Phantasy Star Generation: 2 English Translation

Phantasy Star Generation: 2 English Translation

Phantasy Star Generation: 2 is a remake of the game Phantasy Star II, originally released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in 1989, for the Sony PlayStation 2. It was developed by 3D AGES, a joint venture between Sega and D3 Publisher, as part of the Sega Ages 2500 series of games.

To learn more about the game, visit the dedicated Phantasy Star Generation: 2 game section. This section includes everything from a walkthrough to manual scans.

Translation Credits

Programming & Assembly:
Tryphon, Hacking & Algoring author
RodolfoRG, First documentation/decompression tools used
CUE, Compression/decompression tools ; packing/unpacking tools

Kyence, Hiei- (Blaw- on the forum), Olivier (Xanafalgue on the forum), Carl Broadhurst, Shinto-Cetra

Kyence, Hiei-, Lyan, M.Klein & Iconian Font

Kyence, The Sonic Titan (Dr. Gonzo on the forum), skymandr

Game Testing: Hiei-, Runehasa

Patcher: Hiei-

PSCave Forum, for all of the help with figuring out the Japanese pronunciations were non-English words, and the huge amount of support!
Wolfgang Landgraf
Taelus, for helping out during the translation
Missagh Alami, for hosting the files and spreading the word
Joshua MacDonald, the author of xdelta

The game credits are available.


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Version info

Version Notes:
This version is an open beta. Many pieces of equipment and techniques have had their names revised from their previous incarnations. Namely, many appeared to be German words spelled phonetically in Japanese (i.e., "Nish" is was actually spelled in Japanese as "Harnisch" which is German for "Armor." Thus, it was decided many techniques will not be seen as they were in previous games like PSO or earlier. This was a collaborative effort with the members of the PSCave forum. A document noting specific changes for reference will be provided with the translated ISO (CRC32: C10FD10C) and the patch.

Download Note:
The remake features the original version of the game released for the original Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. The English translation contains the English ROM of the original game.


Phantasy Star Generation: 2: English Translation - This ISO download includes the full English translation of the game and is the beta version 0.8.

We recommend using PCSX2 for emulation. This Playstation 2 emulator is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The original game was released on a CD. Therefore, if you wish to burn the ISO onto a disc to play it on a modded console, the game must be burned on a CD, not a DVD.


If you are interested in manually applying an xdelta3 patch (CRC32: 0FF7A36B) to the original Japanese ISO, you can download it here. Refer to the included instructions for details on how to apply the patch in Windows/OSX/Linux.

PlayStation 3 version

The PlayStation 3 version is coming soon.

Report bugs and errors

This is a beta release, meaning that we will need your help to identity any errors. Please report them by posting a reply to the project thread in the forums.

What's next?

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