Rhys, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "No, not 'FOrren'. Forren. No, they're NOT real Techniques. They're just add-ons. I am not a Force." - Wren, Arguing Within Elsydeon
  • "I'm trying, but my psychic powers are insufficient to reach the historians of Algol. The best I can do is telepath our stories to a bunch of degenerates on some ancient Earth computerised discussion board..." - Lutz and/or Noah, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "The monsters attacked from more than one direction? Why would they do that?" - Chaz to a RAnewm, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Well of course the Rappies weren't dead. They didn't vanish, did they?" - FOnewm, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Sounds hard. I like to have the monsters all lined up myself." - Alys to a HUmar, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "This is very small container for a sword. I'd love to know how... hang on, it says something here. 'Copyright AW 3080, Capsule Corp...'" - Odin to a HUmar, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Now, THAT'S the gun I needed against the Earthmen!" - Rudo to a Shot-toting RAcast, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "If Dark Falz really thought re-locking doors was going to stop us, he was being a bigger idiot than ever." - A RAmar, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "New game for the hunters! Rappy soccer!" - Conversations On Pioneer 2
  • "I wanna pet Rappy!" - Rika, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "We RAmars had to have heavy metal boots, pneumatic back braces and a full arm brace, all cleverly connected to put all weight and strain from the right arm on to the back brace and the anchorage in the feet. It meant we couldn't bend over, but it did mean that us humans could hold those damned guns without falling over." - RAmar, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "What? You put up Christmas trees?!" - Daniel the Earthling to Principal Tyrell, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Red Ring Rico? I thought they were, um, you know, Hunter lessons on audio tape." - HUmarl, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I don't understand. You're all famous heroes, and I'm just a kid. Why am I here, Gryz?" - Pana
    "There's probably a quick gag to be made." - Gryz
    "Hey, I've often wondered what Jawas looked like out of uniform." - Daniel the Earthling
    "And there it is." - Gryz
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "That's a... Your MAG's a antique games console! Why is an antique games console flying?" - Daniel the Earthling to a HUcast
    "Don't worry, mate. No one ever knows what Dan's talking about." - Kain to same HUcast
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I can't believe it. Actual, real-life fashion sense worse than Alis's." - Alys to a FOnewearl, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Dark Falz dropped an explosion on the Dome and sucked away everyone's souls, so he... tell me if I have this wrong here - so he could tile his floor? Bizzare." - Rune, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I said, didn't I? Didn't I say? 'Don't touch the monument', I said. Does anyone listen? Of course not. I'm just comic relief." - FOnewearl, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "As a logical machine, I must point out that an afterlife in a non-existant fictional evil sword is completly ridiculous." - Kireek
    "This coming from a logical machine who giggles and eats people's souls." - Zio
    Conversations Within Netrdeon
  • "Look, I am seriously running out of power here. Okay, okay! I will increase your strength and send you back one last time, but that's it! No more!" - The Profound Darkness to the Very Hard Dark Falz, Conversations Within Netrdeon
  • "I left my ring behind? Drat! That was a family heirloom!" - Rico, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I didn't stand a chance. Dark Falz kept breathing on my glasses." - Rico, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Damn, but Vol Opt was hard. Control, alt and delete were on seperate sides of the room!" - RAmar, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Nah, Vol Opt was a pushover. I just asked him 'why?'" - A Prisoner Reference Within Elsydeon
  • "I'll give the big guy credit, though. He wouldn't give up. Had ta kill him, like, four times." - RAcast
    "Yeah, yeah. Tell me about it." - Chaz
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Where was the power for the mine robots coming from?" - Kain
    "The main reactor was in the Central Dome... Oh." - A FOmarl
    Conversations Within Elsydeon


These next ones are a joke at the expense of one of Rune Lai's PSO characters: Carolin, The Dark Angel of Fire. The trouble is that she always gets hit by a monster when she says that, so Rune changed it to "Dark Angel of *oof*"...


