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Conversations Within Elsydeon Page 3

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  • "Pink?" - Alys looking distainfully at Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Hey, it was the fashion in my time!" Alis to Alys, Conversations Within Elsydeon (a continuation by Wing0)
  • "It was to look girlish, then when they lowered their guard... Slash! I cut them in half" Alis to Alys, Conversations Within Elsydeon (an alternative continuation, also by Wing0)
  • "People wonder why my final form looked like it did. Well after seeing that my enemies were almost all males, I decided it couldn't hurt, especially that Chaz kid, who seemed to be going through puberty..."--The Profound Darkness. Conversations within Netrdeon (by Tuxedo Fuoren)
  • "Beating the dark Force the third time was as tough as hell, until I found this "Game Genie" thing."-Chaz, Conversations within Elsydeon. (by the Conspiracy Guy)
  • "Hey, did you call my buddy Chaz 'short'?" - Odin, looming over Rune, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "It was hard weilding a sword which tried to give you five or six differing opinions on what you were doing wrong in a fight. Especially when one of them was 'No! No! Your swing is too slow! Will you listen for a moment?'" - Chaz, glaring at Alys, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "We’ve NEVER beaten Dark Force. He got Lassic into power. He destroyed Palma. He freed the Profound Darkness. We always caught him after he had already won." - Lutz, A Truism Within Elsydeon (lifted from Phantasy Star V - Mother's Eye)
  • "Actually, I told the Army Eyes where we were. Hey, my job was to take down rogue hunters, and after Climacontrol, Rudo was a rogue hunter. What's the problem?" - Anna, Conversations Within Elsydeon


Katran picked up on the fact I never do Phantasy Star 3 Conversations, which is because I can't stand the game enough to play it (I do keep trying). Anyway, heaps of people chipped in with their two meseta worth of PS3 Conversations.


  • "Wait, what did you say your name was?...Well, that sort of begins to explain a lot..." Sean to Nei, Conversations within Elsydeon (my first attempt) (by Katran)
  • Sean: "Hmmmmmmmmmmm"
    Crys: "Hmmmmmmmmmmm"
    Sean: "You know, maybe we should quit this thing about finding similarities between us"
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Wing0)
  • Lyle: 'So this is the legendary Lutz... I'm hardly impressed!'
    Rune: 'Oh! And this is from a "Layan"... Or should I say a wannabe esper!'
    ~cold stares~
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Ishamael the Grey Esper)
  • Anna: 'You should have seen Rolf the first time we saw a Head Rot! He was so scared he couldn't have lifted his sword. I had to finish the poor thing off!'
    Sari 'It must be the blue hair. Ayn was the same way when we first encountered a Grinder.'
    ~they look at each other~
    "MEN!!" *L*
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Ishamael the Grey Esper)
  • An old Rhys 'You princelings had it easy! Chirpers were 10 feet tall in my day! and I had to march through 20 foot snow drifts in Frigida just to get a technique distribution shop!"
    A crusty Lyle 'what are you talking about rhys? We never made it to Frigidia!'
    Rhys 'We didn't....'
    - Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Ishamael the Grey Esper)
  • "It sure is dark in here..." - Ryan, Conversations Within an Indoor Elsydeon (by Spiffmaster Cow)
  • "That boy ain't right..." - Rhys about Nial, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tapion)
  • "HAH! My magic is much better than yours!" - Lyle
    "Oh yeah? Can you kill armies of Dark Riders with one shot? Huh? CAN YA???" - Rune
    Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tapion)
  • "You know, now everything makes sense." - Sean to Nei, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tapion)
  • "You fought 3 Dark Forces? We only fought one with 3 HEADS!" - 4th gen. of PS3 to cast of PS4, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tapion)
  • "If only you weren't such an idiot...What possessed you to pull out that sword?!" - Orakio to 4th Gen. PS3 Heroes, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Tapion)
  • "You complain about how *you* were always cold, but try walking around Frigidia in a mini-skirt!" -- Layalyn to Nei, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes. How apt.)
  • "So, who'd you marry? You had four potential wives! And I only had two, waaaa..." -- Rhys to Rolf, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "I know she definitely didn't get that shrewy gene from me." -- Lena to Maia, about Sari, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "Heehee, my hair's curly!" -- Thea, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "'This evil city's too evil to leave standing,' huh. Some catchphrase." -- Chaz, to Rhys' grandsons, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "What're *you* looking at? Wanna fight, dirty li'l tramp?" -- tough Kara to wimp Kara, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "Where is Orakio? It's been a thousand years, but-"
    "RIGHT HERE!! Now, shut up!"
    -- Miun and Orakio, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "So...your parents are cousins, eh?" -- Raja to Sean, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "Rhys, she's making fun of my hair!!" -- Lena to Rhys, about Maia, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "Stupid fossils." -- secretly jealous Demi, about Mieu and Miun, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "GAH!! She's wearing my dress! I could just *die*..." -- Maia, about nice Kara, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "What's with the sunglasses?"
    "I'm secretly blind. Shhhh...don't tell."
