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Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2

PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 3:17 pm
by Goldenboy
A quick RELEASE mainly to fix my oversight on some MTE Words :oops:

I also took the opportunity to FIX other elements outlined by SandyLandale !!!NEVER ENOUGH THANKS!!!

Here the list of FIXES/Improvements of Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2b.

1) REMOVED some MTE Words like (eg. Poison-Storm) that caused dipsplay problem in monster's name.
2) RE-Used "original" Field icon for fields.
3) RE-Used "original" Fibrillae" icon for fibrillaes.
4) CHANGED "Loading Clear Game save." to "Clear Game save loaded." (CROSS CHECKED THE FRENCH VERSION).
5) ADDED "Plasma Sword: Casts Gigadge" & "Plasma Field: Casts Sagadge".
6) FIXED "Tajim's light" in Lutz's dialogue.
7) CHANGED "Morappies" to "Mo-Rappies" into Silka's dialogue.
8) ALIGNED Individual's Experience to the other voices in BATTLE RESULT Menu.


Image Image Image Image

Please Download new version in OP and let me know....

Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2

PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 11:28 pm
by SandyLandale
Fantastic work! I don't have any more reports at the moment. I'm so grateful for you doing this.

I'm going to take the time to outline how I'm going to play PSGEN2 for the test, so we know for sure what's been tested.

- I'm going to be reviving Nei (Simply because A. She's broken as hell and makes PSGEN2 so much easier, and B. The plot isn't really different between a Normal New Game and a Clear Game; all Clear Game does is give us some extra dialogue)

- I'm NOT going to be crafting every item to test it (That's way too much work for one person alone)

- I'm probably going to be using one set team and not changing it (Investing in everyone for my walkthrough was a pain and a half). My team is initially going to be Eusis, Nei, Rudger, Anne until I get Silka. Then, because the player has to invest so much time in leveling Silka up for the Visiphone, I'm going to be using her as my fourth.

The last thing I want to mention is I'm testing a bug workaround for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. So I probably won't get to a full playthrough test until that's done.

Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2

PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:33 am
by Blaw-
SandyLandale wrote:If you could send me the whole folder, I'd very much appreciate it. I don't have the graphics at all. I'm not even sure how I'd go about inserting the icon for Arcane Magic right now, honestly.

Edit - I have some icons that need to be added as well, but I don't know if that will be a problem. I apparently do already have the icon files.

I'll upload it tomorrow.

Main text files goes in \edited\EVENT.DAT and to create an iso, I just run "create.bat". If everything goes fine, it should compile the new files in \output\ and even create you a .ISO file in that directory (the .ISO file is created with an external program. To do that, the original japanese ISO should be named "PSGEN1-JP.ISO" and put in \original\ . If not, it'll still create the files manually).

Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2

PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 10:10 am
by SandyLandale
That'll be great. Thanks! I have one last question about graphics. In battles, there's some minor help text: the name of the character whose turn it is, and the battle command name.


I think the battle command names were in English in the Japanese original, but Tryphon had to make the English character name graphics. What do you think we should do about these? I don't have access to them. Also, would the English battle commands be replaced with French graphics in an Algoring set up for a French PSGEN1?

Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2

PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:58 pm
by Blaw-
I don't know at all about those graphics (even on PSGEN2, I didn't work on the graphics, it was done by someone else and then Tryphon put them in the game).

I don't think it would turn to french as near no work was done on PSGEN1. The translation was stopped when Tryphon disappeared, as I was waiting PSGEN2 to be fully fixed before working seriously on PSGEN1 so I just did some translation tests on PSGEN1.

Basically, for PSGEN2, I just had the algoring folder already set up by Tryphon. I just had to run a script to rebuilt the files (the ISO rebuilding come from another friend, which make me a little script to do it).

I would say to search in the dump sub-folders. If you need some graphics, it should be there and logically, if you put a modified version at the right place in the edited folder, it should be reinserted without any problem. CUE tools for the game are included anyway (algoring rely on them) so if you really need something from the english version, it would just require to extract the iso, find the right file, extract/uncompress it and then retrieve what you need (the tools are in the \bin\ directory).

I just tried and :

psg-pack.exe -u MAP.dat <= (unpack all the files from the MAP.dat in a folder named "@MAP.DAT")

I then copied the psg-lzr.exe in this directory and did : psg-lzr.exe -d *.* <= (it uncompressed the .lzr, even still they still look the same. If you retry the same command, it'll say the files are already decoded).

I then copied the psg-sggg.exe in this same directory and did : psg-sggg -e *.* (it created a lot of bmp files).

I haven't tried with the english version because I don't have it on hand right now but it should also work fine with it and so, you should be able to retrieve all the things you need from the english version with this method. Then, you just have to copy those modified bmp files in the right sub folder in edited (so in \edited\MAP.DAT\ folder and algoring should be able to reinsert them automatically).