  • "Um... Do you know you have a guy with a club following you?" - Rolf
    "Oh yes. He's there for when I introduce myself." - FOmarl
    "Huh? Why? What's your name?" - Rolf
    "I'm Carolin, the Dark Angel of *oof*" - FOmarl
    A PSDB Cameo Within Elsydeon
  • "Sorry, what's your name again?" - Rolf
    "I'm Carolin, the Dark Angel of *oof*" - FOmarl
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Have you met Chaz?" - Rolf
    "Hi" - Chaz
    "Hello. I'm Carolin, the Dark Angel of *oof*" - FOmarl
    A Running Gag Within Elsydeon
  • "And Rudo?" - Rolf
    "Hi, Rudo. I'm Carolin, the Dark Angel of *oof* *thud*" - FOmarl
    "Ah well, it was fun while it lasted." - Rolf
    Enough With The Running Gag Within Elsydeon Already
  • "The swimsuit? I just found it easier. Being cat-like, everyone assumed I hated water and kept throwing me into the lake." - Nei, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Oh yes, the Old Man was very dignified, very refined. At least, he was until Raja tossed a jingle ball his way." - Rune, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I don't care about your 'traditions'. I like green." - Rune to Noah (Oh but Rune would call him Lutz, huh?), Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "It was weird finding Rika on her back in the sun, arms and legs in the air. First time I thought she was dead." - Yet Another Numan/Cat Comparison Within Elsydeon
  • "Rolf! I thought I told you to STOP them making Numans! Look at them all!" - Nei, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Oh, yes, but it happened later on in life for us. Rika was nearly ninety when she divided. She and Rika-First could only really make snappish remarks at each other." - Chaz to Nei, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "That's a cute MAG! How did you breed- YEEOUCH!" - RAmarl
    "It's called Myau, and it's terribly sensitive." - Alis
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Tights, platform shoes, ruffed sleeves, flight goggles and an oversized shower cap? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THE LOOK OF THE ESPERS?!" - Lutz, And I'm Running Out Of Ways Of Saying 'Or Noah', to a FOnewm, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "A modified glaive design. Interesting. Shorter handle... I like the blade - a very brutal and threatening design. And metal, too. That's a good idea. It would add weight and force to the swing, of course. I'm amazed no one else has thought of it before. What do you call it?" - HUmar
    "An axe." - Odin
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Laconian club? I'm guessing you guys have lost the art of forging Laconia?" - Gryz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Now, no more chasing the MAGs, Myau. I mean it." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I don't even want to know." - Odin to Sonic, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "That's it? A purple cloud? Re-Faze would go balistic if he saw what you've done." - Chaz to a FOnewm, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "There's a box with legs here."
    "It must be lost"
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • Odin: Hey! Danl!
    Daniel the Earthling: It's Daniel.
    Odin: Whatever. There's this dude knocking, asking for you. Something about 1040 tax forms and an audit?
    Daniel: Oh !@#$^$&!!!!! They followed me here?!
    -Conversations within Elsydeon, shortly before the Elsydeon is turned over to the IRS. (by Ishmael)
  • "You guys had it easy. You weren't blinded by flashes when an enemy striked at you!" - PS2 to PS3 and 4 cast, Conversations within Elsydeon. (by Benoit)
  • "Nei! Couldn't you level up a bit slower? You cost a fortune to bring back to life compared to the others!" - Rolf to Nei, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Benoit)
  • Chaz & Rika from outside "Silent night, Holy night..."
