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Conversations Within Elsydeon Page 4

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300 Conversations Within Elsydeon!

When I reached the 300 Conversations Within Elsydeon mark (thanks, in part, to all those people who flooded me with Phantasy Star 3 ones), I posted this on the Phantasy Star Discussion Board...

Yes, you have endured a whopping three hundred samples of my poor taste and ill-humour. Normally I wouldn't even mention it for fear of reprisals, but for the above picture which dropped into my inbox courtesy of a timely Tapion - which just goes to show that poor taste and ill-humour can be contagious.

*Bows in thanks to Tapion*

- Joel Fagin, glad that the mob has another target

"Ack! Who's the guy with the sketchbook? Hide me quick. My hair's a MESS!" - Alis, Conversations Within A Sword Without Shampoo, Combs, Brushes, Gel, Mousse...
"Mouse?" - Myau
Shhh! Don't interrupt... Curlers, Dryers, A Bath, A Shower, Water...

(Three hundred and one now)

  • "Uh, Alys. Calm down. I always meant to remove those new decorations in your house. Uh, don't look at me like that. You know I hate that look!" - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "The more monsters I killed, the more power I had availiable for the Positron Bolt. I see no correlation between the two, and still do not understand it." - A perplexed Wren, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Shrimp!"
    - Wren and Wren, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Humm... my wallet is missing... Yo, Raja! Shir wants to know about your childhood!" - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I do have one Technique which can be used for attacking. It's an electrical one called 'DEFIB'." - Amy, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Zelan was chosen for it's high bandwidth connections to the subsiduary systems and the processing power of it main computer. The fact that it had cable was not a consideration. Really." - Wren, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Dorin, the imitating musk cat, Dark Force, Death, Damor, Nekise, Seth, Hapsby, even Raja! SO WHERE'S MY BROTHER?" - Alis, Upset In Elsydeon
  • NERO: *THUD!!!* "I'm here..."
    ALIS: "Nero!!! Why did you get here so late? I mean, it's been a really long time!!"
    NERO: "I know, it was because since I was a secondary contributor to your quest that I was supposed to wait a thousand years with a week, then, when it was almost my time, a blue haired guy and some other people came here, then I was put in the wait list again... Then, a group from some people from a ship, and then another group with a blonde short guy and a dezorian that never shut up came here... so... it's their fault... *points at the PS3 and 4 casts*
    PS3 and 4 casts: "GULP..."
    NERO, ALIS, the PS3 and 4 casts... The longest conversation within Elsydeon, continued from... well, you know who... (by Wing 0)
  • "No, we are NOT talking to you. We're on STRIKE! Whoops!" - Chaz, No Conversations Within Elsydeon, And The Real Reason Joel Hasn't Been Around Recently
  • "I wonder...if we switched clothes, would anybody notice?" - Odin to Rudolph
    "But yours is so...out of fashion! Eww...I must do battle in the finest metal suits. That...junk you wear is one step from the...the..." - Rudo
    "What?! All that unrelieved black? Yellow shows off a man's structure! Why look sickly?" - Odin
    "What's going on over there? You both have ridiculous tastes! Why wear suits at all when mantles are always in fashion?
    Wow. Who knew they had this other side?" - Rune
    Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Jordan Bingham)


'The Other Side', one of my stories, which dealt with the human side of things during Phantasy Star 2, was put online at this point. I thought that the main character should be made an honourary protector and provide a human perspective on Phantasy Star. So, when I announced the story on the Phantasy Star forum, I followed it with this next one to introduce him...


