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Equipment Thread

Postby Neo48 » Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:51 pm

I'm back again with another one of these topics. Guess I'll start it off.

Weapon: Roche Limit/Chronos Scythe or Milias Sword
Armor: Carabinier Armor with
-All Resist Level 4
-Master Hit
-Master HP
-Hero Power
MAG: Arkharz (rare mag) for power or Wyn for accuracy

Carabinier armor is my only elite item right now. I believe it is the best armor that my character can use (Keplar is better but ranger only) and I found it with 4 slots. The Milias sword does massive damage with the Over-end photon art, but it is only really usefuly against bosses. I can power it up with my Milias Frame (also 4 slots, lucky me) but I give up some defense and resistances. Super is a very harsh mode in the later areas.
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