    Zio "Those carolers are back again"
    Darkforce "I'll take care of them"
    Darkforce "Hey arn't you that kid who killed me"
    Chaz "yes"
    Darkfoce "Shrivel and die Human"
    Chaz *pulls out Elysdeon and cuts off Dark Forces head*
    Alis "Ah the good old sight of being pulled through a monsters guts"
    - Conversations somwhere between Elysdeon and Netreon (by Dragonrider K'diak)
  • "Sure, the Governer was generous to the group after the quest. Alis got to be queen of all Algol, Odin got to be her military commander, and Noah got a good chunk of Dezolis for his espers. But what did I get for my part? A chew toy!" - A disgruntled Myau, CWE, Copyright Joel (Shoot, if you don't know who started these things by now, umm..., (insert suitable snappy slam here). So there!) (by -S)
  • "You idiot! It's a saying! Nobody really means it when they say they'll give their left arm for something!" - Zio to Dark Force, Conversations Within Netrdeon
  • "I know Rolf needed our help, and I know the Earthmen had to be defeated, but did it have to be right then? I had a royal flush!" - Kain, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Sub parts, so what? Aqua parts, who cares? Aero parts, OK, nice. But check out this Positron Bolt." - PS4 Wren to PS3 Wren "No, Wren, not indoors..." - Rune, last Conversation Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "What do you mean 'evil earthmen'? They seemed really friendly to me." - Aron to Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "I understand motavians want to eat a nut of laerma. When I tried nuts, first it looked as if I was standing on tallest building on the planet. Then I felt REALLY weird and I tought I turned into a lion with wings or something and then I started to fly and saw a golden dragon and a flying castle and a serpent in a house and stuff... It was the greatest trip ever, man." - Myau the hippie, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "Noah becomes great spiritual leader and gets his memory recorded. Alis becomes queen. She and even the cat get a statue. What do I get? Nothing. And I did all the hard work." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "You mean you had inns instead of churches? No wonder Great Light lost its strength." - Noah also known as Lutz to Rune, teological Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "So... Thirty-six, twenty... And?" - Chaz to Grandfather Dorin
    SMACK! *Alys hits Chaz*
    Smack! *Rika hits Chaz*
    Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "And this is for those hellish years you kept us over the fireplace." - Odin, Rudo and other tough guys to Chaz, Beatings Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "What's so musky about you? Oh..." - Raja to (and from) Myau, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "They didn't all lie..." - clone lab grandpa, weird Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "Well, you DO owe me a place to stay." - Suelo to Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "Odin, I was wondering... How did Myau end up in pet shop?" - Alis
    "You know musk cats were worth a fortune those days..." - Odin, awkward Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "Short sword? We only had knives." - Rolf, Rhys and Chaz to Alis
    "Let's remember I started solo." - Alis
    "So did I." - Rhys
    "OK. you win." - Rolf and Chaz, competitive Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "Did you have relatives in Palma? Possibly in armor business?" - Rhys to Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "We were already running out of space, when that 'Seed' moved in..." - Alis
    "Well, it's not our fault we were connected when the system crashed." - Demi and Wren arriving, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "Has anyone tried EXIT, HINAS or GRANTZ?" - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "You paid a pot worth billion mesetas for a cat? We could have picked a sackful for free." - Rolf and Chaz to Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "Palma and Dezoris!" - crew one
    "Palm and Dezo!" - crew two
    "Parma and Dezolis!" - crew thre... um, four
    Shoutings Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "Psssshh! Grrr!" - Nei and Rika to each other
    "Catfight! Catfight! Catfight!" - Rolf and Chaz
    "Huh?" - Myau
    Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "My most embarrassing moment? Well, three years after we killed PD, I remembered that the Ice Digger had a stash of nukes in the back. Then I slammed my head into the wall and my circuits blew." - Wren, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • "It's true that Seed created me, but I always knew that he really wanted a monkey-man. Turns out that we didn't have any simian genes, thankfully." - Rika, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathius)
  • "Chaz told the story like that? That's the problem with him, he always tells the story wrong. Well most of it's true but the truth was that Alys was the leader. He said that Alys died? He probably said that so people would give him sympathy. I'm not surprised that he said I was a jerk, though it's untrue. And the truth was, Rika wasn't really interested in him. In fact he didn't get a date until he was 42. Believe me when I say she wasn't really that good-looking either." - Rune retelling the story in his words, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathius)
  • "Noah and Odin didn't have any problems with lava, but I had to carry this panicing ball of claws and fangs." - Alis
    "I would have also appreciated someone carrying me when we were on snow and burning sand." - Myau, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "You know, I didn't originally leave Camineet for any great quest. I robbed the city treasury - which turned out to be 50 mesetas." - Alis
    "You got to start somewhere..." - Shir, Criminals Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "A society where the 'health food' is Cola and Burgers? I'm lovin' it!" - Converssations With Ronald McDonald (by Wise Guy)
  • Wren: "Hey, Chaz. How would you like a FREE* LACONIA WATCH?!"
    Chaz: "Uh, I don't think I need a..."
    Demi: "Chaz! Your perfect soulmate is waiting for you!"