I'll add the PSGEN1-JP.iso to the \original\ folder because I just noticed the ISO rebuilding script doesn't want the version you can find on internet (the .bin one), it expect a proper .ISO with iso9660 files.

I e-mailed Tryphon today to know if he finished his game to work on PSGEN again, I'm waiting for his answer.

Edit : I found the english texts of PSGEN1 in my hard drive (didn't know I had them, only have the main script though) and I tried to reinsert them. It seems to work fine, except some characters which doesn't appear, for example ... or ' instead it display 001 but it's pretty easy to fix. It's just because the script doesn't use the good versions of those characters. The "..." is in one character when it should be three real dots.

I did a search/replace and then it worked. I noticed, though, after that, each window text require to press circle twice to continue to the next one. It seems my search/replace moved some [wait] (added some space between them) but again, it's pretty easy to fix.

I also just noticed in the dump folder, that xxxx-debug.txt are the english files, so that's probably where my english files come from.

I'm actually uploading the archive.

Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2

PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 2:08 pm
by Blaw-
Here's the archive :

I hope this archive and my explanations will help you. If you need more help, feel free to ask.

Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2

PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:50 pm
by SandyLandale
Thank you so much. I think I should just be able to extract what I need, then. It'll be a learning process for sure, but I have nothing else on my plate, so I'm hoping I'll be able to do this straight away.

Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2

PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 10:45 pm
by Blaw-
If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I'll help if I can ;)

Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2

PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 11:27 pm
by Goldenboy
Blaw- wrote:I e-mailed Tryphon today to know if he finished his game to work on PSGEN again, I'm waiting for his answer.

Finger crossed he can help us or at least pointing us into the right direction...

Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2

PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2018 12:46 am
by SandyLandale
OK, I think I can get what I need. I found all of Tryphon's graphics by decompressing the file Blaw- told me they'd be in. I just need to know, how would I go about adding the new Arcane Magic icon? I found what appears to be the font, icons, and MTE.

I also have no idea how I'd set up the MTE file itself. I think I found where it is, (MTE_mod.txt) but I don't know how to parse it. This is how it's displayed:

Code: Select all
Phantasy Star
@temps_de_jeu[Temps de jeu]sauvegarde
@Animation[Animation]@Assembleur[Assembleur]@Aide_aux_graphismes[ààà]@Bêta-test[Bêta-test]@Character_Design[é]@Choix_des_couleurs[à]@Conception[Conception]@Conseiller_en_design[à]@Conseiller_executif[à]@Commerciaux[Commerciaux]@Coordinateur[Coordinateur]@Correction[Correction]@Cue[CUE]@Dedicace_aux_joueurs[à]@de_l_animation[de l'animation]@des_scenes[des scènes]@Directeur[Directeur]@du_jeu_original[du jeu original]@et_developpeurs[à]@et_visuels[et visuels]@Finalisation_des_couleurs[à]@Graphismes[Graphismes]@Hiei-[Hiei-]@Intervallistes[Intervallistes]@Kyence[Kyence]@Lyan[Lyan]@Marketing[Marketing]@Modifications_graphiques[à]@Musiques_et_sons[à]@Nom1[Nom1]@Nom2[Nom2]@Producteur[Producteur]@Producteur_executif[à]@Production[Production]@Programmation[à]@Publicite[Publicité]@Remerciements[à]@Remerciements_spéciaux[à]@Sega_WOW[(Sega WOW)]@Sonic_Team[(Sonic Team)]@Traduction[Traduction]@Tryphon[Tryphon]@Vérification[Vérification]@a_la_fois.[à la fois.]@Attaque[Attaque]@attaque_rapide.[à]@bonne_efficacite.[à]@Canon_antiaérien_a[à]@creatures_vivantes.[à]@d'action.[d'action.]@d'attaque[d'attaque]@d'un_personnage[à]@de_la_technique[à]@de_tous_les_personnages[à]@defensive[defensive]@Details_inconnus...[à]@elevee[élevée]@en_alliage_de[en alliage de]@faible[faible]@faisant_vieillir_les[à]@Griffe_possedant_des_lames[à]@La_plus_puissante_des[à]@large[large]@lente[lente]@les_creatures_vivantes[à]@Mitrailleuse[Mitrailleuse]@N'inflige_pas_de_degats_mais[à]@particules_laser.[à]@perimetre[périmètre]@Permet_d'attaquer[à]@poids[poids]@plus_résistant[plus résistant]@plusieurs_ennemis[à]@produisant_une_barriere[à]@Produit_l'effet[Produit l'effet]@puissance[puissance]@Puissance[Puissance]@Puissance_faible[à]@puissance_maximale.[à]@Puissance_moyenne[à]@renfermant_le_pouvoir[à]@Restaure_les_PV[à]@rotative_a[rotative à]@Technique_offensive[à]@tous_les_ennemis[à]@tuant_immediatement[à]

The MTE file I have is just a plaintext list, unfortunately.

