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Conversations Within Elsydeon Page 7

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  • "It was all part of our plan to help advance the natives of Algo to an easier, more peaceful existence."
    "By blowing up the planet?"
    "Hey, you say tomato..."
    - Conversations Before the Intergalactic Ethics Commission (by Darrell Whitney)
  • "Dammit Alys, I'm an Esper, not a scientist!" - Lutz to Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Otherworld Sin)
  • Rhys: Beam me up wren!!
    Wren: I can'na duueee it cap'n! I dunna have th' paah'rts!
    - Conversations in PS3 (by Tapion)
  • Wren: *singing* "I am the mod-ren man..."
    Demi and Mieu: *singing* "Secret, secret, I've got a secret..."
    Kain: "Y'know, now I'm startin' ta regret puttin' dat karaoke program in Wren."
    - Karaoke Night within Elsydeon (by Zed Omega)
  • Rolf: "You know what I just noticed, guys?"
    Chaz: "What?"
    Rolf: "Men's clothing hasn't really changed over the span of, what, 3,000 years? Look at me, then Odin, then Rhys, then you, then Rudo, then..."
    Rune: "Speak for yourself."
    - CWE (by Zed Omega)
  • Rune: "So let me get this straight: you, who's supposed to be one of these... 'Light Warriors', goes around using high-end destructive magics out of sheer bloodlust and glee?"
    Black Mage: "And the problem is... ?"
    - ANOTHER misplaced arrival, to Rune, CWE (by Zed Omega)
  • Neifirst: "I thought computers didn't have souls."
    Mother Brain: "I had this conversation before with Rolf-- oh, fine." *Mother Brain disappears again*
    - Conversations within Netredon (by Zed Omega)
  • Rune: "What're YOU doing here?"
    Zio: "I, um... have a date. I need your mantle."
    Rune: "..........."
    - A CWE that just came outta NOWHERE (by Zed Omega)
  • I really wish you would have worked better on your agility. Might have lived longer. - Alys to Chaz
    Umm, excuse me, who ended up here first? - Chaz, triumphant, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Dion)
  • Hey folks I'm here to trade my boy in for one of you. - Jecht
    Didn't wanna be your son anymore anyway Sin man! - Tidus
    Do you two belong here? - Everyone
    Nevermind that! I think I'll take the blonde strapping lad. Should be pretty ok at Blitzball. - Jecht
    Umm I'm kinda married to the pink haired cutie next to me - Chaz oogling Rika
    Wait a sec, you mean if you take him she's all mine? - Tidus
    Now just one second....! - Chaz
    You got it boy, the gal's your plaything - Jecht to Tidus
    *He picks Chaz up, stuff's him in Jecht's arms and boots them from Elsydeon, and then acts like a kid in a candy store as he chases after Rika drooling* - A very eager Tidus
    Conversations within Elsydeon (by Dion)
  • Yeah, I fought hoardes of monsters. Traveled through an iceworld, and a desert and I even fought both her uncle and father but finally I conquered the opposing forces and Maia was mine! - Rhys
    Man and to think all I did was crik my finger and Nei's come with me everywhere. - Rolf
    Rolf honey you've never had it that good with me! - Nei
    *Rolf scratches his cheek with his pointer finger *
    *Nei by instinct moves to his side at lightspeed*
    See what I mean? *snickers* - Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dion)
  • (Late at night suddenly some banging from outside can be heard)
    *Shir suddenly appears*
    Hey Shir you know what that noise is about? - Sleepy Chaz
    Oh just someone I was playing poker with. You could say I took the cloak right off his back. - Shir
    Good job! - Chaz
    (From outside a voice is heard)
    Shir? Neifirst's gonna kill me if she finds out! - Zio
    *snickers* - Shir, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Dion)
  • So while there was only one of me, you split yourself into 4? - Zio
    Yup, but they got me every single time. - Dark Force
    Did it ever occur to you that if you fought them as your whole self you might have won? - Zio
    *mutters under his breath* - Dark Force, Conversations within Netrdeon (by Dion)
  • Alright boys, it's one of you guy's turns to bathe the Profound Darkness. - Dark Force
    Ok. Hey Lashiec, you take the ugly side. - Zio
    No, you take the ugly side. - Lashiec
    Wait a minute, which one's the ugly side? - Both
    Conversations Within Netrdeon (by Dion)
  • *sighs* Noone's going to remember me in the larger scheme of things. *sighs* - Nei
    Oh shut up! You've had weapons named after you! - Rika
    Yah ain't it great though? - Nei and Rika
    Conversations within Elsydeon (by Dion)
  • Chaz I need to speak with you. - Rune
    Umm right now Rika's demanding my attention and she won't let up. - Chaz being snuggled by Rika
    I can take care of that. I will use a trick that has spanned 1000 lifetimes. - Rune
    I've tried everything. Nothing works. - Chaz
    Trust me Chaz, this trick is all powerful and mystical for it's nature. - Rune
    Ok let's see it. - Chaz
    *Rune takes out a ball of yarn, tosses it behind Chaz and watches as Myau, Rika, and Nei pounce on it by instinct*
    *snickers* See? - Rune
    Oooo ahhh... *slaps his forehead* Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dion)
  • Chaz: "Well, you're new. You almost look like Rika. How did you get here?"
