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Conversations Within Elsydeon Page 6

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  • "Chaz, Chaz, Chaz. I thought we had standards." - Alys, looking at Raja, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Evil always carries the seeds of its own destruction." - Rune
    "Really?" - Chaz
    "Nah. Dark Force was just plain stupid. Sounded nice and quotable though, didn't it?" - Rune
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I'm an unbiased third party from what I am pretty sure is an earlier time period and I will act to settle this peaceably. Now, everyone from the new groups who think that they killed Dark Falz, put up your hands. *pause* What? Everyone?" - Lutz, or perhaps Noah, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I can't believe Demi is going out with a RAcast. He's going to have to be careful not to step on her." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Next time you can remember to duck." - Alys to Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "The whole neighborhood's going downhill. The new guys just put up a football field." - Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Why do all the RAcasts speak with a bad Austrian accent?" - Daniel the Earthling, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I belong to a volunteer medical organisation who are bound to help anyone, friend or foe, who is injured. In return, we are given immunity from harm from all sides. However our charter does not include icky alien monster things and people who blow up planets, so that was cool." - Amy, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "We knew about the goddamn manhole. It was hard to miss, but I couldn't open it. I've no idea how Noah managed it." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "De Rol Le wasn't perfect at his genetic reprogramming trick. His giant grass assassins were still trying to lay their eggs underneath leaves." - A HUmar, Conversations Within Elsydeon (from an fairly innocent comment by Rune Lai)
  • "EIGHT? *low whistle* You know, after Noah, it just never occurred to me to ask anyone else along." - Alis to Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Let me get this straight. The furry guys live on the desert planet and the reptilian guys live on an ice planet? Is that right?" - A RAcast, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Yeah, well I reckon any android is just as good as a biological. I'll show you. I can do this. I'll be the best there is and then you'll see." - The only FOcast, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I snuck back early and threatened the fiance with certain violence if he didn't comment how slim she looked. I - never - wanted to babysit her again." - A FOnewm, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "No. I am an Wren class android, designation FO-wren, phonetic simplification Forren, model number 5542, batch 017, use by date 20/12/3023. 'RAcast' is not an accurate designation." - Wren, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "You seem familiar." - Alys and Anna, both at once and to each other, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "These new androids with personalities were a bad idea. We never needed seperate oil changing rooms for male and female before." - Rudo, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "The Principal was quite correct to be worried about sending androids down after all the probes failed, but it really didn't take long for a update for our virus checkers to fix the problem." - A HUcast, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "'W00t!?!' What kind of Warcry is 'W00t'?" -Odin, Comments toward HUmar DarkclawX, Conversations within Elsydeon (by DarkclawX)
  • "......."
    "......" - Synobios, Medion, and Julian, more misplaced heroes temporarily visiting Elysdeon (by April Caneja)
  • "Cheap imitation..." - Noah, when he's feeling fine, Lutz when he's on PMS, about Rune, Mutterings Within Elysdeon (by April Caneja)
  • "I do not see that 'eat burning plasma death, slime suckers' adds anything to the combat experience, Rudo. Is this an emotional requirement?" - Wren, doing his Spock bit, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I'm just glad none of the gender arguments about certain Espers has spilled over on to me." - Kyra, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Oh, I was the best fighter of the group. Fast, instinctive, 100% situational awareness, and absolutly stoking dairokkan, the whole bit. I could take any of 'em even Rudo - any time. It's just that, well, knives aren't too hot against giant armoured biohazards and robots." - Shir, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Tell me about it. I only had a scalpel." - Hugh, Continuing Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "No, Rika, please! Force Newman fashions are just not 'you'." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I guess we should have found some Asulin in pill form, but *shudder* I hate pills." - Myau, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "It wasn't just the dams; they colour-coded most things. The only problem was that you could only have seven of anything." - Rudo, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "If you time it right, you can grab a fishman's tongue when they attack. Kind of stumps them." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "So, instead of arresting a thieving racist murderer on a bridge, I decide to take on an entire camp of bigands and all the monsters that got in my way in the meantime. Beats me why. Sometimes I get the distinct impression my life is not actually mine to control." - Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Oh, THAT. That was a joke. It was just funny to watch you humans put on stupid hats to please us." - Myau to Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "It was a very long walk along that beach, and you can real tired of eating calamari real quick, I can tell you." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I was surprised to find burgers at Drasgow, but as it turned out they were fish burgers. Yuk." - Alis