  • "Huh? Where am I? What is this place? Who are you people?" - Daniel the Earthling, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "We're in a sword. Uh-huh. Riiiggghhht." - Daniel the Earthling, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "An eternity with you guys? Is this heaven or hell?" - Daniel the Earthling, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "So I didn't make it to any form of eternal reward, but as a consolation prize I get admitted to a sort of medieval hero club?" - Daniel the Earthling, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "There's a perfectly logical scientific explanation for this afterlife in a sword business. Let me get back to you on this one..." - Daniel the Earthling, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Did you guys meet that sweet young lady with the ankh, too?" - Daniel the Earthling, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Omigosh! I'm DEAD! Omigosh!" - Guess Who, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I walked through lava and poison gas in my quest to rid the system of evil, and you were too scared to even walk into a forest?" - Alis to Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "But surely a landrover would sink! A hovercraft would have been better for going across quicksand." - Rudo to Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "We eventually figured out how to avoid being attacked at sea. We threw burley out the back." - Amy, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I let Chaz delivered the final blow to the last Dark Force. I figured he'd need some confidence building." - Rune
    "Waitaminute! I didn't! Wren got in first!" - Chaz
    "Not I. I did not wish to intefere with Rika's attack." - Wren
    "But I left it open for Rune!" - Rika
    "Uh, oh." - Rune
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Hi, I'm Daniel."
    "No, Daniel. Dan-iel."
    "Dan Iel."
    "Oh, just call me Dan."
    - Daniel the Earthling, Wrestling With Native Naming Conventions Within Elsydeon
  • Rolf: Hi Dnil! Want to come with us to a picnic?
    Daniel: Uhh... Rolf... It's Daniel...
    Chaz: Dani?
    Daniel: Grrrr...
    Alair: Ahhh... Some day you'll get used to this...
    Laya: Hey Alar! Want to come too?
    Alair: GRRRRRRR!!! I SAID I'M ALAIR!!!
    Daniel: What were you saying?
    Alair: ... I still havent...
    Daniel, Rolf, Chaz, Alair and Laya, Conversations Within Elsydeon... a bad one because I'm sleeping in the keyboard... (by Wing 0)
  • "I don't know how to tell you this, but we didn't name our ship after a legendary magician we heard about upon arriving. Sorry Noah." - Daniel the Earthling, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "We left the Fishmen to Myau. He *ate* them." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I couldn't believe it! No sooner than we had taken the Landrover to Palma, we got picked up by Robotcops for a parking violation!" - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Driving the Ice-Digger on Dezoris would have been much more comfortable IF SOME UNMENTIONABLE YELLOW CAT HADN'T SLEPT ON TOP OF THE VEHICLE'S HEATER GRATE ALL THE TIME. NOT MENTIONING ANY NAMES. Ahem, sorry." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • *Odin turns up the heat to the maximum*
    Myau: Roooowwwwrrrrr!!!!!
    Odin: Hehehehe!
    Alis: Odin, stop playing with the heater!
    Odin: Oh alright... *goes back to fiddling with the radio*
    Not A Conversations Within Elsydeon, But Continuing On From One (by Hatless)
  • "Oh, Alys instilled me with a sense of fair-play, otherwise we would have hidden around the corner and used distance attacks on the first two Dark Forces." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I WANT YOU TO BUILD A GIANT ARK! Sorry, human joke." - Daniel the Earthling to Noah, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Burgers, burgers, burgers. We never went to a *proper* resturant." - Noah, except he also called himself Lutz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Lassic caved into the powerful dentist lobby. That's why we only ever had cola." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Tell me, did you ever see a rabbit with a pocket watch?" - Daniel the Earthling
    "Does a cat with a bottle count?" - Alis
    "Hmmm. I guess so. It sounds pretty surreal to me." - Daniel the Earthling
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Does anyone know why Daniel calls me 'Dirty Harriet'?" - Alys, in reference to Daniel the Earthling, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Hey, guys. I think Wren's in trouble. He has a stupid grin on his face and his gem thing has turned blue." - Rolf
    "BSOD. Just reset him." - Rune
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "It was a great tactic! We'd pick up Myau and throw him at the enemy. It was a brave and foolhardy monster which stood steadfast in the path of a spinning ball of claws and teeth, I can tell you." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "You think that was wierd? You should've seen what happened when we gave him a brazil nut!" - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Dr. Mad was easy to beat! He did, after all, have a glass jaw! Get it? Glass jaw? Ha! Ha!" - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "And we thought our enemies couldn't get any uglier after Lassic..." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I'll be back." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "That's... cheating." - Odin, bent almost double, to Alys, Duelling Within Elsydeon