    Chaz: "But Rika and I are already... "
    Kireek: Chaz! Help me hit the Al Rappy and get a FREE* MAG!!"
    Chaz: "Huh? But I cannot... "
    Mieu: "Chaz, do you want to save on Land Rover insurance?"
    Chaz: "Landrover Insurance?"
    Elenor: You have won a vacation to the beaches in Palma, Chaz! Congratulations!"
    Chaz: "But Palma was destroyed when... "
    Miun: "Lovely Dezorian girls are waiting to meet you, Chaz!"
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Specineff)
  • "You think getting cake in Motavia was hard? Try ordering a pizza in Dezoris." - Raja, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Specineff)
  • "Two men from Zema walk into a bar and one says, 'You remember the other day when zio came to town?' and the other says, 'No man, I was so stoned'." - Raja, Bad Jokes within Elsydeon (by Composer)
  • "It was really hard to get good nutrition on Dezoris. I mean you try drinking dezo own milk..." - Kyra, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Composer)
  • Esper: "Reverent Lutz! What happened?"
    Lutz: "I felt a disturbance. As if millions of voices screamed saying 'Holy *&%$#@! That thing is going to fall on us! RUN FOR YOUR...', and then were suddenly silenced." -Noah/Lutz, Conversations in Dezoris During PSII (by Specineff)
  • "No, I didn't get crushed by one of those pistons inside of the Caves. This is my actual height." - An eye-rolling Demi to some inquiring heroes from PSO, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Specineff)
  • Demi: "So when the Guild sent you to check it out, how did you know the kid was faking an illness?"
    Chaz: "Well, heh heh... I was once his age, you know? And there were several times Alys wanted to take me on camping trips to train on sword play and I didn't feel like going, and... eh, heh, heh..."
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Specineff)
  • "Hey Myau! Did you know that I once saw a Musk Cat without a nose?"
    "What? How did he smell?!"
    "Terrible! HA HA HA HA!"
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Kupi)
  • "Aw, don't take it so hard, Myau. We've all walked into one of Raja's old jokes at some point."
    "Hey! At least my jokes are just old. Shir's are always stolen! HA HA!"
    - Followup Lines Within Esydeon (also by Kupi)
  • Samus: Hey Shir, give me my Gravity Suit back!
    Shir: Or what?
    Samus: (Pulls Plasma Beam out)
    Raja: I guess she didn't understand the Gravity of the situation! HAHAHA!
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Gipper2284)
  • "We never really killed Dark Force; we just found him another box. Turns out he likes hiding in them." - Mieu, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Gipper2284)
  • "I had to smack Chaz and Rune upside the head in order to get them to fight the Profound Darkness's third form! They just stood there, drooling...Wren, of course, couldn't figure out why they didn't fight. Men, hmmph!" - Rika, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Gipper2284)
  • *Big Explosion on Noah*
    *Hologram of Rolf and Co. appear where Mother Brain should be*
    Rolf: Evening Gentelmen! All your Brain are belong to us. You have nowhere to to, so you die!
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Gipper2284)
  • "You know Rune, I hear dead people in my head too..."- Luke Skywalker, Therapy Session within Elysdeon (by Gipper2284)
  • Demi: So why is your plasma beam green? Wren's is purple.
    Samus: It's red.
    Demi: What? Really?
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Gipper2284)
  • Samus: Where am I? This isn't the Tourian!
    Rolf: Uh...this is the space ship Noah.
    Samus: But that's Mother Brain, right?
    Rolf: Yeah...
    Samus: (Faints)
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Gipper2284)
  • Zio: Feel the Black Energy Wave!
    Samus: Too bad that fuels my Phazon Beam...
    Zio: Oh, sh...
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Gipper2284)
  • Chaz: I really need a haircut...
    Samus: (Performs Screw Attack)
    Chaz: Thanks for leaving my head!
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Gipper2284)
  • Samus: Got any jobs for The Hunter?
    Guild Lady: Uh...
    - Conversations Within The Hunters Guild (by Gipper2284)
  • Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren: We fought Dark Force 3 times!
    Samus: So what? I fought Ridley 6 times!