    "I liked 'em" - Myau
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Stupidest armour ever. I couldn't raise my arms past my chest." - Zio, Conversations Within Netrdeon
  • "When i find whoever started calling me Lutz, I will haunt 'em good..." - Noah, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by R00n)
  • "If Dark Falz was so strong why didn't he carry a treasure chest?" - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by R00n)
  • "Kain 0wnz j00 Kain 0wnz j00 Kain 0wnz j00..." - Wren
    "Kain if you don't fix what you programmed into Wren... have you heard of Diem??? Yeah that." - Rune
    Conversations Within Elsydeon (by R00n)
  • "Who would have thought different colors were dangerous.... I thought the monsters were just changing clothes..." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by R00n)
  • "Preposterous.... that @*&*&%#! me too angry too learn megid?" - Rune, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by R00n)
  • "You know, i never thought about simply walking around those holes in the dungeon floors." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by R00n)
  • "Alys, i swear i was looking for monsters in the back room of the guild...." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by R00n)
  • "Alright who removed my secondary hard drive?" -A vexed Wren, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by R00n)
  • "I bought him all those staffs and the whole time all he used was the psycho wand or two shields." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by R00n)
  • "Chaos Sorceror? what kind of monster name is that. We fought real monsters. like the uh... sworm and ummm maneater yeah, those were scary." - PSI cast to PS4 cast, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by R00n)
  • "If I am from Dezo(r/l)is how did i get to Motavia without a space ship?" - Rune, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by R00n)
  • "You know i don't know why, but when the slime gyrated at us it actually hurt for some reason..." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by R00n)
  • Demi: "Chaz, quit staring at my chest. Rika, go away, you're scaring me. EVERYONE BACK OFF, I'LL LET YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR DAMN MICROWAVE PIZZA'S READY!! Why did I have to get a microwave installed in my chest? Why couldn't Wren do this?" Wren: "That is because everyone insisted that I get a stereo system installed. Now shut up, Led Zepplin's playing. (Singing) There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold... Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • "Quit whining and nuke my damn burrito!!" - Alys, who's very hungry at the moment, to Demi, a continuing Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • "Rune!! You're still wearing that stupid white robe?!! It's after Labor Day for crying out loud!" - Alys scolding Rune, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • Rune- Hey shorty, let me drive the Ice Digger.
    Chaz- No.
    Rune- Come on.
    Chaz- No. AAAAHH!! I just hit a Dezo Penguin!!
    Rune- Hey Rika!! Shorty here just murdered a Dezo Penguin!!
    Chaz- AH! Rika stop shouting in my ears!! AAAHH!! I KILLED ANOTHER ONE!!
    Wren- SHUT UP!!!
    [everyone shouts at each other.]
    Chaos within the Ice Digger (by Mathieus)
  • "Hey, Rolf. So Alis' your ancestor? She's pretty cute. Do you think you can put in a good word for me?" - Kain to Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • "You know what annoys me most? When Demi gets to talking about Data. 'Oh, Data's so cute. Data's so smart.' That just makes me sick." - Wren, who's complaining about Star Trek junkie, Demi, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • Chaz- "I can remember the funniest moment of our trip. Yeah, Rika got her tongue stuck to a metal pole on Dezolis and Rune tells her a fib. Says he's out of Flaeli and that we'd have to cut her tongue off. I never seen anyone panic like that!! She almost pulled her tongue right off the pole!!"
    Everyone but Rika- [laughs hysterically]
    Rika- "Hey guyth! That'th not funny!! My tongue thill hurth! OW!"
    Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • "Yeah, we had our funny moments on Dezo too. See, we went shopping at one of these surplus stores with heavy machinery, right? Well, Shir decides to take home a souvenir. Don't ask me how, but she stuffed an entire aerotank in her shirt and left like nothing was going on. But, unfortunately, she didn't see the patch of ice on the ground on her way out and..." - Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • Pizza delivery man- Hello. I have a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza with chicken wings.
    Shir- We didn't order any pizza.
    Delivery man- This isn't Masamune, the residence of a Mr. Sephiroth?
    Shir- Wrong sword. This is the Elsydeon.
    Delivery man- OK. Bye then.
    Shir- But before you leave, do you wanna buy your wallet back?
    Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • "Yeah, my family was rich. You see, we made a killing from stealing junk and selling it back to the owner at a ridiculous price. Worked great when my uncle tried it with little kids, until the police got him, that is." - Shir, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • Profound Darkness- (Singing) We were livin' in the Edge.
    Dark Force- (Singing) You can't help yourself from falling.
    PD- (Singing) We were livin' in the Edge.
    DF- (Singing) You can't help yourself at all.
    Zio- Why did we even have to have a karaoki night?
    (Sigh) Dark gods or not, these guys can't sing worth ****!