Goldenboy or Blaw-, if you can help me with either of these, I'd be very grateful.

Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2

PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2018 3:43 pm
by Goldenboy
PREMISE: I don't know if PSGEN1 algoring WORKS as PSGEN2 algoring, anyway that's how i inserted ICONs:

1) In FONTS directory you should have two files:
"bf-encoding.txt" ---> In this file you have to place the filename of the icon placed in "extras" directory (eg: {arcane.png} )
"bf-width.txt" ---> In this file you declare the width of the icon (eg: in my case [arcane]|20 )


SECON RULE: YOU CAN'T EXCEED THE 256 LINES (if you count the line in both file they ARE EXACTLY 256) my tip is add ontop of the other icons....both files should start with about 70 BLANK LINES...try to place here your icon like in my example (you have to SUBSTITUTE a blank SPACE):
BLANK SPACE <-- try to place here you icon!!!

I suggest to use a good editor like notepad++ and ALSO NOTE that every file is in UNIX FORMAT (is important for carriage return character) so try to edit files with a compatible editor!!! In my version ALGORING had good verbose output for error so it was "relatively" simple to UNDERSTAND how it works after some BAD ATTEMPTS.


2) For MTE you should have in FONT directory a file called "MTE.txt"....edit only THIS MTE_MOD is useless you can also delete it
(the other necessary file is MTE-descr.txt but it will be updated automatically from algoring when you populate MTE.txt ) ;)

In this file you can put every word you always one word for each line...
TIP: DON'T ABUSE IT as every word you use in MTE will be automatically replaced everywhere without exception producing sometimes unwanted results...

You can also directly reference images and recall them into *.txt file like this:

@element{sf-element.png} ---> and then recall into *.txt of SLPM using @element

FINAL NOTE: If everything goes well, algoring will produce 2-3 PNG files called debug0.png, debug1.png, debug2.png that will contai everything you have edited in files mentioned before (MTE, ICON, etc, etc)...The file you've posted is non-other than a combination of the thre debug file.. ;)

Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2

PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:57 pm
by SandyLandale
Thanks so much. This is what I wound up doing...

I'm pretty sure I parsed it correctly and saved it as UNF-8 encoding in Notepad. That's how I had been doing the main script. I ended up needing to re-add a lot more icons than I had thought I'd need.

Code: Select all

All that's left is for me to finish the PSGEN1 script update, which turns out is going to be more intensive than I had thought. Then I'll put the v2.10 data where it belongs in the "edited" folder, hit batch, and pray. Tryphon and I did run into some bugs with Algoring; Collabo Spells would crash when used in battle, and map names would repeat their floor title. (Naula Cave:B1F:B1F, for example) I really hope that doesn't crop up again. Come to think of it... If this build of Algoring is from 2012, there's a good chance I'll run into them, in which case I'll have needed to wait for Tryphon after all. I didn't even think of that. Argh.

Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2

PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 2:10 am
by Blaw-
@Goldenboy : It works exactly the same as it's the same program. The choice is made in the "" file and depend of the choice, algoring know if the game is PSGEN1 or PSGEN2. And wow, you're incredible, you know a lot more than me how the tool works xD I would have not been able to explain all those things, I know little about algoring, just how to build the files and it was enough for me ^^

About the spells bugs, did you check the japanese version? If it happen to be a bug of algoring, maybe try to not translate/modify them and check if the bug is still there.

But I suppose Tryphon will also fix them soon or later (because I'm still ready to make a french translation of PSGEN1 if he fixes the PSGEN2 bug then the fews PSGEN1 bugs).

Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2

PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:58 pm
by SandyLandale
yeah, we can hope, at least. this is overwhelming; i think progress is going to wind up slowing down from here on out. i'm not super excited about beta testing both of the games at the moment. but i am working on it. i'm probably going to finish PSGEN1's script update, batch up the translated game, and hope that it works correctly. if it does, i'll test that and then PSGEN2.

Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2: English Translation V2

PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 6:17 pm
by Goldenboy
For the TESTING subject thing I'm a bit POLEMIC.

I've read about 10 pages of the ORIGINAL TRANSLATION PROJECT of people wining of "this and that", of the fact that everyone disapperead,etc etc.....NOW that I (we) brought up back the project for PSGEN1-2 alive i was expecting MUCH MUCH more SUPPORT .

In my original post i ONLY asked for people to play GAME and report....but ONLY YOU and Blaw are actively supporting me and trying to FINALIZE PROJECT!!


Sorry for this little rant :oops: :oops: