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Postby einlanzer » Wed Jan 27, 2016 10:52 pm

I've been wanting to play this for a long time, and I'm really excited the translation is done. In playing, though, there appears to have been a lot of really nonsensical, apparently incompetent, decisions in the design of the game's mechanics. Amia is now terrible due to the way they changed slicers, for example, meanwhile Rudger is even more OP than he was in the original. Silka is now only average speed, which makes no sense since she's a thief and that's her main selling point. Nei's rebalance was very lazy and she's blatantly overpowered throughout the game. She learns techs asymmetrically that make Anne obsolete, and rather than getting new Nei-flavored equips (ribbons and vests), she just uses gear meant for other characters. Most importantly, her Animal Claw has a staggering 120 ap, making it nearly twice as powerful as the Nei Sword, which is absurd (the designers probably didn't realize that 2 handed weapons only actually use half of their displayed attack value, which also means they didn't buff the defense value provided by swords as they did with shields/armels like they should have). This makes Nei hit almost twice as hard as Eusis from that point on, which is preposterous.

The elemental affinity system is of dubious value due to how weakly they hit unless the enemy happens to be weak to that element. Huey still doesn't have a good damage attack tech, despite being the game's primary "mage", and TP growth is still too low across the board.

The game is actually more difficult than the original with the exception of cheap exploits, like the OP limit skills and the ability to buy Star Atomizers for really cheap and hold a lot more in your inventory (making Anne pointless, especially with everyone's low TP max values).

I was wondering if there's been any research done, as a result of the translation work, into deciphering where some of these values lie in the game's memory. I'd love to tinker with various things like monster stats, weapon/armor attack values, tech editing, and stat growth/tech acquisition.

Thanks! And I'm loving the translation!
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Re: PSG2

Postby einlanzer » Thu Jan 28, 2016 9:39 pm

Here are the changes that I feel would have a large, positive impact on this game's balance and general fun factor:

General :
Increase TP growth for all characters by 50%-100% (depending on character). TP max values are too low for the labyrinthine dungeons and lack of ability to restore them. It forces you to be extremely conservative and exploit the OP limit maneuvers. This is a buff for everyone, but the two characters most practically impacted are Anne and SIlka, who will see their value to the party increase.
Increase Amia's attack growth by about 50%. This is needed as Amia is exclusively a "melee" fighter, and will help offset the slicer nerf.
Increase Amia's speed growth by about 25%. She should be faster than Eusis and Rudger.
Increase Silka's agility growth by about 50%. She needs to be the fastest by far, except for maybe Nei.
Increase Huey's intellect growth by about 25%. He should learn techs a bit faster and flavor-wise it doesn't make sense for him to be dumber than Eusis.
Increase Silka's intellect by about 50%. Her tech acquisition is needlessly slow and keeps her behind the curve in usefulness for most of the game.
Nei should learn Girester, Sarester, and Gisarester before Narester and Nasarester. This steps on Anne's toes, but Anne will have substantially more TP and the ability to restore life, which is pretty huge. They don't directly compete anyway.
Huey should learn Nafuer and Nazan
Anne should learn Gifeur
Rester/sarester should heal 30, Girester/sagirester should heal 80 - this is just to help scale out the healing techs a little better.

Weapon adjustments:

ceramic sword - 66 ap (up from 60)

laser knife - 32 (up from 28)
wind dagger - 34 (up from 32)

ceramic claw - 24 (down from 27)
laser claw - 36 (down from 38)
saber claw - 28 (up from 17)
silent claw - 40 (up from 24)
animal claw - 50, 10 defense (down from 124 and 48 defense)
note - the animal claw so dramatically overpowered it was probably an oversight - the dev that assigned its values probably didn't even realize that atk values are halved for two-handed weapons, resulting in the animal claw being nearly twice as strong as the Nei Sword, which is asinine.

boomerang - 15 (up from 12)
slicer - 23 (up from 17)
titanium slicer - 31 (up from 24)
laser slicer - 38 (up from 30)
laco slicer - 50 (up from 42)
note - In the original version slicers were well balanced throughout the game until the Nei Slicer, which was much stronger than what most characters got and pushed her ahead of the competition for late-game. In this version, the algorithm adjustments have reversed this (initial target takes half damage, every additional target afterward takes 2/3 of the previous target's damage.) In other words, the Nei Slicer is reasonably well-balanced, while every slicer before it is under-tuned, crippling Amia's ability to pull her weight as a party member for most of the game. The attack values on slicers need to be revised to address this (and also Amia's attack stat growth, which is lower than it should be.)

nei shot - 100. This weapon is OP, even more so than the Nei Sword and Nei Slicer, given that it ignores defense and there's such a huge leap between it and the 2nd most powerful gun. This also causes Rudger to be almost mandatory for the later parts of the game. 100 feels much more appropriate.

Lastly, if feasible, it would be preferable if Nei just received one additional ribbon and one additional vest on Dezoris to avoid overlap with gear originally designed for other characters.

I'd love any information that anyone could provide to help dive into the game and make some of these changes!
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