    - Karaoki night within Netrdeon (by Mathieus who adds "As you can tell, I'm a fan of rock n roll")
  • "Hey Rika, Let me in!! C'mon, I only went over there to call Zio a loser!! I did not flirt with Neifirst, honest!! You know that you're the only numan-I mean woman for me! C'mon baby, let me back in!" Chaz, Locked out of Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • Zio- So who's the loser now? Hehehe.
    Chaz- Shut up. Let's how you handle being married to that woman.
    Neifirst- I don't see how she can handle YOU.
    Chaz, Zio and Neifirst, Continuing Conversations Within Elsydeon (By Mathieus)
  • Gryz- Hey, Raja! I got this tasty cake at Roron. Would you like a piece?
    Raja- Thanks!!
    Gryz- (mumbling) Maybe that'll shut him up.
    Gryz and a poisoned Raja, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • Chaz- Yeah, my Landrover's the best. It's got AC, power windows, strobe lights, black lights, black lights that work as bass lights, missiles, guns, death beams, leather seating, stereos, CD players, self-cook pizzas, some junk that I don't even know what it does, and a cute little android to vacuum the pizza stains out of the upholstery.
    Alis- Lucky punk. I didn't even get a vacuum to get all that cat hair out of the back seat.
    Demi- (Sarcastically) Well I'm glad that I could serve you, master. Oh, look. A pizza stain. Hurray. Now I can do your menial work for you. (Muttering) Lazy idiot, can't even flip a light-switch without my help.
    Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • Rena- Hello. I'm Rena Lanford from Star Ocean 2. If you need anything to be healed, let me know.
    Rika- Wait. You have pointed ears and use healing abilities like me.
    Claude- Well, um... I'm Claude Kenni and I can do a mean Air Slash.
    Chaz- Wait a minute! You're blond and you use Air Slash too?
    Chaz and Rika- RIPOFF!!
    Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • "Trust me, girls. If you ever want a date, do NOT let Chaz set you up. The blind date Chaz got for me was a toaster, and not a good-looking one either." - Demi, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • "Android bands are the best. They make the best music and download all the baddest viruses. For example, at a concert, the synthesizer for Rustbucket downloaded some killer virus and was screaming "Crush, Kill, Destroy!" while trying to strangle a Polezi. Let's see your human punk metal bands do THAT!!" - Wren, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • Tiem- Thanks a lot for killing me, dad!! Now I'll never get a date!!
    Darum- I only killed you ONCE! What are you angry at me for?!
    Tiem and Darum arguing as usual, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • "Yeah, being a dark god is great, but it has its downsides. For instance, every Friday night, Zio would sacrifice a bunch of chickens in my honor. Listen, flaming headless chickens running around is not a pretty sight." - Dark Force, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • Rune- Jeez, what are you dressed up like that for?!!
    6th gen. Lutz- That old robe and mantle getup's old. Bellbottom leisure suits are what's in style.
    Lutz- I don't think we should qualify this guy as a reincarnation of me. He's a little loopy.
    Rune, 6th generation Lutz, and Noah or Lutz (Whichever you prefer), Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • "Bring back Nei, dammit!! You did it before!! [sob] Why won't you do it now?! [sob]" - Mathieus (Me) yelling at the clone lab clown, Conversations While Playing Phantasy Star 2 (by Mathieus)
  • "We had our encounters with weird people. Like this one clone lab clown. He always laughed when we said someone died and kept rambling on about destroying all those who defied him. I think his name was Kefka or something. Needless to say, we avoided going back to that lab for quite some time." - Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Mathieus)
  • "I see... dead people. Walking around like regular people." - Chaz, Holding Elsydeon
  • Your name is Noah? You don't look like a ship." Rolf to Noah, CWE (by Benoit)
  • "You guys had it easy. You weren't blinded by flashes everytime an enemy striked at you." PS2 cast to PS4 cast, CWE (by Benoit)
  • "Nei, why did you have to level up so much? You costed a fortune to clone compared to the others!" Rolf to Nei, CWE (by Benoit)
  • "Demi's in hospital," Wren
    "Whats wrong!?" Rika
    "Her RAcast boyfriend stepped on her," Wren
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Rika Rulz)
  • "It was sad that Palm exploded, I wanted to go there," Rolf
    "Okay Rolf, lets go over it one more time, PALMA!!!, P-A-L-M-A!, PALMA!!!, now you say it!" Alis
    "Palma, there! now are you okay!" Rolf
    "We ALL wanted to go to Palm," Amy
    "Yeah! I wanted to have one of those Famous Palm burgers!" Rolf
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Demi, please! don't use your Phonon for the loudspeakers at Rika's birthday party!" - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Rika Rulz)
  • Alis So your enemies only wiggled their ears at you?