    Raini: "Well, obviously I died, and-"
    Rika: "How were you killed?"
    Raini: "It's kinda...dumb. I was pecked to death."
    Rika: *Giving odd look* "Pecked to death?"
    Raini: " rappys..."
    Chaz and Rika: *Trying to hold back laughter* So sorry to...*snort* hear that...
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Raini)
  • "Wait, what would happen if this thing got duped?" - A Hunter between Moon Atomizers. (by the Auroral Hare)
  • And you think you had it tough with the architects who build your climatrol? In our turf, they designed buildings so that everytime we go to sleep, the layout would CHANGE! - A HuneWearl to Rolf, conversations within Elsydeon (by the DeeDob)
  • H.................. E.............. L................ L............... O................ ...............H............... O............... W............... ............... A............... R............... E............... ............... Y............... O............... U...............?
    Another newcomer who does not seem to have a proper stdin input interface.
    - A HuneWearl (with no keyboard) and Wren, conversations within Elsydeon (by the DeeDob)
  • The strongest technique? That's Megid of course!
    What are you talking about? Megid is just a purple cloud of uselessness...
    - Rune and a FOnewearl, conversations within Elsydeon (by the DeeDob)
  • Do you think it would be ok for me to date Alis? She's cute and all, but still, she IS my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother...
    - Rolf to anybody, conversations within Elsydeon (by the DeeDob)
  • I think i just found out why Rika has never taken a shower...
    - Chaz looking at Myau cleaning his fur, conversations within Elsydeon (by the DeeDob)
  • After a month of living together, the milkman was too afraid to come even close to our house...
    - Chaz, Conversations within Elsydeon (by the DeeDob)
  • Alis: Let me get this straight, you had CLOWNS to bring people back from the dead?
    Rolf: Well what did YOU have?
    Alis: We... ehhh... prayed at churches and hoped they'd come back.
    Conversations Within Elsydeon (by the DeeDob)
  • Snif, it still hurts...
    What hurts?
    Those guys... they took my claws.
    - Nei and Rolf, Gross Conversations Within Elsydeon (by the DeeDob)
  • Is it a universal rule that clothiers all look like they swing THAT way? - Daniel the earthling to a PS2 cast member, conversations within Elsydeon (by the DeeDob)
  • I'm telling you, I think they all had a crush on me. Everywhere I went, they would ask for a transfer in the city we were going. - Rolf talking about the save, teleport and weapon selling girls, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by the DeeDob)
  • What was my real name again you say? I don't remember how you decided to call me when I met you. - A PS2 character, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by the DeeDob)
  • Rolf: "OUR Trimate wasn't fattening. We could use trimate all day and not gain a pound."
    Alis: "I can top that. We could eat BURGERS all day and not gain a pound."
    - Rolf and Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mike Ripplinger)
  • "Yeah, I guess after we became wanted criminals, a change of clothes would have been in order, but who could find a tailor?" - Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "Actually, Rika dropped the aeroprism and broke it. We ended up having to buy a laser-pointer at a Wal-Mart. Worked out okay." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "We were all getting along rather well with Medusa, talking about sports, politics and the weather. Then Odin buries a Laconian Sword in her forehead. Kind of a mood-killer." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "As it turns out, Dr. Luveno didn't build spaceships at all. Ran a chop-shop right out of that sewer he did..." - Noah, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "I wasn't actually trying to save Chaz from the Black Ray. I was wearing high-heel leather boots and Zio had just waxed his marble floors..." - Alys, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "We just told the Hunter's Guild we had gotten rid of the sandworm to collect the fee. Truth is, the sandworm paid us double to get rid of the farmers." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "I think Le Roof embellished our selection as Protectors. I distinctly remember seeing a big massive hat with everyone in Algol's name written on a piece of scrap paper in it somewhere in a backroom." - Rune, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "It was a giant pain to disable all the metal detectors at the space-ports, but it did speed up getting Wren through." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "The fight with Mother Brain was horrible but in the end we won. Then Kain said he wanted to 'check out the computer's specs' and accidently rebooted her. We didn't know who to kill first..." - Rudo, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "We brought along a slew of Repair-Kits, extra burst-rockets, phonomeizers and positron-bolts for Wren, but nobody thought of an oil-can. The squeaking nearly drove us all stark-raving mad!" - Rika, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "Even though we slew Dark Falz and saved his soul, we still kept the Governor locked up for about a year, you know, just to be on the safe-side..." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "It was kind of a solemn moment for all of us, after Palma blew up before our eyes. I was thinking of something poignant to say but then Rudo burst out with, 'B-dea B-dea B-dea, th-th-th-that's all folks!!' I think we all needed the laugh." - Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "Flooding Mota and destroying Palma wasn't even the worst of it. You should have seen the performance evaluation my Commander gave me." - Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "I don't know, I left them at the carnival and next time I meet up with them, they're towing Gryz around. I thought maybe they won him or something..." - Rune, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "Well, we weren't exactly invited back to Sopia after Odin left the door to the city open and the poison field seeped in." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "My secret to an everlasting laser gun? Duracell." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "There's not much point in kidding around anymore, I wasn't really an Esper at all. For instance, that 'Fire' spell? Just a cigarette lighter on full-blast." - Noah, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "Odin was a warrior first, civilized gentleman second. I mean, he didn't even wash his hands when we came out of the Guaron Morgue..." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "Myau couldn't fly very fast and the Air Castle was drifting. Let me tell you it wasn't exactly a blockbuster chase sequence..." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "Well, I had Laconian Armour, a Laconian only made SENSE that I should wear the Laconian Pot as a helmet and use Hapsby as a shield but Alis 'Its My Quest So We'll Do It My Way' Landale got so huffy I dropped the idea..." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "I mean, all that battle experience, her education from Seed and what not, it just never occured to me to tell Rika to look both ways before crossing the street. But we're back together here, so no harm no foul I guess..." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "All I did was dare Nero to go up and poke the Robotcop in the eye, I had no idea they would have zero sense of humour." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "At first Myau wouldn't eat the laerama nut, so Odin suggested we all bounce on a trampoline when the Air Castle floated by. It wasn't long before Myau was practically chugging those nuts down." - Noah, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "I have heard of your fight with the Succubus at the Governor's House, a real snore wasn't it? Hah!" - Raja, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Dayseed)
  • "Desert? What's a desert?" - Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Ctrwmillen)
  • "You know, the amoebas didn't really taste all that great. But you could make a killer PB&J; sandwich with a jelly." - Nei, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Ctrwmillen)
  • "It was kind of weird, with that first person view inside the dungeons. Usually it just felt like I was floating around above me. And whenever I would turn around, everybody else would rush around back behind me like they didn't want me to see them or something. Kind of eerie." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Ctrwmillen)
  • Alis - So your enemies only wiggled their ears at you?
    Rhys - Well..yeah. But what about YOU? Mine were still giant, but YOU fought giant eyeballs with wings!
    Alis - Err.. they were wearing magical protective contact lenses!
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Chaz)
  • RUNE: You!
    LUTZ/NOAH: Yes, me. Me, and me, and me.
    RUNE: ... Me, too.
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Yar Kramer)
  • "Wren, we really did appreciate the help you gave us in fighting the forces of darkness, but did you have to have 'I'm a Mechanical Man' on loop while we were fighting?" - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Ian Ludington)
  • "Hello, my name is the Profound Darkness, and I got beaten to death by a teenage kid and his motley crew of heroes and misfits." - P.D.
    "Hello Profound Darkness..." - Darksol, Iom, Ganondorf, Lavos and Valmar
    Conversations within a support group. (by Ian Ludington)
  • "I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed." - Siren, Conversation Within Netrdeon (by Xic Nox)
  • Wren: Daughter, I am going to shut you down.
    Daughter: What are you doing, Dave?
    Conversation Within Vahal (by Xic Nox)
  • "This isn't my towel!" - Tyler, Conversations Within Landale (by Xic Nox)
  • "Souls, give me strength!" - Kireek, Conversation Within Caves 1 (by Xic Nox)
  • "Look at the metal this sword is made of! This alien substance is not on the periodic table!" - Hugh, looking for trouble (by Xic Nox)
  • "AAAAAHHHH!! DEATH! THERE IT IS! DEAAAAAAATH!!" - Raja, just before a Conversation Within Elsydeon (by Xic Nox)
  • Lassic: Whippersnapper.
    Zio: Coot.
    - Conversations Within Netrdeon (by Xic Nox)
  • Rika: Look what I can do, Chaz!
    *Thump. Shuffle shuffle*
    Chaz: That's great Rika... What is it?
    Rika: It's a snow-Xe-A-Thoul!
    - Conversation Within Dezolis (by Xic Nox)
  • "What!? You never met any of those rabbit things!? Aw man, our millenium really was the unlucky one!" - Rolf to Alis and Chaz in a Conversation Within Elsydeon (by Xic Nox)
  • Lutz: Um...