  • "Aren't you supposed to be missing an eye? And wise, for that matter. Hey! Whoa! It was a joke! Put me down!" - Daniel the Earthling to Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "You guys are lucky. You need to be in the thrall of an all-powerful evil god before you're as bad as we are." - Daniel the Earthling, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I don't understand Nei. All I said was that we were like sisters." - Rika, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "This earring? Seed's idea of a joke, I think. It's part of my genetic make up." - Rika, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "A whole new dimension to the term 'cat fight'." - Daniel the Earthling, watching Rika and Nei, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "You should've had a red cross on your back if you're a healer. We wouldn't have shot you, then." - Daniel the Earthling
    "And how was I supposed to know that?" - Amy
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I'd hate to be behind you at a theatre." - Daniel the Earthling to Raja, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Polly want a cracker?" - Daniel the Earthling to Gryz, Conversations Withn Elsydeon
  • "Heh, heh, heh." - Zs-Aex-Seir
    "Don't you say anything else?" - Zio
    "A-heh, heh, heh!" - Zs-Aex-Seir
    - A Conversations Within Netrdeon (which, for once, requires knowledge from one of stories)
  • "You should have seen Nekise's face when I told him how much his pot had been worth!" - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I must admit I was tossing up for a while. I mean Myau looked cute and all, but he was so expensive, and there was a wonderful pet shop next door to the merchant..." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Lassic went a little too far with his old man routine. The quavering voice, yes, the bowed back, perhaps, but the ear trumpet and walking frame? No." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "'Get Laconian armour' everyone says. Well, I have news for them! Laconian armour is conductive. Rubber boots would have been a much better suggestion." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Oh, Myau and I had a sort of combination attack. We called it 'unbearable cuteness'." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Surely they should be called Algol-Dews?" - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Flaeli, for some reason, can shatter boulders in a single hit, but cannot kill Palmans carrying spears." - Rune, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "What's the difference between Skills, Techniques, and Magic?" - Daniel the Earthling
    "Its very simple. Everyone has Skills, which are sometimes a bit like Techniques. Techniques are magic, but not true magic. They're only true magic if, uh... well, if they're cast by an Esper." - Rune
    "I see... So, Rune, tell me, what exactly is the difference between Skills, Techniques, and Magic?" - Daniel the Earthling
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I tell you. My birthday cakes were killers. Can you imagine a thousand candles?" - Lutz, Noah, or Snookums (to his mother), Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Watch over and protect you? No. I was stuck at the afterlife check-in desk. Sorry." - Nero to Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Come back later? Did the stupid passport person think that my illegal activites would be forgiven or something?" - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Funny how we never noticed the hovercraft before..." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "You just wandered into other peoples houses? No one ever let *me* in. I guess a pretty face really does unlock all doors." - Rolf to Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Crashing the ship was *not* my fault!" - Chaz
    "Of course it was." - Rune
    "It wasn't!" - Chaz
    "Was." - Rune
    "Wasn't!" - Chaz
    "Was!" - Rune
    Convesations Within Elsydeon
  • "Nekise was actually pretty reluctant to part with the pot. He was growing hyacinths in it." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I didn't think it was terribly logical. I mean, a pass which allows you to travel between cities also allows you into a maximum security prison with your weapons AND allows you entry to Baya Malay. Lassic really should have had a couple of intermediate levels of security." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Well, Lassic wasn't ALL bad. He didn't believe in high density housing, certainly." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Can you believe one billion meseta? I guess that merchant was hoping either Lassic or the Governor would walk in one day looking for a pet." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "We always took the cola cans back for recycling. It's not enough to just SAY you want to save the planet..." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Well, yes. The spider monsters were actually quite intelligent. So were the farmers and the dragons. Unfortunatly, we needed the money and the practice... Hey! What's your problem?" - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
    (And how many of you had that mentality?)
  • "We were looking around for some hidden passage or some sort of protection. I never would have guessed you could actually just walk over the lava." - Odin
    "Didn't work so well with the gas, though." - Myau
    "No..." - Odin