    Rhys Well..yeah. But what about YOU? Mine were still giant, but YOU fought giant eyeballs with wings!
    Alis Err.. they were wearing magical protective contact lenses!
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Chaz - and he should know, after all)
  • Tyler- "It was terrible... this is all that is left of Palm..."
    Rolf- "If the thing was blown up from being hit by a sattellite, where did those giant hands come from?"
    Conversations a Safe Distance Away Whilst Within Elsydeon (by Blakhan13)
  • "What do you mean, why would I want a Musk Cat? They're cute, they're yellow, they talk, and if you feed them the right stuff they can fly you places." - Possibly the oddest PSO conversation ever. (by Caitlin Reaburn)
  • "Tastes like chicken!" - about Rappies. I am one sick little puppy. (by Caitlin Reaburn)
  • "Who are you? I'm busy with my training now! Do not be a nuisance!" - Noah/Lutz everytime new people enter, CWE (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "How did you know, that polymeteral will dissolve all materials except for laconia?" - Alis to tarantul
    "Do I look like someone who can use a canopener?"
    - an actually very intelligent spider monster, CWE (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "Why could Alis chat with spiders? They were in web! Ha ha ha!" - Raja, CWE (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "You have shown me the ugliness of continued existence. Too." - Hugh, CWE (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "Gee, what a fat little... Hey, how did you get here?" - Chaz
    "Bow wow!" - Rocky, Reunions Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "There's nothing interesting here." - Chaz
    "Will you stop saying that all time!" - Alys, CWE (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "Dead or alive, you're coming with me." - Wren
    "Kain, it's one thing you mess with his programming, but to shave him bald..." - Rolf, CWE (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • (continued from previous)
    "He's WHAT!?" - Alis, greatly disturbed by Wren's new programming, CWE (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "A 'Dark Force', you say? Not 'dark side of the Force'? To wrong place have I come." - Yoda, accidental visit Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "From Trade Federation are you, hmm?" - Yoda to Raja, continuing visit Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "I knew not, ewok and jawa could breed!" - Yoda seeing Gryz, extended visit Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "Go must I now. May the Force be with you!" - Yoda, finally leaving
    "What!?" - everybody, end of Yoda's visit Within Elsydeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "Your swing is..." - Alys
    "Well, it's better than your dodge!" - Chaz, CWE (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "Oh Great Light, free us from this misery!" - Rune
    "Your wish is granted!" - The Great Light
    (moments later...)
    "Has anyone seen Raja?" - Rika
    "No." - Rune *smiling knowingly*, CWE (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • (...continued...)
    "Like Mother, like Daughter, ha ha!" - Raja, arriving
    "So, they finally did it." - Lashiec
    "We should have expected this. It was too comfortable here for us, while they were suffering." - Zio, Conversations Within Netrdeon (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • (...continued...)
    "No welcoming cocktail? Didn't you miss me?" - Raja, returning
    "Why? WHY?!" - Rune
    "They were becoming so desperate, they might have been able to escape." - The Great Light
    "Yea, yea. Again we see how 'great' you are." - Chaz, bitter CWE (by Tomi Kaunisto)
  • "Noah!"
    - Conversations Within the Telepathy Ball (by Darrell Whitney)
  • "It's pretty simple. We wait until she's standing next to the dirty spot, then talk to her, and she flops down and starts going 'Oh, Zio, the holy one!' By the time she's done flopping around, she's mopped the street squeaky clean." - Conversations at the Kadary Sanitation Bureau (by Darrell Whitney)
  • "You live next door to a fortuneteller. Why didn't you ask her where your dog ran off to?" - Conversations While Playing Fetch With Rocky (by Darrell Whitney)
  • "Arrrgh!" - Conversations Anywhere Near Raja (by Darrell Whitney)
  • "Okay, you have your mother killed, your home country destroyed, your world overrun with monsters, and the job of fixing the problems dumped in your lap and we'll see how cheerful you are!" - Conversations With The Idiot Who Called Sari "bitchy" (by Darrell Whitney)
  • "Oh, great. First short jokes, then he sticks me with a haunted sword?" - Mumbled Conversations Just Outside Elsydeon (by Darrell Whitney)
  • "No. Don't make me repeat myself." - Conversations With Alys Brangwin in a Bar (by Darrell Whitney)
  • "So that's two chairs, three tables, seventeen mugs, four bottles, and a mirror?" - Later Conversations With Alys Brangwin in a Bar (by Darrell Whitney)
  • "No, actually my mom gave me this hat. Why do you ask?" - LOST and FOUND Conversations Within the Pioneer 2 Hunter's Guild (by Darrell Whitney)
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