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Oh yes, this probably the best graphic fan manga I have ever seen, by Andrew (a.k.a. Saiyan-D).

Andrew's website is back online, reach it at:

This is Andrew's tribute to an old story that influenced much of his work. As such, it is not, by any means, meant to be judged for accuracy. The characters are not exactly as they were originally designed. Nor is the story accurate to the timeline/background information outlined in the official compendium and other drama CDs released in Japan. This is his interpretation of the story based solely on what little was actually presented in the 4 storylines. The names also vary slightly as a mix between the Japanese and English.


The people of a world distant from ours face a turning point. Their galaxy is heir to a "gift" abandoned by a being long forgotten by them. 1000 years have passed since the last cycle has ended. An agent of the planet Motavia will seek out his past from where a great hero shall be awakened.

Issue 1 "The piece of a dream"


Issue 2 "The man who blocked my path"

Agent Rolf Eushys heads out of Paseo on his unknown mission. The bio-construct called Nei is his only companion as he traverses the open land away from the safety of city walls and auto defenses.


Issue 3 "Influence"

As in his dream, Agent Eushys has seen two powers clash.......ending in a violent explosion. What is it that could have driven a once peaceful hunter to such madness?


Issue 4 "Fear"

His true mission delayed, agent Eushys must now travel to the lair of a known criminal organization in the hopes that they can stop the hunter Darum.


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