Phantasy Star II: Rudger's Adventure


It is AW 1281, Summer.

Rudger is working for the Motavia Military as a soldier. He's currently stationed near Mahal, his home town. Alerted by trembling that resembles a volcano errupting, Rudger hurries home. There he finds his wife and son dead. He finds out that a mole biomonster did this, and hunts it down to exact revenge.


Weapon AP Dice
Staff 1 2
Knife 2 (4 when sharpened) 2
Shotgun 5 2


Name HP AP Dice
Man Eater 20 1 2
Sand Shark 100 2 2
Licker 100 2 2
Hungry Ape Unlimited 2 2
Big Slime 120 1 2
Drill Mole 125 2 5 (2 when weakened)



Follow the road, and pick up the staff along the way. A Man Eater will block your path. Fight it with the staff you just picked up. Head north into the Deep Woods. Take the canteen and use it on the pond to fill it with water. Look at the tree to find out it is climbable. Climb it. You'll find a knife there. Now go back to the Forest Path, then head east to the Town Entrance. Pick up the ladder, then enter the town. Rudger will find his wife and son dead, then bury them.

Before leaving the town, use your knife on the pumice to sharpen it. Then head east until you encounter a Sand Shark. You can either fight it with the knife if you have at least 40 HP left or use the canteen on it to kill it instantly. When it's dead, you can continue east to find a man on the floor and a shovel. You can look at the man if you want, but it's not necessary to progress in the game. Take the shovel, then go back to Mahal Town to use it on the small hole. It is now large enough to enter.

Down in the hole, there is a pit of hot mud in the way. Use the ladder on it to have it act as a bridge. Head east until you can climb out of the hole. You are now in the Forest Village. There's an Inn to the north where Rudger can rest. However, remember that Rudger can only use the inn to recover three times.

Enter the cabin to the east. Use the staff on the old motavian to trade it for a shotgun. Then go back to the Forest Village and use the knife on the animal trail to clear the path. Heading south, you will find a hammer. Take it. Head south again, and you'll encounter a Licker at a Campsite. Fight the Licker with the shotgun. After it's defeated, a cloth bag will be visible. Take it to find 500 meseta in it.

Now go north to Within the Forest. There's a palm tree and a harp there. Use the hammer on the tree to make a palm nut fall from it, and take the harp. Next, go back south and enter the hole. Follow the path until you come across a Hungry Ape. Don't fight it; offer it the palm nut. It'll snatch it then run off with it. Continue south, and Rudger will automatically pay the ferryman 500 meseta to buy a membership card. Use the membership card on the ferryman to get across the river.

Go east then north to enter a Mountain Hut. Look at the stairs so you can climb them down. Down in the cellar is an old lamp. Take it. Now go south into the cave. Once in there, follow the following directions: west, west, south, south, west, north. There's only a door to the west, so enter it. You will find a Big Slime on the other side. Fight it with the shotgun. When it's defeated, a rope can be seen. Take it, then leave the cave.

When you have left the cave, pick up the key lying at Red Copper Mountain, then head to the Cliff south of Red Beach. Use the rope on the kampa trees so you can climb down the waterfall. Use the shotgun on the waterfall to reveal a cave behind it. Enter the cave, and continue until you find a door. Use the key on the door, then enter it to find a strange man on the other side. Use the harp on the man, and he'll go back to normal.

Exit the room, but don't go east yet. Pick up the book by the cadaver instead, and go back to the Mountain Hut. Take the book that's sitting on the shelf, and use it on the journal. Rudger will now be informed about the trap and a jewel used to open a door.

Let's look for the jewel. Go back to the Forest Path from the beginning of the game, then head south. Pick up the mushroom that's growing there. Now go north to the Deep Woods, and climb the tree again. Look in the hollow to discover a net. Go back down and use the mushroom on the pond. Now that some fish have swum up to nibble at it, use the net on the pond to catch one. Use the knife on the fish to reveal the jewel that you're looking for.

Back at Red Beach, pick up the palm frond lying there, then go back in the cave behind the waterfall. Follow the path until you're before an Ornate Door. Use the jewel on the indentation to open it. Enter the door to find the beast that killed Rudger's family: a Drill Mole. Before you fight it, use the palm frond you picked up earlier on it to weaken it. Then fight it using the shotgun. You'll need some luck for this fight, as dice throws of six or lower result in a miss. Be sure to watch your HP.

Congratulations, you have beaten Rudger's Adventure!


Copyright 1990 SEGA

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