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Gipper2284)
  • "I have an admission to make...the BSL labs kinda missed SR-388 and hit Palma...I hope no one was hurt..." - Samus, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Gipper2284)
  • Samus: Wren, your shot is way too slow!
    Chaz: Hey, wait! That isn't Samus! ALYS!!!
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Gipper2284)
  • Owl Bear: This invention will change monster life forever! I call it... WALLET!
    Evil Dead: For goodness! Finally! Having to carry that treasure chest everywhere was so killing me!
    Alis: Now how about inventing Diet Coke genius? It's becoming harder to fit into this costume by the day...
    - Conversations On Palma (by ROMeo)
  • "It's ok we needed to find Dr. Luveno, but Alis could have closed the cell doors or at least ask the all-too-friendly prisoners the reasons they were put in jail for. The people at Gothic Village didn't take kindly all the escaped convicts crashing at their place for the old burn-pillage-rape" - Odin, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Romeo)
  • "Actually, Mother Brain's core was completely impervious to any external infection attempts. It's just that one day some idiot on the Noah got an email that said "Hello. I am not an evil presence bent on destroying all life in the universe. Here's a little nice gift for you. I think you're cute. Much wuv, D.F." And then he downloaded the attachment "DrkFrce.exe" right on Mother Brain's desktop." - Daniel the Earthling, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Specineff)
  • "Tell me about it. We found out that Kuran got infected by DF because someone forwarded an e-mail supposedly written by a Dezorian government official who requested help transfering a lot of old meseta unclaimed since the destruction of Palma, to a bank in Motavia through somebody else's checking account; and that if the letter wasn't forwarded to ten people with attachments and all, a batch of orphan musk kitties would die. I almost shorted" -Wren, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Specineff)
  • Chaz: "Kyra, you did what!?"
    Kyra: "Well, I thought the Esper guild could use some of the the money the official said he'd give us. And nobody told me there weren't any orphan musk kitties to begin with!"
    Kain: "Stop arguing and help me put Wren together! The way he exploded he must have scattered himself all over Elsydeon!"
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Specineff)
  • "Oh sure, my own revenge was motivation enough to overthrow Lassic. But there were also the high taxes, martial law, wandering zombies, and his annoying habit of spitting down whenever the Air Castle passed above Camineet." -Alis, Conversations Within The Edge (by Specineff)
  • "I'm melting! I'M MELTING! I'M MMMMELLLLLLLLLLTTTINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!" -The Profound Darkness after the final blow has been dealt, Conversations Within The Edge (by Specineff)
  • "Hey Mother Brain, did you order something lately? There's someone by the name of Samus Aran at the door. Says she's got a missile with your name on it." - Zio
    " 0_0 " - Mother Brain
    - Conversations Within Netrdeon (by Specineff)
  • *Explosion rocks Elsydeon*
    *Zio appears on Wren's screen*
    Zio: "How are you, gentlemen? ALL YOUR SWORD ARE BELONG TO US. HA HA HA HA!"
    Chaz: "Not funny, Zio."
    - Conversations Within Netrdeon (by Specineff)
  • Raja: "I.. joosht.. gotta tell you.. Rune. You are the mosht wonnnnderful guy in Algo, and I love you..."
    Rune: "Let's get him something to drink, you said. Perhaps that will stop the bad jokes, you said. Sure. What a great idea, Chaz."
    - Conversations in the Singing Locusta Tavern in Dezoris (by Specineff)
  • "You know Mad, If you'd have spent that time you wasted building a belt that shot people, on some sort of death ray instead, you might have faired better." Everyone's A Critic, Conversations Within Netrdeon (Composed by Composer)
  • "Seth, you didn't realize that they had caught on to who you were even though they told you to take off all your armor and weapons and give them to them. and then had you cast every spell you knew as many times as you could well before entering the soldier's temple?" - Zio, Conversations Within Netrdeon (Composed by Composer)
  • "So much for 'My one and ultimate God'..."
    "Hey! You are dead too, get worshipping."