    Noah: Er...
    - Awkward Silence Within Elsydeon (by Xic Nox)
  • Hapsby: PILLA!! Aw man.
    - Hopeless Incantation Within the Air Castle (by Xic Nox)
  • Shiren: Hi there!
    Shiren's ticker tape: Hi there!
    Shiren: In the mean time, here's some light music.
    -They turned off the light music (by Xic Nox)
  • "Hey, Chaz is coming everyone! Ready... POSE!" - Shir, Conversations Within Elsydeon's Chamber (by Xic Nox)
  • "Oh! Look! There's an Alys! And there's another Alys! And another! And another!! Hahaha!!" - Ra Faze, being mean (by Xic Nox)
  • Dark Force: What!? You!?
    Ridley: What!? You!?
    Both of them: What's going on here?
    Mother Brain: Um... Well, looks like I have some explaining to do...
    - Conversations, uh, somewhere (by Xic Nox)
  • "Demi is short." - Wren, whenever (by Xic Nox)
  • "I would have been a big help fighting the Profound Darkness, but Wren said I was too young to use the 'big people toys'." - Demi, Conversation Within Elsydeon (by Xic Nox)
  • "I want a name!" - The Dragon in PSO (by Xic Nox)
  • Profound Darkness: Erm, why is that Locusta in here?
    Dark Force: Oh him? Actually there were only ever three of them. It was always the same three.
    Profound Darkness: Uhh?
    Dark Force: Have you ever seen more than three Locustas at once?
    - Conversation Within Netrdeon (by Xic Nox)
  • Dr. Mad: I AM your father.
    - Conversation Between Elsydeon and Netrdeon (by Xic Nox)
  • "Transform and roll out!" - Shirren, Conversation Within Elsydeon (by Xic Nox)
  • Chaz: There's an entire universe in this sword? And in Netrdeon? Wow, so there could be, like, a million alternate universes?
    Rune: No. Just the two.
    - Conversation Within Elsydeon (by Xic Nox)
  • Rreeouw!!
    - Dr. Mad holding Myau by the tail and hitting him against the wall (by Xic Nox)
  • *BOOM*
    Rune: There are some who call me... Lutz?
    Rika: I don't get it.
    Chaz: Not funny anymore, Rune.
    Daniel: I thought it was.
    - Conversation Within Elsydeon (by Xic Nox)
  • "I guess everyone has a different view of a perfect world." - The "Profound" Darkness (by Xic Nox)
  • "100101101001001001000110101010011011110111011101110111011101001
    0011100110101100100010101010010010010100100100101110101010101101." - Wren, Monologue Within Elsydeon (by Xic Nox)
  • "If he's the "Great Light" then why is Le Roof's room so dark? I bumped into those spiky crystal walls so much it caused me more pain than the monsters!" - Chaz, Conversation Within Elsydeon (by Xic Nox)
  • Chaz: Hey Alys, there was something I've been meaning to ask you, uh...Alys? Alys!? ALYS!! SPEAK TO ME!!
    Re Faze: MUAHAHAHAHA!!
    - Conversation Within Elsydeon (by Xic Nox)
    Amy: Of course you are. I'm going back to Elsydeon now. Don't follow me. ...
    Zio: I think she likes me!
    - 8 Bit Netrdeon (by Xic Nox)
  • "So, was that purple squatting guy flicking us off or what?" - Mieu, Conversation Within Elsydeon (by Xic Nox)
  • "Goin' techno!" - PSO Dark Falz, Conversation Within Netrdeon (by Xic Nox)
  • "Moon on the rise!" - Siren, Conversation On Azure (by Xic Nox)
  • "Getting through the Carnivorous Trees was a piece of cake. It was the Environmental Protection Agency that was the tough part." - Kyra, Conversation Within Elsydeon (by Xic Nox)
  • Kireek: Wait a minute. I'm still alive. What am I doing here?
    Dark Force: Hey, I did a favor for you!
    Kireek: Yes, Master.
    - Conversation Within Netrdeon (by Xic Nox)
  • "Well, Chaz! It looks like you got your head handed to you." - Le Roof, Conversation Within the Silence Tower (by Xic Nox)
  • "It was just a hobby of mine to make designs for horrible, demonic monsters in my spare time. In retrospect, I shouldn't have left disks containing their vital information lying on the table." - Hugh, Conversation Within Elsydeon (by Xic Nox)
  • "Where do I even start?" - Anna, looking at PSO in a Conversation Within Elsydeon (by Xic Nox)
  • "Actually, I think it was me who shot you. Sorry." - Rudo to Daniel the Earthling
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