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Luveno was an ungrateful creep. I mean, we were *rescuing* him, and he yells at us as if we interupted his bath." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Well, we heard about Damor's crystal and the Amber Eye in the same town. It was perfectly reasonable to assume they were the same thing!" - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "What mad merchant took the pot across the lava? That's what I want to know!" - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "What sort of plant is a 'frad' anyway?" - Noah, unless he's calling himself Lutz today, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Perseus? And Medusa? You're kidding! What about a hydra?" - Daniel the Earthling, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "If Sopia was cut of by the gas, where on earth did the headman think he was going to spend 400 meseta?" - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Oh, I asked someone in one half of Twintown which side the other half would say were telling the truth. Either way, whatever he said would be a lie. Work it out." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "'The Heroine'? So much for our names being kept in the hearts of the people of Algol forever." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I asked the Old Man to translate what the 'meows' were from the musk cats. Uh, variations on 'Can you believe these guys?' mostly." - Rune, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "So, Dezorians still lie all the time?" - Odin
    "No" - Raja
    Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Kalbelgarion of Riva)
  • "9983274389 bottles of cola on the wall, 9983274389 bottles of cola... *sigh* I don't know how long I can keep this up..." -Rolf within Elsydeon, wishing Chaz would hurry up and finish off PD (by Hatless)
  • "So did the northern half tell the truth and the southern half tell lies, or what?" - Alis to Alair, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Katran)
  • "So, what are you in for? Hahahaha!" - Raja to Shir, Conversations within Elsydeon (by the Conspiracy Guy)
  • "Yeah, it was hard for me to take so much baths when Rolf kept forgetting to get me a new anti-flea collar. Do you want me to scratch you in the back?"
    "Please... sniff"
    Nei and Rika, memories full of fleas within Elsydeon (by Wing 0)
  • CHAZ: "Hey, Alys! look what I got!!"
    ALYS & ALIS: "What?"
    CHAZ: "UUUUURRRRGGHH!!! I'm getting tired of this!!!"
    CHAZ, ALYS and ALIS, Conversations Within Elsydeon, after too many Alis/Alys confusions. (by Wing 0)
  • "I could've been a contender! I could've been a somebody!" - Nero, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Hatless)
  • "Hey, that cute guy with the sketchbook is back!" - Kyra, points to Tapion
    "Gah! Hide me!" - Alis
    "Hmmm...He looks like he's going to do more than one picture...Does...not....compute!" - Wren
    "Ah, so it cant be another request from Joel...then why's he here?!" - Rune
    *paranoid, confused, and frightened looks*
    - A rather long CWE, inspired by seeing a drawing of mine on Joel's page. (by Tapion, as if you couldn't tell by the bit about him being 'cute')
  • "Laya started to worry me. First she wanted to marry my Uncle Nial and when he married someone else, she waited a few years and starting lusting after my cousin. Can we say 'obsession'?"
    "Wait a sec, you mean you're not planning on marrying your cousin!?"
    Princess Kara and Thea, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Katran)
  • "I'll admit that I was scared at first because I thought that it would breathe fire or bite us or something, but when the Grinders just wiggled their ears, I actually laughed out loud." - Rhys, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Now I'll reveal my real gender and end this stupid discussion forever" - Noah
    *Noah lifts the robes, then suddenly a blackout takes place*
    "Damn" - Noah
    Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Monocromatico)
  • "Come on guys! Let me in! I allowed you to win! Really! Aw, come on guys..." - Zio, Conversations Without Elsydeon
  • "Damn. Slipped sideways again." - The Doctor, Conversations Within Elsydeon (for Doctor Who fans)
  • "I *STILL* can't find any similarity between us..."
    "We should quit this..."
    "Good point"
    Sean and Crys, who finally quit. Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Wing 0)
  • "I can only imagine the commute Lassic had!" - Alis, Conversations Within Joel's Gimmick
    ANGRY SARI: "MYAU, RIKA, NEI!! Will you shut up? We're trying to sleep!!"
    Insomnia Within Elsydeon, at 2AM, and with 3 cats in the roof (by the Conspiracy Guy)
  • "Find the magic sword, save the system from ultimate evil, and marry the cutie with the ears, all at age sixteen? And they call ME a magician?" - Redflare, magically swiping Joel's gig (by Darrell Whitney, and starring the main character from his story 'Street Magic')
  • "Well, yes, I did get the Palman Government to accept Mother Brain. So what's so bad about that?" - Eiri Gennaro, still not quite accepting she's having a Conversation Within Netrdeon (by Darrell Whitney, and starring a character from his story 'Mother Birth')
  • Chaz: "Zio, this town ain't big enough for the two of us."
    Gryz: "Especially after he burnt it down!"
    - Conversations Before They Got To Elsydeon (by Darrell Whitney, recognising that the setting of Phantasy Star 4 is very much a Western)
  • Zio : Keep aiming for the heart, Chaz. It's the only way you'll stop me. (Me replying to Darrell)
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