    -- Raja and Ryan, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "Nice headband! Where'd you get yours?" -- Alair to Chaz, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "I like your style!" -- Alys to Sari, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "No, really, what *is* a fiblira?" -- Nei to Layalyn, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "Great. Stuck with this giggling twit for eternity." -- Sari, about Thea, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "OH, MY GOD, THERE'S THE *HUGEST* CHIRPER BEHIND YOU!!!!" -- Thea, about Gryz, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "How come she gets a barrette and I don't?" -- Thea, about nice Kara, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Orakio of the Domes)
  • "People are saying we are brothers, but I've never seen your face in my life" - Ayn to Nial, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Monocromatico)
  • "Why are you laughing? Mustaches were fashion on Alisa III!" - Old Rhys to all the palmans inside Elsydeon (by Monocromatico)
  • "No, I'm not from New Mota" - Gryz to Sean, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Monocromatico)
  • "Have I saw your face before?" - PS4 Wren to PS3 Wren, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Monocromatico)
  • Sari: "Ayn, honey, why do you keep eyeing that twitty Thea lady? Don't you like the way I look or cook? You schnook!!"
    Ayn: Yeah, woman!!! Get over to that stove where you belong!!"
    Sari: "What?!?! Woman?!? I'll show you!!"
    Ayn: "Well, don't even think about asking for that laconian watch for your birthday... you have a clock on the stove!!!!"
    Domestic Disputes Within Elsydeon (by Simehiri)
  • "But can you see out of it, or does it change colours when you're angry, or what?"
    "You tell me."
    "Nothing yet."
    -Thea to Adan, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Vor)
  • "Some of the male hunters would complain about their wives being cold to them when they were out fighting for too long. Your stories could beat out all of them, I mean your potential wives were both frozen for 1,000 years! Talk about a chilly attitude!" - Alys to Nial, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Katran)
  • "Five letters? What kind of a joke is this?" Anyone who feels like it to Alair, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Katran)
  • "Waaaiiiit a minute! I'm not a Protector! I mean, it was only a game. I didn't really save Algol... I was just playing... I didn't think it was REAL!" - [Insert Your Name Here], Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "What?! You went into FORESTS? How?" - Rolf to Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Let me see your Elsydeon, Chaz. Huh. I thought it looked different. I wonder who changed the hilt?" - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • Raja: So, have you guys heard the one about the Motavian and the nun? No? Okay...
    Chaz and Rolf: MEGID! MEGID! MEGID! MEGID!
    Raja: Boy, is it hot in here or is it just me?
    Everyone else: ARRRRRRRGGG!!!!
    The Conspiracy Guy's ripped off version of Conversations within Elsyedeon.
  • Rolf: We went through all that trouble but couldn't save Tiem.
    Raja: I know why. It's because you only think about yourself...
    Rolf: Huh?
    Raja: ....and there's no "I" in "Tiem"! Hahaha!
    Rolf: Make it stop!
    -Rolf, wishing he was back on Noah while within Elsydeon
  • "Then there was the time I lost the hydrofoil's key in the water around Uzo Island, man, that sucked." - Chaz, Conversations within Elsydeon (by Conspiracy Guy)
  • "Sure, it was confusing growing up. My mother would occasionally scream at us and I never knew if I had done something wrong or if it was my sister. Sometimes I wonder why our parents didn't just number us, like Daughter Number One and Daughter Number Two..." - Laya, Ripped-Off Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Katran)
  • "Do not, whatever you do, use fire attacks on Headrots. We had Rolf and Rudo both cross eyed and dancing with faeries from the fumes." - Anna, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Anyone here know who 'Nero' was?" - Lassic, Conversations Within Netrdeon
  • "Rune had a magnesium flare, and he tossed it behind her. When it went off, we all said 'Look! The Great Light!", and once the Darkness had turned around to look we hit her from the rear. Smart, huh?" - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Now, YOU are more like the Lutz I imagined." - Kyra
    "I'm not Lutz. My name's Noah." - Noah (or Lutz)
    "Oh." - Kyra
    "*snigger*" - Lutz (or Noah)
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I didn't really care about their mission, I just thought Rolf was kind of cute." - Amy, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I get the shivers going into any forest now. Er. Not that that's a problem in here." - Kyra, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "You want to get out and about for a while? How? Well, I have this magic flute..." - Alis, Conversations Withn Elsydeon
  • "You mean none of you have a deck of cards, either? What about dice? A coin?" - Rolf to the PS4 Protectors, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "'We shall make you see how it feels to lose something that you love'? No way! Mind you, I guess what I really said wasn't exactly quotable in polite company." - Rudo, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Rika made lots of friends with similar minded people, but, *sigh*, the parents at the pre-school started complaining after she took a Chaos Sorcerer head in for show and tell." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Uh-oh. It's happening again. A reality shift. I really -" - Nial
    "- hate these. Ah, it's over. Did anything change?" - Ayn
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Why are you patting your pockets? Lost the Landrover keys?" - Odin
    "No, the Landrover. Maybe it's in my other dress..." - Alis
    Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "It makes me wonder why I ever had the doorbell installed in the first place." - Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Ha, ha! I would of liked you to try stealing my purse! A couple of thieves did, but it was hard for them to run away carrying seventy thousand meseta in a sack." - Chaz to Shir, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "You carry a PURSE? I knew this would happen if I left you with no strong female role model..." - Alys to Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon (by Vor)