    - Zio and Dark Force, Conversations Within Netrdeon (Composed by Composer)
  • "You shoulda seen it, we ran into this one robot cop with linux installed on it... It was buggier than dezorian bed and breakfast." - Alis, Conversing In Elsydeon (Composed by Composer)
  • "You think you guys are so tough just because you could gain 69 more levels then we could... Oh yeah you were..." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon(Composed by Composer)
  • "Algol really did have a strange monetary system, I mean where else in the universe could you buy weapons and armor by handing store clerks chopped up pieces of monster." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon (Composed by Composer)
  • "The strange thing was, even if you had just chopped up ten of their best friends, the little blue guys would still talk your ear off if you asked..." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon (Composed by Composer)
  • "I don't know why I am always called the evil one... I mean the "Great Light" beat me up and locked me in an alternate dimension that looks like a perpetual acid trip never to escape..."
    "Umm lord you do remember the whole plan to destroy all life in Algo right?"
    "Oh yeah that..."
    - The Profound Darkness and Dark Force, Conversations Within Netrdeon (Composed by Composer)
  • ***Kain has joined #Rolfisretarded***
    "I knew I shouldn't have let him put IRC on Wren..."
    - Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon (Composed by Composer)
  • Raja: "Hey, you all. Check out this document I got from the PSO heroes! It has pictures of Mags all over it, with information, statistics, guides and tips on how to raise them. Impressive, huh?"
    *Chaz, Odin, Rune, Kain, Hugh, Anna, Alis, Demi, Mieu, Hahn and Kyra gather around to see* "Whoa. Very nice, Raja. What is this called?"
    Raja: "A MAG-azine! Ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha!"
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (Composed by Composer)
  • "Okay, so it wasn't so much a morgue as it was a zombie pit... Guaron? No, I was talking about Eppi. I hated that place." -Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (Composed by Composer)
  • "I never did trust the Governer's house... When we'ed sleep there I always heard this spanking sound in the middle of the night. Who knows what the woman who ran the guest house was up too." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (Composed by Composer)
  • "I could never figure out why compasses were so hard to find, I mean we had space travel and we couldn't even find a simple magnetic pointing device..." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (Composed by Composer)
  • "The first time I saw him... I thought that guy in termi at the souvenir shop was a woman... He did not take kindly to being hit on." - Hahn, Conversations Within Elsydeon (Composed by Composer)
  • "You know Rune, you could have just told me that you wanted me to gain strength to help you take Zio down... and you could just explained that you wanted me to fight the Profound Darkness becuase that was the right thing to do."
    "Yes but I knew you were much more likely to do what I told you not to, much more likely to fight your hardest when you were angry. And so I did it my way. Sometimes a man needs more motivation than the simple truth will give him."
    Rune and Chaz, Wisdom within Elsydeon (Composed by Composer)
  • "You think his jokes are bad? You should hear him sing." - Commentary on Raja Within Elsydeon (Composed by Composer)
  • "You should have smelled the edge... Profound was not a description of its power, but of its stench." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon (Composed by Composer)
  • "You know it was really ironic for him to be constantly preaching about controlling anger. I mean Ryrkos didn't always look like that. He just got bored one day and well now it looks like this..." - Le Roof, Conversations On Rycross (Composed by Composer)
  • "I helped defeat Dark Force, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" - Souveniers Within Elsydeon (by Yar Kramer)
  • Raja: "Hey Chaz. When you were in Motavia, did you ever get to see a sandworm hiding behind a Laerma nut shell?"
    Chaz: "Uh, no."
    Raja: "Are they good at that or what? HA, HA! HA! HA, HA!"
    "Urgh!" - Chaz
    Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Specineff)
  • *Lassic appears in the middle of Elsydeon*
    "This sword is being held ransom for...
    ONE MILLION MESETA! Bwahahaha!" *bites pinky finger*
    "Let go of me, you weirdo!" - Myau
    Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Specineff)
  • "Here, Fishman, Fishman, Fishman... Myau's got a bottle of tartar sauce for you... mwa ha ha ha ha!" - A very hungry Myau, Conversations while on the shores of Palma (by Specineff)
  • Chaz: Holy Rampaging Locustas, Rune! There's shenanigans afoot in the Hunter's Guild!
    Rune: To the Land Rover, Short-Wonder!


    - Conversations During PS4 with 60's pop music in the background. (by Specineff)


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