  • "Hey, guys! Grab a hold of something! We're being picked UP!" - Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Oh great. I'm the token Motavian." - Gryz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "*This* was my replacement?" - Gryz, gesturing to Raja, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Oh, the blue fur was originally camoflage. Most of the Motavian native species are colour blind, you see." - Gryz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "No! I am not a farmer, OR a bandit. I'm just a Motavian. Talk about type-casting!" - Gryz to Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "He's a little trying, but he has far more personality than the other Dezorans I've met." - Alis, in reference to Raja, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Dezoris must have been pretty rough in our day. The shop keepers were polite and all, but they also all had a gun ready in their hand." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Pretty dumb design for a castle. Anyone who wants an audience with the king needs to walk a in circles for a couple of miles to get to him." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Aparently that serpent was a very active member of the Air Castle community. The civic council sent us all sorts of nasty letters when we killed him." - Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "It's difficult having a hyperactive six-year-old in the house. It's tougher when you're married to her." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Hah, being married to her means nothing, but I understand what you say about her being hyperactive. She had this urge to go out each night at 4AM, then she wandered by the street until 5AM, and she cried until I let her in. I hardly got any sleep in those seven months" - Rolf and Chaz having discovered they have something in common, Conversations Within Elsydeon, Copyright: Joel Fagin, blah, blah, blah (by Wing 0)
  • "It's difficult having a petulant six-year-old in the house. It's tougher when you're married to him." - Rika, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Yeah, I know how is that. Rolf was in charge of educating me, but he acted like a child sometimes. Other times he was plain silly... We may be younger than them, but hell, who's raising who???" - Nei, feeling like she and Rika have ANOTHER thing in common, Conversations Within Elsydeon. Copyright: Joel Fagin, blah, blah, blah. I forgot how these things go. (by Wing 0)
  • "You're lucky your wife was a Protector. I miss Saya." - Hahn to Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Motavians don't swear much. 'Yikes' and 'darn' is about our limit." - Gryz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Hiya, Chaz, but, hey, aren't you a little short for a Protector?" - Noah, Lutz, or whatever he's calling himself this week, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "It's hard to find any purpose in your life after you've saved the entire solar system and earnt a quarter of a million meseta in the process. At least Alis had a kingdom to take over." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "I heard Tyler used to have a lot more people living there, but they all moved out. Come to think of it, it started about a month after Raja moved to that area..." - Kyra, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Oh, that is an ancient legend. A High Priest dropped and broke the original torch and had to secure the flame as quick as he could before it spent itself. A fish bowl was all he had on hand." - Raja's History Lesson, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "After we heard Kyra had gone to the forest, we walked back to Tyler, flew to Motavia, popped along to Aiedo, rested before the battle, and then went all the way back to save her. By that time she had been fighting the trees for seven days straight, but she seemed fine." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "We tried dropping big rocks down the hole and into the Edge for a while, but I don't think we ever hit anything. So much for the easy method." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon
  • "Hang on, that description sounds familiar. Yeah, we fought about a dozen of them down in the Edge. And you had trouble with just one?" - Chaz to Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (10 to go...)
  • "Chaz is level sixty?! But I was told you couldn't... That lying priest! Wait 'til I get a hold of him..." - Odin, Conversations Within Elsydeon (9 to go...)
  • "Lutz only said 'use' the Neisword to return to Dezoris. He didn't actually give us any instructions on *how*. We were trying all sorts of silly things with it." - Rolf, Conversations Within Elsydeon (8 to go...)
  • "Some problems can't be solved with a sword? So what? I knew that. That's why I use a gun." - Rudo, Conversations Harrassing 'The Restoration' (7 to go...)
  • "Rolf never asked why I went adventuring in a swimsuit, but you should have heard him when I went to the beach in full armour!" - Nei, Conversations Within Elsydeon (6 to go...)
  • "Every time we killed a creature, Hugh would get all mournful and say things like 'There might have been a cure for cancer in that one.'" - Anna, Conversations Within Elsydeon (5 to go...)
  • "It wasn't really a fully automated ship. It was actually piloted by a robot. Said his name was 'Happy' or something." - Shir, Conversations Within Elsydeon (4 to go...)
  • "I had an ancestor in your time. Perhaps you met him? He was banished from town and lived in a cave which had a shield or some such in." - Raja to Alis, Conversations Within Elsydeon (3 to go...)
  • "I knew I should have stayed in bed." - Chaz, Conversations Within Elsydeon (2 to go...)
  • "Do you know how many times I've heard the 'You've stolen my heart' line? Now, can you guess how many of those people somehow managed to lose their wallets?" - Shir, Conversations Within Elsydeon (1 to go...)
  • "His parents were certainly prepared to pay a lot considering. Personally, I would have clipped the kid around the ear, but nooo, Chaz had us go all the way to Termi for a plastic sword." - Rune, Conversations Within Elsydeon (Next one...)
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